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May 5, 2000, 3:00:00 AM5/5/00

Preliminary FAQ Ver 0.0 Draft


Cars make great stashes, they are waterproof and can hold a lot
of stuff. They can be enjoyable as well as troublesome.

Lets say you have coordinates to a stash at the airport you are
flying into, you find the stash and WOW there are car keys in
the stash!! Attached to the keys are the coordinates where the
car is parked. You find the car in good condition and check the
stash in the trunk. Should you go for a drive?
Here is where things get a little difficult. For the car to be a
good usable stash car there should be an up to date insurance
card in the glove box. It would also be good to have the signed
title to the car so you could prove it wasn’t stolen and also be
able to sell it if you need the money. If you are at all
suspicious about the car, please call the police and have them
check and make sure its not stolen. If all is well, use the car,
park it in a safe location, record its position on the keys and
stash the keys in the same or a different stash.

Stationary or Junk car stashes can really be a problem. Even
though a car can hold quite a stash of stuff and be easy to find
with a gps maybe you should hold off before creating one. Dead
car stashes are best done on private land where the area can be
controlled. If you don’t mind having stash hunters on your
property, go ahead, park your old van next to the barn and
identify it as a stash on the internet.

Comments and Suggestions Please.


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