Vandalizing Space and Time Doesn't Work : the Speed of Light Remains Variable

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Pentcho Valev

Sep 23, 2022, 7:54:58 AMSep 23
"To state that the speed of light is independent of the velocity of the observer is very counterintuitive. Some people even refuse to accept this as a logically consistent possibility, but in 1905 Einstein was able to show that it is perfectly consistent if you are prepared to give up assumptions about the absolute nature of space and time."

Physicists readily vandalize space and time (combine them into a preposterous "spacetime") and yet the speed of light remains obviously dependent on the speed of the observer. Here are two observers, stationary and moving:

The speed of the light pulses relative to the stationary observer is

c = df

where d is the distance between subsequent pulses and f is the frequency measured at the stationary observer. The speed of the pulses relative to the moving observer is

c'= df' > c

where f' > f is the frequency measured at the moving observer.

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Pentcho Valev
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