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Arnold Jagt

Apr 22, 1998, 3:00:00 AM4/22/98

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Section: Global Warming Review
Topic: Letter from Frederick Seitz
Title: Research Review of Global Warming Evidence

Below is an eight page review of information on the subject of
"global warming," and a petition in the form of a reply card. Please
consider these materials carefully.

The United States is very close to adopting an international
agreement that would ration the use of energy and of technologies
that depend upon coal, oil, and natural gas and some other organic

This treaty is, in our opinion, based upon flawed ideas. Research
data on climate change do not show that human use of
hydrocarbons is harmful. To the contrary, there is good evidence
that increased atmospheric carbon dioxide is environmentally

The proposed agreement would have very negative effects upon the
technology of nations throughout the world, especially those that are
currently attempting to lift from poverty and provide opportunities
to the over 4 billion people in technologically underdeveloped

It is especially important for America to hear from its citizens who
have the training necessary to evaluate the relevant data and offer
sound advice.

We urge you to sign and return the petition card. If you would like
more cards for use by your colleagues, these will be sent.

Frederick Seitz
Past President, National Academy of Sciences, U.S.A.
President Emeritus, Rockefeller University

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Section: Global Warming Review
Topic: Environmental Effects of Increased Atmospheric Carbon
Title: Abstract

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Oregon Institute of Science and Medicine, 2251 Dick George Rd.,
Cave Junction, Oregon 97523

George C. Marshall Institute, 1730 K St., NW, Ste 905,
Washington, DC 20006 January 1998


A review of the research literature concerning the environmental
consequences of increased levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide
leads to the conclusion that increases during the 20th Century have
produced no deleterious effects upon global weather, climate, or
temperature. Increased carbon dioxide has, however, markedly
increased plant growth rates. Predictions of harmful climatic effects
due to future increases in minor greenhouse gases like CO2 are in
error and do not conform to current experimental knowledge.

Title: Summary

World leaders gathered in Kyoto, Japan, in December 1997 to
consider a world treaty restricting emissions of ''greenhouse gases,''
chiefly carbon dioxide (CO2), that are thought to cause ''global
warming'' severe increases in Earth's atmospheric and surface
temperatures, with disastrous environmental consequences.
Predictions of global warming are based on computer climate
modeling, a branch of science still in its infancy. The empirical
evidence actual measurements of Earth's temperature shows no
man-made warming trend. Indeed, over the past two decades,
when CO2 levels have been at their highest, global average
temperatures have actually cooled slightly.

To be sure, CO2 levels have increased substantially since the
Industrial Revolution, and are expected to continue doing so. It is
reasonable to believe that humans have been responsible for much
of this increase. But the effect on the environment is likely to be
benign. Greenhouse gases cause plant life, and the animal life that
depends upon it, to thrive. What mankind is doing is liberating
carbon from beneath the Earth's surface and putting it into the
atmosphere, where it is available for conversion into living

Title: Rise In Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide

The concentration of CO2 in Earth's atmosphere has increased
during the past century, as shown in figure 1 (1).

Figure 1 Atmospheric CO2 concentrations in parts per
million by volume, ppm, at Mauna Loa, Hawaii. These
measurements agree well with those at other locations (1).
Periodic cycle is caused by seasonal variations in CO2
absorption by plants. Approximate global level of
atmospheric CO2 in 1900 and 1940 is also displayed (2).

The annual cycles in figure 1 are the result of seasonal variations in
plant use of carbon dioxide. Solid horizontal lines show the levels
that prevailed in 1900 and 1940 (2). The magnitude of this
atmospheric increase during the 1980s was about 3 gigatons of
carbon (Gt C) per year (3). Total human CO2 emissions primarily
from use of coal, oil, and natural gas and the production of cement
are currently about 5.5 GT C per year.

To put these figures in perspective, it is estimated that the
atmosphere contains 750 Gt C; the surface ocean contains 1,000
Gt C; vegetation, soils, and detritus contain 2,200 Gt C; and the
intermediate and deep oceans contain 38,000 Gt C (3). Each year,
the surface ocean and atmosphere exchange an estimated 90 Gt C;
vegetation and the atmosphere, 60 Gt C; marine biota and the
surface ocean, 50 Gt C; and the surface ocean and the intermediate
and deep oceans, 100 Gt C (3).

Figure 2 Surface temperatures in the Sargaso Sea (with time
resolution of about 50 years) ending in 1975 as determined
by isotope ratios of marine organism remains in sediment at
the bottom of the sea (7). The horizontal line is the average
temperature for this 3,000 year period. The Little Ice Age
and Medieval Climate Optimum were naturally occurring,
extended intervals of climate departures from the mean.

So great are the magnitudes of these reservoirs, the rates of
exchange between them, and the uncertainties with which these
numbers are estimated that the source of the recent rise in
atmospheric carbon dioxide has not been determined with certainty
(4). Atmospheric concentrations of CO2 are reported to have
varied widely over geological time, with peaks, according to some
estimates, some 20-fold higher than at present and lows at
approximately 18th-Century levels (5).

The current increase in carbon dioxide follows a 300-year warming
trend: Surface and atmospheric temperatures have been recovering
from an unusually cold period known as the Little Ice Age. The
observed increases are of a magnitude that can, for example, be
explained by oceans giving off gases naturally as temperatures rise.
Indeed, recent carbon dioxide rises have shown a tendency to
follow rather than lead global temperature increases (6).

There is, however, a widely believed hypothesis that the 3 Gt C per
year rise in atmospheric carbon dioxide is the result of the 5.5 Gt C
per year release of carbon dioxide from human activities. This
hypothesis is reasonable, since the magnitudes of human release and
atmospheric rise are comparable, and the atmospheric rise has
occurred contemporaneously with the increase in production of
CO2 from human activities since the Industrial Revolution.

Figure 3 Moving 11-year average of terrestrial Northern
Hemisphere peratures as deviations in ºC from the
1951-1970 mean left axis and darker line (8,9). Solar
magnetic cycle lengths right axis and lighter line (10). The
shorter the magnetic cycle length, the more active, and hence
brighter, the sun.

Title: Atmospheric And Surface Temperatures

In any case, what effect is the rise in CO2 having upon the global
environment? The temperature of the Earth varies naturally over a
wide range. Figure 2 summarizes, for example, surface
temperatures in the Sargaso Sea (a region of the Atlantic Ocean)
during the past 3,000 years (7). Sea surface temperatures at this
location have varied over a range of about 3.6 degrees Celsius (ºC)
during the past 3,000 years. Trends in these data correspond to
similar features that are known from the historical record.

Figure 4 Annual mean surface temperatures in the contiguous
United States between 1895 and 1997, as compiled by the
National Climate Data Center (12). Horizontal line is the
103-year mean. The trend line for this 103-year period has a
slope of 0.022 ºC per decade or 0.22 ºC per century. The
trend line for 1940 to 1997 has a slope of 0.008 ºC per
decade or 0.08 ºC per century.

For example, about 300 years ago, the Earth was experiencing the
''Little Ice Age.'' It had descended into this relatively cool period
from a warm interval about 1,000 years ago known as the
''Medieval Climate Optimum.'' During the Medieval Climate
Optimum, temperatures were warm enough to allow the
colonization of Greenland. These colonies were abandoned after
the onset of colder temperatures. For the past 300 years, global
temperatures have been gradually recovering (11). As shown in
figure 2, they are still a little below the average for the past 3,000
years. The human historical record does not report ''global
warming'' catastrophes, even though temperatures have been far
higher during much of the last three millennia.

What causes such variations in Earth's temperature? The answer
may be fluctuations in solar activity. Figure 3 shows the period of
warming from the Little Ice Age in greater detail by means of an
11-year moving average of surface temperatures in the Northern
Hemisphere (10). Also shown are solar magnetic cycle lengths for
the same period. It is clear that even relatively short,
half-century-long fluctuations in temperature correlate well with
variations in solar activity. When the cycles are short, the sun is
more active, hence brighter; and the Earth is warmer. These
variations in the activity of the sun are typical of stars close in mass
and age to the sun (13).

Figure 4 shows the annual average temperatures of the United
States as compiled by the National Climate Data Center (12). The
most recent upward temperature fluctuation from the Little Ice Age
(between 1900 and 1940), as shown in the Northern Hemisphere
record of figure 3, is also evident in this record of U.S.
temperatures. These temperatures are now near average for the
past 103 years, with 1996 and 1997 having been the 42nd and
60th coolest years.

Figure 5 Radiosonde balloon station measurements of global
lower tropospheric temperatures at 63 stations between
latitudes 90 N and 90 S from 1958 to 1996 (15).
Temperatures are three-month averages and are graphed as
deviations from the mean temperature for 1979 to 1996.
Linear trend line for 1979 to 1996 is shown. The slope is
minus 0.060 ºC per decade.

Especially important in considering the effect of changes in
atmospheric composition upon Earth temperatures are temperatures
in the lower troposphere – at an altitude of roughly 4 km. In the
troposphere, greenhouse-gas-induced temperature changes are
expected to be at least as large as at the surface (14). Figure 5
shows global tropospheric temperatures measured by weather
balloons between 1958 and 1996. They are currently near their
40-year mean (15), and have been trending slightly downward
since 1979.

Figure 6 Satellite Microwave Sounding Unit, MSU,
measurements of global lower tropospheric temperatures
between latitudes 83 N and 83 S from 1979 to 1997
(17,18). Temperatures are monthly averages and are
graphed as deviations from the mean temperature for 1979
to 1996. Linear trend line for 1979 to 1997 is shown. The
slope of this line is minus 0.047 ºC per decade. This record
of measurements began in 1979.

Figure 7 Global radiosonde balloon temperature (light line)
(15) and global satellite MSU temperature (dark line)
(17,18) from figures 5 and 6 plotted with 6-month
smoothing. Both sets of data are graphed as deviations from
their respective means for 1979 to 1996. The 1979 to 1996
slopes of the trend lines are minus 0.060 ºC per decade for
balloon and minus 0.045 for satellite.

Since 1979, lower-tropospheric temperature measurements have
also been made by means of microwave sounding units (MSUs) on
orbiting satellites (16). Figure 6 shows the average global
tropospheric satellite measurements (17,18) – the most reliable
measurements, and the most relevant to the question of climate

Figure 7 shows the satellite data from figure 6 superimposed upon
the weather balloon data from figure 5. The agreement of the two
sets of data, collected with completely independent methods of
measurement, verifies their precision. This agreement has been
shown rigorously by extensive analysis (19, 20).

While tropospheric temperatures have trended downward during
the past 19 years by about 0.05 ºC per decade, it has been
reported that global surface temperatures trended upward by about
0.1 ºC per decade (21, 22). In contrast to tropospheric
temperatures, however, surface temperatures are subject to large
uncertainties for several reasons, including the urban heat island
effect (illustrated below).

During the past 10 years, U.S. surface temperatures have trended
downward by minus 0.08 ºC per decade (12) while global surface
temperatures are reported increased by plus 0.03 ºC per decade
(23). The corresponding weather-balloon and satellite tropospheric
10-year trends are minus 0.4 ºC and minus 0.3 ºC per decade,

Figure 8 Tropospheric temperature measurements by satellite
MSU for North America between 30º to 70º N and 75º to
125º W (dark line) (17, 18) compared with the surface
record for this same region (light line) (24), both plotted with
12-month smoothing and graphed as deviations from their
means for 1979 to 1996. The slope of the satellite MSU
trend line is minus 0.01 ºC per decade, while that for the
surface trend line is plus 0.07 ºC per decade. The correlation
coefficient for the unsmoothed monthly data in the two sets is

Disregarding uncertainties in surface measurements and giving equal
weight to reported atmospheric and surface data and to 10 and 19
year averages, the mean global trend is minus 0.07 ºC per decade.

In North America, the atmospheric and surface records partly
agree (20 and figure 8). Even there, however, the atmospheric
trend is minus 0.01 per decade, while the surface trend is plus 0.07
ºC per decade. The satellite record, with uniform and better
sampling, ismuch more reliable.

The computer models on which forecasts of global warming are
based predict that tropospheric temperatures will rise at least as
much as surface temperatures (14). Because of this, and because
these temperatures can be accurately measured without confusion
by complicated effects in the surface record, these are the
temperatures of greatest interest. The global trend shown in figures
5, 6 and 7 provides a definitive means of testing the validity of the
global warming hypothesis.

Figure 9 Qualitative illustration of greenhouse warming.
Present: the current greenhouse effect from all atmospheric
phenomena. Radiative effect of CO2: added greenhouse
radiative effect from doubling CO2 without consideration of
other atmospheric components. Hypothesis 1 IPCC:
hypothetical amplification effect assumed by IPCC.
Hypothesis 2: hypothetical moderation effect.

Title: The Global Warming Hypothesis

There is such a thing as the greenhouse effect. Greenhouse gases
such as H2O and CO2 in the Earth's atmosphere decrease the
escape of terrestrial thermal infrared radiation. Increasing CO2,
therefore, effectively increases radiative energy input to the Earth.
But what happens to this radiative input is complex: It is
redistributed, both vertically and horizontally, by various physical
processes, including advection, convection, and diffusion in the
atmosphere and ocean.

When an increase in CO2 increases the radiative input to the
atmosphere, how and in which direction does the atmosphere
respond? Hypotheses about this response differ and are
schematically shown in figure 9. Without the greenhouse effect, the
Earth would be about 14 ºC cooler (25). The radiative contribution
of doubling atmospheric CO2 is minor, but this radiative
greenhouse effect is treated quite differently by different climate
hypotheses. The hypotheses that the IPCC has chosen to adopt
predict that the effect of CO2 is amplified by the atmosphere
(especially water vapor) to produce a large temperature increase
(14). Other hypotheses, shown as hypothesis 2, predict the
opposite – that the atmospheric response will counteract the CO2
increase and result in insignificant changes in global temperature
(25-27). The empirical evidence of figures 5-7 favors hypothesis 2.
While CO2 has increased substantially, the large temperature
increase predicted by the IPCC models has not occurred (see
figure 11).

The hypothesis of a large atmospheric temperature increase from
greenhouse gases (GHGs), and further hypotheses that temperature
increases will lead to flooding, increases in storm activity, and
catastrophic world-wide climatological changes have come to be
known as ''global warming'' – a phenomenon claimed to be so
dangerous that it makes necessary a dramatic reduction in world
energy use and a severe program of international rationing of
technology (29).

Figure 10 The radiative greenhouse effect of doubling the
concentration of atmospheric CO2 (right bar) as compared
with four of the uncertainties in the computer climate models
(14, 28).

The computer climate models upon which ''global warming'' is
based have substantial uncertainties. This is not surprising, since the
climate is a coupled, non-linear dynamical system – in layman's
terms, a very complex one. Figure 10 summarizes some of the
difficulties by comparing the radiative CO2 greenhouse effect with
correction factors and uncertainties in some of the parameters in the
computer climate calculations. Other factors, too, such as the
effects of volcanoes, cannot now be reliably computer modeled.

Figure 11 compares the trend in atmospheric temperatures
predicted by computer models adopted by the IPCC with that
actually observed during the past 19 years – those years in which
the highest atmospheric concentrations of CO2 and other GHGs
have occurred.

In effect, an experiment has been performed on the Earth during the
past half-century – an experiment that includes all of the complex
factors and feedback effects that determine the Earth's temperature
and climate. Since 1940, atmospheric GHGs have risen
substantially. Yet atmospheric temperatures have not risen. In fact,
during the 19 years with the highest atmospheric levels of CO2 and
other GHGs, temperatures have fallen.

Figure 11 Global annual lower tropospheric temperatures as
measured by satellite MSU between latitudes 83 N and 83 S
(17, 18) plotted as deviations from the 1979 value. The
trend line of these experimental measurements is compared
with the corresponding trend line predicted by International
Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) computer climate models

Not only has the global warming hypothesis failed the experimental
test; it is theoretically flawed as well. It can reasonably be argued
that cooling from negative physical and biological feedbacks to
GHGs will nullify the initial temperature rise (26, 30).

The reasons for this failure of the computer climate models are
subjects of scientific debate. For example, water vapor is the
largest contributor to the overall greenhouse effect (31). It has been
suggested that the computer climate models treat feedbacks related
to water vapor incorrectly (27, 32).

The global warming hypothesis is not based upon the radiative
properties of the GHGs themselves. It is based entirely upon a small
initial increase in temperature caused by GHGs and a large
theoretical amplification of that temperature change. Any
comparable temperature increase from another cause would
produce the same outcome from the calculations.

At present, science does not have comprehensive quantitative
knowledge about the Earth's atmosphere. Very few of the relevant
parameters are known with enough rigor to permit reliable
theoretical calculations. Each hypothesis must be judged by
empirical results. The global warming hypothesis has been
thoroughly evaluated. It does not agree with the data and is,
therefore, not validated.

Figure 12 Eleven-year moving average of global surface
temperature, as estimated by NASA GISS (23, 33, and 34),
plotted as deviation from 1890 (left axis and light line), as
compared with atmospheric CO2 (right axis and dark line)
(2). Approximately 82% of the increase in CO2 occurred
after the temperature maximum in 1940, as is shown in figure

The new high in temperature estimated by NASA GISS after 1940
is not present in the radiosonde balloon measurements or the
satellite MSU measurements. It is also not present in surface
measurements for regions with comprehensive, high-quality
temperature records (35). The United States surface temperature
record (see figure 4) gives 1996 and 1997 as the 38th and 56th
coolest years in the 20th century. Biases and uncertainties, such as
that shown in figure 13, account for this difference.

Title: Global Warming Evidence

Aside from computer calculations, two sorts of evidence have been
advanced in support of the ''global warming'' hypothesis:
temperature compilations and statements about global flooding and
weather disruptions. Figure 12 shows the global temperature graph
that has been compiled by National Aeronautic and Space
Administration's Goddard Institute of Space Studies (NASA GISS)
(23, 33, and 34). This compilation, which is shown widely in the
press, does not agree with the atmospheric record because surface
records have substantial uncertainties (36). Figure 13 illustrates part
of the reason.

The urban heat island effect is only one of several surface effects
that can confound compiled records of surface temperature. Figure
13 shows the size of this effect in, for example, the surface stations
of California and the problems associated with objective sampling.
The East Park station, considered the best situated rural station in
the state (37), has a trend since 1940 of minus 0.055 ºC per

Figure 13 Surface temperature trends for the period of 1940
to 1996 from 107 measuring stations in 49 California
counties (39, 40). After averaging the means of the trends in
each county, counties of similar population were bined and
plotted as closed circles along with the standard errors of
their means. The six measuring stations in Los Angeles
County were used to calculate the standard error of that
county, which is plotted alone at the county population of 8.9
million. The ''urban heat island effect'' on surface ments is
evident. The straight line is a least-squares fit to the closed
circles. The points marked ''X'' are the six unadjusted station
records selected by NASA GISS (23, 33, and 34) for use in
their estimate of global temperatures as shown in figure 12.

The overall rise of about plus 0.5 ºC during the 20th century is often
cited in support of ''global warming'' (38). Since, however, 82% of
the CO2 rise during the 20th century occurred after the rise in
temperature (see figures 1 and 12), the CO2 increase cannot have
caused the temperature increase. The 19th century rise was only 13
ppm (2).

In addition, incomplete regional temperature records have been
used to support ''global warming.'' Figure 14 shows an example of
this, in which a partial record was used in an attempt to confirm
computer climate model predictions of temperature increases from
green-house gases (41). A more complete record refuted this
attempt (42).

Not one of the temperature graphs shown in figures 4 to 7, which
include the most accurate and reliable surface and atmospheric
temperature measurements available, both global and regional,
shows any warming whatever that can be attributed to increases in
green-house gases. Moreover, these data show that present day
temperatures are not at all unusual compared with natural variability,
nor are they changing in any unusual way.

Figure 14 The solid circles in the oval are tropospheric
temperatures for the Southern Hemisphere between latitudes
30 S and 60 S, published in 1996 (41) in support of
computer-model-projected warming. Later in 1996, the
study was refuted by a longer set of data, as shown by the
open circles (42).

Title: Sea Levels And Storms

The computer climate models do not make any reliable predictions
whatever concerning global flooding, storm variability, and other
catastrophes that have come to be a part of the popular definition of
''global warming.'' (See Chapter 6, section 6-5 of reference 14.)
Yet several scenarios of impending global catastrophe have arisen
separately. One of these hypothesizes that rising sea levels will flood
large areas of coastal land. Figure 15 shows satellite measurements
of global sea level between 1993 and 1997 (43). The reported
current global rate of rise amounts to only about plus 2 mm per
year, or plus 8 inches per century, and even this estimate is
probably high (43). The trends in rise and fall of sea level in various
regions have a wide range of about 100 mm per year with most of
the globe showing downward trends (43).

Figure 15 Global sea level measurements from the
Topex/Poseidon satellite altimeter for 1993 to 1997 (43).
The instrument record gives a rate of change of minus 0.2
mm per year (43). However, it has been reported that
50-year tide gauge measurements give plus 1.8 mm per year.
A correction of plus 2.3 mm per year was added to the
satellite data based on comparison to selected tide gauges to
get a value of plus 2.1 mm per year or 8 inches per century

Historical records show no acceleration in sea level rise in the 20th
century (44). Moreover, claims that global warming will cause the
Antarctic ice cap to melt and sharply increase this rate are not
consistent with experiment or with theory (45).

Similarly, claims that hurricane frequencies and intensities have been
increasing are also inconsistent with the data. Figure 16 shows the
number of severe Atlantic hurricanes per year and also the
maximum wind intensities of those hurricanes. Both of these values
have been decreasing with time.

Figure 16 Annual numbers of violent hurricanes and
maximum attained wind speeds during those hurricanes in the
Atlantic Ocean (46). Slopes of the trend lines are minus 0.25
hurricanes per decade and minus 0.33 meters per second
maximum attained wind speed per decade.

As temperatures recover from the Little Ice Age, the more extreme
weather patterns that characterized that period may be trending
slowly toward the milder conditions that prevailed during the
Middle Ages, which enjoyed average temperatures about 1 ºC
higher than those of today. Concomitant changes are also taking
place, such as the receding of glaciers in Montana's Glacier
National Park.

Title: Fertilization Of Plants

How high will the carbon dioxide concentration of the atmosphere
ultimately rise if mankind continues to use coal, oil, and natural gas?
Since total current estimates of hydrocarbon reserves are
approximately 2,000 times annual use (47), doubled human release
could, over a thousand years, ultimately be 10,000 GT C or 25%
of the amount now sequestered in the oceans. If 90% of this
10,000 GT C were absorbed by oceans and other reservoirs,
atmospheric levels would approximately double, rising to about 600
parts per million. (This assumes that new technologies will not
supplant the use of hydrocarbons during the next 1,000 years, a
pessimistic estimate of technological advance.)

One reservoir that would moderate the increase is especially
important. Plant life provides a large sink for CO2. Using current
knowledge about the increased growth rates of plants and assuming
a doubling of CO2 release as compared to current emissions, it has
been estimated that atmospheric CO2 levels will rise by only about
300 ppm before leveling off (2). At that level, CO2 absorption by
increased Earth biomass is able to absorb about 10 GT C per year.

Figure 17 Standard normal deviates of tree ring widths for
(a) bristlecone pine, limber pine, and fox tail pine in the Great
Basin of California, Nevada, and Arizona and (b) bristlecone
pine in Colorado (48). The tree ring widths have been
normalized so that their means are zero and deviations from
the means are displayed in units of standard deviation.

As atmospheric CO2 increases, plant growth rates increase. Also,
leaves lose less water as CO2 increases, so that plants are able to
grow under drier conditions. Animal life, which depends upon plant
life for food, increases proportionally.

Figures 17 to 22 show examples of experimentally measured
increases in the growth of plants. These examples are representative
of a very large research literature on this subject (49-55). Since
plant response to CO2 fertilization is nearly linear with respect to
CO2 concentration over a range of a few hundred ppm, as seen for
example in figures 18 and 22, it is easy to normalize experimental
measurements at different levels of CO2 enrichment. This has been
done in figure 23 in order to illustrate some CO2 growth
enhancements calculated for the atmospheric increase of about 80
ppm that has already taken place, and that expected from a
projected total increase of 320 ppm.

As figure 17 shows, long-lived (1,000- to 2000-year-old) pine
trees have shown a sharp increase in growth rate during the past

Figure 18 Young Eldarica pine trees were grown for 23
months under four CO2 concentrations and then cut down
and weighed. Each point represents an individual tree (56).
Weights of tree parts are as indicated.

Figure 18 summarizes the increased growth rates of young pine
seedlings at four CO2 levels. Again, the response is remarkable,
with an increase of 300 ppm more than tripling the rate of growth.

Figure 19 Inventories of standing hardwood and softwood
timber in the United States compiled from Forest Statistics of
the United States (58).

Figure 19 shows the 30% increase in the forests of the United
States that has taken place since 1950. Much of this increase is
likely due to the increase in atmospheric CO2 that has already
occurred. In addition, it has been reported that Amazonian rain
forests are increasing their vegetation by about 34,000 moles (900
pounds) of carbon per acre per year (57), or about two tons of
biomass per acre per year.

Figure 20 Fig. 20. Relative trunk and limb volumes and fine
root biomass of young sour orange trees; and trunk and limb
volumes and numbers of oranges produced per mature sour
orange tree per year at 400 ppm CO2 (light bars) and 700
ppm CO2 (dark bars) (59, 60). The 400 ppm values were
normalized to 100. The trees were planted in 1987 as
one-year-old seedlings. Young trunk and limb volumes and
fine root biomass were measured in 1990. Mature trunk and
limb volumes are averages for 1991 to 1996. Orange
numbers are averages for 1993 to 1997.

Figure 20 shows the effect of CO2 fertilization on sour orange
trees. During the early years of growth, the bark, limbs, and fine
roots of sour orange trees growing in an atmosphere with 700 ppm
of CO2 exhibited rates of growth more than 170% greater than
those at 400 ppm. As the trees matured, this slowed to about
100%. Meanwhile, orange production was 127% higher for the
700 ppm trees.

Figure 21 Grain yields from wheat grown under well watered
and poorly watered conditions in open field experiments (61,
62). Average CO2-induced increases for the two years were
10% for wet and 23% for dry conditions.

Trees respond to CO2 fertilization more strongly than do most
other plants, but all plants respond to some extent. Figure 21 shows
the response of wheat grown under wet conditions and when the
wheat was stressed by lack of water. These were open-field
experiments. Wheat was grown in the usual way, but the
atmospheric CO2 concentrations of circular sections of the fields
were increased by means of arrays of computer-controlled
equipment that released CO2 into the air to hold the levels as

While the results illustrated in figures 17-21 are remarkable, they
are typical of those reported in a very large number of studies of the
effect of CO2 concentration upon the growth rates of plants

Figure 22 summarizes 279 similar experiments in which plants of
various types were raised under CO2-enhanced conditions. Plants
under stress from less-than-ideal conditions – a common
occurrence in nature – respond more to CO2 fertilization. The
selections of species shown in figure 22 were biased toward plants
that respond less to CO2 fertilization than does the mixture actually
covering the Earth, so figure 22 underestimates the effects of global
CO2 enhancement.

Figure 23 summarizes the wheat, orange tree, and young pine tree
enhancements shown in figures 21, 20, and 18 with two
atmospheric CO2 increases – that which has occurred since 1800
and is believed to be the result of the Industrial Revolution and that
which is projected for the next two centuries. The relative growth
enhancement of trees by CO2 diminishes with age. Figure 23
shows young trees.

Clearly, the green revolution in agriculture has already benefited
from CO2 fertilization; and benefits in the future will likely be
spectacular. Animal life will increase proportionally as shown by
studies of 51 terrestrial (63) and 22 aquatic ecosystems (64).
Moreover, as shown by a study of 94 terrestrial ecosystems on all
continents except Antarctica (65), species richness (biodiversity) is
more positively correlated with productivity – the total quantity of
plant life per acre – than with anything else.

Title: Discussion

There are no experimental data to support the hypothesis that
increases in carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases are causing
or can be expected to cause catastrophic changes in global
temperatures or weather. To the contrary, during the 20 years with
the highest carbon dioxide levels, atmospheric temperatures have

We also need not worry about environmental calamities, even if the
current long-term natural warming trend continues. The Earth has
been much warmer during the past 3,000 years without
catastrophic effects. Warmer weather extends growing seasons and
generally improves the habitability of colder regions. ''Global
warming,'' an invalidated hypothesis, provides no reason to limit
human production of CO2, CH4, N2O, HFCs, PFCs, and SF6 as
has been proposed (29).

Figure 22 Summary data from 279 published experiments in
which plants of all types were grown under paired stressed
(open circles) and unstressed (closed circles) conditions
(66). There were 208, 50, and 21 sets at 300, 600, and an
average of about 1350 ppm CO2, respectively. The plant
mixture in the 279 studies was slightly biased toward plant
types that respond less to CO2 fertilization than does the
actual global mixture and therefore underestimates the
expected global response. CO2 enrichment also allows
plants to grow in drier regions, further increasing the
expected global response.

Human use of coal, oil, and natural gas has not measurably warmed
the atmosphere, and the extrapolation of current trends shows that
it will not significantly do so in the foreseeable future. It does,
however, release CO2, which accelerates the growth rates of plants
and also permits plants to grow in drier regions. Animal life, which
depends upon plants, also flourishes.

As coal, oil, and natural gas are used to feed and lift from poverty
vast numbers of people across the globe, more CO2 will be
released into the atmosphere. This will help to maintain and improve
the health, longevity, prosperity, and productivity of all people.

Human activities are believed to be responsible for the rise in CO2
level of the atmosphere. Mankind is moving the carbon in coal, oil,
and natural gas from below ground to the atmosphere and surface,
where it is available for conversion into living things. We are living in
an increasingly lush environment of plants and animals as a result of
the CO2 increase. Our children will enjoy an Earth with far more
plant and animal life as that with which we now are blessed. This is
a wonderful and unexpected gift from the Industrial Revolution.

Figure 23a and Figure 23(b) Calculated growth rate
enhancement of wheat, young orange and very young pine
trees already taking place as a result of atmospheric
enrichment by CO2 during the past two centuries (a) and
expected to take place as a result of atmospheric enrichment
by CO2 to a level of 600 ppm (b).
In this case, these values apply to pine trees during their first
two years of growth and orange trees during their 4th
through 10th years of growth. As is shown in figure 20, the
effect of increased CO2 gradually diminishes with tree age,
so these values should not be interpreted as applicable over
the entire tree lifespans. There are no longer-running
controlled CO2 tree experiments. Yet, even 2,000 year old
trees still respond significantly as is shown in figure 17.

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Section: Global Warming Review
Topic: Global Warming Petition

We urge the United States government to reject the global warming
agreement that was written in Kyoto, Japan in December, 1997,
and any other similar proposals. The proposed limits on greenhouse
gases would harm the environment, hinder the advance of science
and technology, and damage the health and welfare of mankind.

There is no convincing scientific evidence that human release of
carbon dioxide, methane, or other greenhouse gasses is causing or
will, in the foreseeable future, cause catastrophic heating of the
Earth's atmosphere and disruption of the Earth's climate. Moreover,
there is substantial scientific evidence that increases in atmospheric
carbon dioxide produce many beneficial effects upon the natural
plant and animal environments of the Earth.

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During the past 6 weeks, more than 15,000 basic and applied
American scientists, two-thirds with advanced degrees, have signed
the Global Warming Petition.

Signers of this petition so far include approximately 2,100
physicists, geophysicists, climatologists, meteorologists,
oceanographers, and environmental scientists (select this link for a
listing of these individuals) who are especially well qualified to
evaluate the effects of carbon dioxide on the Earth’s atmosphere
and climate.

Signers of this petition also include approximately 4,400 scientists
whose fields of specialization in chemistry, biochemistry, biology,
and other life sciences (select this link for a listing of these
individuals) make them especially well qualified to evaluate the
effects of carbon dioxide upon the Earth’s plant and animal life.

Nearly all of the initial 15,000 signers have technical training suitable
for the evaluation of the relevant research data, and many are
trained in related fields. In addition to these 15,000, approximately
1,800 individuals have signed the petition who are trained in fields
other than science or whose field of specialization was not specified
on their returned petition.

The costs of this petition project have been paid entirely by private
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The signatures and the text of the petition stand alone and speak for
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They are not associated with any particular organization. Their
signatures represent a strong statement about this important issue by
many of the best scientific minds in the United States.

