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Life-extension through cloned organ transplants

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Ayaz Siddiqi

Jun 14, 2020, 8:26:12 AM6/14/20
Is it possible to clone a mouse embryo and inject its prehead region with antisense rna and thereby harvest cloned organ systems for transplant?

Please consider further the possibility of extracting the mouse uterus and connecting it to a miniature ecmo with appropriate antibodies. Would this simulated artificial womb facilitate healthy organ production for transplants in the original mouse and thereby extend life for an undefined time?

Consider further the transdifferentiation of skin cell in male mouse into an egg cell. Can we then assume the perpetuation of original through above mentioned technologies?

Although bottom up approach shows promise, it is devoid of merit on the grounds of an unrealistic time frame. Several billions have died since I first advocated the top down approach and countless billions will continue to die due to inaction!!!
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