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Feb 3, 2022, 12:17:04 AM2/3/22
It's annoying traipsing through the bowels of Gab's front page looking for the rest of the service between constant barrages of repetition.

However this is news:
Probable cataclysmic eruption Noon, Saturday the 7th of February 2022. Working backwards, we can watch the development:

Whatever and wherever it is; It was already in eruption. I have no real idea where the focus is but the "tell" signature is (along with the black curves) a "dual" or double-epicentred eye of a cyclone developed between Norway 967 millibars and Svabard/Jan Meyan Islands 967 millibars:

The pink weather fronts alternating warm and cold icons of the "occlusion" (Meteorology: The process of occluding air masses. An occluded front) indicate where an eruption has taken place at around noon on the 5th, which is an offer of proof I know what I am talking about. Something radical has occurred to shake the mixed warm air and cold air apart.

Forewarned is forearmed, The cold fronts over the coast of Europe indicate a previous set of eruptions. It would pay the more dilligent to compile a list of volcanoes that tend to apera at the same time. that coincident indicates similar frequencies and frequency is the definition of "pattern".

One should step back in amazement and fall out of ones ecological arbour on realising the ability to decode these thing is so incredibly simple that even a scientist can do it.
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