This project is titled "Petition Project" and uses a mailing address of
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opinion from each scientist based on the scientific issues involved -
without any implied endorsements of individuals, groups, or

The remainder of the initial signers and all new signers will be added
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Earl Aagaard, PhD, Dr Roger L Aamodt, PhD, Ralph F Abate, Dr
Reza Abbaschian, PhD, Paul Abbett, Wyatt E Abbitt III, David M
Abbott Jr, Dr Mahmoud Abdel Monem, PhD, J M Abell, Dr Philip
H Abelson, PhD, Wayne Aben, Grady Ables, Dr. Earl A
Abrahamson, PhD, John Abrams, David Acerni, J. Wayne Achee,
Dr D T Achord, PhD, Ernest Achterberg, William Ackerman, John
R. Ackerman, Gene Ackerman, Terry Ackman, Donald O Acrey,
Lee Actor, Dr. Robert K Adair, PhD, Dr John A Adam, PhD,
Chris Adam, Brian Adam, PhD, William D Adams, Steve W
Adams, Michael P Adams, Wm J Adams, Dr. Louis W Adams,
PhD, Dr. Wilton T. Adams, PhD, John Adams, Dr Phillip Adams,
PhD, Dr John E Adams, Dr George B Adams, PhD, Dr Neil
Adams, PhD, Henry Adams, Donald Adams, Dr Roy M Adams,
PhD, Peter Adams, Richard E Adams, Walter Adams, Dell
Adams, Dr Leonard C A Adams, PhD, Henry Adams, Roy B
Adams, Charles K Adams, Eugene Adams, Dr Adams, Brook
Adams, Richard L Adams, William W Adams, Dr. Gail D Adams,
PhD, Donald S Adams, James W Adams, Craig Adams, Dr Daniel
Adams, PhD, George Adcock, Dr Rusty Adcock, Dr. Lionel P
Adda, PhD, Albert W Addington, Tim Addington, Bill Addison,
Dr. John K Addy, PhD, C William Ade, Dr. Albert H Adelman,
PhD, Barnet R Adelman, Michael F Adkins, L A Adkins, Dr.
Ronald A Adkins, PhD, Dr Norman Adler, PhD, Lt Col Jacques J
Adnet, Dr. Anthrony J Adrignolo, PhD, Dr Harry Adrounie, PhD,
Richard A Adsero, Steven E Aeschbach, Dr Stephen Affleck,
PhD, Dr. Siegfried Aftergut, PhD, Jack Agan, Dr Larry D
Agenbroad, PhD, Sven Agerbek, Dr. George Aggen, PhD, Dr
George Aggen, PhD, Norman A Aggon, Dr Vincent Agnello,
Kenneth Agnes, Mark Agnew, M C Agress, Jorge T Aguinadlo,
Robert Aharonov, Kevin Ahlborg, Mark Ahlert, Dr. Mumtaz
Ahmed, PhD, Dr Robert Ahokas, PhD, H W Ahrenholz, Dr
Rolland W Ahrens, PhD, John J. Aiello, Brian R Ainley, Mr
Ainsworth, Dr. Oscar R Ainsworth, PhD, Alfred Ainsworth I I I, E
Bud Ainsworth, Dr. S. Aisenberg, PhD, David J Akers, Dr. Wayne
Henry Akeson, Thane Akins, Korkor Akoto, Dr Akram, PhD,
John Alai, Dr. Robert J Alaimo, PhD, Greg Alan, A Henry
Albaugh, Ed Alberding, Wm L Albert, Dr. Eric K Albert, James L
Alberta, Mark W Albertsen, Dr. Frank Addison Albini, PhD,
Rudolph C Albrecht, Robert Albrecht, Dr Fred R Albright, PhD,
Dr James C Albright, PhD, Tad B Albright, Dr. Robert Lee
Albright, PhD, Marcus Albro, Allwyn Albuquerque, Dr Ernest C
Alcaraz, PhD, Dr. Garrett D Alcorn, Dr Ronald G Alderfer, PhD,
Dr Thomas Alderson, PhD, Bill Aldrich, Dr Richard J Aldrich,
PhD, Dr Samuel Aldrich, PhD, Dr. Franklin D Aldrich, PhD,
Robert Aldridge, David Aldridge, Wm M Baldwin, Dr. Peter C
Alecxih Sr, Russell J Alameda Jr, Dr Perry B Alers, PhD, Steven J
Alessandro, Alex F Alessandrini, Joe Alex, Ira Alexander, Michael
L Alexander, Danrick Alexander, Harold R. Alexander, Nelson
Alexander, John C Alexander, Dave Alexander, James F
Alexander Jr, Dr. Moorad Alexanian, PhD, Robert Alford, Dr.
Casanova Alig, PhD, Dr. Roger C Alig, PhD, Dr R Allahyari, PhD,
Dennis Allard, Joel Alldredge, John L Allen, Christopher G Allen,
Dr Emma G Allen, PhD, Dr. Eric R Allen, PhD, Dr. Mike R Allen,
PhD, Arly Allen, Dr Roger B Allen, PhD, Pampselo Allen, Dr.
Clayton H. Allen, PhD, Merrill P Allen, William Allen, Charles C
Allen, Belle Allen, William Allen, Dr. Thomas H Allen, Randall
Allen, James Allen, PhD, Dr Robert Allen, Robert C Allen, Dr.
Robert T Van Aller, PhD, Carl Allesandro, Robt W Allgood,
Ronald Alli, Ronald C Allison, MD, Terry Allison, Craig Allison,
Kevin E Allisonn, Dr. John J Allport, PhD, Ivan D Allred Jr, Dr.
Albert L Allred, PhD, Arthur W Allsop, R A Allwein, Dr. Frank M
Almeter, PhD, Dr Patrick Aloutto, PhD, James Aloye, A Frank
Alsobrook, Dr John Alsop, PhD, Sally Alston, Charles Alt, Vincent
O Altemose, Timothy Altier, Dr Melvyn R Altman, PhD, Ronny G
Altman, Dr. David Altman, PhD, Dr. Peter C Altner, Dr. Edward E
Altshuler, PhD, Dr. Burton M Altura, PhD, Antonio Alvarez, Byron
Alvey, Vern Always, Bradley A Aman, David Saint Amand, Dr
Charles D Amata, PhD, Charles Amateis, Dr Ronald Amberger,
PhD, Dr Leo E Amborski, PhD, Maynard Amdahl, Marvin E
Ament, Robert C Amero, Martin Ames, Dr Richard Ames, Dr.
Edward J Ames I I I, Michael Amick, Dr. Pierre Saiut- Amond,
PhD, Richard D Amori, Dr. Bonnie Amos, PhD, Dr. Dewey H
Amos, PhD, J Reeves Ampsco, A Amr, PhD, Dr. Fred Amsler,
Adolph L Amundson, Sal A Anazalone, Mr. Lewis And Mrs.
Kathy Krauss, Ernest J Andberg, G Robt D Andborn, Dr John
Anders, Randall H Andersen, Dr. Donald A Andersen, PhD, Gene
P Andersen, Dr. Torben B Andersen, PhD, Dr. Wilford H
Andersen, PhD, Reece B Anderson, Joel Anderson, Roger O
Anderson, Jimmy D Anderson, Dr. Julia W Anderson, PhD, Dr.
Orson L Anderson, PhD, John O Anderson, Staren D Anderson,
A E Anderson, C M Anderson Jr, Dr. Richard A Anderson, PhD,
Dr. Harrison C Anderson, Bruce M Anderson, Warren R
Anderson, Dr John Anderson, Larry D Anderson, R. L. Anderson,
James Anderson, David Anderson, Dr Robt J Anderson, Roy
Anderson, Nathan Anderson, Thornton Anderson, Dr Berard J
Anderson, PhD, Gerald L Anderson, Kenneth E Anderson, Donald
N. Anderson, PhD, Dr Arthur G Anderson, PhD, Mark A
Anderson, James Anderson, Dr David R Anderson, PhD, Leif H.
Anderson, H.C. Anderson, Dr. Thomas Anderson, PhD,
Cristopher Anderson, Dr. Donald Hervin Anderson, PhD, Dr Larry
Anderson, Dr Anderson, Janis W Anderson, Greg Anderson, Ken
Anderson, Thomas Anderson, James R Anderson, Glenn L
Anderson, Allan C Anderson, Richard Anderson, David A
Anderson, P Jennings Anderson, Dr David Anderson, Dr Ingrid
Anderson, PhD, Dr John R Andrade, PhD, Manuel Andrade, Ivan
Andrasik, Lawrence L Andrew, Dr. James F Andrew, PhD, James
Andrew, Raynal W Andrews, Dr Russell S Andrews, PhD, Dr
John S Andrews, PhD, Harry N Andrews, Frederick Andrews,
Marion Andrews, Louis Andros, Dr. Mb Andrus, PhD, Dr Alfredo
Ang, PhD, Robert E Angel, Ernest F. Angelicola, Dr. Vincent
Angelo, Dr. Francis M Angeloni, PhD, Steven T Angely, Claude B
Anger, Robert Angevine, Dr Ernest Angino, PhD, Kevin P
Ankenbrand, David Arnold, Dr Bradley C Anthanaitis, PhD, Jack
R Anthony, Robt D Anthony, Dr. Eliazbeth Anthony, PhD, Dr Dan
Antonescu-Wolf, Willford Antonson, Dr. Sanford Apfelroth, PhD,
Bruce W Apland, David R Appel, Norman Apperson, W H
Appich Jr, Lowell N Applegate, Dr. Donald Applegate, John
Applegath, Dr Morris H Aprison, PhD, Dr Charles Apter, Dr Ara
Arabyan, PhD, Dr. John Arcadi, Ed Arce, John Arch, Amber G
Archer, William Archer, Philip Archibald, Dave Archibald, Dr.
William Bryant Ard, PhD, William Ard, Christopher Arend, Dennis
Arfmann, Dr. Harold V. Argo, PhD, Guvenc Argon, Dr. Lawrence
Ariano, Dr William Arion, PhD, Dr Z S Ariyan, PhD, Dr Gertrude
Armbauster, Dr. Richard Armentrout, PhD, Dr James C
Armstrong, PhD, Mark Armstrong, Dr Baxter H Armstrong, PhD,
Lou Armstrong, Glenn Armstrong, Clifford Armstrong, Dr. Marvin
D Armstrong, PhD, Dr. Robert Emile Arnal, PhD, Dana Arndt,
Gregory Arndt, Dr Jerome Arnett, Dr Philip J Arnholt, PhD, Dr
Charles Arnold, PhD, Lance L Arnold, Dr Wm A Arnold, PhD, Dr
Robert Arnold Jr, Randall W Arnold, Thmothy Arnold, C. Arnold,
John Arnold, Timothy Arnold, Herbert K Arnold, Lester C
Arnwine, Dr. Seymour Aronson, PhD, Casper J Aronson, Dr
Charles H Arrington, PhD, Dr. Dale E Arrington, PhD, Clement R.
Arrison, Dr Jose J D Arruda, PhD, Dr Arsate, Dr James Arthur,
PhD, Emerson O Mc Arthur I I I, Richard Arthur, Dr. Charles G
Artinian, A G Ash, Edward V Ashburn, Dr A Ashley, Dr Warren
C Ashley, PhD, Walter R Ashwil, Bob Ashworth, Robert
Ashworth, Monroe Ashworth, Orv Askeland, Ann Askew, Dr.
Tom W Asmus, PhD, Dr Winifred Alice Asprey, PhD, Mike
Assad, George Aster, Dr. R Lee Aston, PhD, Jim Atchison, Dr.
Robert Aten, PhD, James Athanasion, James Athans, Dr. Robert D
Athey Jr, PhD, Dr. Robert Douglas Athey, PhD, Arthur C Atkins,
Matt Atkinson, Larry Atkinson, Dr. John P Atkinson, John
Atkinson, Stanley Atnipp, Sharon M Attaway, Ronald Attig,
Leonardo D Attorre, Robt C Atwood, Dr Mark Atwood, PhD,
Darrel D Auch, James C Auckland, Dr. Walter Auclair, PhD, Berk
Aucoin, W H Audley, Louis A Auerbach, Dr Keith H Aufderheide,
PhD, Wm R Aufricht, Dr. Dale Augenstein, Dr J Augspurger, PhD,
Frederick N Aukeman, Dr. Boris Auksmann, PhD, Dr. C M
Aulick, Dr Luther Aull, PhD, Dr. Bruce S Ault, PhD, John B
Aultmann Jr, Henry S Aurand, Henry S Aurand, Robert L. Austin,
Michael N Austin, D Austin, P. E., William H Austin, Ward Austin,
Dr. Carl Fulton Austin, PhD, Dr Alfred E Austin, PhD, William
Avera, Dr. Victor H Averbach, PhD, Mark Avereit, Dr Frank
Averill, PhD, Donald Avery, Michael E Avery, Kenneth Avicola,
Arthur J Avila, Dr. Joseph Avruch, M Friedman Axler, Mark
Axtell, William P Aycock, George L Ayer, Walton Ayer, Dr
Robert C Ayers, PhD, Maynard Ayler, Maynard F Ayler, John H
Ayme, T G Ayres, Dany Ayseur, Max Azevedo

Website: Petition Project at
Section: Signers of Petition
Topic: Signers B - Bk
Title: Signatories

Bryan Baab, Dr. Dirk Den - Baars, PhD, William Babbin, Dr
Ronald R Bach, PhD, Frederick A Bacher, Henry L Bachman,
Kenneth Bachmann, Joseph Bacho, Alan Backman, David D
Bacon, Drury L Bacon, Dr William Bacon, Frank R Bacon, Terry
Bacon, Lloyal O Bacon, Robert Baczuk, Dr J Badenhoop, PhD,
Warren Badger, T Dale Badgwell, Donald L Baeder, Tim Baer, C
David Baer, Dr. Carl Baer, PhD, Dr Adrian D Baer, PhD, Roger
Baer, Edward A Baetke, Dr. A.D. Baggerley, Dennis D Baggett,
Dennis D Baggett, Dr. Lester Marchant Baggett, PhD, Dr Jay M
Errill Bagley, PhD, Dr Joseph A Baglio, PhD, George Bagnall, Dr.
Andrew T Bahill, PhD, Donald Bahnfleth, Donald Bahnfleth, Dr
Andrejs Baidins, PhD, Dr. David G Bailey, PhD, Dr Robert L
Bailey, PhD, C Bailey, Jim Bailey, Dane E Bailey, Betty L Bailey,
Dr Carl Wm Bailey, PhD, D Bailey, Edmund Bailey, Ed Bailey,
John Bailey, James Bailey, Donald T. Bailey, Benton Bailey, David
Bailey, R V Bailey, Ronald M Bailey, James Bain, Dr Lee J Bain,
PhD, David Bainer, Dr Edward J Bair, PhD, Dr Quincey L Baird,
PhD, John Bakane, Dr Robert D Baker, PhD, Howard T Baker,
Terry Baker, Dr. D.K. Baker, PhD, Robert J Baker, Dr R Baker,
PhD, Dr. Harold N Baker, PhD, William Baker, Dr Barton S
Baker, Dr Joe Baker, PhD, W J Baker, Dr. Allen Baker, PhD, Dr
Robert W Baker, PhD, Louis Baker, PhD, Jim Baker, Dr. Daniel
M Baker, PhD, Dr. Don Robert Baker, PhD, Lee Baker, J Baker,
PhD, Robert Baker, Brooks H Baker I I I, Dr W O Baker, PhD,
Daniel M Bakker, Dr Lee A Balaklaw, T Balance, Brent P Balcer,
Dr Marion Balcerzak, PhD, Orville Balcom, Dr W Loyd
Balderson, PhD, Dr. Andrew A Baldoni, PhD, Leland B Baldrick,
Edgar Baldridge, Dr Ransom Baldwin, Dr. Barrett S Baldwin, PhD,
Cliff Bale, R. Michael Bales, Amir Balfas, Gary Balint, P Balis, Dr
Sallie Baliunas, Dr Bruno Balke, Dr. J Austin Ball, George Ball,
Mark Ball, Dr Rayford Ball, Dr Frederic M Ball, Dr Joseph
Ballantyne, PhD, Harold N Ballard, Ollie Ballard, Dr Arthur
Ballato, PhD, Greg Ballengee, Dr Carter Ballinger, Dr. Walter E
Ballinger, PhD, Tom Ballou Jr, Martin Balow, Robert C Balsam Jr,
James Baltar, Dr. Arden A Baltensperger, PhD, John S. Baltutis,
John Banchetti, Lewis C Bancroft, Daniel W Bancroft, Dr. Bruce A
Bancroft, PhD, Dr Herman Wm Bandel, PhD, Tom Bane, Dr
Debendranath Banerjee, PhD, Richard Banham, Kernan M
Banker, Randall A Banks, Kerry Eubanks, Richard Banks, Cezar
Banks, Willard Banman, Lloyd H Banning, Dr William Bannister,
PhD, Peter R Bannister, C S Banquer, James W Bantham, Harry
Bantham, Ronald E Banuk, Dr John Paul Barach, PhD, Dr. Ronald
Barany, PhD, Bill Barbee, Ted R Barben I I, Paul Barber, George
A Barber, Anslem H Barber Jr, Paul Barbieri, James Barcikowski,
Chloeteele Barclay, Dr Charleton C Bard, PhD, Walter M Barden,
Robert A Bardo, Chad J Bardone, Andrew M Bardos, Dr. Charles
E Bardsley, PhD, Dr. Steven Bardwell, PhD, Dr Ernest Barenberg,
PhD, Charles Barenfanger, David E. Barensfeld, Mark J Bareta,
Laurie Barfield, Dr Thomas Barfnecht, PhD, Dr Robert Barish,
PhD, Dr Horace A Barker, PhD, Steve Barker, Francis J Barker,
Larry D Barker, Dr. John E. Barkley, PhD, Dr. Dwight G Barkley,
PhD, Dr B Barks, PhD, Mario Barletta, Wayne Barlow, Dr
Anthony Barlow, PhD, Mark Owens Barlow, Alex Barlowen,
Douglas D Barman, Tom Barnard, Charles Barnard, Durton B
Barnes, Dr Allen L Barnes, PhD, Dr M D Barnes, Richard Barnes,
Ralph M Barnes, Stephen W Barnes, William J Barnett, R C
Barnett, Robert Barnett, Ralph Barnett, John Barney, Dr. Debra
Barngrover, PhD, Dr James R Barnum, PhD, Charles J Baroczy,
Dr Jeremiah A Barondess, Louis J Barone, Dr. Barquist, Lawrence
D Barr, Kenneth Barr, Douglas Barr, Dr. Carrol M Barrack, PhD,
Dr. Clem A Barrere, PhD, Christopher M. Barrett, C Barrett,
Wallace H Barrett, Helen Barrett, Kenneth A Barrett, Dr James
Barrick, PhD, Leland Barrington, Oscar N. Barron, Donald
Barron, Lance R Barron, Allen Barron, Dr Lawrence J Barrows,
PhD, John L Barry, Joel Barry, Todd R Bart, Dr. John Bartel,
PhD, J H Barten, Merlin J Barth, Maria V Bartha, Cristina Barthle,
Dr Jack Bartholmai, Howard Bartlett, Dr B Bartley, PhD, Gary
Bartley, Dr. Carol J Bartnick, PhD, Charles J Barto Jr, Clyde
Barton Jr, Hugh B Barton, Larry R Barton, Jerry Bartos, Robert J
Bartosh Jr, William P Bartow, David L. Bartsch, Don Bartz, Blaine
Bartz, Dr. Bratzatt, PhD, Mr David T Basden, Mark Basile,
George Baskin, Alex Bastkous, Dr Alex Baskous, Jim Basnik, Dr
Steven Craig Bass, PhD, Dr. John W Bass, Dr. Jonathan Langer
Bass, PhD, Dr Mark J Bassett, PhD, Alton Herman Bassett, Don
Bassler, David Batchelder, Dr Robert L Batdorf, PhD, Richard L
Bate, James Bateman, Dr Carl Bates, Earl Bates, Dr. Charles C
Bates, PhD, Robert W Batey, Kevin Batt, Dr George Batten, PhD,
Dr Sam Battista, Jack Battle, Willis R Battles, Dr Joseph
Battocletti, PhD, Richard Baubles, E Baudoin, Dr Larry G Bauer,
PhD, Michael H Bauer Jr, Kerry E Bauer, Dr. Carl A Bauer, PhD,
Dr Armand Bauer, PhD, Thomas Bauer, Dr Paul Bauer, David
Bauer, Mark S Bauer, Dr Bauermeister, T Mack Baugh, George L
Baughman, Dr. Linda L Baum, PhD, Dr Joseph H Baum, PhD, Dr
Kurt Baum, PhD, Dr Wolfgang Baum, Thomas P Baumgarth,
Robert Bauman, Rick Bauman, Dr. John W Bauman, Arthur N
Baumann, Steve Baumann, Dr. Norman P Baumann, PhD, Dr. Lisa
L Baumbach, PhD, Max Baumeister, A W Baumgartner, A.Z.
Baumgartner, Eric Baumgartner, Peter Bausch, Dr Monte Paul
Bawden, PhD, Kirby Bayerle, Steve Bayless, Robert L Bayless Jr,
Robt Bayless, John G Bayless, Frank Bazzanella, Joe Bazzelle,
Dwight Beach Jr, Charles Beach, Gordon Beaham, A Beal, Dr.
Jack W. Beal, PhD, Mark Beal, Samuel E Beall, Edward W Beall,
Dr Paula T Beall, Dr Herbert Beall, PhD, Dr. Gary Beall, PhD,
Sam Bean, Brian Bean, Thomas Beard, Dr. James B Beard, Scott
Beardemphl, Carl Bearden, Dr Wm Beardmore, PhD, Melville W.
Beardsley, Charles Bearse III, Reginald H Bearsley, Wayne M
Beasley, Dr. Donald Beasley, PhD, Ken Beatty, Dr. David
Beaucage, PhD, Robert Beauchamp, Dr. Robert A Beaudet, PhD,
Charles G. Beaudette, Edward A Beaumont, Mr. Lee Beaumont,
Dennis Beaver, Harold Beaver, Dr Paul Becher, PhD, Dr. Richard
Becherer, PhD, Gayle D Bechtold, Curt B U Beck, Craig A Beck,
Tom G Beck, Bill Beck, Douglas B Beck, Niels Beck, PhD, David
Beck, Donald Beck, Willie Beck, Curt B Beck, A D Beckerdite,
John C. Becker, Dr. Harry C Becker, PhD, Dr. Milton Becker,
PhD, Dr Robert P Becker, PhD, Ernest I Becker, Dr Clarence
Becker, PhD, Dr. Gordon E Becker, PhD, Don Becker, Wilbur
Becker, Dr. Robert S Becker, PhD, Dr. Ralph Sherman Becker,
PhD, Dr Sidney D Beckett, Roger H Beckham, Dr. Joseph A
Beckman, PhD, Dr Arnold Beckman, PhD, Kermit R Beckmann,
David Beckner, Dr. Merrill Beckstead, PhD, Scott Beckstrand,
Thoams Becnel, Dr Glenn Bedell, Dr Thomas E Bedell, PhD,
Rowland Bedell, Charles Bedell, Tom Bedford, Dr Kenneth L
Bedford, PhD, Phillip Bednarek, Dr. William C Bedoit, PhD, Dr.
Curtis M. Beechan, PhD, Dr Brian Beecken, PhD, Scott K Beegle,
Giselle Beeker, Kenneth Beeney, Tom Beer, David Beerbower, Dr
Edward Lee Beeson, Jr, PhD, Dr. H Dale Beggs, PhD, O Beggs,
Jana Begor, Dr. Nicholas Begovich, PhD, Dr Francis J. Behal,
PhD, Pat Behm, Wallace B Behnke, Greg P Behrens, Buriel A
Behrens, Herbert Ernest Behrens, Alan Beiderman, Dr Arthur B
Reindorff, PhD, Dr Walter F Beineke, PhD, Dr. Carl A Beiser,
PhD, John Beitia, Paul Bekarik, Dr. Ihor Bekersky, PhD, Orris D
Belanger, Dr Abdeldjelil Belarbi, PhD, Kevin P Belcher, Dr. Ralph
Belcher, PhD, Curtis Belden, Leo T Belill, John Bell, Robert Bell,
C Allen Bell, Jeffrey Bell, Dr. Thomas Bell, Stephen W Bell, Dr
Charles Bell, PhD, William Bell Jr, Joseph S Bellassai, Dr Robert
Bellino, Wade Bellon, Dr. Robert A Bellows, Dr Daniel T Belmont,
PhD, Lawrence C Belnoski, Dr E F Belohoubek, PhD, Dr Delfin
Beltran, Dr. Paraskevi M Bemiller, Dr. James Noble Bemiller,
PhD, John Ben, Robert D Benbow, Edward Benchik, Dr Raymond
L Bendure, PhD, Rudolf J Beneda, Rettig Benedict, PhD, Dr.
James H Benedict, PhD, James F Benedum, David Benforado, Dr.
Ashley Bengali, PhD, H W Benischek, Robert Benjamin, Dr. James
A Benjamin, Dr. John Benjamin, PhD, Michael Benkert, G Bennett,
PhD, Dr Bennett, Thomas C Bennett, Dr. Albert G Bennett Jr,
Charles Bennett, William W. Bennett, R.S. Bennett, Dr John
Bennett, Douglas A Bennett, Sharon Beniot, Dr. Andrew A
Benson, PhD, Dr Gordon Benson, Dr. Sidney W Benson, PhD,
Harold Benson, Dr. Fred C Benson, PhD, Dr. Alvin K Benson,
PhD, Robert Benson, John D Benson, Dr. Kenton E Bentley, PhD,
Dr Allen W Benton, PhD, Dr Wesley G Bentrude, PhD, Charles M
Bentzen, Dr. Edward J Benz, Bernard D. Benz, Dr Ray A Berard,
PhD, Dr John A Berberet, PhD, Warren Berce, Dr. E. Paul
Bercegeay, PhD, Dr. Hugh Berckmueller, Edgard L Berg, Dr J
Berg, PhD, Dr. Laurence C Berg, Andrew Berg, Mr. Louis
Bergdahl, Dr Maxmimilian H Bergendahl, PhD, Dr Jay M Berger,
PhD, Dr. Alan Berger, T F Berger, Lev Berger, PhD, Dr Brian
Berger, Otto Berger, Dr Arne Bergh, PhD, Marion J Bergin, Ernest
Bergman, Warren C Bergmann, Dr. Oswald R Bergmann, PhD,
Dr. Dick Bergren, PhD, Mike Bergsmg, Rod Bergstedt, Dr Robt
Beringer, PhD, Dr Robert Berkebile, Donald C Berkey, Eric N.
Berkhimer, Dan Berkman, Willima Berks, Dr Leland Berkwits, Dr.
John J Berky, PhD, David T Berlin, Dr Elliot Berman, PhD, Dr.
Marshall Berman, PhD, Curtis L Bermel, John Wilfrid Bernard, Dr.
Louis Bernath, PhD, Richard Bernhard, Dr Joseph Bernstein,
Kenneth Bernstein, Julius R Berreth, Dave Berrier, Lester P
Berriman, Dr Roy A Berry, PhD, Dr Herbert W Berry, PhD, Dr
James W Berry, PhD, William Berry, Dr Edwin Berry, PhD, Dr.
Robert W Berry, PhD, Dr. John R Berryhill, PhD, Charles F
Bersch, Dr. M Bersch, PhD, Arthur Bershman, Albert C
Bersticker, Dr. Charles W Bert, PhD, Robert G Bertagne, Allen J
Bertagne, Bruce I Bertelsen, Dr. Siegfried R Berthelsford, Dr
Frances Berting, Robert L Bertram, Dr Bertrand, Rodney A.
Bertsch, Dr Kurt Von Besser, PhD, Dr Robert Best, Robert C
Beste, Arthur F Betchart, Mr Jack Bethards, Robert K Bethel,
Peter Bethell, Dr. Art L Bethke, PhD, Dr. Nedavia Bethlahmy,
PhD, Harry E Betsill, George W Bettge, Dr John Bettinger, Austin
Betts, Austin W Betts, Dr. Ernest Beutler, Dr Rowland S Bevans,
PhD, Vladislav Bevc, PhD, Robert Beverly, Vicky L Bevilacqua,
PhD, Vincent D Bevill, Dr Albert J Bevolo, PhD, Cecil Bewner, Dr
John H Beyer, PhD, James Beyl, Peter R Beythen, Rahul Bhaduri,
Maneesh Bhatnagar, Dr Swapan Bhattacharjee, PhD, Dr.
Debanshu Bhattacharya, PhD, John M Biancardi, Peter Bianchetta,
Kenneth L Del Bianco, Vic Biazis, Dr. William R Bibb, PhD, Dr.
George Bibel, PhD, Dr. Conrad Biber, PhD, Peter B Eichelberger,
Dr Hans Bichsel, PhD, Dr. Michael D Bick, PhD, William S Bickel,
PhD, Karin Bickford, Lewis J Bicking Jr, Ervin F Bickley Jr,
Donald Bickmore, A W Bickner Sr, Rh Biddle, Dr. Jean M
Bidlace, PhD, Dr Lawrence R Bidwell, PhD, Charles Bieber, Dr
Kenneth Bielat, PhD, Yan Bielek, Gregg Bierei, Dr Theo Karl
Bierlein, PhD, J Bierman, Dr. Joseph F Bieron, PhD, Doug N
Biewitt, Dr Bigelow, PhD, Dr. Donald Bigg, PhD, Dr James Biggs,
Dr R Dale Biggs, PhD, Dr Rodney E Bigler, PhD, Arthur Bigley,
William Bihrle, Dr Keith Bildstein, PhD, Dr John M Bilhorn, PhD,
John D Shaylor- Billings, David L Billingsley Jr, Dr George E
Billman, PhD, Dr Billones, Dr. D G Bills, PhD, Larry Bilodeau, Dr
Edward G Bilpuch, PhD, Robt Bilski, Jack Binford, Dr Arthur
Bing, Dr Billy E Bingham, PhD, Nancy L Bigham, Dan Binning,
Layton C Binon, R L Binsley, William Bintzer, Michael Binzer, Dr
Biolchini, Dr. Frank S. Riordan, PhD, Matthew C Birch, Michael A
Birch, M J Birck, Chris M Bird, Dr. Kenneth Bird, PhD, Carmel
Birdwell, Jack Birk, Wm Birkemeier, PhD, Kathleen Biros,
Seymour Bristein, Dr James L Bischoff, PhD, Alfred F Bischoff,
James M Bisett, Dr. Gerald E Bisgard, Dr John W Bishop, PhD,
David Bishop, Dr Guy W Bishop, PhD, Floyd Bishop, Raymond
Bishop, Dr Richard S Bishop, PhD, Dr. Richard H Bishop, PhD,
Richard E Bishop, Marshall D Bishop, Dennis W Bishop, Larry
Bisimmers, James Bitner, J L Bitner, Dr Joseph Bitsock, Burt J
Bittner, Walter E. Bixby, Benny Bixenman, John Bixler

Website: Petition Project at
Section: Signers of Petition
Topic: Signers Bl - By
Title: Signatories

