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Dec 31, 2021, 8:39:45 PM12/31/21
> As with geo-phenomena the simplest explanation is generally the most likely. Consider the coincident of:
2021-12-29th. at 18:25 7.3M. KEPULAUAN BARAT DAYA, INDONESIA (7.53S. 127.57E.)
Nobody knows the cause of such earthquakes but Venus starts to intervene with Earth and Mercury at about that time.

They will be in alignment about now, midnight New year. Graphic missing for which see;
How soon with they be out of alignment and what do you suppose will be the effect?
It doesn't get out of alignment for a few days but when Venus again become tangential the result should be a larger earthquake than the Indonesian one.

It should happen before the 18th but I am using a very crude Orery and I have no idea what the man made weather is having on it all.
The tornadoes are next and then the larger quake but I think they will switch off their machines before then and thus the anomaly reverses to produce a 6.5M. about the 7th January.

If anyone is living in the same place the mess happened the last two times Start Praying Right Now


Dec 31, 2021, 8:44:05 PM12/31/21
Here is one I made earlier:
For future reference Fake Weather makes holes in the cyclones they generate that get to be as big as natural cyclones.
And yes they go to ground just like satan, causing earthquakes, one place after another. Associated with tornadoes they also cause volcanic eruptions but science does not want you or your children knowing anything about that.

It never occurred to me that anyone was physically abusing god's sheep the way Jesus said, actually skinning people alive but the designed and ran both world wars for profit.

I am not a real meteorologist, I don't ever explain weather events the way that they would, that is because I am stuck in pre-satellite mode, the upper atmosphere doesn't interest me so I can't do that the way that this man can:

I would suggest, if you are in America, that you take an half hour to go over what he says and think about what he does not say. You are the only one responsible for looking after you and yours:

... not him and not me.
Jehovah never does anything without giving warning so you should train yourselves with prayer for holy spirit to be aware of your surrounding.

If you hunt or need to rely on the weather for sailing, you can make yourself aware of things; all the better if you ask what's going on when you get forebodings; feel bad and that sort of thing.

That said: Here is a likely tornado warning for the new year:

Something resembling a jellyfish, I appreciate that if you live inland you may never have seen actual jellys. Imagine the weather fronts under the Greenland High and above the Mid Atlantic High to be a boat anchor upside down and you should get the picture.

Which is quicker to write: "Jellyfish" or "Upside down boat anchor".
Anywhich way the meteorologist is speaking about snow and snow comes at a financial price. He uses an assembly forecast such as this:

Look for the tab that says sea level. That said, maybe you should choose for yourself. I have no idea if anyone reads my stuff I have never had a discussion a real discussion with anyone but arseholes. There were some on sci.geo .earthquakes sadly that was in the past amd I didn't know much in time back then.

Pity but that's life and death for you about the 3rd; the NAEFS shos a big change from unstable to decidedly thaumaturge weather. (In those days when I used these charts) I noticed that a line of similar air masses running all the way across the chart unblocked, was a signal of a quake of some sort. I forget a lot of what I thought but the chart for the 3January is a clear signal of bad problems.

More later when I have had a thinkum. as with the above the graphis are online at Gab /NortonIceman


Jan 1, 2022, 1:43:20 PM1/1/22
Here's a funny wind,55.42,718/loc=-26.584,64.391
This thing is the size of Greenland at gale force (63 to 74 kilometers per hour) according to the Beaufort scale. Also called fresh gale. b. A storm at sea, ever seen one running around like this?
Does it make any sense to any one?
Don't all shout at once. Ever wonder why hillary KKlinton never used google groups?


Jan 1, 2022, 3:05:16 PM1/1/22
There are a lot of socialists that have been educated to ignore truth in colleges that train scientists especially in New York and California. Here is something that may help them understand how ignorant they have been kept:
@KenMatthews > Wigand had begun to work for Brown & Williamson in January 1989 and was fired on March 24, 1993.

In the late 1990's the tobacco industry was facing perdition, that is why they chose to elect clinton, a few months later Jeffery Wigand's story broke, within moments the Una Bomber was arrested. They can throw another mass murderer on the fire any time there is real news.

CBS stopped being a news company with the 60minutes story, it is a scandal as big as the combined shit show going on at chinas news network at the moment.

Here is where all the cliches from QAnon came from:
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