Is a 2nd translation (of the same book, novel, poem) usually longer than the 1st ?

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Mar 24, 2023, 10:35:01 AMMar 24

Is this true ? (Les re-traducteurs sont souvent plus verbeux que les traducteurs)

Is a 2nd translation (of the same book, novel) usually longer than the 1st ???

Chapter 1 Retranslation and Reception – a Theoretical ... › display › book

.................. In this journal, Antoine Berman and Paul Bensimon proposed a concept that was subsequently redefined in 2002 by Andrew Chesterman as the Retranslation Hypothesis (RH).

According to this hypothesis, the first translation of a literary text is notably more oriented towards the target language (domestication) whereas subsequent retranslations would tend to be nearer to the source text and language (foreignization).

----------- well... i guess... The 2nd translator would feel he/she must do something different.... (a new "take") and that difference would usually be.......
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