Charles E Black, Charles Black, PhD, Dr Darvil Black, Tom
Black, Timothy Black, Wesley F Black, John S Black, Don Black,
Larry Black, Sammy M Black, Donald E Black, William Black,
Larry G Blackburn, Brian D Blackburn, Albert W Blackburn,
Lloyd Blackburn, Jon Blackburn, Jerry M Blackmon, Clinton R
Blackmon, Alex Blaine, Charles M Blair, Dr Blair, PhD, Luther
Blair, Edward Blair, Dr. Paul V Blair, PhD, Helen Blair, Dr George
R Blake, PhD, Dr Rolland L Blake, PhD, Bruce A Blake, Dr. J
Warren Blaker, PhD, Robert B Blakestad, Doug Blanchard,
Donald W Blancher, Lorraine T Blanck, William M Bland Jr, Dr
Robert Blanke, Dav Blankenhagen, John Blankenhorn, James
Blankenship, Ron J Blanton, Nik Blaser, John R Blasing, Dr.
Barbara Blass, PhD, Dr. Joel J Blatt, PhD, Robert C. Blatz, Dr
Henry H Blau, PhD, Clyde Blauer, Dr George A Blay, PhD,
Stephen Blaylock, Gilbert K. Bleck, W N Bledsoe, Larry J
Bledsoe, Dr Sheldon J Bleicher, William Bleimeister, Daryl A
Blessing, Robt E Blevins, Dr. Zegmund O Bleviss, PhD, Wm Blew,
Charles William Blewett, PhD, Dr Edward Blick, PhD, Warren M
Bliss, Dr. C James Blom, PhD, C R Blomberg, William Blomdahl,
James A Bloom, Dr. Duane Bloom, PhD, Stan Blossom, William V
Bluck, Dr. James W Blue, PhD, M D Blue, PhD, Dr Claire
Bluestein, PhD, Dr Aaron L Bluhm, PhD, Harold F Bluhm, Eugene
Blum, John Blum, Dr M Blumenberg, PhD, G. Bluzas, David L
Bnalinski, Thomas A Boardley, Joshua T Boatwright, John G
Bobak, David A Bobaugh, Robert S Bobbitt, Jack E Bobek, Dr
Thomas C Boberg, PhD, Thomas M Bobik, Sergey Boblcov,
Terry Bobo, Charles Bocage, Dave Bocchini, Richard F Bock,
Gene Bock, Dr. Wayne D Bock, PhD, Dr Fred Bock, PhD, Gary
Bockus, Bohdan Boczkaj, PhD, Dr Stephen J Bodar, PhD, Dr
Kenneth Bodek, George Boder, Larry P Bodin, Willard A
Bodwell, Marvin Boedeker, Carl R Boehane, Robert J. Boehle,
Dr. Hollis Boehme, PhD, John Boehune, Dr Howard Boeing, J
Robert Boen, Dr Jack E Boers, PhD, David H Boes, Dr. Philip D
Bogdonoff, Dr. J. Neil Boger, Dr Steven A Boggs, PhD, Colleen
Boggs, Leslie K Bogle, Dr. Kevin M Bohacs, PhD, John
Bohannon, Barry Bohannon, Dr. Joseph Terril Bohanon, PhD,
Richard A Bohling, James Bohn, William M Bohon, Dr. Kees Boi,
PhD, Dr. Norman R Boisse, PhD, Dr. Charles E Boklage, PhD,
Art F Boland, Mike Boland, Jonathan Boland, Paul W Boldt,
Regnald A Boles, M S Boley, PhD, Mark S Boley, Dr Nicholas C
Bolgiano, PhD, John N Bolin, Dr. Gerald L Bolingbroke, PhD, Dr
Harry J Boll, PhD, Clay B Bollin, Dr Edward H Bollinger, PhD, A
Bollmeier, Robert L Bolmer, Gerald J Bologna, James Boltz,
Kelsey Boltz, Dudley Bolyard, Dr E Arthur Bolz, Dr. Jerry C
Bommer, PhD, Dr. Glenn Bonacum, Patrick L Bond, Dr Stephon T
Bond, PhD, Dr Walter D Bond, PhD, William Bond, Dr Victor
Bond, PhD, James M Bondi, Dr Terry Bonds, Lawrence P
Bonicatto, L P Bonifaci, Marlowe Bonner, Charles M Bonner, Dr.
John Franklin Bonner, PhD, G. Wayne Bonsell, Dr Patrick V
Bonsignore, PhD, Dr Stephen A Book, PhD, Raymond Book,
Arnold B Booker, Noel Booker, Dr. Jane M. Booker, PhD, Dr.
Jerry L Boom, PhD, R J Boomex, Deidre Boone, Dr James
Boone, PhD, Jack Boone, PhD, Dr. Paul Boonen, PhD, Warren J
Boord, Dr Bruce L Booth, PhD, Dr. Arthur S Booth Jr, Dr. David
Booth, PhD, Robt M Booth, Richard Booth, E M Boothe, Jay M
Bopp, Dr. Hamid Borazjani, PhD, Dr Bordeaux, PhD, Adam
Bordelon, L. Bordenave, Dr Stuart Boreen, Dr. J B Boren, PhD,
Robert Borg, Philip Borgerding, Jerry Borges, Dr Dan Borgnaes,
PhD, Dr Alex B Borkovec, PhD, Mrs. Annette H Borkowski,
Manfred Borks, Dr. Harold J Born, PhD, William Bornhorst,
Robert C Bornmann, Raul H Borrastero, David Borrownam, Dr
Borsari, Ronald Boshista, William E Bosken, Robert Bosler, Dr
Bosnak, Dr. Kenneth J Boss, PhD, Paul N Bossart, Peter B
Bosserman, Dr Robert Bosshart, Thomas Bossler, Robert
Bossung, Dr. Keith A Bostian, PhD, Steven T Boswell, Steve
Boswell, Dr. Dr. C.J.F. Bottcher, PhD, Dr. Margurette E Bottje,
PhD, William G Bottjer, Dr Edmond M Bottorff, PhD, Dr Truman
A Botts, PhD, Geo I Bouadiieff, Dr Michel Boudart, PhD, Dr. John
H Boughton, PhD, Dr John Boulet, Robert L Boulware, Dr. Arnold
H Bouma, PhD, Dr Robert H Bourke, PhD, Sara Bouse, Dr.
Mohamed Boutjdir, Harvey B Boutwell, Dr. R K Boutwell, PhD,
Dr Gerardus D Bouw, PhD, George S Bovis, Rl Bowden, Anthony
J Bowdler, PhD, Dr. Joseph C Bowe, PhD, Richard D Bowen,
John T Bowen, David Bowen, Peter F. Bowen, Dr John Roy
Bower, PhD, Dr. Leonard Bower, PhD, Dr. Charles A Bower,
PhD, Richard Bowerman, Dr Susan H Bowers, Roger L Bowers,
Clarence Bowers, Larry Q. Bowers, Christopher Bowers, Robert
C Bowers, John Bowers, Sydney Bowers, Dr. Robert M Bowie,
PhD, Lamar D Bowles, Kaydell C Bowles, Dr. Jean A Bowles,
PhD, Dr. Robert E. Bowling, PhD, Floyd E Bowling, Dr William
Bowlus, James L Bowman, Dr Lewis W Bowman, PhD, R.
Bowman, Dr Robert S Bowman, PhD, Marie Bowman, John K
Bowman, Jan Bowman, Norman Bowne, Dr Colin Bowness, PhD,
B W Box, Roger Box, Dr Michael Boxer, Dr Kevin Boyack, PhD,
Robert E Boyar, Dr Boyatt, John T Boyce, Wilson E Boyce,
Boyyce, Graybeal & Sayre, Inc, James Boyd, Dr. Philip A Boyd,
PhD, J T Boyd, Willis Boyd, Timothy M Boyd, Jimmy W Boyd, Dr
Wm D Boyer, PhD, Gary Boyer, Dr. Robert A Boyer, PhD, Dr.
Paul S Boyer, PhD, T M Boyett, Ben Boykin, Dr Bozlee, PhD,
Dennis Brabec, Paige Bracci, John D Brack, Brett K Bracken,
Barth Bracken, James Bradbury, Dr Joseph U Braddock, PhD,
Shawn Braden, William C Bradford, Dr Lawrence G Bradford,
PhD, Dr Robert F Bradley, PhD, William E Bradley, Bruce
Bradley, Dr Matin D Bradshaw, PhD, Jerry A. Bradshaw, Dr W
Newman Bradshaw, PhD, Derek Bradstreet, Dr R Bradt, PhD,
Robert Brady, Dr. William J Brady, Matthew E Brady, John R
Brady, Dr. William Brady, Bob Brady, S D Brady I I I, Samuel B
Brady, Douglas G Braid, Dr Alan D Brailsford, PhD, Arthur Van
De Brake, Fred W Brakebusch, J C Brakensieck, Kenneth A
Brame, Cynthia R. Branch, Thomas Brandlein, Dr Patrick J
Brandner, Stewart Brandon, Thomas Brandt, Dr. Edward N
Brandt, Dr William Brandt, William L. Brandt, Robert Brandt, Alan
D. Branham, Carl F Branson, Dr Albert W Brant, PhD, Glenn S
Brant, Wm W Brant, Charles W Brant, Dr Webb E Braselton,
Bradley A Brasfield, John F Brass, Dr. George Bratton, PhD,
Charles Bratzrus, Dr Stanton Braude, PhD, Jeffrey M Braun, Dr
Kenneth Martin Brauner, PhD, Dr Allan Brause, PhD, Dr. Johnny
A Brawner, Dr. Bruce G Bray, PhD, James F. Brayton, James P
Brazel, Carl L Breaux, Theodore Breaux, Russell W Breaux,
Ernest Breaux, Dr Lee Brecher, PhD, Dr. Robert L Breckenridge,
Claude E Breed, Townsend Breeden, Larry Breeding, James
Breeding, Reginald Breeding, Bertram V Breemen, Sydney Breese,
E J Bregmann, William R. Breher, William R. Breher, John E
Brehm Sr, B M Breining, C H Breitenfelder, Richard Breitling,
Thomas O Breitling, A C Breller, Bart J Bremmer, David L
Brenda, William Breneman, John P Brennan, Dr. Michael J
Brennan, William J Brennan, Arthur Brennan, Ronald G
Brenneman, Dr J Allen Brent, PhD, Paul D Brent, Dr. William B
Brent, PhD, John H Bress, M N Bressler, Pe, Inc, Dr. Joseph
Breston, PhD, William A Brett, Dr Randolph H Bretton, PhD, Dr
Harold W Bretz, PhD, Dr. Andrew J. Breuder, Dr. Charles B
Breuer, PhD, Dr Gregory J Brewer, PhD, Ken N Brewer, Herbert
L Brewer, Michael Brewer, Doug Brewer, Clyde Brewer, Doug
Brewster, Dr Robt N Brey, PhD, Robert N Brey, Dr. Edward
Breyere, PhD, Dr Darlene R Brezinski, PhD, Dr. Darlene R
Brezinski, PhD, Dr Alan G Bridge, PhD, P M Bridges, Lindell
Bridges, Robert M Bridges, Andrew Briedenbach, Brian O Brien,
David A Brierley, Dr Corale L Brierley, PhD, Dr James A Brierley,
PhD, Dr. James E Briggs, PhD, Edward M Briggs, Robert O.
Briggs, Arthur R Briggs, Robert B Brigham, Mont J Bright Jr,
Karen Brignac, Tom Brignac, Mike Brignac, Karl Briley, Dr. Bruce
Edwin Briley, PhD, Frank Brimelow, Dr. Donald F Brink, PhD,
Tyler Brinker, Edwin C Brinker, George W. Brinker, Sandra
Brinker, Dr. Larry K Brinkman, Dr. Raymond S Brinkmey, PhD,
Michael Brinkmeyer, Dr Thomas R Brinner, PhD, Richard K.
Brinton, Charles Des Brisay, Dr Anne M Briscoe, PhD, Mike
Briscoe, James Briscoe, Francis Brislawn, Dr J O Brittain, PhD,
Paul Brittain, Dr. Michael Brittan, PhD, Wayne Brittian, Michael W
Britton, Dr Hyrum S Broadbent, PhD, Robt C Broadbent, Sue
Broadston, Jeffrey Brock, Dr Rainer Brocke, Douglas A
Brockhaus, Dr D Broderick, J.B. Brodie, Dr. Ivor Brodie, PhD, F
S Broerman, Dr. Robert W Broge, PhD, Chirs Brioli, Dr Jerome
Bromkowski, Dr David A Bromley, PhD, Richard K Bronder,
Charles E Bronson, John Bronstein, PhD, Dr. Mark Bronston,
PhD, Dr Hampton R Brooker, Frank Brookings, Dean C Brooks,
Kent Brooks, Ray Brooks, Dr Robert R Brooks, PhD, N.D.
Brooks, Gordon Brooks, Bruce Brooks, Dr James E Brooks,
PhD, Fred A Brooks, James Brooks, Richard Broschat, Fred B.
Brost, Dr. Charles O Brostrom, PhD, James Brothen, Dr Robert J
Brotherton, PhD, Dr Walter Brouillette, PhD, Dr. Paul C Broun,
Francis Broussard, Mary J Broussard, Dr Thomas D Brower, Rick
A Brower, Dr. George Brower, PhD, Dr Melvin H Brown, PhD,
Larry Brown, David Brown, Robert B Brown, Walter R J Brown,
P T Brown, Dr Richard B Brown, PhD, Dr. Roderick B Brown,
James Brown Jr, John N Brown, Robt E Brown, Dr. Robert
Brown, PhD, Thomas V Brown, Gary L Brown, James S Brown,
Dr. Lewis F Brown, PhD, Alan B. Brwon, Dr Kenneth T Brown,
Dr Gerald R Brown, PhD, Dr Jerry W Brown, PhD, Robert E
Brown, Dr. Christopher J Brown, Bruce L. Brown, Dr. Richard E
Brown, Dr Robert E Brown, PhD, Dr Leonard F Brown, Jr, PhD,
Dr Murray A Brown, Brad Brown, Robt C Brown, MD, Stephen
R Brown, Fitzhugh L Brown, Raymond E Brown, John Brown, N
Brown, John W Brown, Steven Brown, Dr. Glenn L. Brown, PhD,
Dr James Brown, PhD, G All Brown, Dr Robt A Brown, PhD, Jim
Brown, Henry B.R. Brown, Howard Brown, John D Brown, Dr
Arlen Brown, PhD, Brenda Brown, Richard Brown, Donnie
Brown, Charles R Brown I I, Bob D Brown, Ben Brown, Doug L
Brown, Jim Brown, Dr Olen Brown, PhD, Lloyd L Brown, James
Brown, Richard L Brown, J Paul Brown, Dr. William M Brown,
PhD, Dr. Billings Brown, PhD, Dr Glenn Brown, PhD, Dr S Kent
Brown, John B Brown, Dr Stephen Brown, Charles Brown, Dr.
James M Brown, PhD, Jeremy J Brown, William Brown, Dr
Charles Brown, PhD, Dr David P Brown, PhD, Dr. Albert L
Brown, PhD, J B Brown, Eugene Brown, Will Brown, Dr.
Bahngrell W Brown, PhD, Dr. Henry S Brown, PhD, R.L.
Browne, James Browne, Dr. Cornelius P Browne, PhD, Dr Phillip
Browne, D Brownell, Shelby H Brownfield, Don Brownfield, Robt
S Brownhill, James A Browning, John S Brtis, James E Brubaker,
Dr Burton D Brubaker, PhD, Peter Brubaker, Dr. Paul Eugene
Brubaker, PhD, Dr. Charles R Bruce, PhD, Sandra Bruce, Peter C
Bruce, Dr. David Bruce, George H Bruce, Paul L Bruce, Kenneth
B. Bruckart, Robert Brueck, Col Wm Bruenner, Don Brumm,
Harrison Brundage, Dr. Eugene J Brunelle, PhD, Madelyn Bruning,
Dr John Bruno, PhD, Arthur D Bruno, Dr Thomas Bruno, PhD, Dr.
Lester G Bruns, PhD, Kelly W Bruns, Gerald R Brunskill, Walter
Brush, John B Brush, Merlyn A Brusven, Dr Frederick V Brutcher,
Jr, PhD, Dr Anthony Bruzzese, Gary G Bryan, Tom Bryan, John D.
Bryan, Dr. David A Bryan, PhD, Sibley Bryan, Howard Bryan,
Robert W Bryant, Dr. Michael D Bryant, PhD, Dr Barry W
Bryant, PhD, Thomas Bryant, John M Bryant, Carrel Bryant, John
H Bryant, Thomas Bryant, Charles Bryson, Dr Ken Brzozowski,
PhD, Charles B Bucek, Anne H Buchanan, Dr Russell A
Buchanan, Shawn P Buchanan, Steven Buchanan, Richard L
Bucheit, Dr John H Buchholz, PhD, Smil S Buchman, R Buchy,
Ellen F Buck, Dr Carl Buck, PhD, John Buckinger, Tom
Buckleitner, David A Buckley, Jim E Buckley, Ronald E Buckley,
Dr. Edward H Buckley, PhD, Stuart Buckmaster, Donald Buckner,
Dr. Gary L. Buckwalter, PhD, Dr. Edsel T Bucovaz, PhD, Dr J
Fred Bucy, PhD, Perry Buda, Kevin Buddie, Teresa Buden, Dr.
Wallace D Budge, PhD, Dr Edwin Buehler, Dr Walter Buerger, Dr.
Brent J Buescher, PhD, Norris L Buffington Jr, Greg Buffington, Dr
Charles R Buffler, PhD, Dr Rodger K Bufford, Sterling L Owe
Bugg, Francis Buiting, C James Bulla, Dr Ervin T Bullard, PhD,
Daniel Bullard, PhD, Paul Buller, Dr Lloyd Bullerman, Dr William
Bullis, PhD, Rich Bullock, David Bullock, Lawrence E Bullock, Bill
Bumgarner, Dr. Paul L Bunce, Wm H Bunch Jr, John Bunch, Dr
David Wm Bunch, PhD, Robt W Bundick, Michael Bundra, Hallie
Flowers Bundy, PhD, Stephen Bundy, Dr. Merle Bunker, PhD, Dr.
H Franklin Bunn, John Bunnell, Mark Bunnell, Dr George J
Buntley, Martin Bunton, Dr Edward Buonopane, Dr Kenneth
Burbank, PhD, James H. Burbo, James C Burch, Elisabeth Burch,
T L Burch, Holly Burch, James J Burchall, PhD, Dr. Donald F
Burchfield, PhD, Daivd Burdeaux, Dr Harvey Burden, PhD, Robert
Burdick, Dr Henry Burger, Dr Philip C Burger, PhD, Calvin
Burgess, Dr Ronald Burgher, Dr. Leonard F Burkart, PhD, Dr J E
Burke, PhD, Marty Burke, Dr. Richard L Burke, PhD, E A Burke,
David T Burke, Dr Edward W Burke, PhD, Walter Burke, Gary
Burke, Dr Burke, John P Burkett, David S Burkhalter, Richard
Burkhart, Dr Harold E Burkhart, PhD, James F Burkholder, Dr.
David R Burley, PhD, R F Burlingame, Jay B Burner, Craig
Burnett, Dr. John N Burnett, PhD, Dr. J R Burnett, PhD, Peter G
Burnett, Donald C Burnham, Robert Burnham, Robert W Burnop,
Dr. Leslie L Burns, PhD, Dr Robt D Burns, PhD, Dr John Burns,
Dr. Frank B Burns, PhD, Stanley Burns, Dr. Victor W Burns, PhD,
Mike Burnson, William P Burpeau Jr, John F Burr, Michael Burrell,
Steve Burrell, Joe Burroughs, W F Burroughs, Kevin Burrows, Dr.
Richard S Burrows, PhD, Dr Eddie Burt, PhD, Dr. Philip B Burt,
PhD, Dr B Burton, PhD, Gary Burton, John Burwell, Calvin C
Burwell, Dr. James Robert Burwell, PhD, Richard S. Burwen, Dr
Alan Burwinkel, Donald L Buscarello, Edward G. Busch, Dr. Neal
Busch, PhD, Dr Daniel A Busch, PhD, Rick Buschini, Robert Bush,
T Bush, Thomas Bush, Dr. Robert Bushnell, PhD, Robert Busing,
Dr Elsworth R Buskirk, Dr Duane J Buss, PhD, Dr Robert Buss,
Ceil Bussiere, Dr. W V Bussmann, PhD, Thomas Butler, Dr. Karl
D Butler, PhD, O Doyle Butler, Wm R Butler, Dr Scott E Butler,
PhD, Dennis L Butler, Margaret K Butler, Bill Butler, T Butler, Don
Butler, James Butler, David Butler, Dr James L Butler, PhD, Dr.
Philip Alan Butler, PhD, Robert Buto, Gordon B Butterfield, Dr
Thomas A Butterworth, PhD, Dr. Sidney E Buttrill, PhD, Dr
Carolyn Buttross, Michael A Butts, Jake D Butts, Dr Ralph O
Butz, E. B. Buxton, P D Bybee, Jr, Dr. P Edward Byerly, PhD,
Nelson Byman, Dr. Donald G Bryant, PhD, Robert C Byrd, W D
Byrd, Dr Richard D Byrd, PhD, Ken Byrne, Dr. Bernard Byrne,
PhD, Dr John Byrnes, Roy Byrom

Website: Petition Project at
Section: Signers of Petition
Topic: Signers C - Cl
Title: Signatories

Algyte R Cabak, Ann Cabot, Patricia R. Cabral, Fred B. Caddell,
Dr. Joan L Caddell, Dr. Fernando Cadena, PhD, Dr C
Cadenhead, PhD, Dr Wm P Cadogan, PhD, Anthony P. Cadrioli,
Warren D Cadwell, Dr. Howard H Cady, PhD, Michael S
Cafferty, Edward George Caflisch, PhD, Ben J Cagle, William S
Cagle, Dennis Cahill, Dr. Roger Cahill, Dennis Cahill, Dr. William
M Cahill, Dr. David S Cahn, Dr. Xiaolong Cai, PhD, Harry J Cain
I I I, Lynn Cain, Dr Charles E Cain, PhD, Dr. Stephen R Cain,
PhD, Dr. Curtis Caine, J B Caird, Larry Caisoin, Dr. Daniel L
Calahan, PhD, Dr. Leonard J Calbo, PhD, Steven Caldwell, Dr
Elwood Caldwell, Dr A G Caldwell, PhD, Dr. James B Caldwell,
PhD, Joel Calhoun, Patty Calhoun, John Calhoun, Dr. Lawrence A.
Caliguiri, Dr Charles Calkins, Mike Callahan, Jon Callen, Dr. Gene
Callens, Lynn B Calton, David D. Calvert, Dr. Chris Calvert, PhD,
Dr Marvin E Camburn, PhD, William Camerer, Bruce Cameron,
Bruce Cameron, Wm L Cameron, Dr Christopher P Cameron,
PhD, Dr. John R. Cameron, PhD, Charles Cameron, Dr. Raymond
Cammack, PhD, Dr Frederick W Camp, PhD, Jerry L Camp, John
Campagna, Nicholas A Campagna, Jr, Dr Ernest Campaigne, PhD,
Robert Campana, Leonard Campanaro, John D Campanella,
Robert Campbell, Robert E Campbell, Larry Campbell, Lynn D
Campbell, Douglas J. Campbell, Dr Warren E Campbell, PhD, H
D Campbell, Dr. R L Campbell, Steve K Campbell, Shirley
Campbell, Tom Campbell, Robert Campbell, Dr John M
Campbell, PhD, Milton Hugh Campbell, Bob Campbell, Sidney
Campbell, Robert F. Campbell, Dr George Campbell, PhD, Dr R
L Campbel, John S Campbell, Todd Campbell, Dr Antonio M
Campero, PhD, Dr Robt D Campo, PhD, Dr Alan Campoli, PhD,
Dr. Fernando Campos, Daniel T Canavan, Joseph Candella, Dr. A
Van Caneghem, Dr Zoe Canellakis, PhD, Paul Canevaro, James N
Canfield, Carl M Canfield, M Canham, William T Cannady, Hugh
N Cannon, Dr Howard Cannon, PhD, Dr Philip Cannon, PhD,
Dickson Cannon, J E Cannon, G Scott Cannon, Dr Peter J
Canterino, PhD, Dr Daniel J Cantliffe, Craig Cantoni, Brian L
Cantrell, Randy S Cape, David Cape, Dr. Juan J Capello, Dr.
Michael E Caplis, PhD, James F Capobianco, Dr Louis J
Capozzoli, PhD, Kathy Carbrey, Harold E Carda, Dr Arnold E
Carden, PhD, Dr. A.E. Carden, PhD, Dr. Bryan J Carder Jr,
Thomas D. Carder, William Thomas Cardwell, Darrel E. Cardy, Dr
Mario Carelli, PhD, John J Carey, Russell Carey, Curtis D Carey,
George Carini, Lenore Carleton, E. N. Carlier, Scott Carlisle, Dr.
Eric Carlsen, PhD, F L Carlsen, A William Carlson, William A
Carlson, Thomas C Carlson, Carl E Carlson, Lawrence O Carlson,
Roy F Carlson, Dr George Carlson, PhD, Arne Carlson, Dr. J.
David Carlson, PhD, Dr Edward C Carlson, PhD, Dr Frederick P
Carlson, PhD, Dave Carlson, Dr Fredric Carlson, PhD, Peter R
Carlson, Dr Carlson, Garry Carlson, Charles Carlson, Dr. Donald
Carlson, PhD, Alan Carlton, B Ronald Carnes, Dr. William P
Carney, PhD, Dr. E Louis Caron, PhD, Arthur Carpenito, Robert
K Carpenter, Bruce N Carpenter, Lyle L. Carpenter, Dr. Jack W
Carpenter, PhD, Dr Will D Carpenter, Scott Carpenter, Dr
Benjamin H Carpenter, PhD, Thomas Carpenter, Brenda L Carr,
Edward M Carr, Dr. Jerome B. Carr, PhD, Dr C Jelleff Carr, Leo
Carr, Victor Carr, Richard S Carr, Dr. Laura H Carreira, PhD, Dr
Roland Carreker, PhD, Michael J Carrera, R S Carrice, Dr
Edward Carriere, PhD, Dr Marion M Carrion, PhD, Jon M
Carroll, Dr. Gilbert C Carroll, John Carroll, W. Carroll, James
Carroll, Greg R Carroll, Dr. James A Carroll, PhD, Dr. John
Carroll, PhD, Laj Carroll, J Randall Carroll, Dr Keith T Carron,
PhD, Stephen Carrozza, Brent Carruth, Richard M Carson, Chuck
Carson, Dr Gwendolyn Carson, James Carson III, Shawn Carson,
Dr Charles Carson, PhD, Dr. Mary E Carsten, PhD, Dr. David G.
Carta, Dr. Lynn K. Carta, PhD, Thomas R. Carter, Dr Mason C
Carter, PhD, John P Carter, William Carter, Dr Kenneth Carter,
Oran R Carter, Dr Fred Carter, Louise Carter, Marshall F
Cartledge, Michael R Cartwright, Betty Carty, Alan Caruba, J C
Caruthers, Hugh W. Carver, Dr Robert Carver, PhD, Dr. James
Clark Carver, PhD, Dr. John G Carver, PhD, John De Carville,
Aubrey M Cary Jr, Audra B Cary, Robert C Casagranda, Tony
Casagranda, Lewis Casbon, Douglas Case, Eddie Case, Robert B
Case, MD, Mike Case, Richard M Casello, Phillip M Caserotti,
Jeffrey Casey, Chris Cash, Dr George R Caskey, PhD, Dr Armano
Casola, PhD, Sidney Casrle, Richard S Cass, Don S Cassell, Steve
Cassell, John Cassidy Jr, Dr Patrick E Cassidy, PhD, J K Cassil,
Dr Neal Castagoli, PhD, Valen Castellano, Gary Castellaw, Dr.
Anthony J Castiglia, Ralph Castille, Joseph Castillo, Dr. John G
Castle, PhD, J. Steven Castleberry, Kenneth Castleton, Thomas P.
Castronovo, Peter Castruccio, PhD, Dominic Anthony Cataldo,
PhD, Paul D Cate, Paul Cate, Frank P Catena, Billy R
Catherwood, Dr. Lawrence M Cathles, PhD, Dr. Renata E
Cathou, PhD, Thomas E Catlett, Tim Caton, Jim Caton, Dr. David
Cattell, PhD, David Cattron, Paul Caubin, Dr. Robert Lee Caudill,
Warren D Caudle, W L Caudry, Dr. Thomas K Caughey, PhD,
John A Caughlan, James Causey, Chaels Causey, Dr Robert
Cavalleri, P.G. Cavazos, Bruce W Cavender, E Caveney, Bill K.
Caylor, Steven L Cazad, Dr Carl N Cederstrand, PhD, Dr. Peter
La Celle, Dr. Chris Cellucci, PhD, Dr Zoltan J Cendes, PhD, Dr
Nancy L Centofante, Philip Ceriani, Lawrnece J Cervellino, Steven
Chabotte, Dr. Ronald A Chadderton, PhD, Dr Arthur V
Chadwick, PhD, John Chadwick, Pamela Chaffee, Dr Rowand
Chaffee, PhD, Dr. Charles T Chaffin, PhD, Dr Paritosh M
Chakrabarti, PhD, William L Chalmer, William L. Chalmer, Dr.
David L Chamberlain, PhD, Samuel Z Chamberlain, Dr Adrian R
Chamberlain, PhD, Dr Charles Chamberlain, PhD, Barry
Chamberlain, Bruce Chamberlain, Dr. Dilworth W Chamberlain,
PhD, R.S. Chamberlin, Angelo Chamberlin, Paul Chamberlin, Glen
D Chambers, Ken Chambers, Philip Chambers, Dr. Charles M
Chambers, PhD, David Chambers, Dr John S Chambers, Dr. John
S. Chambers, Roger Chambers, Dr. Doyle Chambers, PhD, John
E Chambers, Dr Carroll W Chambiss, PhD, William P Chamlee,
Dr Edwin B Champagne, PhD, John Champion, Jr, Dr. Sham-
Yuen Chan, PhD, Dr. Shu F Chan, PhD, Dr Sunney L Chan, PhD,
Dr. Chun K Chan, PhD, Britton Chance, Charles H Chandler, Dr.
Steven Chandler, Dr. Leonard B. Chandler, PhD, Frances
Chandler, William R. Chandler, Clarence Chandler, John Chandler,
Dr Chung Jam Chang, PhD, Dr. Robin Chang, PhD, Dr. Yung
Feng Chang, PhD, Dr Yung-Feng Chang, PhD, Dr Berken Chang,
PhD, Nicholas D Change, Stanley A Changon, Donald J Channin,
Raymond E Chapel, Dr Alain De La Chapelle, Daniel W Chapman,
P F Chapman, Robert T Chapman, James W Chapman, Dr. John
Judson Chapman, PhD, John Chappell, Douglas E Chappelle,
Harlan Chappelle, Dr Stanley Charap, PhD, Al Charland, Robert C
Charles, Bruce R Charlton, John M Charnes, Edward Charney,
Robert A Charpie, Frank Charron, Vanieca L Charvat, Andrew J
Chase, Charles H Chase, Morley Chase, Dr. Kenneth Chase, PhD,
Robt H Chase, Marci M Chase, Paul Chase, Dr. J.M. Chasler,
Thomas J Chastant, Ashok K Chatterjee, Dr Robert Chauvin,
PhD, Glenn Chaves, Dr. Brad N Chazotte, PhD, Lynn Chcoran, E
Cheatham, Curtis A Cheatham, Dr Robert E Chech, PhD, Paul S.
Check, Dr Dennis Wm Cheek, Dr. Zafarullah K Cheema, PhD,
Robert L Cheever, Dr Chen, Dr. Chi-Hau Chen, PhD, Dr Chi Hau
Chen, PhD, Dr. Kun Hua Chen, PhD, Dr. Stuart S Chen, PhD, Dr
Thomas C Cheng, PhD, Dr K L Cheng, PhD, Dr. Kuang Liu
Cheng, PhD, Dr. Wade Cheng, PhD, Dr. Chi- Yang Cheng, PhD,
Lou Chenot, William L Chenoweth, William Chenoweth, Dr.
Kenneth P Chepenick, PhD, Dr. Genady Cherepanov, PhD, Dean
Chergotis, Dr S Chernish, Roy Cherris, Dr Jimmie L Cherry, PhD,
Peter Chesney, Robert F Chesnik, John W Chester, Dr. Alfred P
Chestnut, PhD, Dr Paul A Chevernick, Dr Dhan Chevli, PhD,
William Chewning, Benjamin F Cheydleur, Dr Long Chi Lee, PhD,
Dr Yuen S Chiang, PhD, V. Chiappardi, R Chiarenzelli, Ken
Chiavone, Gerald Chicoine, Dr T D Avid Chikalla, PhD, David
Chilcote, Ronald B. Child, Thomas Childers, David Childs, Dr
James Childs, Dr. George Chilingar, Dr Frank Chimenti, PhD, Dr.
David T Chin, PhD, J D Chism, John Chism, Craig Chismarick,
John G Chittick, Randy Chitwood, Dr. D.S. Choi, PhD, Dr Ye C
Choi, PhD, Dr. William M Chop Jr, Dr Manoj Chopra, PhD, Dr
Kenneth Choquette, Dr. Frank W Chorpenning, PhD, Dr. Robert J
Chorvat, PhD, Dr Edward Choulnard, PhD, Dr Tai-Low Chow,
PhD, Dr. Wen L Chow, PhD, Dr Peter S Chrapliwy, PhD,
Channing B. Chrisman, Dr Geo A Christenberry, PhD, John
Christensen, Dr Charles R Christensen, PhD, Duane Christensen,
Dr. Bruce P Christensen, PhD, Ron V Christensen, Dr Robt L
Christensen, PhD, Kent Christensen, Howard Christensen, Richard
Christensen, Duane Christensen, Don Christensen, Peter
Christensen, Robin Christensen, Dr. Odin Christensen, PhD, Dr
Robert M Christiansen, PhD, Kent B Christianson, Dr. Warner
Howard Christie, PhD, Dr. Jay P Christofferson, Jonathan
Christopher, Dennis Christopherson, Dr Alfred L Christy, PhD, Dr.
Donald O. Christy, PhD, Francis Christy, Kenneth G. Christy, Jack
C. Chroy, Dr. Chrysler, PhD, Ryan A Chrysler, Dr. Boa The Chu,
PhD, Constantino Chua, Dr John P Church, PhD, Robert Church,
Dr. Eugene L Church, PhD, Stanford Church, Dr Habte G
Churnet, PhD, Dr Petr Chylek, PhD, Dr Donald J Ciappenelli,
PhD, Dr. Alfred E Ciarlone, PhD, Dr Ja Cifonelli, PhD, Dr Marc
Cimolino, PhD, Dr. Deborah M Ciombor, PhD, Jon A Ciotti,
Joseph Cipolla, Michael Circosta, A Cisar, Joseph R Cissell, James
Civis, Dr Edwin Claassen, PhD, Gary D Clack, Stephen Claeys,
Gregory S Claine, Clarence Clapp, Dr James L Clapp, PhD,
Richard Clapp, David Clapp, Leroy Clardy, Dr Clark, John B
Clark, Dr David T Clark, PhD, Paul B Clark, James Wm Clark,
Dr. James G Clark, PhD, Ian Clark, Thomas Clark, Lincoln Clark
Jr, Richard A Clark, Kimball Clark, PhD, Dr. Randil L Clark,
Kenneth Clark, Dr Howard G Clark, PhD, Chris Clark, Robert
Clark, M Clark, Albert F. Clark, Robert Clark, John Clark,
Donald Clark, Dr John Clark, J Donald Clark, Dr James Clark,
PhD, Jim Clark, Dr. Bill P Clark, PhD, Randall D Clark, Kent
Clark, Richard W Clark, Richard T Clark, Dr. Donald L Clark,
PhD, Robey Clark, Dr Grady Clark, PhD, Dr John Clark, William
Clark, Dr Hugh Clark, PhD, Dr. John B Clark, PhD, James W
Clark, Dr. James Clarke, PhD, Dr Duane G Clarke, PhD, Otis M
Clarke Jr, Larry Clarke, Dr Richard P Clarke, PhD, John Clarke,
Earlin N Clarke, Dr. John F Gates Clarke, PhD, John T Clarno,
Dr. Calvin Miller Class, PhD, James Classen, Dr. John F Clauser,
PhD, Don Clauson, Jerry H Clay, Harris Clay, Dr. C.K.
Claycomb, PhD, Gordon M. Claycomb, Dr. David Clayton, PhD,
Stan G Clayton, Dr John W Clayton, PhD, Dr Fred Clayton, PhD,
Ronald Clayton, Bill Cleary, John Cleary, James L Cleason, Dr
John C Clegg, PhD, La Var Clegg, Wm L Cleland, Dr Wallace
Cleland, PhD, Dr Neil C Clements, Stephen F Clements, Bob
Clements, Dr Gerhardt Clementson, PhD, Dr. John A Clendening,
PhD, Jack Cleveland, William A. Clevenger, Jeffrey Clevenger,
William A Clevenger, Charles B Cliett, Howard J Clifford, Charles
Cilfone, W Clift, Dr F W Clinard, PhD, Fred W Clinard, Dennis
Cline, James D Cline, J.T. Cline, Dr Warren K Cline, PhD, David
Cline, H.B. Clingempeel, Mansfield Clinnick, Alan Clodfelter, Dr.
M Gerard Cloherty, Dr Christian J Blom, PhD, Todd Cloninger, Dr
David M Close, PhD, Jim Cloud, Miline Clough, Dr. Ray William
Clough, PhD, Dr. Michael R Clover, PhD, Douglas Clow, David N
Clum, Mike Clumper

Website: Petition Project at
Section: Signers of Petition
Topic: Signers Co - Cz
Title: Signatories

