Mentifex on symbolic grounding of Ghost Strong AI with numbers.

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Nov 8, 2019, 8:27:23 AM11/8/19
The Ghost in the Machine is an artificial intelligence coded in -- Forth; -- Perl; and -- JavaScript.

Each of these Strong AI Minds has recently become able to perceive the individual numeric keys of a computer keyboard, thus opening up one, two, three cans of worms:

Robotic Sensory Perception. -- is the need of an AI Mind like the Ghost in the Machine to form concepts with a basis in external reality. Ghost AI now knows numbers directly.

Consciousness. -- requires perception of the external world and of the self as an actor in the world -- like Ghost AI.

Machine Intelligence Dealing with Mathematics.

A famous philospher one said, "What is a number, that a man may know it; and what is a man, that he may know a number?" Ghost AI knows numbers.
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