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new aquaculture special ability

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David Dalton

Oct 19, 2022, 12:51:01 AM10/19/22
As part of ongoing sudden evolution, there has been an
evolution of special abilities which includes an update
to existing special abilities and also a brand new
aquaculture special ability, similar to green thumb
and animal husbandry special abilities but for
management of fish stocks.

This aquaculture special ability is also held at 1/3
strength by those with wide range magickal special
ability and those with psychedelic drug enhanceable
ability (who include some Latin American shamans)
who are enhanced.

Moreover, 1.7 million humans globally are receiving
assisted shaktipat from me, and will soon get an improved
ability to do positive magick, an enhanced ritual
magick ability, and a technomagick/techomancy/magitek
ability, all of which will enhance the aquaculture ability
of any assisted shaktipat recipient who also has
aquaculture ability (or wide range magickal special
ability or psychedelic drug enhanceable ability). Such
a person could do large scale techomagick aquaculture
workings drawing on computer maps of fish stocks.

And note that many cetaceans also now have the
aquaculture special ability, and some of them are
assisted shaktipat recipients as well.

I have also posted this to and
alt.religion.shamanism and related groups.

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