Daniel G Coake, J. David Coakley, Dr Mary Coakley, PhD, Dr.
Clarence L Coates, PhD, Dr Keith H Coats, PhD, David M Cobb,
W Frank Cobb Jr, Howard Cobb, James H Cobbs, Dr. James F
Coble, PhD, James Coburn, PhD, W. A. Cochran, Jr., Dr Leighton
S Cochran, PhD, Wm H Cockerham, Jerry Cockerham, Benjamim
T Cockrill Jr, Dr. Elmer Lendell Cockrum, PhD, Dr. Richard
Cockrum, James Codding, Dr Daniel Codespoti, William D Coe,
Edward D Coen, Dr. Fritz Coester, PhD, Dr Harland E Cofer,
PhD, Charles Cofer, Wm R Coffelt, C Robert Coffey, Nick
Coffey, Philip Coffman, Dr Anthony Cofrancesco, PhD, Dr. Wade
E Cogan, Dr. Allen Cogbill, PhD, Dr Chris Coggins, PhD, David B
Coghlan, Theodore Cogut, William T Cohan, Dr. Howard J
Cohen, PhD, Dr Allan H Cohen, PhD, Dr Ronald E Cohen, PhD,
Dr. William C Cohen, PhD, Susanne K Cohen, Dr Arnold Cohen,
PhD, Dr Bernard A Cohen, PhD, Dr Richard M Cohen, PhD,
Norman Cohen, Dr Merrill Cohen, Lawrence Cohen, Dr. Flossie
Cohen, Ernst M Cohn, Sanford Cohn, Dr. Robert Cohn, Dr.
Charles Erwin Cohn, PhD, Harry Cohnger, Dr. C E Coke, PhD,
Patricia Cokeley, Glen P Coker, Ralph Coker, D E Cokley, Lt Col
Andre Gerner, Dr Francis Colace, Stefan Colban, Dr Gene Louis
Colborn, PhD, Mar Colburn, Edward E Colby, M W Colchin,
Lawrence E Coldren, Dr. Avean W Cole, PhD, Samuel P Cole, Dr
B Theodore Cole, Dr. Clarence R Cole, PhD, Dr Eugene Cole,
John Cole, Dr Lee A Cole, PhD, David R Cole, Dr Mariette Cole,
Henry B Cole, Dr Stephen Cole, PhD, Kenneth R Cole, Frank W
Cole, Dr George R Cole, PhD, Dr. Forrest Donald Colegrove,
PhD, Dr. Roberto Colella, PhD, Philip J Colella, Richard A
Coleman, Dr Robert Coleman, PhD, Steven Coleman, Michael
Coleman, Donald Coleman, Bobby Coleman, Woodrow Coleman,
R D Coles, Frank Coles, Robt Coley, Andrew Coley, Jr, MD,
Summer Colgan, Donald Colgan, Dr. J R Colgan, Dr. Lawrence
Colin, Dr Hans Coll, PhD, Jeffrey M Collar, A Collard, Dr Joel
Colley, Dr. James Collier, PhD, Dr Wm B Collier, PhD, Donald
W. Collier, Don Collier, David B Collins, William P Collins,
Horace R Collins, Dr Geo H Collins, Dr Frederick C Collins, PhD,
Dr Wm F Collins, PhD, Stephen L Collins, William Henry Collins,
Dr Jimmie Collins, Kenneth B Collins, Dr H Douglas Collins, Dr
Edward Collins, PhD, Aubrey Collins, Ted Collins, Jane E Collins,
Andy R Collins, Dr Dennis Collins, PhD, Clifford B Collins, Dr P J
Collipp, Bruce Collippns, Bertram W Collyer, Dr. Carlos A
Colmenares, PhD, Dr. Arthur F Colombo, PhD, Don J Colton,
Gregg B Colton, Andre Coltrin, Todd Colvin, Dr. Robert Neil
Colwell, PhD, Dr William T Colwell, PhD, Dr Leon Combs, PhD,
John Comeaux, Dr Jack Comeford, PhD, E James Comer, Dr.
Thomas Comi, PhD, Dr Comisford, Dr. Robert Comizzoli, PhD,
Dr John Commerford, PhD, Wayne M Compton, H. Comsio,
Michael W Conaboy, Floyd S Conant, Leonard Conapinski, James
Concilla, John Conconnan, Dr. Norman I. Condit, Dr George T
Condo, PhD, Gregory J Condon, MD, Dr. H. Anson Cone, Johns
Cone, F. Dee Conerly Jr, Robert G Confer, Rosemary Conger,
John P Conigilo, John Conlan, R. Conley, Joseph H. Conley,
Carter B. Conlin, Robert Conn, Dr. Rex B Conn, Dr. Paul K
Conn, PhD, James Connell, H E Connell, Dr. T Donnelly, PhD,
Michael S Connelly, Mrs John J Connelly, Dr John J Connelly,
PhD, Teresa A. Conner, Charles Conner, Barry G Conner, Dennis
D Conner, Wm J Connick, Jr, Dr. John I Connolly Jr, PhD, James
D Connolly, Wayne M O Connor, John M Connor, Paul W
Conrad, Eugene A Conrad, PhD, Ralph L Conrad, Dr. Walter E
Conrad, PhD, Dr Roddy Conrad, PhD, Robert Conrad, Dr Paul
Consroe, Dr. Gheorghe M Constantinescu, PhD, Donald R Conte,
Dr. Thomas W Conway, PhD, James Conway, John P Conway,
Mary Conway, Dr Mark Cook, George W Cook, Dr Maurice G
Cook, PhD, Karl Cook, Dr Melvin A Cook, PhD, Dr Donald J
Cook, PhD, L.P. Cook, Michael Cook, Charels Cook, Dr Robt B
Cook, PhD, C Cook, Shirl E Cook, Henry E Cook Jr, Dr. Thomas
B Cook Jr, PhD, Robert Cook, Dr. Addison G Cook, PhD,
Robert C Cook, Anson R Cooke, PhD, James Barry Cooke,
Richard Cool, Dr Bingham Cool, PhD, Dr David Coolbaugh, PhD,
Dr. William E Cooley, PhD, Dr. Denton Arthur Cooley, Daniel P
Coolidge, Dr Marguerite W Coomes, PhD, Anne M Cooney,
Edward Cooney, Harvey L Coonts, Rosa Lee Coonts, Dr Thomas
Cooper, PhD, Martin Cooper, Flip Cooper, Dr Raymond Cooper,
PhD, Dr James R Cooper, Daniel Cooper, Max E Cooper, George
P Cooper, Dr. Robert S Cooper, PhD, Dr. Robert C Cooper,
PhD, John C Cooper, Dr. David F Cope, PhD, David Cope,
Kenneth R Copeland, Dr Louis Copeland, A D Copeland, Harry B
Copelin, Dr Frederick A Copes, PhD, John D Copley, John
Copolos, William Copperman, William Coppoc, Dr Wm S Corak,
PhD, Dr. Robert B Corbett, PhD, Dr. Murray D. Corbin, Kevin
Corbin, Dr John Corboy, Dr. Eugene F Corcoran, PhD, Dr
Stephen Corcoran, Charles Cordalis, Dr. Ronald E Cordell, Dr
Francis M Cordell, PhD, Cllinton N Corder, MD, PhD, John F.
Cordone, Dr. Robert L Corey, PhD, Dr. Henry E Corke, PhD, Dr.
Walter H Corkern, PhD, James M Corkill, Dr Kenneth C Corkum,
PhD, John L Corl, Dr Corley, William E Cormier, Frank A
Cormier, Russell Corn, Robert L Cornelius, Creighton N Cornell,
Dr S D Cornell, PhD, David Cornell, John Cornell, Arlen C
Cornett, Holley Cornette, L Corns, Dr. David G Cornwell, PhD,
Dr. Roy S Cornwill, PhD, Nicholas J Corolis, Deborah A
Corridon, Dr Charles E Corry, PhD, Wayne T Corso, Matthew
Corulli, Michael Coryn, Arthur J Cosgrove, Dr George Cosmides,
Wm H Cost I I I, James P Costa, Peter F Costa, Eugene Costa,
Mark J Costello, Dr Rebecca B Costello, PhD, Dr Allen Costoff,
PhD, Kevin Cotchen, Dr. Wilfred A Cote, PhD, Harry E Cotrill Jr,
Dr. Harold Cott, Grant Cottam, Richard O Cottie, Dr Marion
Cotton, Spencer M Cotton, Dr. William R Cotton, PhD, Vincent F
Cottone, Phil Cottrell, David G Cotts, Richard L Coty, Larry
Coudriet, Clifton Couey, Dr. Ronald A Coulson, PhD, Richard
Councill, Marcus L Countiss, Gary Countryman, Galen L Coupe,
Dr Arnold Court, PhD, Dr. William H Courtney I I I, PhD, Arthur
Courtney, Dr. Charles R Courtney, Dr Raymond C Cousins, PhD,
Sylvere Coussement, Dr Ross Couwenhoven, Fred Covelli, Dr.
Eugene Covert, PhD, Robt E Covey, Robert Covington, Dr Wm A
Cowan, PhD, Dr. Daniel F Cowan, Carl Cowan, Dr. George
Cowan, Jeffrey L Coward, Dr Ronald R Cowden, PhD, Russ
Cowden, John B. Cowden, Dr Vincent F Cowling, PhD, Dr John
D Cowlishaw, PhD, James A Cox, Joe B Cox, Don Cox, Dr.
Donald J Cox, PhD, Dr. Lawson G Cox, Brian Cox, Jerry Cox,
Sidney G Cox, Edwin Cox, Michael F Cox, Mike Cox, Hiram M
Cox, Carrol B Cox, David Cox, Dr. Clifford H Cox, PhD, Dr
Louis Cox, PhD, Dr. Neil D Cox, PhD, Dr Francis Coy, Alan
Coykendall, Robert D Coyle, Kenneth R Coyne, Jerry Crabb, Dan
Crackel, Sheldon Craddock, Donald K Craft, Rex R Craft, Kent
Craghead, Dr Cragin, PhD, Richard A Crago, Dr Edward J
Cragoe, Jr, Kenneth B Craib, Ronald Craig, Irving M Craig,
Dexter Craig, John Merrill Craig, Dr Bruce Craig, PhD, R E
Craigie Jr, Gordon E Craigo, Dr Donald Lee Crain, PhD, Glenn D
Crain, Dr Donald J Cram, PhD, Richard Cramer, Dr Howard
Cramer, PhD, Dr. John A Cramer, PhD, John R Crandall, PhD, Dr
Walter Crandall, PhD, Dr Frederick L Crane, PhD, Dale E Crane,
Lowell Crane, Dr. Chris L Craney, PhD, Richard A Craven,
Thomas V Cravens, Thomas Cravens, James F Cravens, Dr. Clara
D Craver, PhD, Mark W Craver, Doyle Craver, Steven P
Crawford, Jonathan Crawford, James Crawford, Duane A
Crawford, Don Crawford, Dr Robt S Craxton, PhD, David
Craymes, S J Creane, Ben Creason, Wendell Creech, Buford
Creech, Kevin Creedon, Michel Creek, Prentice Creel, Anne E
Cress, PhD, Frank Cress, Kenneth S Cressman, Dr Ronald
Cresswell, Dr. John Edwin Crew, PhD, Gregory A Crews, Dr.
Phillip O Crews, PhD, Diana Creyes, Richard E Cribbs, Jim
Cribbs, Robert W Cribbs, Dr. Peter Crimi, PhD, Richard Crippen,
Dr Harry N Cripps, PhD, Dr. Joseph P Crisler, PhD, Dr. Thomas
B Criss, PhD, Kurt Criss, Robert Crist, J L Crittenden, Dr.
Thomas Bernard Croat, PhD, Charlie Crocker, Luanne S
Crockett, Wayne S Croft, Dr George T Croft, PhD, Jerry Croft,
William Croft, Michael Croft, Blake Cromartie, Daniel Crone, Dr
Donald C Cronemeyer, PhD, Steven W Cronin, Edward Crosby,
Edward Crosby, Dr. Ajmes G Crose, PhD, Thomas J Crosier,
David Crosley, Dr Robt F Cross, William Cross, Elden Cross, A
Scott Crossfield, Tom Crossman, Dr Kenneth A Crossner, John
Croul, David L Crouse, Stephen Crouse, Robert M Crout, Morgan
L Crow, Helen Crowder, Dr. Gene Autrey Crowder, PhD, David
Crowe, Delmar N Crowe Jr, Curtis Crowe, Edwin P Crowell, Dr
Michael S Crowley, John Crowley, John A Crown Jr, Robert H
Crowther, Dr. C Richard Crowther, PhD, Dr Frank C Croxton,
PhD, Richard Cruce, Richard F. Cruce, William J Cruice, Dr
Michael Cruickshank, PhD, Dr Edward H Crum, PhD, Dr Duane
Crum, PhD, Dr Glenn H Crumb, PhD, Cris Cruz, Billy Crynes,
Tihamer Z Csaky, MD, Dr. Gabriel T Csanady, PhD, Alan L
Csontos, William Cubbedge, Dr Cubre, Etta Cuccinello, Donald F.
Cue, Ronald Cuenod, Alfred G Cuffe, John R Culbert, Chris Cull,
Char C Cullari, Dr. Stephen L Cullen, John S Cullen, Donald M
Culler, Floyd Culler, Dr. A S Cullick, PhD, Walter E. Cullmann,
Dr. Lester C Culver, Ray Culver, Peter Cumerford, Bradford
Cummings, Dr. Richard W Cummins, PhD, Kenneth D Cummins,
Tom Cundiff, Lawrence E Cunnick, Dr. Joseph A Cunningham, Dr.
John E Cunningham, PhD, Dr Howard Cunningham, PhD, Dr.
Walter Cunningham, PhD, David C Cunningham, Dr Thomas
Curin, PhD, Joseph Mc Curnin, Dr Thomas J Curphey, PhD,
Walter E Currah, Francis M Curran, Dr Curran, Ira B Current,
James L Current, Wm S Currie, Tom P Currie, Dr. William W
Currier, PhD, Timmy F Curry, Janet C Curry, Dr Thomas Curry,
PhD, John Curry, Dr William Curry, PhD, Thomas Curtin, Dr.
Maria A Curtin, PhD, Fred W Curtis, Jr, Stuart Curtis, Hannah
Curtis, Dr Chopin Cusachs, PhD, Charles E Cusack Jr, Charles
Cusack III, Joseph Cusack, Michael S Cuskelly, Dr. Herman C
Custard, PhD, Steven R. Custer, John M Cuthbert, Dr. Leonard
Cutler, PhD, James R Cutre, Ernest Cutter Jr., Alan Cutting, Dr. J
F Cuttino, PhD, Dr Jerry Cuttler, PhD, James Cutts, Dr George B
Cvijanovich, PhD, Nelson Cyr, Burt L St Cyr, Charles
Czbrumberg, Rita Czek, Dr. Thomas P Czepiel, PhD, Dr. James
Oziomek, PhD, Shannon Czysz

Website: Petition Project at
Section: Signers of Petition
Topic: Signers D
Title: Signatories

Dr. John Dabbs, PhD, Dr. George C Dacey, PhD, Dr. Jaak Jk
Daemen, PhD, R Dafoe, Dr Harry M Dahl, PhD, Dr H Douglas
Dahl, Duane M Dahlgren, Dr Dirk Dahlgren, PhD, Robert S
Dahlin, PhD, Russell Dahlstrom, Paul Daiber, W V Dailey, Russell
E Dailey, Dr James T Dakin, PhD, Alfred Dakrig, Dr. Snezana
Kili- Dalafave, PhD, Glenn I Dale, Thomas A Dale, Dr Joseph
Dalley, PhD, Dr. John C Dallman, PhD, Dr Jesse L Dally, PhD,
John J Dalnoky, John Daloia, George F Dalrymple, Dr Harry
Dalton, PhD, Dr. Charles Dalton, PhD, Kevin M Daly, Michael
Daly, James U Daly, Michael Daly, James U Daly, James J
Damato, Dr Heinz H Damberger, PhD, Dr. Richard Aasen
Damerow, PhD, Dr George Damon, PhD, Dr Dwight H Damon,
PhD, Edward Dana, Dr. Jerome Samuel Danburg, PhD, Dr James
Dancho, Richard M Dangelo, Barry D Dangerfield, Thomas W
Daniel, Stephen R Daniel, Charles Daniel, Scott Daniel, Charles A.
Daniel, Wayne Daniels, Dr. Jess Donald Daniels, PhD, Charlie
Daniels, James Daniels, Ned R Daniels, Dr. Anders P Daniels,
PhD, Dr Richard J Danke, PhD, Wm M Danley, Stephen Danner,
Dr. Raisfeld I Danse, Dr. Victor Danushevsky, Paul Danyluk,
Donald Danz, Dr. Morris J Danzig, PhD, Dr Joseph Darby, Jr,
Gerald M Darby Jr, Forrester B Darling, Rodney C Darrah, Dr.
Michael J Darre, PhD, Josephe E Darsey, MD, PhD, L R Dartez,
Dean Daryani, Kaz Darzinskis, Dr. Theodore Dashman, PhD,
Edward Daskam, Anton M Dattilo, Dr. Clarence T Daub, PhD, Dr
Pierre Dauby, PhD, Gregory W Daues, Roger A Daugherty,
Shawn Daugherty, William E Dauksch, Dr. T C Dauphine, PhD,
Joseph R Daurora, Bruce R Dausman, Dennis Dautreuil, Rodnoosh
R Davari, Dr Thomas L Davenport, Marion Davenport, Dr. Moses
M David, PhD, Dr Julian Davidson, PhD, Clayton L Davidson, Dr.
W H Davidson, Donald Davidson, PhD, Dr James M Davidson,
PhD, Don Davidson, Thomas Davidson, James Davidson, Dr
Edward J Davies, PhD, Harold Davies, Frank W Davies, Dr
Harold W Davies, Dr. Chad Davies, PhD, William Davies, Dr.
D.H. Davies, Dr Julian A Davies, PhD, Dr. Emlyn B Davies, PhD,
D K Davis, Harriett Davis, Derek Davis, Linda B Davis, Dr James
A Davis, Dr. Larry A Davis, Lewis L Davis, Jimmy D Davis,
Robert W. Davis, Dr Bruce W Davis, PhD, S Davis, Dr Wm R
Davis, PhD, Walter Davis, Robert Davis, Ed Davis, Mark Davis,
George Davis, Dr Raymond Davis, PhD, Fred Davis, Dr. Wallace
Davis, PhD, Dr Thomas Davis, PhD, Mark Davis, Dr Wm C
Davis, James Davis, Anariba Davis, William Davis, Dr Duane
Davis, PhD, David L Davis, Wane Davis, Dr John Davis, W.
Kenneth Davis, Paul Davis, Michael Davis, Dr Donald E Davis, Dr
Dick Davis, PhD, Dr. M Davis, PhD, Alfred Davis, Dr Joseph
Davis, PhD, Dana E Davis, Ralph Davis, Dennis Davis, Warren B
Davis, James P Davis, Dr. Harry Davis, PhD, Larry C Davis,
James Davis, Dr. John A Davis Jr., PhD, Michael Davison, Mike
Dawson, David Dawson, Dr. H.R. Dawson, PhD, Dale E Dawson,
William Dawson, Dr. Arthur D Dawson, PhD, Harry H Dawson,
Dr. Michael Day, PhD, D M Day, Robt D Day, Dr Noorbibi K
Day, Dr R A Day, PhD, Thomas M Day, Dr Donald F Day, PhD,
Dennis Day, Dr Harry G Day, PhD, Dr William Day, PhD, Charles
Day, Dr Myron Dayton, PhD, Duke Dayton, Charles De Ganahl,
James De Ganahl, Dr Donald W De Jong, PhD, Bruce De Ment,
John Deacon, David Deacon, PhD, Dr Forest C Deal Jr, PhD,
William D Dean, John Dean, Dr David L Dean, PhD, Dr Warren E
Dean, PhD, Dr Nathan W Dean, PhD, Dr Sheldon W Dean, PhD,
Lyndon Dean, Robert Dean, Dr. Donald Deardorff, PhD, James
Deatherage, Dr Bobby C Deaton, PhD, B D Debaryshe, Dr David
W Deberry, PhD, Edward Dale Deboer, Charles Deboisblanc, Dr.
Francis Debons, PhD, Robt E Debrecht, Ronald J Debruin, Dr
Peter Debrunner, PhD, Dr Robert J Debs, PhD, Nancy E Dechant,
William M Decker, Dr Arthuir J Decker, PhD, Bruce Decker, Dr.
Fred W. Decker, PhD, Dr. Wayne Deckert, PhD, Dr. Paul
Decusati, PhD, Dr Dederich, Dr W Edward Deeds, PhD, Dr. Emil
Deeg, PhD, David G Deeken, John D Defelice, Dr Gary Defoti,
PhD, Paul J Defries, Gerald Degler, Dr Stephen Degray, Dr John
Dehn, PhD, Greg D Dehne, Dr Eugene Wm Dehner, PhD, Robert
F Deibel, Jr, Dr Michael P Deisenroth, PhD, Everett Dejager, John
H Dekker, Thomas R Delahunt, Dr J W Delano, PhD, Dr. Erwin
Delano, PhD, J M Delano, Marion B Delarye, Dr. Phillip Delassus,
PhD, L. Delaura, William M Delaware, Dr. Joe D Delay, PhD, Dr.
Robert M Delcamp, PhD, Jaap B Delevie, MD, Mark Delinger,
Dr. Robert J Dellenback, Paul S Deller, Dr Gary Dellerson, Louis
P Delliquadri, Jon Delong, Dr Herbert Delrich, Frank Deluca,
Anthony J Delucca, Dr John Deluccia, Dr John Deluccia, PhD, Dr J
Demarest, PhD, Dr. David C Demartini, PhD, Gerald Demers,
John Deming, Harold D Demirjian, Dr. Winston R Demonsabert,
PhD, Thomas Demull, Dr. Kenneth J. Denault, PhD, Dr. Louis J
Denes, PhD, Louis Dentini, Scott C Denison Jr, Dr Frank W
Denison, PhD, Dr. David R Denley, PhD, Dr Steve Denner, PhD,
Dr. Warren W Denner, PhD, Robert Dennett, Richard Denney,
Robt A Dennin Jr, Dr. William E. Dennis, PhD, Alan M Dennis,
Richard S Dennis, Aaron Dennis, Roy Dennis, Joseph L Dennison
Jr, Ronald W Dennison, Cleve Denny, Larry Denny, Lawrence A
Denny, Dr Don Deno, PhD, Dr. Norman C Deno, PhD, Al H
Denson, Ralph D Denton, Richard A Denton, Dr. Kenneth R
Deove, Dr Wm Davis Derbyshire, PhD, Dr. Edmond J Derderian,
PhD, Kenneth Derick, Dr Dimitris Dermatas, PhD, Lawrence E
Dernbach, Dr T Derossett, PhD, Frank Derrick, Larry Derscheid,
Dr James Deruiter, Jeffrey Desautels, Henry Deshazo, Harold
Desilets, Dr Wm Deskin, PhD, George R Desko, Ryan Desko,
Edward Desrochers, Dr. Herbert C Dessaver, PhD, Dr. Raymond
E Dessy, PhD, Dr R P Destefano, PhD, Dr. Steven A Destefano,
Raymond Destephen, Dr. John H Detar, PhD, Dr William D
Detlefsen, PhD, Don Detrick, W.R. Dettmer, Dr R Deufel, PhD,
Dr. Marshall E Deutsch, PhD, Dr Ravi S Devara, Dr James E
Devay, Dr. Karl W Devenport, Dr G E Alan Dever, Dr G E Dever,
G Taft Devere, William Devereux, Dr. John W Devine, PhD,
Gerald E Devitt, John Devitt, Terry Devitt, Dr. Robert M Devlin,
PhD, Gregore Devlin, Bob Devonshire, Dr. Robert V Devore,
PhD, Martha Deweese, Donald R Dewey, PhD, Roy Dewey, Mel
Dewsnup, Jerry J Dewulf, Dr. Charles Dexter, F D Dexter, Dr.
Alan Dexter, PhD, Dr James A Deye, PhD, Dr Seshasayi
Dharmavaram, PhD, Robt Di Falco, PhD, Cecil M Dinunno, Paul J
Dial, Dr. Arthur M Diamond, PhD, Dr Marian C Diamond, PhD,
Arthur S Diamond, Pedro Diaz, David Dibbley, Dr. James D
Dibdin, John K Dibitz, Rudolph John Dichtl, Phillip Dick, Richard J
Dick, Stewart Dicken, David Dicken, Dr. Charles Edward
Dickerman, PhD, Dr Charlesworth L Dickerson, PhD, Jerry B
Dickey, Dr. John I Dickinson, Dr Winifred Dickinson, PhD, Dr
Wm B Dickinson, PhD, W D Dickinson, Jr, Warren D Dickinson,
Wade Dickinson, Stanley Dickison, John Dickmann, Bryan J Dicus,
Dr Albert Diddle, Dr. Henry A Diederichs, Paul A Dieffenthaller,
Harison Diehl Jr, Dr Kenneth Diesburg, PhD, Dr Jerry A Dieter,
PhD, John Dieterman, Diane Dietrich, Allan H. Dietrich, Dr. Dennis
Dietrich, Alm Dietz, Edward J Diggs, Dr Armand Digiacomo, PhD,
Robert G Dillard, Ken Dillard, Dr. Robert B Dillaway, PhD, Roger
Dille, Jeffrey A Dille, Dr John R Dille, Dr. Douglas Dillon, Malcolm
Dillon, Ray Dillon, Dr Raymond Dillon, PhD, Pryia C Dimantha,
Dr. Raymond Dimartini, PhD, Robt L Dimmick, Dr. Robert
Hudson Dinegar, PhD, John Ding, Steven Dingman, Tom Dingo,
John Dini, Kenneth J Dinnhaupt, Dr Howard L Dinsmore, PhD, Dr
Ronald J Dinus, PhD, Dr William Dinusson, Ascanio G. Dipippo,
Richard M Dippolito, Dr Eugene Dirk, PhD, Ray Dirling, James
Disiena, Ronald E Distefano, Steve Ditko, David Ditmars, Albert
Dittmer, C J Diver, Omer Dix, Dr. William L Dixon, John K Dixon,
Dr H Marshall Dixon, PhD, Robert C Dixon, Kent Dixon, Marvin
P Dixon, PhD, Dr. James D Dixon, PhD, Dr. Richard W Dixon,
PhD, Charles J Dixon, Steve Dixon, David B Doan, Dr Elliott
Doane, PhD, Paul Dobak, Donald Dobbin, Dr. Herbert H Dobbs,
PhD, Dr Harry D Dobbs, PhD, Mr Carroll Dobratz, PhD, Dr
Gerard Dobson, PhD, Dr. Donald C Dobson, PhD, Martin L
Dobson, Ronald Dodd, Daniel Dodd, Glen R Dodd, George C
Doderer, Dr Earl S Doderer, PhD, Dr Charles F Dodge, PhD, Dr
Marvin Dodge, PhD, Dr Wand Dodson, Ronald P Dodson Jr,
Thomas C Doe, D C Doe, Stephen Doe, Dr Gerald E Doeden,
PhD, Jim Doehla, Eugene Doering, Charles Doersam, Matthew A
Doffer, J W Dohr, Edwin Dojka, Dr Edward M Dokoozian, PhD,
John E Dolan, James Dolan, Michael F Dolan, Dr. Geoffrey E
Dolbear, PhD, Dr Wm Read Dolbier, PhD, Dr. William R Dolbier,
PhD, Richard Dolecek, Dr John Dolehide, Ronald U Dolfi, Dr
Bruce J Dolnick, PhD, Peter A Dolph, Dr. Richard M Dom, PhD,
Dr. John M Domagala, PhD, Dr John M Domagala, PhD, Dr
Joseph Domblesky, PhD, Abel Dominguez, Erich Dominik, Edwin
J Dommisse, Calvin M Donaghey, Thomas Donahue, Dr William
Donald, Dr. B. Donaldson, PhD, Chick Donaldson, Allen
Donaldson, Dr. Henry Donato, PhD, Dr. John R Doner, PhD, E D
Doney, Dr Wenju Dong, PhD, Dr Edward E O Donnell, PhD,
David Donnelly, George Donnelly, Susanne Donovan, Cornelius M
O Donovan Jr, James Donovan, David Dooley, Dr. Thomas P
Dooley, PhD, Dr Robt F Doolittle, PhD, Dr. Harold E Doorenbos,
PhD, Billie Dopstauf, Leigh E Doptis, C Doremus, Jeff Dorenkanp,
Dr. Guy H Dority, PhD, Jerome P Dorlac, Dr Bernhadt Dorman,
PhD, Dr. Kenneth J Dormer, PhD, Irene Dorner, Donald E
Dorney, Dennis Dorotiak, Frank G Dorsi, W F Dost Jr, Dr. D
Dotson, Dr Robert Dotson, Dr. Robert W Doty, PhD, Dr Keith L
Doty, PhD, Dr William O Doty, PhD, Joe Dotzlaf, R J Doubek,
Roark Doubt, Lawrence G Doucet, Patrick J Dougherty, Rae
Dougherty, Ralph D Doughty, Dr John Doughty, Rose T Douglas,
Hugh Douglas, Robin Douglas, Michael G Douglas, PhD, Dr
Jocelyn Douglas, PhD, Dr. Westmoreland J Douglas, PhD, Dr.
Robert W Douglass, PhD, Spencer Douglass, Dr Gilbert Douglas
Jr, Dr John Doull, PhD, Dr. Arthur Ostantinos Doumas, PhD, Gary
L Douthitt, Dr Stephen Dow, Sandra Dowdell, Dr. Nancy M
Dowdy, PhD, Dr. Edward J Dowdy, PhD, William Louis Dowdy,
James D Dowell, John E Dowis, Thomas J. Dowling, Dr. Edward
C Dowling Jr, Kenny Downer, Harold J Downey, Mr James A
Downey I I I, Patrick Downey, Jerry D Downey, Gary Downing,
Jack Downing, Terrell Downing, Dr Roland Downing, PhD, Dr
Jeffrey Downing, Dr. William F Downs, PhD, S L Downs, Dr
Doxtader, PhD, Dr Frederick J Doyle, PhD, B J Doyle, Dr Larry J
Doyle, PhD, Dr Robert Friar, Robert Dragnich, Frank Dragoun, Dr
David J Drahos, PhD, Dr. William L Drake Jr, Dr. Arthur E Drake,
PhD, Dr Bruce D Drake, PhD, Hugh H. Drake, Dr. James F.
Drake, PhD, Dr. Michael C Drake, PhD, Jean Draper, Dr. Edward
A Dratz, PhD, Frederick Drauschke, Vincent H Dreeszen, Dr
Stanley Drennan, Bill Drennan, George L Drenner Jr, Arthur
Drescher, Dr. William M Dresher, PhD, Dr James Drew, Dr. Harry
J Driedger, Albert John Driesch, Dr. Frank E Driggers, PhD,
Raymond L Driscoll, Dr Gary L Driscoll, PhD, Dr Richard Drisko,
PhD, Thomas E Driver, Daniel D Drobnis, Mark Drolet, Richard
A. Drossler, A J Druce Jr, Dr Harry V Drushel, PhD, Richard S
Dryden, Dr. Murray Dryer, PhD, C F Duane, Dr. James L Dubard,
PhD, Dr. Del R M Dubbs, PhD, S C Dubios, William Dubroff, Dr
Richard E Dubroff, PhD, Kenneth L. Duck, Ronald H Duckstein,
Jr, Ken Dudeck, Dr. Thomas J Dudek, PhD, Richard A Dudek, Dr
Underwood Dudley, PhD, Thomas Dudley, Howard Dudley,
Kenneth Dudley, Roy Dudman, Dr Dudt, PhD, Dr. Donald J
Dudziak, PhD, Robert J Duenckel, R E Duernells, Robert J. Duery,
Dr Michael S Duesbery, PhD, C J Duet, John C Duffey, Dr V
Duffy, David Duffy, Kenneth Dufrane, Joseph Dufresne, Sherman
Dugan, Sean Dugan, Doyle Dugan, Dr. Edward Dugan, PhD, Dr.
Leroy Dugan, PhD, Terry Dughman, Terry M Duhon, Dr. William
W Duke, Donald T Duke, Dr Marilyn Duke -Woodside, Dr. D
Durkee, PhD, Dr Peter P Dukes, PhD, Dr Gary R Dukes, PhD,
Herbert M Dumas, Samuel M Dunaway Jr, Dougals Dunbar,
Malcolm E Dunbar, Dr. Philip Gordon Dunbar, PhD, Dr. Dean D
Duncan, PhD, Dr Charles L Duncan, PhD, James D Duncan, R F
Duncan, Peter L Duncanson, E.B. Dunckel, Dr Lawrence
Dunegan, Dr Henry Dunham, Warren Dunkel, Dr Henry F Dunlap,
PhD, R C Dunlap, Jr, James Dunlop, Dr. J R Dunn, PhD, Robert G
Dunn Jr, James Dunn, PhD, Dr. Joseph Dunn, Michael Dunn, Dr
Neil Dunn, Howard Dunn, Larry Dunn, Richard Dunn, Nora E
Dunnell, Dr. John Ray Dunning, PhD, Harry E. Duprey, Dr Robert
Dupriest, Dr Sidney Dupuy, Michael L Duran, Wm N Durand,
Arthur Durans, Frederick C Durant I I I, Dr. Dermot J Durcan,
Jack D Duren, Scott N Durgin, Dr Marcus Durham, PhD, James A
Durham, Mary Durick, Dr. James Durig, PhD, John Durig, Gordon
B Durnbaugh, G Durocher, James A Durr, Dr Sajjad Durrani, PhD,
Dr. John Durrett, John B Duryea, W S Duryea, Dr. Edwin R
Dusek, Martin Dusel, Dr Richard Dusenbery, Sophie Dutch, Allen
L Dutt, Chizuko M Dutta, PhD, Gary Dutto, D Dutton, Dr James
Duvall, PhD, James Duvall, Dr. Paul B Duvall, Dr Victor Duvall,
Jean Duvivier, Mark Duwe, Dr Ernest J Duwell, PhD, Dr James P
Dux, PhD, Dr. W P Duyvesteyn, PhD, George J Dvorak, PhD, Dr
Isaac Dvoretzky, PhD, Dr Dushan Dvornik, PhD, Jeffrey L
Dwiggins, Michael Dwyer, John J Dwyer Jr, Dr John Dwyer, Alan
C Dyar, Dr Zbigniew Dybczak, PhD, Dr Clifford D Dybing, Dr
David L Dye, PhD, Steven Dyer, Dr Walter R Dyer, Cornelius Van
Dyke, Lawrence Dykers, Dr. Roscoe A Dykman, Dr. Clifford
Dykstra, PhD, Dr J Robert Dynes, Dr. T Dzik, PhD, Dr. Philip J
Dziuk, PhD, John Dzurino

Website: Petition Project at
Section: Signers of Petition
Topic: Signers E
Title: Signatories

Dr Robert J Eagan, Dr Joe R Eagleman, PhD, Eric Earl, James
Earle, O. Keener Earle, Thomas Earles, Dr. Fred N Earll, PhD, R
C Earlougher, Donald R East, Dr W S Easterling, PhD, John
Eastlick, D B Easty, PhD, George W Eaton Jr, Dr. Philip E Eaton,
PhD, John R Eaton, Dr. Thomas Eaton, PhD, James H. Eaton,
Gordon Eballardyce, Dr Robert Ebbers, Kenneth Ebel, PhD,
Dennis M Eben, Dr. John R Ebensberger, William T Eberhard,
John Eberhard, William E. Eberhardt, Gary Eberly, Dr Floyd
Eberts, PhD, D.P. Ebright, Dr Lawrence T Eby, PhD, Dr Bernard
Ecanow, PhD, Anita Eccles, Joseph T Echols, Dana A Echter, Dr.
Alieta Eck, C Eckels, B J Eckholdt, Charles Eckman, Jeffrey D
Eckstein, Dr. Bobby R Eddleman, PhD, Dale P Eddy, Fred
Edelman, Howard Edelson, Dr Richard C Eden, PhD, W Kent
Eden, Dr Jack Eden, PhD, Charles K. Edge, PhD, Dr Robt
Edgerton, PhD, Steven Edgerton, John Edgington, Don Edington,
Dr Allen Edison, PhD, Dr George R Edlin, PhD, Dr. Paul
Edmiston, PhD, George F Edmonds Jr, Ronald K Edquist,
President, Lay Edward, Jr, John A. Edward, Dr Eugene H
Edwards, PhD, Joseph F. Edwards, Charlie Edwards, William R
Edwards, Dr. Jozef W Eerkens, PhD, Maurice Egan, PhD, Dr
Weldon T Egan, Dr. Howard Egan, PhD, Thomas Egan, Paul
Egbers, Dr Wm F Egelhoff, PhD, Jason Egelston, Eric Eggelston,
James P Egger, Leon Eggers, Robert J Eggert Sr, Bernard Eggert,
Dr Donald A Eggert, PhD, Dr. Eggleston, Peter Egli, John Ehlen,
Dr Kenneth W Ehlers, PhD, Steven Ehlinger, C D Ehrardt Jr, Dr.
Dion R Ehrlich, Dr. I R Ehrlich, PhD, Dr. Robert Ehrlich, PhD,
Sandra Ehrlich, Dr Paul E Ehrlich, PhD, Walter Eich, William H
Eichelberger, Paul Eichenberger, Dr. Gerald Eichhoefer, Dr. Jacob
Eichhorn, PhD, Peter M Eick, Gerald I Eidenberg, Robert
Eidsvoog, Barry Eikmann, Dean Eiland, Keith Eilers, Dr. Gary L
Eilrich, PhD, Kurt F Eise, Paul Eisele, H Richard Eisenbeis, Dr.
Joseph J Eisenhuth, Dr George Eisenman, Tom Eisenmenger, David
Eitman, Dr Darrel L Eklund, PhD, Wayne Eklund, Dr. Guindy
Mahmoud Ismail El, PhD, Dr Jack Elam, PhD, Dennis Eland,
Richard E Elden, Dr Klaus E Eldridge, PhD, Robt M Eldridge,
Jack R Elenbaas, Dr. Gabriel Elgavish, PhD, Sam Elhoe, George
Eliades, Thomas Eliaren Jr, Dr Luis R Elias, PhD, Dr Hans Elias,
PhD, John Elkin, Michael J Elkind, Dr. Rush E Elkins, PhD, Lloyd
E Elkins, Jesse G Ellard, Chris Ellefson, Henry J Ellenbast Jr,
William J Ellenberger, William J. Ellenberger, Dr Arthur Eller, Dr.
Howard Lyman Ellinwood, PhD, M Edmund Ellion, PhD, John
Elliot, Dr. Douglas G Elliot, PhD, William H Elliott Jr, Lloyd S
Elliott, Ronald Elliott, Dr Howard C Elliott, PhD, John Elliott, Ted
Elliott, W S Elliott, Rodger L Elliott, Scott Ellis, Walter H Ellis,
Donald A Ellis, Frampton F Ellis, Jr, Keith S Ellis, David Ellis,
Edison Ellis, Andrew E. Ellis, Dr Paul J Ellis, PhD, Dr. Robert W
Ellis, PhD, Dr. Richard J Ellis, PhD, Dr. David A Ellis, PhD, Dr.
Simon Ellomary, Dr. Hugh W Ellsaesser, PhD, Joe Elmer, Dr
Edward Elmer, Sandy Elms, Dr. Howard G Elrlich, PhD, Dr. David
Elrod, PhD, Dr. Lamont Eltinge, PhD, Dr. William K Elwood,
George F Emch, Dr Donald W Emerich, PhD, George Emerle, Dr
Edward Emery, PhD, Dr. Philip H Emery Jr, PhD, Philip A Emery,
William B Emke, Calvin W Emmerson, Dr John L Emmerson, PhD,
Dr Youichi Endo, PhD, E W Endzel, Frank Ene, Dr Norman H
Enestein, PhD, Dr. A M Engebretson, PhD, Richard J Engel, Dr
Albert Engelhardt, PhD, Dr Charles E Engelke, PhD, Alvin
Engelke, Dr. Raymond Engelke, PhD, L. R. Engelking, Dr. Franz
Engelmann, PhD, Dr. John E Engelsted, PhD, Gary England,
Donald D Engle, Larry Engle, Mike S Engle, Dr. Charles F Engles,
Kim English, Robert W. English, Kenneth English, Arthur E
Englund, Gerard Enigk, T Enloe, Dr. John Joseph Ennever, Richard
Enoch, Nancy Enright, Dr. Leonard E Ensminger, PhD, Dale
Ensminger, Dr Roger C Entringer, PhD, Bruce K Entwisle, Lawson
Entwistle, Bruce Enyeart, Dr John W Enz, PhD, Debra A Ephraim,
Jack F Epley, R L Epling, Gilbert K Eppich, Jeffrey F Eppink, Dr.
Richard A Eppler, PhD, Dr. J Michael Epps, Dr. Robert Allan Erb,
PhD, Dr. John K Erbacher, PhD, Eric A Erber, George E Erdman,
John Erdmann, Alexander Erickson, Dr Karl L Erickson, PhD, Ted
Erickson, Curt Erickson, Dr Richard Erickson, Dr John G
Erickson, PhD, Alvin Erickson, Andy C Erickson, Amy Erickson,
Joshua A Erickson, Dr. Harold P Erickson, PhD, Roger Erickstad,
Roger Eriekson, Mary J Erikson, Dr. Jay A Erikson, PhD, Dr. Jan
Erikson, PhD, Lars Eriksson, Christine Erkkila, Dr Paul Erlandson,
PhD, Eric P Erlanson, Dr George W Ernst, Harry Ernst, Dr F H
Ernst, Dr. F H Ernst Jr, Charles M Ernst, Dr Richard Erpelding, Dr
James L Erskine, PhD, Robert Erskine, Christopher F Erskine,
James V Erwin, R W Erwin, Don R Erwin, Ed Escallon, Dr.
Theodore W Esders, PhD, Paul H Eshenaur, Rodney L Eson,
Ralph H Espach, Dr William Espander, PhD, Ramon Espino, PhD,
Terry Ess, Ed Essick, Dr. Alvin Essig, F.R. Estabrook, Dr James
Estep, Dr. Daniel Esterline, PhD, Dr John H Estes, PhD, Edward R
Estes, Frances C Esteve, Juliette Estevez, Dr. Dean Ethridge, PhD,
S Etter, Steve Eudy, Neil Eurick, Dr Wm Henry Eustis, PhD, Dr.
Robert H Eustis, PhD, Charles R Evans, George Evans, R Evans,
Kenneth R Evans, Dr. James Evans, Wm Evans, Dr Albert Edwin
Evans, PhD, Scott Evans, Philip Evans, Dr Howard E Evans, PhD,
Dr. Thomas Walter Evans, PhD, Dr. Ralph A Evans, PhD, Charles
Evans, Dr. Claudia T Evans, PhD, W E Evans, Dr Roger Evans,
Douglas A Rees- Evans, Rick Evans, Dr David H Evans, PhD, Dr.
Charles A Evans, PhD, James A Evans, Dr Harmon Edwin
Eveland, PhD, Dr Phyllis Eveleth, Dr F Monte Evens, PhD, Robert
H Everett, Woodrow W Everett, I I I, Dr. Robert Everett, PhD,
James L Everett, Robert Everett, Dr. Martin E Everhard, PhD, Dr
Donald L Everhart, PhD, Dr Craig Evers, PhD, Ed Eves, Don
Evinger, Ted Eyde, Dr Eugene Eyster, PhD

Website: Petition Project at
Section: Signers of Petition
Topic: Signers F
Title: Signatories

Dr Thomas J Fabish, Edward A Fabrici, Dr. Martin L. Fackler, Dr
Atir Fadhli, PhD, Joseph P Fagan Jr, Dr David R Fagerburg, PhD,
Dennis E Fagerstone, K Marshall Fagin, Dr. Stephen R
Fahnestock, PhD, Carl Fahrenkrugh, Dr Richard B Lai Fatt, PhD,
Thomas G Fails, Dr James R Fair, Jr, PhD, John C Fair, PhD, Paul
C Fairchild, Diane Faist, Dr. Dennis A Falgout, PhD, Arthur
Falkler, Dr Peter Fallon, John B Fallon, Leonard S Falsone, Ken
Fann, Dr Don Fanslow, PhD, Dr Steve Fanto, Dr Farber, Helen
Faria, Earl Faria, Dr. Miguel A. Farica, Dr. Miguel A Faria Jr,
Joseph Farinelli, Anthony L Farinola, Dr Marc Fariss, Dr. Robert
H. Fariss, PhD, John M Farley, Ron Farmer, Robert Farmer, Mike
Farmer, Dr. Gary Farmer, W Michael Farmer, PhD, Kenneth K
Farmer, Ollie Farnam, Willard Farnham, Frank Farnham, Dr Mark
Farnham, Dr Wells Fransworth, PhD, Dr Michael Farona, PhD,
Pauline Farr, Dr. Charles H Farr, Sd Farrar, Eugene P Farrell,
Gregory A Farrell, Dr William Farrell, Dr David Farrell, PhD,
Thomas Farrior, Dr Geo Farwell, PhD, David Fashimpaur, Gerald
Fassell, Charles Fassnacht, Dr Arlo W Fast, PhD, Michael A
Faten, Dr. Dennis C Fater, Dr Charles R Faulders, PhD, David
Faulkinberry, Jerry W Faust, S R Faust Jr, Ernest H Faust, Dr
Donald Faust, Dr. Claude Marie Faust, PhD, Anthony J Favale,
John R Favorite, Dr. Felix Favorite, PhD, Dr Sherwood Fawcett,
PhD, Dr Robt Fay, PhD, Patrick M Fay, Robert Fay, James
Fayard, C Featherston, Donald P Featherstone, Henry A Feddern,
PhD, Dr. Enrico T Federighi, PhD, Mary J Fedor, Dr James
Fedrich, PhD, Dr John C Feeley, PhD, Pierce Feenstra, Gary Z
Fehrmann, Dr J D Feichtner, PhD, J Roberto Feige, Dr. Abraham
S Feigenbaum, PhD, Tom Feil, Tom Feil, Dr. Harvey L Fein, PhD,
Dr. George Feinbaum, J. S. Feinstein, Dr. Louis Feinstein, PhD,
Robert Feisel, Martin Felicita, Bill Feldt, Joe T Fell, Archie D.
Fellenzer, Jr, Dr. D. Feller, PhD, Mark Fellner, William J Felmlee,
William O. Felsmon, Dr Ronald L Felsted, PhD, Michael J Feltes,
Lorie M Felton, Robert Fenech, Patrick Fenelon, Richmond Fenn,
Dr Robert W Fenn, PhD, Edward L Fennell, V Hayes
Fenstermacher, Dr. John Fenton, PhD, Dr Robt B Fenwick, PhD,
Andrew Fergus, John Ferguson, F.W. Ferguson Jr, Robert
Ferguson, Keith Ferguson, Dave D Ferguson, Donald Ferguson,
Howard Ferguson, D Bryan Ferguson, Robert Ferguson, Dr
Richard L Ferm, PhD, Dr. Arthur T Fernald, PhD, Dr John H
Fernandes, PhD, Dr. John H. Fernandes, PhD, Dr. Verno
Fernandez, PhD, Steve Ferraro, Dr. William James Ferrell, PhD,
Jorge Ferrer, Craig Ferris, William P Fertall, Dr Wm A Fessler,
PhD, Dale A Fester, Jerry Fetter, Dr. Edward M Fettes, PhD, Dr
Kenneth Feucht, Robt M Feuss, Dr. Virgil Ficarra, Herbert J Fick,
Marian Fickbohm, Bruce Ficken, Richard Fidsihun, Bradley J
Field, Dr Thomas Field, Ray Field, Dr. Cyprus W Field, PhD, Dr.
James R Field, Dr. Harry L Field, Byron D Field, Franklin E Fields,
Dr. Joshua A Fierer, Wm Guiterrez Figueroa, MD, Prof Roy H
Filby, PhD, Alexandra T Filer, Dr Theodore H Filer, PhD, Tom
Filesi, Terence M Filiplak, Dr Warren Filleydr Filley, William
Filmer, David Finch, Dr. R D Finch, PhD, Dr. Charles Richard
Finch, PhD, Norton E Fincher, Dr. Gary L Findley, PhD, D
Findorff, Dr Robert Findorff, Martin Finerty Jr, Dr. Alvin
Finestone, Alvin W Finestone, MD, Dr. John B Fink, PhD, Richard
P Fink, Dr. Joanne K Fink, PhD, Dr James Fink, PhD, Dr Reinald
G Finke, PhD, Dr Barney Finkel, Dr Paul Finkelstein, PhD, Robert
E Finken, Dr Charles Finkl, Dr Peter S Finlay, PhD, Dr. Charles
Finley, Dr John M Finn, PhD, Dr Frances M Finn, PhD, Martha
Finney, Dr James Fiordalisi, PhD, Dr. Ross F Firestone, PhD,
David A Firmage, Harlan I Firminger, MD, Dr Melvin Wm First,
PhD, Arnold G Fisch, Bryant C Fischback, Dr David Fischel, PhD,
William G Fischer, Dr Leon Fischer, PhD, Dr Dwayne Fischer,
PhD, Dr. Grace Mae Fischer, Grahme Fischer, Thomas L Fischetti,
John Fischley, Steve Fiscor, Bruce Fiscus, Gordon H Fish, Roger
W Fish, G.L. Fish, Elson Fish, Dr. Wayne W Fish, PhD, Dr. Ferol
F Fish, PhD, J W Fishback I I, Gerald R Fishe, Ken Fishel, Ed
Fisher, John I Fisher, Dr. Russell L Fisher, Dr Geo H Fisher, PhD,
Reed E Fisher, Donald Fisher, Dr Robt D Fisher, Dr. Philip C
Fisher, PhD, William Gary Fisher, Dr Richard Fisher, Dr. Arthur
Fishkin, Dr. William H Fishman, PhD, Glenn Fisseler, Richard A.
Fitch, David Fitch, Dr. Wade Fite, PhD, Travis G Fitts Jr, Kevin G
Fitzgerald, Gregory N Fitzgerald, Marlow Fitzgerald, Dr. J Ed
Fitzgerald, PhD, Dr. Mark R Fitzgerald, James J Fitzgerald, Hugh
M Fitzpatrick, James L Fitzpatrick, Francis Fitzpatrick, Dr. William
J Fitzpatrick, PhD, Donna Fitzpatrick, Dr. James W Fitzsimmons,
Dr Richard Fixott, Dr Klaus Flach, PhD, Dr Robert F Flagg, PhD,
Dr. John F Flagg, PhD, Dr Gary Flandro, PhD, Michael Flanigan,
C D Flatt, Dr. Adrian Ede Flatt, PhD, Dr. Eugene Flaumenhaft,
PhD, Dr Stephen W Flax, PhD, R.M. Fleig, Dr. Charles W
Fleischmann, PhD, Dr. Alison Fleming, PhD, Harry Fleming,
Clarence Fleming, Bruce Ingram Fleming, PhD, Fred F Fleming, Jr,
Alvin Flesher, Dean G Fletcher, Gordon D Fletcher, Dr. Thomas H
Fletcher, PhD, James R Fletcher, Dr James Fletcher, R E Fletcher,
James Fleur, Robert Flicker, William Flis, James L Flocik, Harold
W Flood, Richard J Flores, Robert W Flournoy, Dr G Flowers,
PhD, David Flowers, Dr. Daniel F Flowers, PhD, Paul Floyd,
Lowell R Flud, Dr Roger Flynn, PhD, John Flynn, Dr Anthony H
Foderaro, PhD, Dr. Edward Gotthard Foehr, PhD, Gary R
Foerster, Michael Fogarty, Irving M Fogel, Dr. Timothy Fohl, PhD,
Dr Robert R Foil, PhD, James Foley, Jeffrey Foley, Will Foley, Dr.
William M Foley, Jay Foley, Dr John E Folk, PhD, Dr Jay E
Folkert, PhD, John Folliott, Dr Foltz, Dr Paul V Fonnesbeck, Dr.
Marc E Fontaine, PhD, James Fontaine, Dr Darryl Fontaine,
Martin M Fontenot, Herman Fonteyne, Dr. John T Foorley, PhD,
Dr Robert Foos, K Randy Foote, Dr Wilford Foote, Robert
Foote, Dr Michael S Forbes, PhD, Janie Forbes, Dr. Allan L
Forbes, Daniel Forbush, Dale Force, Dr. Roger G Ford, PhD, Dr
George E Ford, PhD, Dr. J Ford, PhD, Dr R Ford, PhD, Kenneth
Ford, Dr Thoams Ford, PhD, Partick Ford, Dr. William Ford,
PhD, James L Fordham, Edmund H Fording, Jr, President, Samuel
W Fordyce, Wm F Foreman, Dr. J M Forgotson Jr, Dr James M
Forgotson, PhD, John Forman, Dr. Eugene J Fornefeld, PhD, Bob
Fornell, Bill Forney, Albert J Forney, Dr. R C Forrester I I I, PhD,
Bobby Forrester, Dr. Marion E Forsman, PhD, Dr Michael
Forster, Raymond A Forsyth, Donald J Foss, Dr Dennis Fost,
PhD, Dr Robt John Foster, PhD, Stanley L Foster, Dr. Donald M
Foster, PhD, Gerald Foster, PhD, J S Foster, James Foster, Cy E
Foster, Dr Norman C Foster, PhD, Dr Mac Foster, PhD, Randall
Foster, Dr Irving S Foster, PhD, Dr. R Foster, C R Foster, Dr.
Helen Laura Foster, PhD, Scott Foster, Dr. Walter E Foster, PhD,
William A Fotheringham, Marilyn Fotheringham, Dr Daniel Foty,
George Fournier, Dr Chris Fountain, PhD, Doyle F Fouquet, Dr
Nancy Fournoy, PhD, Dr. James D Foust, PhD, Thomas Fowke,
Dr. Elliott Fowkes, PhD, Louis H Fowler, Dr Frank C Fowler,
PhD, Dan Fowler, Gary D Fowler Jr, Dr. Eric B Fowler, PhD,
Jutta Fowler, Dr Grant R Fowles, PhD, Dwaine Fowlkes, Dr. Neil
S Fox, PhD, Mike Fox, Gerald Fox, Joseph Fox, G Sidney Fox,
Dr Russell E Fox, PhD, Bennett R. Fox, Dr David Wm Fox, PhD,
Dr. Irving H. Fox, Philip Fox, J. Fox, Dr. Michael Fox, PhD, Corri
Fox, James M Fox, Dr Wade Foy, PhD, Dr. James J Foy, PhD,
Dr Stephen J Fraenkel, PhD, Dr. Walter J Frajola, PhD, Dr David
Fraley, PhD, Donald Frames, Dr Roger Frampton, PhD, Matthew
France, Dr R D Francis, PhD, Lee Francis, Michael S. Francisco,
Ron Francken, Guy J Del Franco, John Frangos, Victor R Frank,
Allan J Frank, Clifford Frank, Dr Charles E Frank, PhD, Lowell
Frank, Dr Gordon Franke, PhD, Dr Julian Frankenberg, Dr.
William Frankl, Bill Franklin, James M Franklin, Dr. Neal E
Franks, PhD, Dr Martin S Frant, PhD, Douglas Frantz, W. Frantz,
Andrew G Frantz, Dr Gunter Franz, Dr. Daniel Frascella, PhD, Dr.
Daniel W Frascella, PhD, Lewis G Frasch, Dr Margaret S Fraser,
PhD, Dr Donald Fraser, Harry D Frasher, Lisa Frasson, Frank E
Frawley Jr, Dr Nile N Frawley, PhD, R Thomas Frazee, Dr
Marchall E Frazer, PhD, Don W Frazier, William R Frazier, Jim
Frazier, Dr Stephen E Frazier, PhD, James Frazier, Roger Frazier,
Randy Frazier, Andrew Frebong, Dr Kenneth R Frech Jr, Dpa,
Richard Frechette, E. L. Freddolino, Raymond Frederici, Donald A
Frederick, Daniel Frederick, Theodore A Fredericks, Bernard A
Free, Dr Max Freeland, PhD, Dr Wallace L Freeman, PhD, Ernest
R Freeman, Reola L Freeman, Dr James F Freeman, PhD, Joe
Freeman, Dr. Walter J Freeman, Richard Freen, Dr Walter F
Freiberger, PhD, Dr Emil J Freireich, Stephen M Fremgen, Dr
Benjamin Fremming, Benjamin Fremming, Dr. William S French,
PhD, Scott French, L.L. French, Dr. Samuel E French, PhD,
Kenneth French, PhD, Melvin Frenzel, Dr Michael Frese, PhD,
Melchior Freund, Stephen R Frew, Charles Frey, Dr Donald N
Frey, PhD, Dr. Frey, Dr Wilfred Freyberger, PhD, Dr Arthur L
Fricke, PhD, Dr Edwin F Fricke, PhD, Marion T Friday, Vance H
Fried, Dick Freiden, Gilbert Friedenreich,Pe, Jim V Friederick,
Samuel Friedman, Dr Paul Friedman, Dr. Raymond Friedman,
PhD, Dr. Gerald M Friedman, PhD, Joel Friedman, Dr. Herbert
Friedman, PhD, H Friedmann, Dr Herbert C Friedmann, PhD, Dr.
Inge Friedrich, S Scott Frielander, Edward Friend, Dr. Dwayne T
Friesen, PhD, Dr Friess, Dr Charles R Frink, PhD, Dr Fripiat,
PhD, Dr H Howard Frisinger, PhD, Dr Harry K Fritchman, PhD,
John Frith, J M Fritschy, Gerald E Fritts, Dr Alfred K Fritzche,
PhD, Tom Fritzke, Dr Herbert Farley Frolander, PhD, Dr. David
Fromson, PhD, U George Frondorf, Dr H R Froning, PhD, Dr Wm
Frontman, PhD, Dr Richard L Frost, PhD, Dr John Frost, PhD, Dr
Arthur A Frost, PhD, Eugene Frowe, S W Fruehling, David H
Fruhling, Si Frumkin, William K Fry, Ronald S Fry, Dr Keith Fry,
Earl Fry, Eric Fry, Dr Charles Fry, PhD, Keith Fry, Charles Frye,
George Fryzelka, Maryann Fuchs, Michael L Fudge, Alfred E
Fuehs, Jim Fuhr, Dr F A Fuhrman, J E Fuikerson Jr, Masanobu R
Fujioka, William Terry Fuldner, Dr. Robert S Fulghum, PhD,
Robert Fulks, Dr Forst D Fuller, PhD, Patricia Fuller, Roger Fuller,
Charles Fuller, Ron Fuller, Willard P Fuller Jr, Thomas Fuller, Dr
Charles Fulmer, PhD, Michael S Fulp, Joe Fulton, Dr Dennis L
Funck, PhD, Lawrence Funkhouser, Harold Fuquay, Dr. Francis
S. Furbish, PhD, Dr Robert Furman, Dr Thomas C Furnas Jr, PhD,
R W Furner, Dr Richard Furr, Richard T. Furrer, Benjamin K
Furry, Dr. Furst, Dr. Gabriel Fusco, PhD, Dionel Fuselier, Dr
Nelson Fuson, PhD, Ronald M Fussell, Floyd Fusselman, Dennis J
Fuster, Dr John Fuzek, PhD

Website: Petition Project at
Section: Signers of Petition
Topic: Signers G
Title: Signatories

Dr. P.S. Gaal, PhD, Dr Steven A Gaal, PhD, George Gabanski,
Dr. F Gabbard, PhD, Ron Gabel, Dr. Richard A Gabel, PhD,
Ronald Gabel, John Gabelman, PhD, Dr Robt E Gabler, PhD, L H
Gabro, Deon E Gaddy, Jim Gadwood, Tommy Grady, Gaffney, Dr
Lanelle G Gafford, PhD, Dr Gaffrey, MD, Frederick W Gage, J R
Gage, Steven R Gage, James Gage, Dr Richard Gaggioli, PhD, Joe
Gagliardi, Thomas R Gagnier, Dr A Gahr, PhD, Wayne Gahwiller,
Tinsley P Gaines, John Gaither, Bruce Gaither, Dr George Gal,
PhD, Dr. Gustavo E Galante, Dr Eugene Galanter, PhD, Robt G
Galazin, John L. Galbreath, John Galbreath, Dr Harold W Gale,
PhD, Charles Gale, Louis Galie, John P Galien, Patrick S
Galkuska, Dr. Stanley A Gall, Dr. John H Galla, Dr. Joan S
Gallagher, PhD, Frank P Gallagher I I I, Dr James Gallagher, PhD,
Dr Jack Gallagher, PhD, Donald L Gallaher, Peter Galli, Francis M
Gallo, Charles R Galloway, Dr. Ethan C Galloway, PhD, Daniel L.
Galloway, Dr Yakob Galperin, PhD, Gary Galyardt, Dr. David
Gambal, PhD, James J Gambino, Michael L. Gamblin, Tom
Gambon, Gerald Gambs, Dr Bernard Wm Gamson, PhD, Dr Perry
S Ganas, PhD, Dr Harendra S Gandhi, PhD, Harvey M Gandy,
Daniel Ganey, Dr. A K Ganguly, PhD, Dr Mary C Gannon, PhD,
Stephen J Ganocy, Carl Ganseivity, Joseph E Gantz, Scott
Garbarino, S Paul Garber, Allen J Garber, Dr. Floyd Wayne
Garber, PhD, Dr Hector Garcia, David Garcia, Dr Celso Raymon
Garcia, Jay Gardiner, Harry E Gardner Jr, Kent Gardner, Tony
Gardner, Dr. Wayne Scott Gardner, PhD, Homer Gardner, Jack
Gardner, Dr. Ernest Gardow, PhD, D Garett, Dr Walter F Garey,
Albert S Garfalo, Dr Wm L Garbrecht, PhD, Dr Jerry Gargulak,
PhD, Dr Joseph F Garibotti, PhD, Thomas Gariety, Clyde H
Garman, Donald D Garman, Robt H Garmezy, Dr Ronald G
Garmon, PhD, Robt J Garner, Jay M. Garner, Dr. Hessle F
Garner, PhD, H. Richard Garner, Charles R. Garner, Dr Jeanette
Garr, PhD, R I Garrett, Marc Garrett, Johathan Garrett, Dr.
Thomas M Garrett, PhD, Dr Robert G Garrison, PhD, Ronald
Garrison, Don Garrison, Dr John E Garst, PhD, David Garstin, Dr
John C Garth, PhD, Daniel L. Graver, Frederick Garver, William F
Garvin, Dr. Todd Garvin, Nicholas O Gaspar, Dr Geroge Gasper,
PhD, Jerry Gass, Jay B Gassel, Dr Raymond F Gasser, PhD, Dr
Raymond F Gasser, PhD, Ron Gasser, Edward Wm Gassie, PhD,
R. H. Gassner, Judith A Gast, Robert S Gaston, A D Gate,
Richard Gates, Christopher Gates, Charles Gates, Dr. Lawrence
Gates, George L Gates, Dr. Emery G Gathers, Dr. G R Gathers,
PhD, Thomas Gatliffe, Dr Anthony R Gatti, PhD, Dr. Eugene R
Gaughran, PhD, Donald W Gauntlett, Dr Michael Gauthier, PhD,
Dr Gautier, Dr. Steven D Gavazza, PhD, Henry T. Gawrylowicz,
Dr. Richard L Gay, PhD, David Gay, S Parker Gay, Randael Gay,
Al Gaylord, Dave Gaylord, Jim Gayman, Dr. Joseph Gaynor, PhD,
Dr. Rick D Gdanski, PhD, Dr Roy L Gealer, PhD, William Geary,
Dr William Geary, Donald Gebbie, Steve Geci, Mr. M R Gedge,
M.R. Gedge, Doug Gedoski, William E Gee, Dr Colin V Gegg,
PhD, Dr. Alexander S Geha, Dr Alexander S Geha, Dr W Blair
Geho, Dr Robert F Gehrig, PhD, James E Geiger, Dr Gordon
Geiger, Dr Paul J Geiger, PhD, Dr Philip Geis, PhD, Larry W
Geisler, William Geisler, Elton W. Geist, Geoffrey Geisz, Karl R
Geitner, Dr. Celine Gelinas, PhD, Charles Gelman, Michael
Gelotte, Mike Gemmell, Dr Gennaro, PhD, L D Gent Jr, Ronald L
Genter, Jerauld Gentry, Joseph C Gentry, Dr. Nicholas C
Georgantzas, PhD, T G George, Charles J George, Robert B
George, Dr Daryl D George, PhD, Dr Raymond George, PhD, Dr.
Boyd A George, PhD, Dr David M Georgoff, PhD, Gerard Allen
Geppert, Dr Gary Gerardi, PhD, Dr. Michael Gerber, Dr. Eugene J
Gerberg, PhD, F Jay Gerchow, Jay Gerdin, Dr Thomas G Gerding,
PhD, Robert Gerger, J. Calvin Gerhard, Dr. Earl Robert Gerhard,
PhD, Dr George W Gerhardt, PhD, Dr. Philip Gerhart, PhD, Dr
Henry D Gerhold, PhD, T.C. Gerhold, C Gerig, Dr. Ulrich H
Gerlach, PhD, Dr Richard P Germann, PhD, Dr Peter J Gerone,
PhD, Mr. John Gerow, Dr Anne A Gershon, Dr Mark Gerstein,
Eric Gerstenberger, Eric B Gertner, Jonathan Gertz, Dr Robt P
Gervais, Dr Joseph E Gervay, PhD, Thomas E Gesick, Mark G
Gessel, Edward C. Gessert, Ruth G. Gessert, Dr Forrest E Getzen,
PhD, Dr. Robert L Geyer, PhD, Alex Gezzy, Dr Camillo Ghiron,
PhD, Richard Ghiselin, Richard G Ghiselin, Mohamed Mansour
Ghoneim, MD, Dr. Luther W Ghormley, Frederick Giacobbe, Dr L
H Giacoletto, PhD, David Gianettino, Dr. Umberto Gianola, PhD,
Gordon Gibb, Dr. Larry V Gibbons, Gary Gibbons, Dr William
Gibbons, Dr. Louis Charles Gibbons, PhD, Elizabeth L Gibbs,
Randy Gibbs, Reed Gibby, PhD, Bruce Gibby, Kernon Gibes, Dr
Thomas G Gibian, PhD, Dr. Daniel Gibson, PhD, Donald G
Gibson, Ronald Gibson, Dr George Gibson, PhD, Dr Lee Gibson,
PhD, Dr. Warren Gibson, PhD, Dr David F Gibson, PhD, Bobby
W. Gibson, Dr Giclas, PhD, Ken Giebe, Dr Frederic A Giere,
PhD, Byron Giehart, Brian D. Giermek, Dr James Gieselmann,
Kenneth Giesige, Dr. James G Geistfeld, PhD, Dr. Walter C Giffin,
PhD, Jonathan Gifford, PhD, Hugh W Gifford, Dr Adolf Giger,
PhD, Michael V Gigli, Goerge Gil, Francis E Gilbert, Peter Gilbert,
Dr Dewayne E Gilbert, Lyman F Gilbert, Sr, Joel Gilbert, Paul T
Gilbert, P A Gilbert, William Gilchrist, Dr. W. Allen Gilchrist, PhD,
Roger R Giler, John Giles, Tony Gill, Dr. William Gill, PhD, Mellor
A Gill, Dr. Charles B Gill, PhD, Donald Gill, Tim Gillam, Rick
Gillan, Susan Gillen D.V.M, Wm R Gillen, Dr. Susan Gillen, Jeff
Gillespie, Dr Robert Gillespie, PhD, William H Gillespie, Dr Claude
M Gillespie, PhD, Thomas D Gillespie, PhD, Bob Gillespie, Dr
Gary Gillespie, Dr Lawrence B Gillett, PhD, Benjamin A Gillette,
Travis H Gillham, Dr Nicholas W Gillham, PhD, Tom Gilliam, Dr
George T Gillies, PhD, Dr. George A. Gillies, PhD, Bruce B.
Gillies, H C Gillies, Dr T Ja Gilligan, PhD, Robert Gilliland, Dr.
Thomas E Gillingham, PhD, Dr. Jacques Gilloteaux, PhD, James R
Gilman, Dr Ernest R Gilmont, PhD, Dr John Gilmore, PhD, John H
Gilmore, Mike Gilmore, Charles Gilmore, Paul Gilmour, PhD,
George Gimber, Dr Richard J Gimpelson, Mark Gindling, H Scott
Gingrich, Kenneth J Ginnard, Jeffrey D Ginnvan, Jerome Z
Ginsburg, Helen Ginzburg, Dick Gion, Dr Thomas H Giordano,
PhD, Dr Joseph Giordano, Ernie Giovannitti, Georgina Gipson,
Russell C Girouad, Chris Girouard, John Gishpert, Dr Stephen
Glacy, Johanna Glacy-Araos, Julie Glanan, Jeffrey A Glancey, Dr
Peter K Glanz, PhD, Dr. Peter Glanz, PhD, Walter Glasgow, Dr.
Werner Glass, PhD, Marvin Glass, Jerome E Glass, David A
Glasser, Dr Frederic Glatter, Dr George I Glauberman, PhD, Tom
Glaze, Charles Glazer, Dr. Thomas A Gleeson, PhD, Dr Bertis
Lamon Glenn, PhD, David Glenn, Clifford Glenn, John Glissmeyer,
Dr John W Glomb, PhD, Dale P Glover, Robert Glover, Dr. Daniel
Glover, PhD, John Glynn, Dr Richard H Gnaedinger, PhD, Dr
Matthew Gnezda, PhD, Wilmer E Goad, C J Gober, William
Godaif, Mr. Ferd Godbold I I I, Charles B Godfrey, Dr Charles
Godreau, Terry L Godsey, William H. Godshall, Robert Owen
Godwin, Valery Godyak, Dr Ludwig E Godycki, PhD, Conway
Goehman, Frederick A Goellner, David J Goerz, Dr Goette,
Thomas Goettge, Dr. Kenneth L Goetz, Harold E Goetzman, Mark
Goff, Alexander Goforth, James S Goft, William Goins, William
Goins, Dr. Malcom Golderberg, PhD, Dr Alfred Goldberg, PhD,
Dr Eugene Goldberg, PhD, Dr Malcolm Goldberg, PhD, Mark
Golden, Michael H Golden, Jeffrey S Golder, Dr. Ronald B
Goldfarb, PhD, Alan Goldfien, Dr Steven Goldfien, William T
Golding, Bruce Goldman, Dr Lionel S Goldring, PhD, Dr John P
Goldsborough, PhD, Dr Victor W Goldschmidt, PhD, Michelle
Goldschneider, Dr. Norman E Goldstein, PhD, Dr. Theodore P
Goldstein, PhD, Dr Patrick Goldsworthy, PhD, Richard
Goldthwait, PhD, Jonathan M Golli, Mark J Golol, Dr. Viadimir
Golovcminsky, Dr John R Gonano, PhD, Dr. Michel Gondouin,
PhD, Dr William Gong, PhD, Dr Ely Gonick, PhD, Dr. D. Gonle,
Alexander E Gonzalez, Ruth Gonzalez, PhD, Thoams Gooch,
William Good, Dr. John B Goodenou, PhD, Lewis S Goodfriend,
Loy Goodheart, Arthur Goodier, Terry L Gooding, Kent J
Goodloe, Robert Goodman, Ronald K Goodman, Roy Goodman,
Leroy Goodman, Dr Lawrence Goodman, PhD, William A
Goodrich, Jr, MD, Michael Goodrich, Byron Goodrich, Louie A
Goodson, Phill Goodwin, Korwin J Goodwin, Edward J. Goovier,
Dr Martin L Gorbaty, PhD, Dr Peter J Gorder, PhD, Gilbert
Gorodiscas, Dr. Robert B Gordon, PhD, Edward F Gordon, Scott
D Gordon, Robert Gordon, Robert E Gordon, Dr William Gordon,
PhD, Dr. Robert Gordon, PhD, Clifford Gordon, Dr Lweis C
Gordonson, Dr Heinz A U Gorges, PhD, Milton Gorham, Dr Linda
Gorman, PhD, Robert Gorman, Dr. Joseph Gorsic, PhD, Timothy
N Gorski, MD, PhD, Geoffrey G Gorsuch, Theodore Gortemoller,
Dr George R Goss, PhD, Dr Wilbur H Goss, PhD, Quentin L
Goss, David Grossett, Lee M Gossick, David Gossman, Dr.
Samuel P Gotoff, Henry Gotsch, George Gott, Malcolm H
Gotterer, Dr Marcus Gottlieb, D F Gottron, Donald F Gottron,
Keith R Gould, Wayne D Gould, Dr Robt G Gould, PhD, Dr
Walter L Gould, Dr Gordon Gould, PhD, Gerald G Gould, Robert
Goudie, Alan Goulet, Don Gournier, Dr James Gourtzis, Dr S Wm
Gouse, PhD, Robert J Governski, Bill Grabb, Harald Grabowsky,
Dr. Gloria L Grace, Robt D Grace, Joseph C Graciana, Dr. John
L. Grady, Dr. William P Graebel, PhD, Richard Graeme, Gary
Graeser, John Graf, Robert G Graf, G Robert Graf, Donna Graf,
Leroy D Graff, Dr. Dee McDonald Graham, PhD, Dr. Walter W
Graham, PhD, Bill Graham, Daniel C Graham, Bob Graham, Maj
Gen I Patton Graham, Michael W Graham, Jim Graham, Joseph W
Grahame, Douglas Gramer, Dr. Robert E Gramera, PhD, Otto G
Gramp, Alphonse P Granatek, Curtis Granberry, Jerry Grant,
James I Grantham, Donald J. Grantham, John Granyraah, Kenneth
D Granzow, Dr Jurgen M Grasshoff, PhD, Dr Steven Grassl, Frank
Grate, John B Gratzek, Dmv, PhD, Kenneth Graues, William
Grauten, Robert Gravel, Gerald Graves, Dr. Michael Gray, PhD,
Dr. Kevin J Gray, PhD, Lucy M Gray, Richard Gray, Ted Gray,
Thoams Gray, Dr James Gray, PhD, Daniel P. Gray, Ronald D.
Gray, Gordon Gray, Joe C Gray, Dr. Bruce W Gray, PhD, Jerry
Gray, Dr. George A Gray, PhD, Dr Frank Graziano, PhD, Gerald
Greak, Randolph K Greaves, Michael Grecco, Russell H Green Jr,
Willie H Green, Taylor C Green, John L Green, Dr George F
Green, PhD, Dr Martin Green, John W Green, Arthur Green,
Aaron Green, Dr. Saul Green, PhD, Marvin L Green, Dr. Joseph
Matthew Green, PhD, Dale Green, William H Greenberg, Dr
Charles R Greene, PhD, John J Greene, Dr. Donald M. Greene,
PhD, Danita Greene, Dr George M Greene I I, PhD, David
Greene, Dr. Harold Greenfield, PhD, Dr. Eugene Willis Greenfield,
PhD, Dr. Charles A Greenhall, PhD, Dr Gerald A Greenhouse,
PhD, Miles Greenland, Bruce Greenlee, Dick Greenly, William M
Greenslade, Dr. Anton Greenwald, PhD, B M Greenwood, Henry
Greenwood, James Greenwood, Dr Fred Greer, Gregory Greer,
Dr. Olen Greer, Robert Griffith, Don Greger, Howard Greger, Dr
David H Gregg, PhD, Dr. Charles T Gregg, PhD, J T Gregor, Dr.
David T Gregorich, PhD, Troy Gregory, Thomas Gregory, Ted M.
Gregson, Richard C Greig, Dr. J R Greig, PhD, Everett D Greinke,
Mary Ann Grelinger, Mary A Grelinger, Ne Grell, Tom Grem,
Anthony Grenci, Bert L. Grenville, Theodore Greshel, David R
Gress, Dr Peter M Gresshoff, PhD, Edward L Griffin, Dr Gordon
W Gribble, PhD, Alfred Greibling, Donald Grierson, Dr. George A
Gries, Michael J Gries, Daniel Grieser, Doreen Grieve, Dr. Glen
Griffin, Leland Griffin, Bruce Griffin, Dr. Joseph W. Griffin, PhD,
Billy Griffin, Clayton Houstoun Griffin, Dr M Griffin, PhD, Richard
L Griffin, Dr. James Edward Griffin, PhD, Dr. Paul G Griffith, PhD,
Brandon Griffith, Dr Virgil V Griffith, PhD, W C Griffith, Tom
Griffiths, Otto Grill, Helen Grim, Frank Grimaldi, Dr Louis J
Grimm, PhD, Dr Paul E Grindrod, PhD, Dr Teddy H Grindstaff,
PhD, Richard T Grinstead, Wm B Grinter, Ernest E Grisdale, John
C. Grisham, Dr Robert Dwight Grisso, PhD, Doug Grissom,
Donald L Griswold Jr, A G Griswold, George H Griswold, Ray
Griswold, Sara Grogg, Dr Paul Grogger, PhD, Dr. Sigmond
Grollman, Dr. Steven Gronemeyer, PhD, Percy Gros, Dr. Alan B
Grosbach, Dr Joseph F Gross, PhD, Michael P Gross, Dr Joseph
F Gross, PhD, Dr Robert Gross, William F Grosser, Dr B F
Grossling, PhD, H R Grossmann, Niles E Grosvenor, Dr. Fred
Grosz, PhD, Dr Lee J Grota, Lenhart T Grothe, Dr Morris P
Grotheer, PhD, Dr Henry M Grotta, PhD, Dr Leonard C Grotz,
PhD, Dr D J Grove, PhD, John C Grover, Dr. James Robb
Grover, PhD, Dr Timothy R Groves, PhD, William Groves, Dave
Groves, Pamela Grubaugh-Littig, Dr Shannon Grubb, Dr Gerald
Wm Gruber, PhD, Dr. Gerry Gruber, PhD, Dr Eugene E Gruber,
PhD, Dr. Carl L Gruber, PhD, David P Gruber, Eric Gruenler, Dr
Geza Gruenwald, PhD, Raymond Gruetert, Reed Grundy, Dr. H.H.
Grunger, Dr Mike Gruntman, PhD, Dr Ross Grunwald, PhD, Dr.
Paul M Gruzensky, PhD, Ed Grygiel, Dr. Bruce B Grynbaum, Dr
Harold J Gryting, PhD, Dr Robert F Guardino, PhD, Dr. Terry
Guckes, PhD, Dr Richard A Gudmundsen, PhD, Elaine Guenther,
Edward M Guenther, Dr. Gareth E Guest, PhD, Dr Thomas F
Guetzloff, PhD, Dr. Yann G Guezennec, PhD, Dr. Charles G
Guffey, PhD, Dr H W Guggenhgimer, PhD, Michael A Guida, Jerry
Guidarelli, Roland J Guidry Jr, Stephen Guidry, Albert Guilford,
David C Guinn, Michel Guinn, Peter H Guldberg, Dr Guldenzopf,
PhD, Cloyd D Gull, Dr Charles W Gullikson, PhD, Arnold J Gully,
Mark T Gully, Kenneth H Gum, Wm R Gumert, Darryl E
Gunderson, Dr. Robert C Gunness, PhD, Bob Gunther, Dr.
Wolfgang H H Gunther, PhD, Dr. Raj K Gupta, PhD, Earl S
Gurley, M S Gurney, Robert J Gussman, Lyle Gust, Dr. Lewis B
Gustafson, PhD, Dwight F Gustafson, Dr Philip F Gustafson, PhD,
Kermit Gustafson, Robert Gustavus, Dr David L Gustine, PhD,
Richard E Guth, Joseph A Gutierrez, Donald Gutru, Steven L
Gutsche, Kelleen Gutzmann, Dr. Jeng Yih Guu, PhD, Dr Frank
Guy, PhD, Dr. John V Guy- Bray, PhD, Dr James Guyker, PhD,
Louis Guzzo, Dr Geza L Gyorey, PhD

Website: Petition Project at
Section: Signers of Petition
Topic: Signers H - He
Title: Signatories

Dr. Gottfried Haacke, PhD, Michael D. Haag, Keith Haag, John
Haan, Frederick C Haas, PhD, Merrill W Haas, M Craig Haase,
Dr. Mutaz Habal, PhD, Dr Robt M Haber, PhD, Keith Haberer,
Donald Habersberger, Dr. Daniel Habib, PhD, Ara Hacetoglue,
Dr. George Hacken, PhD, Dr David S Olomon Hacker, PhD,
Jaqueline Hackett, Daniel Hackett, Earl Hacking, Dr. David B
Hackman, PhD, Dr Glenn A Hackwell, PhD, Elard Haden, Rodney
N Hader, Richard F Hadley, Dr. Frank A Hadsell, PhD, Pablo
Hadzeriga, Ron Haefer, Charlie Haener, Larry Haffey, Robert
Haffner, Joseph H Hafkenschiel, MD, Dr Erich Hafner, PhD, Dr
James Hagan, PhD, Richard Hagan, Dr. James A Hagans, PhD,
Cecil Hagen, Dr Arno K Hagenlocher, PhD, Dan Hager, Ronald J
Hager, Jr, Thomas J Hager, Dr Ismail B Haggag, PhD, Mr C Troy
Haggard, Chuck R Haggett, Willaim Hagis, Robert A Hagn, W A
Hargreaves, Dr Gerow R Hagstrom, PhD, William Hahman, Dr
Robt S Hahn, PhD, Richard D Hahn, MD, Gregory Hahn, John
Haien, John A Haiko, Robert Hails, Charles Hain, Anthony Haines,
Dr. Forest Haines, PhD, Dr Thomas Haines, PhD, J Haines, Delilah
B Hainey, Leroy M Hair, Dr Ben Hajek, Nic Hajiyianni, Dr. Reino
Hakala, PhD, Wm D Hake, Mary Hakim, Dr Arnold Hakkila,
PhD, Quinlan Halbeisen, Dr. Michel T Halbouty, PhD, Davis
Haldeman, Dave Haldeman, Dr. Charles W Haldeman I I I, PhD,
M H Halderson, Dr. Mike Hale, PhD, Francis A Hale, Dr Martha
Hale, PhD, William N Hale, James Hales, Dr. Harold Haley, Ted D
Haley, Paul F Halfpenny, Paul Halkiades, Dr. Nathan A Hall, PhD,
Ken Hall, Rick Hall, Merrill Hall, Norm Hall, Richard C Hall,
George L Hall, Kent Hall, Phillip Hall, Dr R W Hall, Jr, PhD,
Tommy G Hall, Jodie C Hall, Philip W Hall, Dr Robet Hall, Dr.
Frank Hall, Michael J Hall, Falinda F Hall, Dr. Kenneth L Hall,
PhD, George Hall, Robert Halladay, Christian Haller, Sieglinde
Haller, Otto Hallier, Bruce A Hallila, Dr Geri Halliwel, Dr Halliwell,
Dr. John H Hallman, PhD, Donal W Halloran, Dr. William Halpern,
Dr. Martin B Halpern, PhD, Frank C Halstead, Kevin Halstead,
Lee Edwad Ham, Daniel J Haman, Dr. William W Hambleton,
PhD, Dr Nirrus Hamburg, PhD, Ronald D Hamburger, Dr. Harry
Hamburger, Dr James Hamel, PhD, Dr. Edward E Hamel, PhD,
Alfred R. Hamelin, L. Ardis Hamer, Dr. Allan Hametta, Brenton M
Hamil, William A Hamill, Ralph Hamilton, Dr Priscilla O Hamilton,
PhD, Dr Hamilton, Dr William Hamilton, Gordon S Hamilton,
Mark A Hamilton, Dr. Homer R Hamilton, PhD, Dr. James W
Hamilton, PhD, Dr. Gordon A Hamilton, PhD, Dr Warren
Hamilton, PhD, James G Hamlett, Robert M Hammaker, PhD, Dr.
Harold T Hammel, Donald F Hammer, Dr. Paul E Hammond, PhD,
Raymond E Hammond, J Hammond, Jack A Hammond, Dr.
Charles E Hamner, PhD, Scott E Hampel, Dr. Linda C Hamphill,
Adrian J Hampshire, Lee Hamptian, Philip Hampton, Mark H
Hampton, James Dale Hampton, Dr John Hampton, James
Hampton, Suleiman M Hamway, PhD, W Han, Dr. Abraham S
Hananel, PhD, Dr Anthony J Hance, PhD, M Hancock, T
Hancock, Ray A Hancock, John W. Hand, Robert H. Hand, Brian
E Hand, Robert W. Handford, Dr Lawrence Handley, PhD,
Stanley E Handman, Arthur L. Handman, J.F. Handreir, Dr N
Bruce Hanes, PhD, D E Hansen, David Haney, David Haney,
Daniel Hang, Dr. Sunil Hangal, PhD, Peter Hangarter, Dr Leon
Hankoff, Dallas Hanks, Dr Robt Wm Hanks, Gerald M Hanley,
Dr. Kevin Joseph Hanley, Dr Arthur D Hanna, PhD, Jeff Hanna,
Bill Hanna, Susan K Hannaman, R.W. Hannemann, Martin
Hanninen, R.C. Hannon, Dr. Allan G Hanretta, W Dan Hansel, Dr
Robert C Hansen, PhD, L J Hansen, Hugh T Hansen, Robt H
Hansen, Judd A Hansen, Dr James Hansen, PhD, Rolf Hansen, Dr
R Thomas Hansen, PhD, Dr. John Hansen, PhD, Dr Daniel
Hansen, PhD, Rodney Hansen, Dr Joann B Hansen, PhD, Carl D
Hanson, Bernold M Hanson, Harry R Hanson, Daniel Hanson,
Richard Hanson, Dr. A O Hanson, PhD, Paul Hanssen, E.W.
Hanszen, Scott A Hanus, Russell Hanworth, Dr. William Happer,
PhD, Michael L Haraczy, Richard A Haralson, Michael P
Harasym, Dr Allan W Harbaugh, PhD, Dr John W Harbaugh, PhD,
John H Harble, Dr. Richard C Hard, Dr James E Hardcastle, PhD,
Dr Charles Hardbeck, Dr. Harry C Hardee, PhD, Roger W
Harder, Dr Harold C Harder, PhD, Dr. Ralph H Harder, Clyde
Hardin, Dr Wm Harding, PhD, Dr. Thomas W Harding, PhD,
Mary K Harding, Dr James L Harding, PhD, Dana Harding,
Thomas Harding, Andrew T Harding, Henry W Harding Jr, Dr. M
G Hardinge, Byron Hardinge, Dr Edgar Erwin Hardy, PhD, Barry
A Hardy, Dr. Henry R Hardy, PhD, Hugh W Hardy, Robert E
Hardy, Kent Hardy, Vernon E Hardy, Robin Hardy, P L Hardy Jr,
Cliff Hare, Gerald R Hare, W Henry Harelson, Dr. George B
Hares, PhD, Joe Hareza, Jesse W Hargis Jr, O W Hargrove, Mark
Harjes, Dr Robt Ian Harker, PhD, Wendell Harkey, Thomas
Harkins, Richard Harkins, Henry Gilbert Harlow, Ronald Harma,
Dr Charles M Harman, PhD, Dr Charles Harman, PhD, J Harman,
Wm H Hartmann, MD, Wayne A Harmening, Dr. Robert Harmon,
Charles E Harmon, William Harmon, Mary L Harmon, Dr Wm O
Harms, PhD, Eric A Harms, Grant H Harnest, PhD, Paul M
Harnsberger, Ronald Harp, Laddie Harp, James M Harp, Lt Col G
E Harper, Timothy Harper, John E. Harper, Herbert E Harper, Dr.
Kenneth E Harper, Dr. Dean O Harper, PhD, Lynn Harper, Ted N
Harper, Stephen T Harpham, Ron Harpin, James Harrell, Dr.
Wynford Lewis Harries, PhD, Dean B Harrington, B Harris, Dr
Joseph B Harris, PhD, D C Harris, S P Harris, PhD, Craig H
Harris, Rick Harris, Dr Donald R Harris, PhD, Don Harris, Dr.
Ellen Harris, PhD, Leon Harris, Kenneth Harris, Dr. Stanley Harris,
John C Harris, Ellis Harris, Dr B L Harris, PhD, Fletcher W.
Harris, Ronald Harris, Arthur B. Harris, Dr Ben G Harris, PhD, Dr.
John Harris, PhD, Dr James E Harris, Steven Harris, Robert D
Harris, Joseph W Harris, Russell Harris, Jay Harris, William Harris,
Gregorg Harris, Marvin Harrison, Dr Don E Harrison, Robin
Harrison, Francis L. Harrison, Kevin D Harrison, Burton Harrison,
Dr. Ernest A Harrison, PhD, Dr. John David Harrison, PhD, Dr
Earl R Harrison, Dr. Philip T Harsha, PhD, Dr Elbert N Harshman,
PhD, Charles C Hart, Dr Michael H Hart, PhD, Randall E. Hart,
Dr Raymond K Hart, PhD, Paul Hart, Sylvan Hart, Kenneth W
Hart, Melissa Hart, James Hart, Dr Robt D Harter, PhD, Hermen
Hartjens, William P Hartl, Dr Lawrence Hartlage, Lambert Hartle,
M Hartman, Dr. John L Hartman, PhD, George J Hartman, Wm H
Hartmann, MD, Robert R. Hartsough, Ronald Hartung, Charles M
Hartwell, Dr Nicholas Hartwig, Dr. Charles R Hartzell, PhD, Kim
L Harvey, Dr. Kenneth C. Harvey, PhD, David B Harvey,
Clarence C Harvey, Dr. F Reese Harvey, PhD, John Harville, PhD,
Dr Eldert C Hartwig, PhD, Dr Thomas R Harwood, MD, Dr Wm
H Harwood, PhD, Dr. Richard Harwood, PhD, Dr William L
Hase, PhD, Caryl Haskins, PhD, William J Haslem, Jill Hasling,
Barbara Hass, Dr James R Hass, PhD, Bob Hassebrock, Dr Van
Hassel, Dr Jay Hassell, Floyd N Hasselrlis, Kirk Hastings, Reese
Hastings, Dr Turner E Hasty, PhD, Thomas C Hatch, Roger C
Hatch, Dr Herbert J Hatcher, PhD, Peter Hatgelakas, Alson E
Hatheway, Joseph Hattersley, Joseph Hattersley, Christopher
Hatton, Aexl Haubold, Niels Haubold, Dr Robert Haubrich, PhD,
Charles B Hauf, James Hauff, Dr Arthur Haug, PhD, Jeff Haugen,
Dr. J Hauger, PhD, Henry Haughey, Dr. Ken Haught, PhD, S
Mark Haugland, Andrew F Haumesser, Maximilian E Hauser,
Hans Hauser, Dr Robert Hausman, PhD, Arthur Hausman, Warren
M Haussler, Dr William Havens, PhD, Geff A Havens, Robert
Havens, Stuart Havenstrite, Dr. Susan Haviland, G W Hawk,
Frank C Hawk Sr, Richard J Hawkanson, Timothy M Hawkes, Y
Hawkins, Dr. Robert Hawkins, PhD, Kerry M Hawkins, Mike C
Hawks, Brice Hawley, John W Hawley, Dr. Dwight Haworth,
PhD, Robert Hawthorne, Douglas Hayden, Dr. Howard Hayden,
PhD, W P Hayduk, Fred Hayduk, Edward F. Haye, James L
Hayes, Anthony V Hayes, Robt E Hayes, John Hayes, Dr. Daniel
P. Hayes, PhD, Dr Michael Hayes, PhD, Dr. Douglas Hayes, PhD,
Larry Hayes, Dr Dennis Hayes, PhD, Dr Carl H Hayn, PhD,
William Haynes, James Haynes, Dr Beth Haynes, John Lenneis
Haynes, Dr. Charles D Haynes, Dr. Frank L Haynes, PhD, Charles
Hauptman, Kendall Hays, George L Hazelton, Dr. R N
Hazelwood, PhD, William G Hazen, Kenneth Heacock, Dr. Ronald
Head, PhD, Milton C Head, Eugene Head, Dr Ronald A Head,
PhD, Klyne Headley, Sean M Headrick, Dr Harold Franklin
Heady, PhD, Mike Healey, Dr Donald J Healy, PhD, James C
Heap, Jane K Hearn, F Terry Hearne, Robert S Hearon, Dr.
Jennifer Heath, PhD, Ralph C Heath, George L Heath, Milton W
Heath, Jr, James E Heath, Leo A Heath, Dr James E Heath,
Robert B Heath, Dr James E Heavner, PhD, James P Hebbard,
Phillip C Hebert, G. Herbert, Eugene J Hebert, Scott J Hecht,
Daonld Hecker, Geo B Heckler, Dr John Heckman, PhD, Dr
Gregory Hedden, PhD, Dr George Heddy III, Dr James H
Hedges, PhD, Dr David R Hedin, PhD, Dennis Hedke, Todd
Hedlund, Neil W Hedrick, Dr Harold G Hedrick, PhD, Dr Ross M
Hedrick, PhD, Ira G Hedrick, David R Heebner, Laweance Van
Heeler, Clifford V Heer, Larry Van Heerden, Dr Dale Heermann,
PhD, John Heermans, Richard E Heffner, James J Heger, Charles
Hehl, Dr Glenn R Heidbreder, PhD, Roger Heiland, Dr J Heilman,
PhD, Dr Scott Hein, PhD, James A Heine, Walter Heinrichs, Dr
William D Heinze, PhD, Mark Heironimus, Ron Heisner, Roger
Heitland, Richard Heitzer, Albert Heitzmann, Leslie Hekkers, Dr
James R Helbert, PhD, Thomas Helbing, Stephen Helbing, Harold
Helbock, Duane Helderlein, Jerry Helfand, David Helfand, Paul E
Helfer, Roy J Helfinstine, Kenneth J Heller, James Heller, Dr.
Marvin W Heller, PhD, John C Hellgren, Larry Hellie, Denise
Helm, Donald C Helm, Carl Helmick, Bobby Helms, Ron Helms,
Nader Helmy, John W Helphrey, E. Helrogt, William D Helton,
Maribeth Helton, John Helwig, Raymond Hemann, Dr. Frederick B
Hembrough, Mr Hemeyer, Philip Hemmig, Dr Bruce C Hemming,
PhD, Thomas Hemphill, Dr. Klaus H Hemsath, PhD, Dr. J
Hemstreet, PhD, Charles A Hen, Charles H Henager, John P
Henaghan, James Hendershot, Frank D Henderson, Dr. David E
Henderson, PhD, Dr. H Henderson, Dr. Lavell M Henderson,
PhD, Robert L Henderson, Dr. Gerald J Henderson, PhD, Kenneth
P Henderson, Douglas J Henderson, Jerry Henderson, Gary W.
Henderson, Richard Henderson, Dr Dale Henderson, PhD, Stuart
W Henderson, Dr James Henderson, PhD, Dr Edwin Hendler, Dr.
John B Hendricks, PhD, Dr. Deloy G Hendricks, PhD, Charles
Hendricks, Robert Hendricks, John P Hendrickson, Tom A
Hendrickson, PhD, Dennis Hendrix, Wick Hendry, Dr Raymond
Henkel, PhD, Dr Philip S. Henkel, William Henkle, Dr. Ernest J
Henley, PhD, Kenneth Henley, Hugh M. Henneberry, Joseph
Hennessey, Joseph Hennessey, Jim Hennessy, Rudolph E Henning,
Lester A Henning, William Henry Jr, William R Henry, Dr.
Jonathan F Henry, PhD, Gregory W Henry, Regina Henry, William
Henry, Dr Zachary A Henry, PhD, Thomas Henry, Rudolph W
Hensel, Dr Wiley H Henson, Jr, PhD, James Henson, James
Hentges, Ronald D Hentz, G.C. Hepburn, R R Heppe, Dr. John A
Herb, PhD, Stephen R Herbel, Dr. John Frederick Herber, PhD,
Mr. John Herbig, Dr. John J Herbst, Dr. Hand H W Herda, PhD,
Dr. Lloyd E Herdle, PhD, Dr Bruce Herdrich, Lyle G Hereth, Dr.
William L Hergenrother, PhD, Donlad Herlew Jr, PhD, John E
Herlitz, Dr. Ronald C Herman, PhD, Dr Edward P Herman, Elvin E
Herman, Dr Roger M Herman, PhD, Roger Herman, Paul
Hermann, Dr Robert W Hermsen, PhD, Robert Hern, Alberto
Hernandez, Chesley C Herndon, Sandy Herndon, Todd Herrick,
William D Herrin, Curtis Herring, Randy B Herring, Don Herriott,
Dr. Ernest C Herrmann, PhD, Dr. Tom R Herrmann, PhD, Ernest
C Herrmann, Robert P Herrmann, Dr. Zvi Herschman, Dr. J.
Wilson Hershey, PhD, Dr John L Hershey, PhD, Rodney Hershey,
Dr. John William Baker Hershey, PhD, Fred Hertlein III, Dr
Charles H Herty I I I, PhD, Donald Herzberg, Dr George
Herzlinger, PhD, John Herzog, Robert A Herzog, Dr. Robert P
Heslop, Dr. Cynthia Hess, PhD, Larry Hess, Dr George B Hess,
PhD, Dr. Eugene Hess, PhD, Dr Marilyn Hess, PhD, Dr. Karl
Hess, PhD, Dr Mary Hess, Christian Hesse, Stephen Hesselbrook,
Dr. David A Hessinger, Dr Norman E Hester, PhD, John L
Hettrick, Dr. Ralph A Hewes, PhD, Dr James V Hewett, PhD, Dr.
Carl E Hewitt, Dr Frederick Hewitt, PhD, Paul G Hewitt, Dr.
Charles R Hewitt Jr, PhD, Phillip Hewlwtt, Dr Heyen, PhD

Website: Petition Project at
Section: Signers of Petition
Topic: Signers Hi - Hy
Title: Signatories

Dr Robert Hibbs, Ken Hucke, Rick Hickerson, Dr. Kenneth
Hickey, PhD, Jack Hickey, David K Hickle, James L Hickman,
Karen Hickman, Howard M Hickman, Walter Hickox, James M
Hicks, Richard Hicks, Lawrence Hicks, Dr Donald Hicks, PhD,
Harold E Hicks, Dr. Troy L Hicks, PhD, Michael Hicks, Robin
Hickson, Clarence E Hieserman, Dr. Steve Hietpas, PhD, Dr.
Joseph H Higginbotham, PhD, Mark J Higgins, Edward D. Higgins,
Dr. John Higgins, PhD, Lewis R Higgins, Ronald I Higgins, Michael
Higgins, Jack Higgins, Margaret A Hight, Neil C Hightower,
William Hilarides, Dr Douglas Hilchie, PhD, Paul R Hildenbrand,
Thomas M. Hilderbrand, Dr Robt E Hileman, PhD, Dr Hilgenberg,
Dr. Frederick L. Hilger, Dr John D Hill, Dwight S Hill, Dr J C Hill,
PhD, Dr Robt M Hill, PhD, Kendall W Hill, Harvey F Hill, Jeffrey
H Hill, MD, Dr Benjamin Hill, Bob Hill, Dr Jack F Hill, PhD,
Michael R Hill, Ronald E Hill, Raymond Hill, Charles Hill, Irving
Hill, Andrew Hill, Dr Robert D Hill, PhD, Jeffrey Hill, Dr. W B Hill,
PhD, Charles M Hillery, Dr. Richard Hillger, PhD, J Mark
Hilligoss, James O Hillis, Dr. William D Hillis, George W Hillman,
Stephen Hillmer, Dr Philip Hellreich, John Hills, Dr. Conrad R.
Hilpert, PhD, Edward W Hiltebeitel, Donald E Hilton, Theodore C
Hilton, Jack D Hilton, Carol C Hilton, Bradley Hina, Larry
Hinderager, Dr. Hilton F Hinderliter, PhD, John E Hiner, John R
Hines, James H Hines, Jr, Dr Barton L Hinkle, PhD, Dr Jack
Hinkle, Arthur Hinkley, Dr Jack Hinman, PhD, Clyde Hinman, Lee
Hinman, Jan D Hinrichsen, Roger R Hinshaw, Gregory Hinshaw,
Howard Hinson, Wayne L Hinthorn, C M Hinton, John Hinton,
Wiillie L Hinze, PhD, R J Hipple, Terry L Hird, John S Hird, Dr
Arthur Hirsch, PhD, Dr Robert Hirsch, PhD, Daniel L Hirsch, Peter
Hirschburg, Dr Donald A Hirst, PhD, Don Hise, Ed Hiserodt,
Gerald Hisert, Dr Robt W Hisey, PhD, Dr. J Brent Hiskey, PhD,
John Hite, Kenneth A Hitt, Donald O Hitzman, Donald O Hitzman,
Dr. Sumner B Hixon, PhD, William Hlavaty, Dr. Wai Ching Ho,
PhD, Dr T Y Ho, PhD, Chu- Kwong Ho, Jonathan Hoadley, H O
Hoadley, Dr Lawrence Hoagland, PhD, Dr. Brian G Hoal, PhD, Dr
Robt W Hobbs, PhD, Farrell D. Hobbs, Dr. Charles H Hobbs,
George Hobbs, Dr Melvin C Hobson, PhD, Dr S Hobson, Dr.
Robert C Hochel, PhD, Ed Hockaday, Dr Lon Hocker, PhD, Dr
Ralph J Hodek, PhD, Dr Frederick A Hodge, PhD, Lawrence H
Hodges, Marty Hodges, Dr Sidney E Hodges, PhD, Dr Vincent
Hodgson, PhD, Stephen M Hodgson, James Hodos, David A.
Hoecke, Dr Albert B Hoefelmeyer, PhD, Darrell Hoefling, Arthur
Hoeft, Dr. Robert J Hoehn, Alfred Joseph Hoehn, PhD, Dr Gus L
Hoehn, PhD, William B Hoeing, Robert G Hoey, Kenneth Hoff, Dr
Darrel Arton Hoff, Bob Hoffee, Dr. Earl Hoffer, Dr. Thomas E
Hoffer, PhD, Lee E Hoffman, Dr Theodore P Hoffman, PhD, Dr.
Marvin Morrison Hoffman, PhD, Larry C Hoffman, John W.
Hoffman, Dr Maureane R Hoffman, PhD, Dr. John R Hoffman,
PhD, Dr. Howard Torrens Hoffman, PhD, Ralph B Hoffman,
Thomas Hoffman, Edward Hoffmann, Gerard P Hoffmann, Jerry
Hofman, George J Hofmann, Dr C Lester Hogan, PhD, Dr James
Hogan, Dr. Christopher J Hogan, PhD, Dr David C Hogg, PhD,
Roy W Hogue, David Hohman, Mr Doug Hoiles, Arnold H
Hoines, Dr. D Hoiness, PhD, Dr. L.E. Hoisington, PhD, Douglas G
Hoisington, Dr Yoshitsugi Hokama, Charles Hoke, David L
Holcomb, Dr. Robert M Holcomb, PhD, David A Holcomb, Dr.
Howard D Holden, PhD, Richard Holden, George R Holden, Dr
Palmer J Holden, PhD, Dr. James Holder, Dr Tammy Holder,
Glenn Springs Holdings Inc., John E Holdsworth, John C Holko, C
H Holladay, Jr, Edson Holland, Dr Ray W Holland, J. Keen
Holland, Richard Holland, Dr Russell Holland, PhD, Charles L
Hollenbeck, Dr. David Henry Hollenberg, PhD, William A
Hollerman, Allen B Hollett, Dr Betsy Holli, Frank Holliday, Dr.
George Hayes Holliday, PhD, John C Holliman, John H Hollis, Dr.
John T Holloway, PhD, David B Holloway, Dr. Harry L Holloway,
PhD, Dr. Frank Joseph Holly, PhD, Victor T Holm, David F
Holman, Hewett E Holman, Dr. Johnny B. Holmes, PhD, William
Holmes, Ronald Holmes, G E Holmes, Dr Mac Holmes, PhD, Dr.
James F Holmes, PhD, David Holmes, Dr Eric Holmes, PhD,
Wendell Holmes, Ron Holmquist, Dr. Jerome H Holmund, PhD,
Raymond M. Halonen, Kelly Holovach, H. Duane Holsapple, Dr
Francis Holston, Robert J Holt Sr, Paul K Holt, Michael E.
Holtferich, Dr Lowell H Holway, PhD, David Holy, Harold Holz,
Dr Don H Holzhei, PhD, Dr George Holzman, PhD, Dr Otto A
Homberg, PhD, Dr Franklin I Honea, PhD, Dr Russell Honea,
PhD, Dr Richard Honey, PhD, Baxter D Honeycutt, John
Honeycutt, PhD, Dr A Hong, Dr Honodel, Jay W Honse, Dr
Hood, PhD, Richard Thornton Hood Jr., M.D., David Hood, Dr.
Kenneth E. Hoogs, Dr. James P Van Hook, PhD, Dr James N
Hool, PhD, Linda Hoopes, Richard Hoover, John Hoover, Francis
J Hopcroft, Harry Hope, Robert H. Hopf, Harold H Hopfe, Dr.
Ronald M Hopkins, Edward Hopkins, William Hopkins, T E
Hopkins, David A Hopkins, Dr. George William Hopkins, PhD,
Richard B Hopper, John T Hopwood, Gary B Horan, Mike Horan,
Sylvester P Horkowitz, Carlos L Horler, Sr, Frank A Hormann,
Mark L Horn, PhD, Terry Horn, Dr Edwin Hornbaker, PhD,
Jerrold S Horne, Scott Hornsby, David Hornsby, Dr. Edward E
Hornsey, PhD, Dr Ewin W Hornung, PhD, Harvey Allen Horowitz,
Dr. Myer G Horowitz, PhD, John Horrenstine, Glen Horrie, Dr.
Lloyd A Horrocks, PhD, Tim Horton, Malcolm D. Horton,
Randolph R Horton, Dr Ralph Horton, PhD, Chris Horton, Doug
Horton, Steve Horton, Robert Horton, Dr. M Duane Horton, PhD,
Earl W Hortvedt, Dr William Horvath, PhD, Peter B Hobsbawn,
Dr. J.R. Hoskins, Gregory Hosler, Mr Charles R. Hosler, Robert
Hosley, Nancy Hosman, Dr Donald P Hoster, PhD, Patty
Hostetler, Mark Hostetter, Dr. Frederick Hottes, Allan Houanson,
Richard F Houde, Dr. Joel Oliver Hougen, PhD, Ralph L Hough,
Dr Rodney T Houlihan, PhD, Stephen Hourcade, Ashley House,
Leland R House, M D, Robert M House, Dr Wm B House, PhD,
Dr House, C.A. Houseman, Dr John E Houser, James O
Houseweart, Richard Houston, Michael G. Houts, PhD, Eric
Houze, Louis R Hovater, Scott Hover, Dr Wm L Howard, Sr,
PhD, Dr. Larry B Howard, PhD, Dr Michael S Howard, PhD, Dr
Charles Howard, Ric Howard, Dr Walter Egner Howard, PhD, K
B Howard, Charles Howard, Robert Howard, Stanley G Howard,
John Howard, William Howard, Dwight D Howard, Dr. Russell D
Howard, Dr John Howatson, PhD, Deeanne Keyston Howe, Dr.
Warren B Howe, Dr George Howe, Vince Howell, Ray Howell,
Randall L. Howell, Russell J Howell, Dr Wesley R Howell, PhD,
Dr Terry A Howell, PhD, William T Howell, Craig A Howell, Fritz
Howes, Dr. John E Howland, Weston Howland, Jr, Ward
Howland, Dr. Joseph E Howland, Donald Howlett, Dr. David R
Howton, PhD, William Hoychuk, Dr Paul J Hoyer, PhD, Dr.
Charles D Hoyle, PhD, W Andes Hoyt, Donna Hoyt, C Hoyt, Dr
Jam Hrabe, PhD, Lloyd Hren, Roger Hrudy, James G Hruska, Dr.
Zdenek Hruza, Dr. Sung L Hsia, PhD, Dr Tsuying Hsieh, Dr
Hsien-Gieh Sie, PhD, Hani F Hskander, Dr. Robert Y Hsu, PhD,
Sharron Hsuch, Dr. Yen T Huang, PhD, Dr Wm B Hubbard, PhD,
P E Hubbard, Helen Hubbard, Dr. Harmon W Hubbard, PhD,
Terry K Hubble, Craig Huber, J Wm Huber, Douglas Huber, Cyril
E Huber, Jean L Hubert, Dr. Wilbert H Hubin, PhD, Dr John L
Hubisz, Dr. John L. Hubisz, PhD, Arthur E. Hubscher, Richard O
Huch, Lori Huckabay, Johnny Hucks, Dr Charlie Huddleston,
Steven P Huddleston, David A Hudgins, Dr P M Hudnall, PhD, J.
E Hudson, Larry Hudson, George R Hudson, Dr Frank A Hudson,
Robt B Hudson, Stephen H Hudson, Dr Colin Hudson, PhD, Dr.
Dale Hudson, PhD, Wayne Huebner, Harry J Huebner, Dr Fred R
Huege, PhD, F M Huey, Dr. B Jerry L Huff, PhD, Dr Norman T
Huff, PhD, Jon M Huff, Dennis Huffaker, Eric Huffine, Gene
Huffine, Judith Huffine, Dr Julie Huffman, PhD, Dave Huffman,
Woodie D Huffman, K Huffman, Dr. James Hufham, PhD, Glen
Hufschmidt, Dr James W Hugg, PhD, Robert P Hughes, Dudley J
Hughes, Kenneth J Hughes, Kenneth H Hughes, Jerry Hughes,
Robert G Hughes, Deanne D Hughes, John Hughes, Dr. Travis
Hughes, PhD, Dr Michael Hughes, PhD, Dr Donald Hughes, PhD,
W Bryan Hughes, Robert Hughey, Mark Hughston, Walter Huhn,
Dr Bradley E Huitema, PhD, Ronald Hull, J.M. Hull, Augustine
Hull, John H Hull, John L Hull, Dr John Hulm, PhD, Robert Hulse,
Dr. John L Hult, PhD, Eric A Hulteen, Kurt R. Hulteen, Dr Frank
Hultgren, PhD, Art Hults, Ernest H Hume, Dr Harold J Humm,
PhD, Charles A Hummel, Mrs Patti Hummel, Elam Hummer, Allan
Humpherys, Wm A Humphrey, Robert Humphrey, Dr. William E
Humphrey, PhD, Dr. Ray Eicken Humphrey, PhD, Joseph W
Hundley Jr, Dr. John G Hundley, PhD, Dr. Chin- Chen Hung, C R
Hunkins, Ernest L Hunsaker, Dr. Robert D Hunsucker, PhD,
Douglas Hunt, Cecill Hunt Jr, Stephen Hunt, Delora P. Hunt, Paul
Hunt, Kenneth Hunt, Mack Hunt, Dr. Everett C Hunt, PhD, Wm J
Hunter, Bob Hunter, Dr Arvel H Hunter, Jamie Hunter, Ray
Hunter, Hugh Hunter, Hassell Hunter, Frank D. Huntley, Dr Henry
Huntley, Dr Lawrence Huntoon, Dr. Rodney W Hunziker, Michael
D Hurd, Dr Richard Hurd, G William Hurley, Edward T Hurley,
Dr. Francis X Hurley, PhD, Randy Hurst, Leland L Hurst, Dave
Hurt, Shakir Husain, PhD, J E Von Husen, Michael C Husinko, Dr.
Samir Hussamy, PhD, Frank Hussey, Vivian K Hussey, Jerome G
Hust, Dr Keith A Huston, Robert Huston, Jason Hustus, Dr.
Andrew Huszczuk, John G Hutchens, William R Hutchins, Lee
Hutchins, Dr. James J. Hutchins, William R Hutchins, William
Hutchins, Dr R W Hutchinson, PhD, Gary Hutchinson, Darrell A
Hutchinson, Dr. James H Hutchinson, PhD, J F Huth, Wm Hutley,
Carl M Hutson, Dr James Hutt, Dr. F B Hutto, PhD, Dr. Reinhold
J Hutz, Dr. John F Hutzenlaub, PhD, Michael N Huynh, James
Hyat, James Hyatt, Kenneth Hyatt, Dr Eric Hyatt, PhD, Dr. Alan
W Hyatt, PhD, Waren Hybl, Bradley G Hyde, Dr Monte L Hyder,
PhD, Dr. Peter P Hydrean, PhD, Dr Caryl H Hyland, PhD, Dr J
Walter Hylin, PhD, Dr. E. Carl Hylin, PhD, James M. Hylko,
James Hylko, Dr Wm E Hymans, PhD, Dr. Arnold G Hyndman,
PhD, Steven J Hynek, Bradley S Hynes

Website: Petition Project at
Section: Signers of Petition
Topic: Signers I - J
Title: Signatories

Dr Michael J Iatropoulos, PhD, Mike Ibarguen, Kenneth D Ibsen,
Dr. Sherwood B. Idso, PhD, Andrew Iezzi, Donald J Ifshin, Mac
Igbal, Harold Igdaloff, Dr. Jon M Igleman, Jim Iglesias, Dr. Alex
Ignatiev, PhD, Dr Donald K Igou, PhD, Dr D Igou, PhD, John A
Ihli, Dr Charles A Ihrke, PhD, Dr. Robert M Ikeda, PhD, Dr.
Phillip M Iloff, PhD, Richard Ilson, Jean-Pierr Imandt, John R Imel,
Harold E Imke, Walter L Imm, Bruce Imsdahl, Dr Anton L
Inderbitzen, PhD, Dr. Samuel J Ing, Dr Karl Ingard, PhD, Dr
Walter H Inge, Kenneth Ingham, Lisa Ingle, Dr. Criton S Inglessis,
PhD, Dr Criton C S Inglessis, PhD, Dr Nicholas A Ingoglia, PhD,
Dr. J. Charles Ingraham, PhD, Jeffrey Ingram, Dr Alvin R Ingram,
PhD, Alfred Ingulli, Charles G Inman, Ronald S Inman, Dr William
B Innes, PhD, Dr Mitio Indkuti, PhD, Kaoru Inouye, Lucy Ionas, J
N Ipson, Zackary Irani, Dr Mehraboon S Irani, Robt E Irelan,
James Ireland, Roar L Irgens, Dr. Roar L Irgens, PhD, Larry Irons,
Timtohy K Irvin, David Irvin, G W Irvin, James B Irvine, Charles
Irvine, Dr. Charles F Irwin, Dr John Irwin, Philip George Irwin,
PhD, Noreen Irwin, J Irwin, Dr. John D Irwin, PhD, Terry Irwin,
Boyce Irwin, Dr. Erich Isaac, PhD, Dr Ronald Isackson, Dr.
Sheldon E Isakoff, PhD, Martin Isaks, PhD, Teri Isakson, Francis
Isaman, E Burk Isbell, Dr Gerald Wm Iseler, PhD, Donald G Iselin,
Dr. Don L Isenberg, PhD, Dr Robt W Isensee, PhD, Byron M
Ishkanian, Dr. Janine Islam, Dr Donald R Isleib, George Ismael, Dr
A Z Ismail, PhD, Larry Israel, Milton S Issaacson, Dr. Istvan
Boldogh, PhD, E W Itell, Dr Ltc Max Ito, PhD, Dr. Olga Ivanilova,
PhD, James Ivers, F K Iverson, James A Ives I I, King H Ives, Dr.
Donathan M Ivey, Edwin H Ivey, John Ivey, Dr Kenneth M Izumi,
PhD, Dr. Robert A Izydore, PhD, Dr Patrick T Izzo, PhD,
Theodore Izzo, W.J. Fergerson, Dr. Mitchell J Jablons, Dr Dale
Jacknow, Dr G Jacknow, Donald C Jacks, Dr. Rick L Jackson, B
Jackson, Royce A Jackson, Dr. Harold L Jackson, PhD, Dr.
Stewart A Jackson, PhD, Dr. Roscoe G Jackson, PhD, Herrick
Jackson, Dr. Warren Jackson, PhD, Dr Bill G Jackson, PhD,
Bobby J Jackson, George Jackson, Dr L Jackson, PhD, Harry A
Jackson, Dr K A Jackson, PhD, Bruce Jackson, Dr J G Jackson
III, Dr Thomas Jackson, William Howard Jaco, PhD, Dr Wm John
Jacober, PhD, Dr William Jacobi, PhD, George T Jacobi, Lenard
Jacobs, Richard G Jacobs, Dr. Francis A Jacobs, PhD, Dr. Francis
A Jacobs, PhD, Sharon Jacobs, Bruce Jacobs, Kermit V
Jacobsen, Dr. Jimmy J Jacobson, PhD, Dr Albert Jacobson, Glen
O. Jacobson, Genelle Jacobson, Irven Allan Jacobson, Dr. Elaine L
Jacobson, PhD, John Jacox, Dr Donald F Jacques, PhD, Neal
Jacques, Jules Jacquin, Dr. Holger M Jaenisch, PhD, Dr. William J
Jaffe, PhD, Dr Jonah Jaffe, PhD, Mordecai Jaffe, Dr. Donald Jaffe,
PhD, Dr. Kenneth I Rwin Jagel, PhD, Leonard T Jagiello, Ray
Jaglowski, Paul Jagnow, David H. Jagnow, Arnold Jagt, Dr Marek
Jakubowski, PhD, Richard J Jambor, Dr Virgil E James, PhD,
Jerry James, Dr F E James, Jr, Dennis James, H.S. James, Dr.
David E James, PhD, Calvin James, Dr. Everett Williams Jameso,
PhD, Chet H Jameson Jr, Leon Jameton, Will B Jamison, Margaret
Jamison, Dr. Robert W Jamplis, Dr. John X Jamrich, PhD, Dr Lynn
Janas, Tom Janas, Dr. Jiri Janata, PhD, Dr. Kenneth S Jancaitis,
PhD, Thomas Jancic, Dr. John A Jane, PhD, Donald Janes, Jack
Janicke, Dr. Borek Janik, PhD, Norman Janke, Paul R Jann, Daniel
J Janney, George J Jansen, Maximo Jante, Dr Jonathan Janus,
Rupert Jarboe, Frank H Jarke, Dr Robert Jarman, W W Jarowey,
Kenneth Jarrell, James J Jarvis, Dr. Neldon Lynn Jarvis, PhD, Dr
John Jarvis, Rodney Jasmer, Dr. Robert Jastrow, PhD, John P
Jastrzembski, Dr. John A Jaszczak, PhD, Dr Augus W Jaussi, PhD,
Seymour Jaye, Dr. Kuan- The Jeang, PhD, H S Jeck, Dr K B
Jefferts, PhD, Dr. Keith Bartlett Jefferts, PhD, Lawrence Jeffery,
Edward Jeffreys, Thomas T Jeffries I I I, Dr Hugh Jeffus, PhD, Dr
Max Jellinek, PhD, Wm W Jemison Jr, Dr Joseph V Jemski, David
E Jenkins, Jack D Jenkins, Dr Vernon K Jenkins, PhD, Larry
Jenkins, Carol Jenkins, Ardell Jenkins, Sean Jenkins, Dr Vincent F
Jennemann, PhD, Frederick A Jennings, Pete D Jennings, Paul A
Jennings, PhD, Dr Alfred S Jennings, PhD, Matthew Jennings,
Donald Jennings, James Jennison, Dr Wayne E Jens, PhD, Walter
P Jensen Jr, Dr Clayton E Jensen, PhD, Dr. Timothy B Jensen,
PhD, Dale R Jensen, Creighton Jensen, Glenn Jensen, Brian Jensen,
Dr Thomas Jensen, PhD, Randolph Jensen, Paul Edward T Jensen,
Kurt Jensen, Robert Jensen, L Carl Jensen, Dr. Leeann Jensen,
PhD, Dr. Marcus M Jensen, PhD, Peter Jerabek, Robt G Jernigan,
Anthony E Jernigan, J.M. Jeryin, Guy C Jeske, Elliot E Jessen, Dr
William A Jesser, Edwin N Jett, Dr Robert Jeub, Dr. C Thomas
Jewell, Dr. Michael W Jezercak, PhD, Dr Henry L Jicha, PhD,
Scott Jimmerson, Dr Karel Jindrak, Dr Zdenek Jizba, Charles
Joanedis, Thomas Jobin, Richard Jodry, Dr Joerz, Allen L Jogerst,
Dr Eileen D Johann, PhD, Dr V I Johannes, PhD, Robert Johannes,
PhD, Dr Timothy Johans, Emil S Johansen, Dr. H William
Johansen, PhD, Dr. Craig A Johanson, Dr. Karl Richard
Johansson, PhD, Sune Johansson, Bob Johnko, Donald Johns I I,
Anthony O Johnson, P Johnson, Frank J Johnson, Walter F
Johnson, Dr. Todd Johnson, PhD, Dr Ronald Gene Johnson, PhD,
Dr. Leo F Johnson, PhD, Dr Donald C Johnson, PhD, R D
Johnson, Dr Duane P Johnson, PhD, Dennis Johnson, Theodore R
Johnson, Thomas P Johnson, Robt L Johnson, PhD, Dr Robert B
Johnson, PhD, William P Johnson, Dr I Johnson, PhD, Richard B
Johnson, Dr Donald D Johnson, PhD, Delmar R Johnson, Dr
William Johnson, Dr Ray E Johnson, Dr Melvin Johnson, Dr
Donald Johnson, Robert Johnson, Danny Johnson, Lloyd Johnson,
Dr Gerald Johnson, PhD, Alan W Johnson, Dr Blane Johnson,
PhD, Dr Horace Johnson, PhD, Dr Robert Johnson, PhD, C
Johnson, Ronald Johnson, H C Johnson, Charles W Johnson, MD,
Robert Johnson, Terrell K Johnson, Jim Johnson, Gerald E
Johnson, George Johnson, Alan W. Johnson, Dr. Terrance
Johnson, PhD, Dr Charles M Johnson, PhD, Eric Johnson, Dr
James R Johnson, PhD, Dr Robert Johnson, PhD, Archie C
Johnson, Mark Johsnon, Dr Fred Johnson, PhD, Julie Johnson,
Gordon E Johnson, Thomas J Johnson, Richard R Johnson, Dr J
William Johnson, William Johnson, Sieglende Johnson, Mark A
Johnson, Dr. David C Johnson, Rodney B Johnson, Wendell
Johnson, Dr. Arlo F Johnson, PhD, J Donald Johnson, Jeffrey
Johnson, Dr. James W Johnson, PhD, Harald B Johnson I I I, Dr
Leland Johnson, PhD, Dr. Frederic A Johnson, PhD, Raymond E
Johnson, Dr. Richard D Johnson, PhD, Dr. Robert V Johnson,
PhD, Wyatt Johnson, Bruce Johnston, Stephan E Johnston, Dr
Johnston, PhD, Dr. William D Johnston, PhD, H D Johnston, David
Johnston, Matt Johnston, Dr S Johnston, PhD, Dr H D Johnston,
PhD, Dr Marshall Johnston, PhD, Bill Johnston, George M
Johnston, Dr John E Jolley, PhD, Dr Von D Jolley, Alfred Leon
Joly, Gordon Jonas, Robert W Jonasen, Dr Frank N Jones, PhD,
Dr. Merrill Jones, PhD, Dr Andrew E Jones, John L Jones, PhD,
Dr. Kay H Jones, PhD, Christopher H Jones, Emmett Jones, J B
Jones, Dr. H M Jones, PhD, Mark Jones, Dr Robt F Jones, Wm H
Jones, Dr. John D Jones, Derek Jones, John Jones, B C Jones, F
Gordon Jones, Dr Jack Jones, Ralph Jones, G R Jones, Dr Merrell
R Jones, PhD, A.D. Jones, Dr Charles Jones, PhD, Dr Louise
Jones, PhD, Paul Jones, James J Jones, E C Jacobs Jones, Edward
T. Jones, George R. Jones, Mitchell Jones, Paul Jones, Glen Jones,
Chrisopher Jones, Dr. Roy Carl Jones, PhD, Steven Jones, Dr.
Wesley M Jones, PhD, Les Jones, Dr James Jones, PhD, Walt
Jones, Dr Robert Jones, PhD, Dr. Wilbur C Jones, PhD, Oliver
Jones, Edgar J Jones, Paul Jones, Dr Bill Jones, PhD, John Jones,
Dr Robert Jones, PhD, Dr. Taylor B Jones, PhD, Marshall Jones,
Carl E Jones, Pete Jonghbloed, Peter E Jonker, John Jonkman, Dr
E D Jordan, PhD, Dr Paul Jordan, Thomas Jordan, Gary Jordan,
Douglas Jordan, Robt K Jordan, Harold R Jordan, Marion Jordan,
Dr. Richard C Jordan, PhD, Dr Henry Jordan, James R Jorden,
Richard D Jorgenson, PhD, E S Jornsson, Robert A Jortland, Larry
Josbeno, Bernard W Joseph, Dr. Peter Daniel Joseph, PhD,
Lyman C Josephs I I I, Dr. Edward S Josephson, PhD, Dr John R
Josephson, Richard Joslin, Pat Joyce, Dr D Joye, PhD, Edward
Jucevic, Paul Judas, James Juday, Victor Judd, George Jude, Dr
Joseph M Judge, PhD, Walter E Judson, Dr. Daniel Juliano, PhD,
Harry Julich, Harry Julich, Dr. Hiram P Julien, PhD, Dr Frederick J
Julyan, PhD, Dr. William Junga, PhD, Dr Eric Jungermann, PhD,
Dr Wm A Junk, PhD, Dr M L Junker, PhD, James Junkin, Joseph
Junkins, Terence Jupp, Dr. Richard Jurgensen, Dr Paul Jurgensen,
Dr. Leonard Juros, Robt J Justice, Ed Justice, Dr James Justice,
PhD, G T Justice, J Justiss Jr, Dr Richard S Juvet, PhD

Website: Petition Project at
Section: Signers of Petition
Topic: Signers K
Title: Signatories

Matti Kaaranakari, Jay Kackley, Raymond F Kaczynski, Dr
Morton T Kagan, PhD, Dr. Paul Kahgan, Jack J Kahgan, Richard
L Kahler, MD, Dr. Richard L Kahler, Charles Kahn, Joe Kahn,
Dean M Kaja, Klem Kalberer, Ken Kalbfell, Dr Norman W
Kalenda, PhD, John W Kalinowski, Dr. Robert J Kallal, PhD,
David A Kallin, Lisa Kalman, PhD, Mitchell M Kalos, Dr Moses
Kaloustain, PhD, Kary J Kaltenbacher, Dr Harold Kalter, Brian D
Kaluzny, Margaret A Kaluzny, Medhat M Kamal, Dr Kamal, PhD,
Dr Martin Kaman, PhD, Wm W Kaminer, Dr. John
Kammermeyer, Robert Kamp, James M Kampfer, Ronald R
Kamyniski, Dr Antony Kanakkanatt, PhD, Dr Joseph M
Kanamueller, PhD, W Kane, PhD, Wm J Kane, MD, PhD, Dr.
Noel Andrew Patrick Kane, PhD, Bernard J Kane, Dr Sarath C
Kanekal, PhD, Dr Thoams M Kaneko, PhD, R C Kannan &
Assoc Inc, Dr Thomas Kanneman, PhD, Dr. Paul Thomas Kantz,
PhD, Dr. James H Kanzelmeyer, PhD, Justin M. Kapla, Dr.
Gerson N Kaplan, Naum M Kaplan, Hillel R. Kaplan, Dr. Edward
Lynn Kaplan, PhD, Joe Kaplen, Dr. M Kapolka, Dr Judith A
Kapp, PhD, Dr Bennett Kapp, PhD, Daivd Kapple, Dr George
Kapusta, PhD, Dr Gabor Karadi, PhD, Dr. Francis W Karasek,
PhD, Michael Karavas, W Bradford Karcher, Guido G Karcher, P
E, Dr Mario Karfakis, Delmar W Karger, Munawar Karim, PhD,
Dr. Sid Karin, PhD, Richard D Karkkainen, Dr. Olgerts L
Karklins, PhD, Ronald Karkosky, Dr Eskil L Karlson, Dr. Lester
Karotkin, J Karpa, Victor Karpenko, Dr Gary Karpf, Dr. Paul
Karr, PhD, Dr Thomas W Karras, PhD, Dr Kenneth S Karsten,
PhD, Ronald L Kasaback, Ronald A Kasberger, Mark
Kaschmitter, E A Kasel, Dr John D Kaser, PhD, Dorrie Kasmar,
Lewis P. Dasper, Dr. Charles B Kasper, PhD, Daniel E Kass, Dr
A J Kassab, PhD, Dr Robert J Kassal, Fellow, PhD, Raymond
Kastendiek, Ross Kastor, Raymond Kastura, M Katagiri, Larry C
Katcher, Kenneth Katen, Suzanne Katt, Fred Kattuah, Dr Joseph J
Katz, PhD, Dr. Marvin L Katz, PhD, Joseph P Katz, MD, Dr. Ira
Katz, PhD, Herbert Katz, Yale H Katz, Sally Katzler, J Kauchich,
Peter W Kauffman, Thomas Kauffman, Jeffrey M Kauffman, Dr
Frederick Kauffman, Dr George B Kauffman, PhD, Dr. Joel
Kauffman, PhD, Dr. R G Kaufman, PhD, Bill Kaufman, Alvin B
Kaufman, Dr George Kaufman, Kevin Kaul, Alvin Kaumeyer,
Robt R Kautzman, Ernest G Kavanaugh, Dr. Robert L Kay, PhD,
Charles M Kay, Saul Kay, MD, Dr Peter P Kay, Dr. Robert
Eugene Kay, PhD, Dr David Kay, PhD, Dr Michael Kaye, Dr
Kazakevich, PhD, Dr Armen R Kazanjian, PhD, Dr Armen R
Kazanjian, PhD, Ed Kazelskis, William Kazmann, Charles Keal,
Philip D Kearney, PhD, Paul D Kearns, Cresson Kearny, Dr Keith
Keating, Dr Lawrence C Keaton, PhD, William A Keba, Dr. Zvi
Kedem, PhD, Dr. Horst H Kedesdy, PhD, David Keefe,
Christopher W Keefer, Brian Keefer, Dr. Lee Keel, PhD, Richard
Keel, Lyndon A Keele, Robt A Keeler, Iris Keeling, Dr. Howard
Keen, PhD, Mark B Keene, Everett L Keener, Robert D Keenum,
Gary J Kees, Doug Keever, Dr. Gerson Kegeles, PhD, Dr Ralph
O Kehle, PhD, Robert Kehrman, John D Keich, Wm Keil, Marvin
E. Kiel, Donald Keill, Dr Hubert Keily, PhD, Dr. John E Keim,
PhD, Karl Keim, Carroll Keim, Dr B E Keiser, PhD, Robert P
Keiser, Dr Jerome B Keister, PhD, Ed Kekec, George E. Kelbly,
Lynette Kell, John Keller, Richard Keller, Fred Keller, Dr Wm E
Keller, PhD, Dr D Steven Keller, PhD, Joe Keller, Dr. Frederick
Keller, PhD, Dr Kenneth F Keller, PhD, Dr. Michael Keller, R.
Keller, Joseph J Keller, Dr Michael Keller, Dr. Glen E Kellerhals,
PhD, Tom Kellermeyer, Charles D Kellett, Dr Charles T Kelley,
PhD, Jim D Kelley, Craig T. Kelley, Dr. Fenton Crosland Kelley,
PhD, Arthur Kelley, Bob Kelley, Trent Kelley, Dennis Kelley, Dr.
John Kellgren, PhD, Dan A Kellogg, Dr Craig Kellogg, PhD,
Charles P Kelly Jr, James L Kelly, Amy L Kelly, Colin M Kelly,
PhD, Robert Kelly, Dr W J Kelly, PhD, Wiiliam Kelly Jr, Dr Kelly,
Margaret M Kelly, J.D. Kelly, Peter Kelly, Dr Kelly, Dr Raymond
Kelly, PhD, Sean P Kelly, J Kelly, Charles Kelm, Dr Bruce
Kelman, Ronald G Kelsey, Frank N Kemmer, Dr. John D Kemp,
PhD, J Wesley Kemp, Dr Graham E Kemp, Daniel W Kemp,
Charles Kenas, Dr. Thomas Kenat, PhD, Robert C Kendall, Mike
Kendall, David R Kendall, Robert E Kendall, Francis Kendorski, L
N Kendrick, Tyler Kenefick, Dr Rochell Kenig, Hugh Mc Kenna,
John H Kennah, John R Kennedy, Dr Albert J Kennedy, PhD,
William Kennedy, Dr William Kennedy, Dr. John E Kennedy, PhD,
Dr. Howard V Kennedy, PhD, Dr J M Kennel, PhD, Dr James
Kennelley, PhD, Harris Kenner, Dr. Francis T Kenney, PhD,
Andrew A Kenny, Jim Kent, Dr Geo C Kent, PhD, Richard C
Kent, Suzanne Kenton, Dr Michael J Keogh, PhD, William J
Keohane, John Keown, Joyce E Kephart, Dr. Robert Kepp, PhD,
Theodore R Keprta, Harold E Kerber, T Lamar Kerley, PhD, Dr
Clifford D Kern, PhD, Erich Kern, Michael Kerner, Quentin A
Kerns, John J M Kerr, John F Kerr, Dr. Donald L Kerr, PhD, Wm
Kerrigan, Anna M Kerrins, Dr John Charles Kershenstein, PhD,
Tom Kesler, Dr. Walter P Kessinger, PhD, Harold D Kessler,
Donna Kessler, Harry W Ketchum Jr, John Kettler, Dr Clement J
Kevane, PhD, Jesse Keville, Michael Devion, Elbert R Key, Frank
Key, Dr Mel Keyes, PhD, Naaman H Keyser, Paul Keyser, David
Keyston, Dr Donald A Keyworth, PhD, Dr Gregory B Kharas,
PhD, R.K. Kibbe, Jennifer Kibiger, Daniel E Kiburz, Dr Anthony S
Kidawa, Dr Harold Kidd, Geoffrey Kidd, Dr. Vincent J Kidd,
PhD, Dr Thornton Kidd, Michael L Kidda, Dr Albert Kindwell,
PhD, John W Kiedaisch, Bernard Kieffer, Terry Kienitz, S F
Kiersznowski, Earl Kilbourne, Dr Matthew Kilburn, Raphael M
Kilcoyne, Charles W Kilgore I I, Marion D Kilgore, Carrol
Kilgore, Charles Kilgore, Dennis D Kilkenny, Arthur M. Killin,
Joseph M Killion, Dr. William R Kilpatrick, Dr Kilpinen, PhD, Dr
Yong-Soo Kim, Dr David E Kim, Dr. Hyun W Kim, PhD, Dr
Keith M Kimbrell, Harlon Kimbro, Dr. Theo D Kimbrough, PhD,
David R Kimes, Dr. Riley Kiminer, PhD, Dr. John W King, Joseph
E King, William S King, Dr H H King, PhD, Randy L. King, Gera
King, Dr J S King, PhD, James King, Edwin King, Francis King,
Dr. Charles O King, PhD, Chester L King, Dr Kingery, Dr Charles
Kingrea, PhD, James E Kingsbury, Dr P I Kingsbury, PhD, Roger
Kingsland, N Kenneth Kinnaird, Dr. Gerald Lee Kinnison, PhD,
Jerome W Kinnison, Dr. Robert R Kinnison, PhD, Dr. Norma A
Kinsel, PhD, D E Kinser, John A Kinsey, Dr. Stephen C Kinsky,
PhD, Gerald W. Kinsley, Timothy P Kinsley, Dr. Roy H Kinslow,
PhD, Thyl E Kint, Brice W Kinyon, Brice Kinyon, Dr. John
Kinzell, PhD, Donald Kinzer, Richard Kinzie, Martin Kiousis, Dr
Charles Kippenhan, PhD, Ralph C Kirby, James R Kircher,
Hartmann Kircher, Peter Kirchhoff, E K Kirchner, PhD, Earl Kirk,
Clyde A Kirkbride, PhD, Matthew L Kirkland, John Kirkpatrick,
Dr Dennis Kirkpatrick, PhD, Hugh R Kirkpatrick, Robert W
Kirkwood, Dr Bessie H Kirkwood, PhD, Dr. Philip G Kirmser,
PhD, Dr Ravi Kiron, PhD, Pamela Kirschner, Roy Kiser, Dr.
Chester J Kishel, PhD, Robin Kisling, Horst Kissel, Hugh Kissell,
Dr Pamela D Kistler, PhD, Thomas A Kitchens, PhD, Dr. John F
Kitchin, PhD, Dr. Terence M Kite, PhD, Mark Kittridge, Thomas
Kitts, Eugene D Kitzke, Dr Edgar W Kivela, PhD, Jeffrey Kiviat,
Dr Lassi Kivioja, PhD, Michael T Kizer, Dr. Ronald J Kizior, PhD,
Dr Geo S Klaiber, PhD, Dr. Bruce H Klanderman, PhD, Dr. Amy
G. Klann, PhD, Dr. L T Klauder Jr, PhD, Dr Klaus, PhD, Dr
Williad Kleckner, PhD, H Kleemeier, Vasilios Kleftis, Dr James D
Klein, Dr Howard J Klein, PhD, W S Klein, Dr Thomas Klein,
John Klein, Andrew J Klein, Dr Gordon L Klein, Dr. Ludwig
Klein, Rdr. R Klein, PhD, Dr. Walter B Kleiner, PhD, Jarvis R
Klem, Dr Lawrence P Klemann, Dr. Paul G Klemens, PhD, Dr.
Robert E Klenck, Dr Ronald W Klenk, PhD, Capt George J Klett,
Dr Robert Kline, Gary Kline, David Kling, Edwin Kiingman,
William Klint, Dr D A Klip, PhD, Dr. Benny L Klock, PhD, Dr.
Roger C Klockziem, PhD, Thomas R Klopf, Dr Lee Klopfenstein,
David Kloppenburg, Dr Louis H Klotz, PhD, Melvin Klotzman, Dr
James Klouda, Dr. Raymond Kluczny, PhD, Dr. Anatole A
Klyosov, PhD, Dr. Kent Knaebel, PhD, Edward A Knaggs, James
Knapik, John Knapp, Stephen Knapp, Elmer F Knauss, Nona L
Knauss, Martin E Knauss, Matthew Knecht, Dr Terence E C
Knee, PhD, B Kneeland, Tom Knetsley, Duane V Kniebes, Dr
Knight, Jerry Knight, Chesterton S Knight I I I, Dr Dougals M
Knight, Dr Jere D Knight, PhD, Dr Rihard G Knight, PhD, Wilbur
Knight, Dr James F Knight, Dr John Knight, PhD, Gary Knight,
James Knight, Dr Knightes, PhD, William Knighton, Norm Knights,
Dr. Richard H Knipe, PhD, Dr David Knoble, PhD, Dr. James
Otis Knobloch, PhD, Mark Knoderer, Dr Charles P Knop, PhD,
Dr Charles P Knop, PhD, Sam Knopp, Wayne Knoth, Devin
Knowles, Dr. Gregory D Knowlton, PhD, Floyd Marion
Knowlton, Matthew A Knox, James Knox, Dr Christian W
Knudsen Dr, PhD, B. Warren Knudser, Chung-Yu Ko, Ian
Koblick, Thomas E Kobrick, Dr Henry Kobsa, PhD, Dr Katherine
M Kocan, Ronald E Koch, Leonard Koch, Tyson Koch, David A
Koch, Dr. Arthur T Koch, Michael Koch, Ludvik F Koci, Kevin J
Kock, J.J. Koeger, Carol R. Koehler, David Koehler, F. Theodore
Koehler, Buford Koehler, Dr. James S Koehler, PhD, George
Koehler, Stan Keohlinger, Gina L Koenig, Eldo C Lyde Koenig,
Robert Koenig, Lee E Koepke, Dr Wellington W Koepsel, PhD,
Dr P L Koepsell, PhD, Ernest J Koestering, Dr Robt Cy Koh,
PhD, Dr. Robert A Kohl, PhD, Dr. Clint Kohl, PhD, Dr George O
Kohler, PhD, Dr. David L Kohlman, PhD, Dr James P Kohn, PhD,
Dr Frederick C Kohout, PhD, Dr Randall Kok, PhD, Dr. Juha P
Kokko, PhD, Alex Kokolios, Dr. Joshua O Kolawole, PhD, Dr.
Ronald L. Kolbash, Dr. William Koldwyn, PhD, Daniel H
Kolerski, Paul M Kolich, Dr Kurtis Koll, PhD, Dr Loren D Koller,
PhD, Tim F Koller, Tim Koller, Adam Kollin, Andrew Kolonay,
Dr Bernard J Kolp, PhD, Stanley P Koltun, Dr. Kazimierz
Kolwalski, Joel Komater, Dr Frank Komorowski, Virgil
Konopinski, Kenneth K Konrad, Dr. Dusan Konrad, PhD,
Christopher Konz, Dr Robert P Koob, PhD, Kevin D. Kooistra,
Dr David Kooyman, PhD, Dr Charles B Koons, PhD, Robert
Koons, Dr Frank Koontz, PhD, Dale W Koop, Peter D Kopack,
Dr. Frank Kopczynski, Rudolph W Kopf, John T Kopfle, William
Kopp, Dr Bruce D Korant, PhD, John Kordosh, N Korens, Dr.
Lemuel Kornegay, Dr. Lemuel W Kornegay, Dr. Edmund C
Kornfeld, PhD, Dr Jack I Kornfield, PhD, Brad Kornmiller, Larry
Kornze, Mary B Korpi, Mary Korpi, Stan Korte, Dr. Daniel R
Kory, PhD, Roger Kosch, Theresa M Koscny, George E Kosel,
Steven K Koski, Randolph Kosky, Mark J Koslicki, Dean
Koslofsky, Dr Aaron D Kossoy, PhD, Dr. Robert Kostelniki, PhD,
Dr Robt A Koster, PhD, Dennis Kostic, David Kotowski, Norman
L Kotraba, Kishen Koul, Dr. J L Kovach, PhD, Dr. Eugene
George Kovach, PhD, Dr Joseph E Kovacic, Charles Koval, Dr.
Leslie R Koval, PhD, Thomas F Kowalczyk Jr, Paul C. Kowallis,
Dr Richard A Kowalsky, Dr. Theodore J. Kowalyshyn, Dr Sankar
Koyal, Edward Koyaw, Robert W Koza, Gregory A Kozera,
Kenneth Koziol, Dr Adam Kozma, PhD, Tim Kraemer, John G
Kraemer, Bob Kraemer, William R Krafft, Dr Geoffrey A Krafft,
PhD, E H Krafft, Dr Kraft, PhD, Richard Kraft, Dr. Peter Krag,
PhD, Dr. Paul Krail, PhD, Jerry Kraim, PhD, Ron Krajcik, Dr
John J Krajewski, PhD, Dr Roman J Kramarsic, PhD, Dr Karl J
Kramer, PhD, Wm Kramer, Dr Gary Kramer, PhD, Kenneth
Kramer, Douglas Kramm, Jerrod Kramzler, Jan Krason, Dr Clyde
H Kratochvil, PhD, Dr. David J Krause, PhD, Dr. George Krauss,
PhD, Dr Robert Krauss, Mr. Fred Krauss, Dr Lawrence C
Kravitz, PhD, Dr Arthur A Krawetz, PhD, Dr Arthur Krawetz,
PhD, Dr Herman F Kraybill, PhD, Robert F Kraye, John Krc Jr,
Christopher P Krebs, Dr Krebsbach, K Kreckel, Dr John B
Kreer, PhD, Dr Ron Kreis, PhD, Henry G Kreis, Dr William
Kreiss, PhD, Dr Peter A Krenkel, PhD, Dr Carl Krespan, PhD,
Robert Kress, Roger Kret, Robt W Kretzler, Charles R Kreuz, Dr.
Warren C Kreye, PhD, Dr Joseph Z Krezandski, PhD, Dr Robt E
Kribal, PhD, Dr Daniel R Krieg, Dr. Arthur F Krieg, Roy Krill, Dr
Jacqueline Krim, PhD, Scott A Kriner, Albert S Krisher, Dr Jacob
K Krispin, Dr Kevin Krist, PhD, Louis G Kristjanson, Dr Steve
Kristoff, PhD, Dr. Mark S Kristy, George J Kriz, PhD, Dr. William
G Krochta, PhD, Lillian A Kroenke, Dr. William J Kroenke, PhD,
Douglas H Krohn, Gary Krol, James Kromer, Dr. Gerald E Kron,
PhD, Gary Krongstad, Dr Rober Lee Kroodsma, PhD, Tim C
Kropp, Dr. John L Kropp, PhD, Dr Julius R Kroschewsky, PhD,
John R Krouse, Donald M Krtanjek, Roland Frederick Krueger,
Burke B Krueger, Dr Peter G Krueger, PhD, Jim Krueger, Dr
Philip M Krueger, PhD, Eddwin H Krug, Frank Krugh, Glenn L
Krum, Ann Marie Krumenacker, Dr George Krumlik, Dr. Jerry
Krumlik, R H Krumme, Dr. Paul H Krumrine, PhD, Jerry
Krumwiedre, Gai Krupenkin, Dr E C Krupp, PhD, Dr David Krus,
Dr. W. Kubitsihel, Donald Gene Kubler, PhD, Dr. Mitsuru
Kubota, PhD, Dr S Kubow, PhD, Dr John F Read Kuc, PhD, Dr.
Moyses Kuchnir, PhD, David Kuck, Dr. James E Kuder, PhD,
Marc Kudla, Antonin Kudrna, Clark Kuebler, Dr Adelheid
Kuehnle, Dr Donald Kuenzi, Dr. George Kugler, PhD, Dr Eugene J
Kuhajek, PhD, Michael Kuhlmann, Dr Raymond E Kuhn, PhD,
John Kuhn, Dr Peter Kuhn, PhD, Gerald Kuhn, Carl Kuhnen Jr,
Garth Kuhnhein, Judith Kuhnle, Kenneth Kuiken, PhD, Dr Andrew
D Kulaga, Gerard Kulbieda, Andrew Kulchar, James Kulick, Pe,
Dr. Arun D Kulkarni, PhD, Dr. Rudolph K Kulling, PhD, Nipha
Kumar, Amarendhra Kumar, H K Kumer, Jr, Jeff Kimer, Larry R
Kumher, Dr. Joseph Kunc, PhD, Joseph A Kunc, Dr. John S.
Kundrat, Dr Samar Kundu, PhD, Dr Robert Kunkle, Dr. Gordon
Kuntz, PhD, Larry Kuntz, Dr. George W Kunze, PhD, Dr.
Jing-Wen Kuo, PhD, Dr. Peter T Kuo, Dr James R Kuppers, PhD,
Edward Kurdziel, William M Kurple, Larry Kurt, Dr Peter Kurtz,
PhD, Max Kurtz, Dr. David W Kurtz, PhD, Dr. Vincent E Kurtz,
PhD, Henry Kurusz, Dr. Frank T Kurzweg, John R Kurzz, Dr.
Peter Kusel, PhD, John Kushner, Dr. Chris E Kuyatt, PhD,
Andrew Kuzmission, Philip Kyriacou, Lydiane Kyte

Website: Petition Project at
Section: Signers of Petition
Topic: Signers L
Title: Signatories

Dr Frank M Labianca, PhD, Mr. Melvin Labitt, Dr Peter Labosky,
PhD, R G Lacallade, Gary Lacamu, Dr. Paul Lacelle, PhD, John J
Lacey Jr, Tom Lacey, J Michael Lacey, Gary W Lachappelle, Dr.
Robert J Lacher, PhD, Dr Sanford Lacks, PhD, Dr. W C Lacy,
PhD, Sterling S Lacy, Ronald J Ladry, Dr Joseph T Laemmle,
PhD, William E. Lafache, Dr James Lafervers, PhD, Dr. Robert J
Laffin, PhD, B D Lafrate, Dr Evan D Laganis, PhD, Bruce
Lagasse, Charles Lagergren, Kenneth Lagrand, Dr. Thomas W
Lagrelius, B D Lagrone, John Laidig, Milton Laikin, William Laing,
Michael L Laird, James L Lake, Peyton M Lake, James Lake,
Corwin H Lakin, Joseph A Lallo, Jerry Laman, Dr. Donald L
Lamar, PhD, George W. Lamb, Jan B Lamb, Dr. Donald R Lamb,
PhD, Jeffrey C Lamb, Allen Lamb, Henry J Lamb, Roger Lamb,
John P Lambert, Dr. John P Lambooy, PhD, Burton B Lamborn,
Richard W Lambrecht Jr, George W Lambroff, Mario Lemendola,
Leo J Lammers, Dr. Trevor G Lamond, PhD, Dr. Robert G.
Lamontagne, PhD, W E Lamoreaux, Philip Lamoreaux, David L
Lamp, Dale J Lampton, Dr Vicki A Lancaster, PhD, Paul
Lancaster, Dr. Malcolm Lancaster, Wm Land, Dr. H D Landahl,
PhD, Dr William Landau, Dr Richard J Landborg, PhD, Dr Richard
L Lander, PhD, David E Landers, Dr Wm C Landgraf, PhD, Dr.
Jerome Lando, PhD, John R Landreth, PE, Bruce Landreth, J
Landrum, William G. Landry, Ramsey J Landry, Jr, L Landry,
William Landuyt, Dr Carl L Lane, PhD, Dr Richard L Lane, PhD,
Charles J Lane, Brian Lane, Dr Robert Lane, Radford Lane, David
Lane, Dr Robt Lane, PhD, George Lane, Edwin Lane, Robert
Lane, Clifford Lane, Dr C Elaine Lane, William R Lang, Dr.
Conrad M Lang, PhD, Ernie Lang, Dr. Harold H Lang, PhD,
Newton L Lang, Nick Lang, Dr. Robert Carl Lange, PhD, Dr
Charles F Lange, PhD, Robert Lange, George R Lange, Arthur
Lange, Dr Ralph Langenheim, PhD, Dr Paul B Langford, PhD, Dr.
Gerald B Langille, PhD, Dr Philip G Langley, PhD, Robert C
Langley, Dale Langmade, David J Langston, P Mark Lankford, Dr
W Lankford, Dr H Norbert Lanners, PhD, Richard Lannin,
Edward Lanser, Thomas L Lantz, Dr. Lanzafame, PhD, George
Laperle, Dr Evelyn P Lapin, PhD, Dr Thomas Laplaca, Dr Dennis
Lapoint, PhD, Kurt A Larcher, James F Lardner, James G. Lareau,
Andre Lareau, John A Larkin, Thomas Larko, Seymour Larock,
Dr Judd Larowe, Henry Larrucea, Robert Larsell, Wm E Larsen,
Nathan Larsen, Dr Howland A Larsen, PhD, Dr. Eric B. Larsen,
PhD, Daivd Larsen, Dr. Eric Russell Larsen, PhD, Larry Larsen,
Ernest T Larson, Dana E Larson, Roy E Larson, Reginald E
Larson, Dr Kiser- Larson, Russell C Larson, Dr Ron Larson,
Harry Larson, Dr. Robert Larson, PhD, John Larson, Ashley
Larson, Dr. Charles Conrad Larson, PhD, Donn Larson, Dr. Bruce
L Larson, PhD, Michael A Larson, Kenneth Larson, Dr. John H
Lary Jr, Dr L Lasagna, Reginald M Lasater, Stanley B Lasday, Dr
Jack S Lasky, PhD, Bill L Lasley, Dr John Lasnetske, Dr. Andrew
Lasslo, PhD, Dr. Stanley Laster, PhD, Joseph Lasuki, William S
Laszlo, Dr Alan R Latham, PhD, Benny L Latham, James Latham,
Gail Latimer, Dr P R Latour, PhD, Dr. Robert P Lattimer, PhD, Dr
H Lattman, PhD, Dr. Lloyd H Lauerman, PhD, Dr. Robert J
Laufer, PhD, Ralph P. Laughlin, Dr Wm E Laupus, Dr Robert
Laurence, PhD, A M Laurie, Dr Mike Lauriente, PhD, Dr Thomas
Lauterio, PhD, Dr. Jerome Lavine, PhD, Dr. Marcel E Lavoie,
PhD, Dr Albert G Iles Law, PhD, Ronald D Law, Gordon Law, Dr
D John L Lawless Jr, PhD, Harold B Lawley, John Lawlor, Wm H
Lawrence, Robert Lawrence, Brian Lawrence, Dr. Layle
Lawrence, PhD, William F Lawrence, Edward Lawrence, Eugene
J. Lawrie, David N Lawrence, Jr, Gerald W Lawson, Royce
Lawson, David Lawson, Dr Joel S Lawson, PhD, Bill Lawson,
David Lawson, Dr Kent Lawson, PhD, Richard Lawson, Richard
Lawson, Bill Lawver, Jeffrey C Lawyer, John F Lawyer, John Lax,
Dr William A Laycock, Dr. Thomas W Layton, PhD, Dr. Grant
Layton, Dr Norman Lazaroff, PhD, Dr. Paul D. Lazay, PhD, Dr
Susanne M Lea, PhD, Robert Lea, Dr James Leach, PhD, Hugh
Leach, Marisa Leach, David F Leake, Wm D Leake, Lewis
Leake, Dr. Richard Leamer, PhD, Charles W Lear, R Douglas
Learmont, Albert O. Learned, Patrick Leary, Dr Tommy Leavelle,
PhD, Paul M Leavy, Dr. J M Lebeaux, PhD, Dr. Jozef Lebiedzik,
PhD, Dr. Lynn L Leblanc, PhD, Dr George R Lebo, PhD, Stephen
Le Brie, Kennon Lebsack, Dr Jean-Pierre Leburton, PhD, Dr.
Robert J Lecat, Dr James Lechner, Dr Richard V Lechowich, PhD,
Gregory L Leclaire, Dr. Joseph Ledbetter, PhD, Girvis Ledbetter,
George Ledin, June M. Lee, Dr Brian W Lee, PhD, D M Lee, Dr
Paul Lee, PhD, N T Lee, Lindsey D Lee, Terrence T Lee, Daniel
V. Lee, Harold D Lee, Griff C Lee, Dr William Lee, Daniel V Lee,
Harry A Lee, Robert Lee, Robert W. Lee, Dr. Donald Lee, PhD,
Dr Burtrand I Lee, PhD, Richard Lee, Dr Larry Lee, Harry R Lee,
Dwain N Lee, Dr. H. William Leech, PhD, Dr Clark Leedy, PhD,
Dr James L Leef, PhD, Russell E. Leek, Steve Leeland, David C
Leestone, James F Leetch, PhD, Richard Leeth, Bob Lefelar, Dr.
Robert A Lefever, PhD, John Leffler, Kevin Lefler, Harold Legate,
Gail Legate, N A Legatos, Paul Legg, Robert B Leggett, Ronald G
Lehman, Dr Donald R Lehman, PhD, August F Lehman, Walter
Lehman, Mike Lehman, Ridhard K Lehman, William Lehmaun,
John Lehning, Dr. Jay H. Lehr, PhD, Dr Nathaniel Lehrman, David
Leibman, Richard Leicht, Roger Leick, Richard Leidlein, Dr. Algird
G Leiga, PhD, Leslie Leigh, Warren Leigh, Walter H. Leimert, Jr.,
Joseph Leimkuhler, John Lein, Jennifer Leinart, Dr. Joshua M
Leise, PhD, James C Leisk, Daniel Leiss, Jon Leist, Richard B
Leisure, George W Leisz, Dr. Paul Leithart, Dr Vicoria M Leitz,
PhD, Dr Jason Lembeck, PhD, Eric E Lemke, Mark Lemley, Dr.
Terry L Lemley, PhD, Richard C Lemmon, Leslie R Lemon,
Robert W Lemon, Dr W L Lemon, Ron Lenaker, Dr. Andrew
Lenard, PhD, George W Leney, Dean J Lennard, Ralph Lennerth,
Dr. Ronald C Lenox, PhD, Roland E Lentz, Dr Gary L Lentz, PhD,
Robert Lentz, Dr. Carl Lentz, Pter E Lenz, Charles F Lenzinger,
Ernie Leonard, W Leonard, John Leonard, Richard Leonard,
Thomas Leonard, Joseph W Leone, Mario Leone, Bruno Leonelli,
Dr. Joseph Leonelli, PhD, Dr. John Leonora, Dr. Arkady Leonov,
PhD, Dr Keith A Lepak, Dr. Peter C Leport, Dr. Peter Leport,
Howard Leeper, Dr. Gregory S Leppert, PhD, Dennis Leppin,
David M Lesak, Terry A Lesch, John F Lescher, Ray Leser,
Richard Lesher, Jim Leslie, Virgil Lessels, James Lessman, Howard
Lessoff, Gregory S Lester, Elma Laterman, PhD, Donald A
Letourneau, Dr. Nelson J Letourneau, PhD, Gary Letsinger, Dr
Benjamin S Leung, PhD, Thurston Levay, Dr Richard Levere,
Walter Frederick Leverton, PhD, Allan L Levey, Karen N Levin,
Dr. S Benedict Levin, PhD, Robert Levin, PhD, Dr. Gilbert Levin,
PhD, Dr. Marc S Levin, Dr Stewart Levin, PhD, Dr Bernard
Levine, PhD, Newton Levine, Dr. Arnold D Levine, PhD, Dr.
Dave Levison, PhD, Sidney B Levinson, Dr. Stanley Levinson,
PhD, Elliott H Levy, Dr Stanley S Levy, PhD, Dr Richard H Levy,
PhD, Dr. Robert M Lewert, PhD, Michael D Lewes, Dr David W
Lewis, PhD, Dr Milton Lewis, PhD, Dayton A Lewis Jr, D Lewis,
Ted E Lewis, Dr. Lawrence G Lewis, PhD, Dr John A Lewis,
Steven R Lewis, Dr. Gordon D Lewis, PhD, Ala Lewis, Dr
Lawrence T Lewis, PhD, John C. Lewis, Dr Russell J Lewis, PhD,
Richard C. Lewis, E Lewis, William Lewis, PhD, George R Lewis,
Frank Lewis, Dr. Peter A Lewis, PhD, William Lewis, Dr.
Catherine Lewis, PhD, Gerard J Leygraaf, Dr. Huilin Li, PhD, Dr
Chia-Yu Li, PhD, Wei Li, Robert D Libby, Dr. James J Licari,
PhD, Anthony Licata, Frank Lichovsky, David Licht, Dr Irwin A
Lichtman, PhD, T Lick, PhD, Dr Stephen Liddle, Dr Charles G
Liddle, Dr. L Gie Liem, Timothy E Lien, Dr Thomas Lieser, Dr.
Harvey M. Lifsey, Dr James A Liggett', PhD, L Charles Lightfoot,
Curt Lightle, Fred Lightner, Dr Michael Lightstone, PhD, Lt Kermit
L Likes, Usaf, Dr Peter Liley, PhD, Robert E Liljestrand, Dr. Dean
Lillard, PhD, Roger E Lille, Jay Lilley, Charles Lilly, Alex Lim,
Richard Liming, Steven C Limke, Dr Jon Limke, Dr. Winston T
Lin, PhD, John Lincoln, Philip D Lindahl, William Lindblad, Philip
Lindblade, O. Victor Lindelow, Dr Donald Lindeman, Dr Merlin
Lindemann, Dr Henry R Linden, PhD, Jay Lindholm, Dr Wm T
Lindsay, PhD, Laurence Lindsay, Sylvia Lindsay, Dr Bruce G
Lindsey, PhD, Robert Lindstrom, Dr Urban Linehan, Lindeman,
Dr. Milton J Linevsky, PhD, Wayne Lingle, Dr. Bernard A Link,
PhD, Laurel Linkert, Dr Donald Linn, PhD, Dr. Kurt O Linn, PhD,
Dr Ralph Linsker, PhD, Dr Anthony P Lioi, PhD, Glenn Liolios,
Harold Lion, Dr. William G. Lipke, PhD, Dr. Robert E Lippens,
PhD, Jay Lipson, Dr. Merrill I Lipton, Dr Emil P Lira, PhD, Wm E
Liss, Dr. Ellen K Lissant, PhD, Dr. Kenneth J Lissant, PhD, Kurt R
List, Bruce A. Lister, Charles A Lister, Jim Litchfield, Arthur
Litheredge, Dr Robert L Little, PhD, E. Little, Donald Little, Frank
Little, Dr. Jack E Little, Col. Daniel W Litwhiler, PhD, Dr Chian
Liu, PhD, Dr Henry Liu, PhD, Dr. Fred Liu, PhD, Dr. Baw- Lin
Liu, Dr. John Liutkus, PhD, Dr John Liutkus, PhD, Radm W H
Livingston, Dr. Robert S Livingston, PhD, Dr. Robert S Livingston,
PhD, Dr Livingstone, PhD, Dr Josep Llaurado, Alyson Llerandi,
Clement M Llewellyn Jr, Vern Lloyd, Thomas W Lloyd, Barry
Lloyd, Alan Lloyd, Harold Lloyd, M. Lobello, Dr S J Locascio, Dr
Charles Lochmuller, PhD, Dr Royce Z Lockart, PhD, Dr Krystyna
Locke, PhD, Raymond K Locke, A Locke, Dr. Edwin A Locke,
Dr William Lockett, Robert Lockhart, David A Lockmeyer, Dr. J
Lockwood, Kenton M Loda, Dr. Willem Lodder, PhD, Dr Eric
Lodewijk, Eric Lodewyk, James Lodge, David Loduca, Dr Alfred
R Loeblich III, PhD, Dr. Henry Loehr, Jaques Loes, Dr. Robert G
Loewy, Dave Lofe, Dr Robert Loffredo, PhD, R Loftfield, Wm E
Lofton, Dr R Lofton, John T. Loftus, Jerry L Logan, Thomas
Logan, Dr. Mark Logan, R M Logeman, Charles B Loggie, Dr
Francis M Logullo, PhD, Robert Lohr, Dr H Y Loken, PhD, Dr
Stanley J Lokken, PhD, Dr. Julian H Lombard, PhD, Dr G
Lombardi, PhD, Dr. Leonard Lombardi, PhD, Lawrence E Long,
Dr William H Long, Dr William E Long, PhD, Joyce M Long, Dr
Howard F. Long, Dr. Walter Long, Dr Daid M Long, Bryan H
Long, Dr. Justin T. Long, PhD, Erwin Long, Earl E Long, Dr Allen
Long, James A Long, Neville S Long, Dr. James M Long, Gerald
W Longanecker, Henry R Longcrier, Dr John B Longenecker,
PhD, Dennis D Longhorn, David Longinotti, Dr Wm Longley Jr,
PhD, Dr H Jerry Longley, PhD, Ian S Longmuir, Dr. Anna K
Longobardo, PhD, Dr Paul A Lan Longwell, PhD, Dr Ruskin
Longworth, PhD, Robert Loofbourow, Dr Jerome J Looker, PhD,
Nicholas J Loomer, John Loomis, Dr Looney, Dr H G Loos, PhD,
Patricia R. Loos, Russell Loos, Herb Lopatka, Albert F. Lopez,
Dr. Elmer D Lorance, PhD, Dr W F Loranger, PhD, Mark Lord,
Thomas A Loredo, William Lorenz, W. F. Lorenz, Ronald Lorenz,
Leo F Lorenz, Dr Jerry A Lorenzen, PhD, Dr Robert F Lorenzen,
Dr D Loreuzen, Susan Loring, Richard B Loring, Larry Lortscher,
John V. Loscheider, Robert A Loscher, Monty Losee, Dr Edward
T Losin, PhD, Dr Paul A Lottes, PhD, Stuart Loucks, Dr. L
Richard Louden, PhD, John R Loudermilk, Doug Loudin, Martha
Loughlin, Gerard Loughran, Dr L Hh Louis, PhD, C Barton
Loundagin, Dr Robert I Louttit, PhD, Greg Love, Lyle Love,
George Love, Richard M. Love, John A Love, Michael E Lovejoy,
Dr. C James Lovelace, Robert Lovelace, Don Loveless, Dr.
Bernard W Lovell, PhD, Ben Lovell, Dr. Harold L Lovell, PhD,
Dale D Lovely, Gordon G. Lovestrand, Dr. Cole Lovett, PhD, Dr.
John R Lovett, PhD, James A Lovett, James Loving, Robert
Loving, Dr. Jan Lovy, PhD, Delwyn Low, William R Low I I I,
Robert Lowe, Robert M Lowe, Dr Umass Lowell, PhD, Dr. Mark
Lowell, PhD, Mary Lowenhaupt, Douglas Lowenhaupt, Dr. J.M.
Lowenstein, PhD, Dr G A Lowerts, PhD, Dr Alvin Lowi, PhD, Dr.
Thomas Lowinger, PhD, Allen Lowrie, Justin Lowry, Samuel E
Loy I I I, Dr. Allen Loy, David Loyd, Dr John Lozowski, Kenneth
J Little, Dr. John K Hsiung Lu, Brian Lubbert, Alan H Lubell,
Martin S Lubell, Phillip Lubensky, Dr Michael D Lubin, PhD, Dr
Wm R Lucas, PhD, Dr Linda C Lucas, Dr K Lucas, Roger Lucas,
David Lucas, Robert C Lucas, Phillip Lucas, Kathleen M Lucas,
Dr Donald H Lucast, PhD, Dr. Peter J Lucchesi, PhD, Tom
Lucciano, Frank Lucenta, Dr. T.D. Luckey, PhD, George W.
Luckey, PhD, Brian Luckianow, Robert B Ludden, Frank
Ludeman, Ron Ludgin, Richard R. Ludlam, Dr. Claus B Ludwig,
PhD, C T Ludwig, Dr Oliver G Ludwig, PhD, Dr. Mark Ludwig,
PhD, Mark Ludwig, H Ludwig, Lilburn H Lueck, Mike Lueck,
Robert Luetje, Kenneth Luff, C Luger, Scott Lugibihl, Caroline N
Luhta, Dr Carl A Lukach, PhD, Mariann Lukan, Dr Thomas J
Lukas, PhD, Dr Ronald Lukas, PhD, Richard Luke, Dr. Robert A
Luke, PhD, Randolph Luke, Dr Robert Luke, PhD, Larry Lukens,
Dr Raymond J Lukens, Dr. Robert M Lukes, PhD, Dr. Jack
Marling, PhD, Dr. Rufus Lumry, PhD, Dr Wm W Lumsden, PhD,
Wilburn L Luna, Robert A Lunceford, Dr Mark W Lund, PhD,
Stephen Lund, Melvin R Lund, J. Lund, Dr Dennis L Lundberg,
PhD, C E Lundeen, Dr Robert Lundin, PhD, Dr Theodore
Lundquist, PhD, M David Luneau, Frank P Lunn I I I, Jesse V
Lunsford, Dr Owen R Lunt, Dr John H Lupinski, PhD, Dr. William
H Lupton, PhD, Dr. J W Luquire, PhD, Dr Channing Lushbough,
PhD, W C Lust, Dr Carol J Lusty, PhD, Julie Luther, Dwight E.
Lutsko, Dr. George W Luxbacher, Dr Harold R Luxenberg, PhD,
Dr Walter Wilhelm G Lwowsk, PhD, Arthur Lyall, Glen Lybasger,
A Lvin H Lybeck, Travis Q Lyday, John Lydic, Thomas L Lye,
John O Lyles, Dr Leon Lyles, PhD, W R Lyman, Dr. Rodney G
Lyn, PhD, Barry Lynch, Thomas E Lynch, Dr. John Lynch, PhD,
Dr. Keith D Lynch, PhD, Francis M Lynch, Dr. James E Lyne,
William S Lyon, Joe Lyons, Michael T Lyons, Dr Harold Lyons,
PhD, James I Lyons, Dr Robt L Lytton, PhD, Richard N & Lytton

Website: Petition Project at
Section: Signers of Petition
Topic: Signers M - Mc
Title: Signatories

Peter E. M'Algume, Dr. E Jerome Maas, PhD, Howard R Mabey,
Monte D Mabry, Sam S Mabry Jr, Robert Maby, Lawrence P
Mac Donald, Joseph Mac Phee, Robt S MacAlister, William
Macalla, Charles B Macaul, Dr. Howard Maccabee, PhD, Dr.
Paul Macchi, Dr Michael J MacDonald, PhD, A. MacDonald,
Brian MacDonald, Dr. Alexander Dainel MacDonald, PhD, Dr. P.
MacDougall, PhD, Charles E Mace, Robert M MacFarlane, Dr
John R MacGregor, J Machen, Robert J Macher, Tommy J
Machin, Alex L MacInnis, Char L Mack, John Mack, Roy
Mackal, PhD, Dr Roy P Mackal, PhD, Jay Mackie, Frederick
Mackie, David Macko, Wm G MacLaren, Jr, PhD, Dr. Michael P
MacLaverty, Joseph E MacMillan, Dr Joseph E MacMillan, PhD,
Loban T MacMillan, John H MacMillan, Robert A Macrae,
Patrick K Macy, Peter Madaffari, Don M Madden, David A
Madden, Dr Robert Medden, William Maddex, Scott E Maddox,
Franklin D Maddox, Steve Maddox, Larry E Maddox, Dr
Maddox, Jack T Madeley, John Madl, Dr Kenneth O Madsen,
PhD, Maxwell H Madsen, Raymond A Madson, Robert E Mady,
William Maehl, Dr. John M Maerker, PhD, Dr. Akhilesh Maewal,
PhD, Charles A Magarian, Dr. Jules J Magda, PhD, Dr Wm T
Magee, PhD, John L Magee, Thomas Magee, R Magel, Dannys
Maggard, Joe Maggi, Elwin A Magill, Dr. Jerry Magloughlin, PhD,
Dr. Tom Alan Magness, PhD, Dr R Magno, PhD, Alexander
Magnus, James Magnuson, Rick Magstadt, Jeffrey Maguire, D E
Maguire, Dr. Om Prakash Mahajan, PhD, Dr Kent Ira Mahan,
PhD, James Mahannah, Dr Thomas Mahany, Dr. William T
Mahavier, PhD, John P Maher, Joseph Maher, Jeff Mahn, Pat
Mahon, Thomas P Mahoney, Leo Mahoney, Dr. Leo R Maier,
PhD, Robert A. Maier, Frederick Maier, Lt Col W P
Maiersperger, Michael F. Maikowski, Bruce H Mailey, Dr Hugh D
Maillie, PhD, Richard J Main, Robert Maines, Dr Robert D Mair,
PhD, Philip Majerus, Dr Adeeb Bassili Makar, PhD, Adeeb
Makar, John B Malcolm, J Malcom, Robert T Maleeny, Douglas
Malewicki, Scott Maley, Dr. Hans Weil- Malherbe, PhD, Dr. Jim
Gorden Malik, PhD, Irving Malkin, David H. Mallalieu, Dr Douglas
Mallenby, Dr James L Maller, PhD, Vincent T Mallette, D. James J
O Malley, PhD, Dr Mallory, PhD, Dr. Joseph D Mallory, Dr Frank
B Mallory, PhD, J C Mallurkey, Norman Malm, Carl W
Malmberg, David E Malmquist, Lee S Malone, Dr John Maloney,
PhD, Patricia A Maloney, Dr Kenneth Lon Maloney, PhD, Glenn
Maloney, Leo Maloney, Dr. George Maloof, Dr George Maloof,
Robert Malouf, Dr Joseph T Maloy, PhD, Neil A Malpiede, Dr
Robert Malstrom, PhD, Dr Carole Maltby, Dr. Gary M Malvin,
PhD, I R Manasco, Dr Andrew Mance, Howard Mancha, Edward
Mancilla, Dr Harold R Mancusi-Ungaro, Jr, Dr. Naga B Mandava,
PhD, Howard Mandelbaum, G.S. Mander, James M Mandera,
Charles E Mandeville, Dr. Peter Mandics, PhD, Dr. Paul A
Manera, PhD, David J Maness, John L Maneval, George Mangan,
Samuel J Manganello, Dr. Baldev S Mangat, PhD, Lawrence R
Mangen, Dr. Frank D Mango, PhD, Kent M Mangold, Carl
Mangus, Dr. Robert A Manhart, PhD, T A Manhart, Dr Robt C
Mania, PhD, Dr. Philip Gordon Manke, PhD, Warren O Manley,
John D Manley Iv, Dr John H Manley, PhD, Harold Manley, Susan
L Mann, C David Mann, Neil W Mann, Dr Christian J Mann, PhD,
Dr Kenneth G Mann, PhD, George Mann, Dr. William R Mann,
PhD, T Mann, Dr. Joseph Bird Mann, PhD, George M Mannbeck,
Dr. A Bryant Mannin, Maria Manninen, Lewis A Manning, Dr John
C Manning, PhD, Robert Manning, Dr Francis Manning, PhD,
Stephen M Manning, Lindley Manning, Philip L Manning, Dr.
Joseph R Mannino, Dr Fererick Mannion, J. Mannion, Wm H
Mannon, Dr. Sven Peter Mannsfield, PhD, Dr. W.E. Manry, Dr
Robt Mansell, PhD, Dr Charles Mansfield, PhD, Dr John
Mansfield, PhD, Dr Greayer Mansfield-Jones, Carl Manthe, Dr
Arthur A Manthey, John Manthey, Stanley Mantz, Dr. Ronald
Manus, PhD, August F Manz, Donald Mapes, Dr. George E
Marak, Dr. Karl Maramorosch, PhD, Dr. L Frank Maranville,
PhD, Mike S Marby, Gladys M Marcelli, PhD, Samuel P March,
Leland Condo Marchant, Kirk A Marchell, Mark Marchese, Jack
J. Marcinek, Roger Marcomb III, Robert W. Marculewicz, Carol
S Marcus, MD, PhD, Dr. Devra C Marcus, Merritt Marcus, Louis
F Marczynski, Dr Herman L Marder, PhD, Nicholas Mares, Dr
Anthony Maresca, PhD, Dr E Marg, Joseph Marhefka, J Maria,
Dr Matthew Mariano, Brian Maridon, Cheryl Marigon, Dan
Marinello, Dr Richard M Marino, PhD, Dr Andrew C Marinucci,
PhD, John D Marioni, Cliff Mark, Dr William Markel, PhD, Dr.
Michael Markels Jr, PhD, Dr Michael Markels, PhD, W Marking,
William Markley, Dr. George Marklin, PhD, Dr. Angel Kroum
Markov, Gary Markovich, Elbert L. Marks, Dr. Jay G. Marks,
PhD, Alvin Marks, Dr. William E Marlatt, PhD, Bill Marler, Dr
Paul Marnell, PhD, Dr Wilbur J Marner, PhD, John Marocchi,
Patrick M Maroney, Dr. Dennis N Marple, PhD, Anthony D
Marques, Dr David Marquis, PhD, Dr Marilyn Marquis, PhD, Wm
N Marr, John Marra, Henry L Marschall, Dr Sullivan Marsden,
PhD, Dr Marsh, PhD, Terry Marsh, Dr Wm Michael Marsh,
Richard Marshall, T R Marshall Jr, Dennis Marshall, A E Marshall
Jr, Dr. Thomas E. Marshall, PhD, Jack Marshall, Eugene Marshall,
Charles F Marshall, Dr. Christopher R Marshall, PhD, Lawrence
Marshall, Dr. Jean M Marshall, Brian Marshall, Lawrence
Marshall, William Marshall, Dr. Norman B Marshall, Dr. David E
Marshburn, Dr. Roger W Marsters, PhD, Richard G Martella, Dr
Peter Martelly, Jerry Martin, Dr C Wayne Martin, PhD, Edward J
Martin, Monty G Martin, Richard E Martin, Dr Margaret Martin,
Dr. Richard H Martin, T Scott Martin, Dr Michael Martin, Dr
Edward S Martin, PhD, Dr Edwin Martin, PhD, Ralph Martin, Dr
Jack Martin, PhD, Dr Ronald L Martin, PhD, Dr. Daimon C.
Martin, Stanley Martin, Emil L. Martin, Steven Martin, C T Martin,
Randall K Martin, John Martin, Dr Robert Martin, PhD, Dr Willard
Martin, PhD, Dr. Daniel W Martin, PhD, Peter M Martin, Dr.
George H Martin, PhD, L A Martin, Herbert Martin, Edward
Martin, James W Martin, William Martinek, Dr Ernest A Martinelli,
PhD, Art Martinelli, Dr Ramon Martinelli, PhD, Francisco J
Martinez, Jose Eleazar Martinez, Jr, Richard Martinez, John L
Martinez, Robert A Martinez, Dr. Mario Martini, PhD, Dr. Joseph
P. Martino, PhD, Frank Martynowkz, Bill L Martz, MD, Dr. Eric
Martz, PhD, Vernon J Maruska, P.E., Irving Marvin, Todd
Marxsen, Dr Philip X Masciantonio, PhD, Dr. Carmine Mascoli,
PhD, Dr Carmine C Mascoli, PhD, Dr Jerzy Maselko, PhD, Albert
Masetti, Dr. Louis T Mashburn, PhD, Dr Thompson A Mashburn,
PhD, Dr. James V. Masi, PhD, Dr. Perry S Mason, PhD, Dr
Charles E Mason, PhD, Dr Donald F Mason, PhD, William C
Mason, Gayle Mason, Dr Wulf F Massell, PhD, R. Kemp
Massengil, Dr. Lenita C Massey, Dr. John L Massingill Jr, PhD,
Dexter J Massoletti, John A Massoth, David S Masterman,
Theresa Masters, J B Masterson, Dr M Masthay, PhD, R
Mastracchio, Joseph J. Matarelli, Dr. William H Matchett, PhD, Dr
Richard S Mateer, PhD, Robert Matejka, Barbara L Matens,
Campo Matens, T Mather, Dr. Walter K Mathews, PhD, Lee M
Mathews, Danid C. Mathewson, Donald E Mathewson, J P
Mathias, Robert J Mathieu, Dr. Balakrishnan Mathiprakasam, PhD,
Rickey L. Mathis, Dr. Ronald F Mathis, PhD, Melvin Mathisen,
Dilip Mathur, PhD, Mike Matis, Ron J Matlock, Dr J. Matolyak,
PhD, Gene Matranga, Harrison Matson, Tats Matsuoka, DVM,
Curtis Matteson, Thomas D Mattesonn, David Mattthew, Kenneth
D. Matthews, Joe Matthews, Donald Matthews, Dr Robley K
Matthews, PhD, Carter Matthews, Dr. Charles Sedwick
Matthews, PhD, Chuck Mattice, Dr. Charles Mattina, PhD, Paul
Mattinen, Dr. Guy C Mattson, PhD, Timothy V Mattson, Dr
Richard Matula, PhD, Dr Robert D Matulka, Dr Samuel A Matz,
PhD, David C Matzke, Dr. George T Matzko, PhD, Augustin D
Matzo, Paul Mauer, Charles R Mauldin, Dr Roger A Maupin, Paul
Maurer, Dr Florentin Maurrasse, PhD, Weston K Mauz, Greg
Mauzy, Dr J G Mavroides, PhD, Dr. Margaret N. Maxey, PhD,
Mary Maxey, Dr M J Maximovich, PhD, John C Maxwell, Dr. H.
James Maxwell, PhD, Dr W Maret Maxwell, Bryce Maxwell, Dr
John E May, PhD, Curry J May, Wallace I May, Samuel May,
John May, Johnathan E. May, Edward May, Dr. A. Frank
Mayadas, PhD, Edward H Mayer, W N Mayer, Alice R Mayer,
Dr. Marion S Mayer, PhD, William Mayercheck, Jean Mayers, Dr
Jerome Mayersak, Dr Percy Mayersak, Greg Mayes, Kevin M
Mayes, David Mayfield, Roy Mayfield, Dr. R Mayhan, PhD, Dr
Michael Maynard, Dr David F Maynard, PhD, Dr. D. Maynes,
PhD, Alfred Mayo, Dr. Donald R. Mayo, PhD, James Mayo, Dr.
Siegfried T Mayr, PhD, Dr Ernst Mayr, PhD, Steven E. Mays,
Larry Mayton, Dr. Juliann Mazachek, PhD, Mark S Mazanek,
Robert R Mazer, Robert R Mazer, Dr. S Mazil, PhD, G Mazis,
Van A Mc Auley, Thomas Mc Donnell, Carl A Mc Gowan, Robt
E McAdams, PhD, Robert McAdams, Dr C Gordon McAdams, T
Ashley McAfoose, Joseph McAleer, Stewart S McAlister, Mary
Ann McAlister, Dr. Donald R. McAlister, Darrell McAlister,
Howard McAlister, Dr. William Bruce McAlister, PhD, J A
McAllister, Dr McAneny, PhD, Dr Wm N McAnulty, Jr, PhD,
Janet W McArthur, MD, Terry McArthur, Dr Bruce McArtor,
Bruce R McAvoy, Robert McBride, William C Mcbride, Dr.
Joseph J McBride, PhD, Dr. John R McBride, PhD, Dr Donald
McCabe, Dr. William D McCain Jr, PhD, Thomas McCaleb, Lon
McCaley, Dr. Ron McCalister, Russell F McCann, Wm M
McCardell, Michael F McCardle, D L McCarley, A T McCarroll,
Dr. William C McCarthy, Richard McCarthy, Dr. Jack McCarthy,
Niel McCarthy, PhD, Dr Shaun L McCarthy, PhD, Robert P
McCarthy, Joseph F. McCarthy, Dr. Danny W McCarthy, PhD,
Dr Morley G McCartney, PhD, Dr. Clark W McCarty, PhD, Dr
Leslie McCarty, Glen McCasland, D A McAuley, Dr Daniel G
McChesney, PhD, Edwin McChesney, Dr. Leland McClanahan,
James K McClanahan, John McClaughry, William McCleese,
William McClesse, Neil McClellan, Dr. Thomas A McClelland,
PhD, Bramlette McClelland, Thomas McClelland, James O
McClimans, Dr Chester M McCloskey, PhD, Dr Marvin McClung,
Douglas A McClure, Lawrence McClure, Jack L McClure, R J
McClure, R. J. McClure, Dr. William Owen McClure, PhD,
Walter H McCluskey, Dr Charles R McCconnel, PhD, Dr. Stewart
McConnell, Kenneth P McConnell, Dr. Stewart McConnell,
Donald McConnell, Samuel R McConoughey, Lee B McConville,
Dr. M McCorcle, PhD, Dr J R McCord, PhD, Dr. Joe M
McCord, PhD, Dr Billy M McCormac, PhD, Raymond
McCormick, Daniel McCormick, Jack R McCormick, Dr. Philip
Thomas McCormick, PhD, Ray S McCoy, Dr. Philip G
McCracken, PhD, Michael McCrary, K. E. McCready, Dr. Terry
W McCreary, PhD, Louis McCreight, Dr Donald A McCrimmon,
PhD, James McCrumb, Dr John G McCue, PhD, Robert G
McCuistion, Dr George McCullars, PhD, Wlter E McCulloch, Jr,
Dr Thane McCulloh, PhD, Donald R McCullough, Keith D
McCullough, Michael McCullough, Dr. John Price McCullough,
PhD, Dr Kilmer S McCully, PhD, Robinson McCune, John Dennis
McCurdy, PhD, Randall McDaniel, Tim McDaniel, Dr Ivan N
McDaniel, PhD, Dr Patrick McDaniel, PhD, Dr. Max Paul
McDaniel, PhD, C McDaniels, Dirk McDermott, David A
McDevitt, Dr Malcolm W McDonald, PhD, Larry McDonald, Dr
Ted McDonald, Bart McDonald, Dr Leslie E McDonald, Dr Robt
H McDonald, Floyd McDonald, Mickey McDonald, Dr. John
McDonald, PhD, Diane McDonaugl, John McDonnell, Capt John
P McDonnell, Dr Leslie M McDonough, PhD, Ralph R
McDonough, Dr. Robert I McDougall, PhD, James D McDowall,
Dr Wilbur B McDowell, PhD, Dr Edward McDowell, PhD, Dr
Fletcher W McDowell, Marion E McDowell, MD, Dr Jennifer
McDuffie, PhD, John McDuffie, Dr Paul McElfresh, PhD, Dr. Paul
McElligott, PhD, Raymond J McEllzaney, Dr. Orville McElmurry,
PhD, Robert McElroy, Dr. William Nordell McElroy, PhD, Dr M
McElroy, PhD, H Bruce McElroy, Dr. Maribel McElvy, Dr Gerald
N McEwen, Dr. Gerald N McEwen, PhD, Ralph R. McFadden,
Edward McFarlan Jr, Cole McFarland, Dr Alfred F McFee, PhD,
Dr Thomas McFie, W C McFradden, J. McGaha, Robert G
McGalmery, Charles G McGaughey, Malcolm McGawn, James M
McGee, Omer H McGee Jr, Dallas C McGee, R D McGee, Jack
W McGill, Frank McGinley, Michael McGinn, Randall K
McGivney, Cecil McGlothlen, Dr Donald P McGookey, PhD, J F
McGouldrick, Gregory B McGowen, Phillip McGuinness, Dr
Stephen E McGuire, PhD, Dr Mark McGuire, Michael McGuire,
Daniel McGuire, John P McGuire, John McHaffie, Dr McHale, Dr.
Carl McHargue, PhD, Dr Kenneth L McHugh, PhD, Bill
McIlvanie, Twylia McIlvanie, Timothy McIlwain, Willard L.
McInnis, David F McIntosh, W D McIntosh, Dr. John R. McJohn,
R. H. McKaw, Charles G McKay, Mary C McKay, Dr. Kenneth
G McKay, Roy McKay, Dr. William D McKee, PhD, Geo M
McKee Jr, Clifton D McKee, Curus Milo McKell, Dr John P
McKelvey, PhD, Gregory E McKelvey, Donald W McKelvey,
Ray McKemie, Bishop McKendree, William J McKenna, Michael
McKenna, Henry McKenney, Donald J McKenzie, Joe McKenzie,
Gene McKenzie, Jefferson McKenzie, Don McKeon, Floyd
McKinnerney, George C McKinney, Paul McKinney, Dr. Peter
McKinney, Dr Douglas McKinney, Dr Wm B McKnight, PhD,
Jerry McKnight, Stephen McKown, W.E. McKown, George
McLafferty, Dr D McLain, PhD, M McLain, Nicole B McLamb,
Michael W McLanahan, Jd McLaughlin, L A McLaurin, William R
McLean, Charles A McLean, Michael E McLean, Dr James A
McLennan, PhD, G McLeod, John McLeod, Joseph McLuade,
William A McMahon Jr, Dr. Robert H McMaster, Dr. John C
McMillan, Twila McMillan, Curtis J McMinn, Dr Bryce H
McMullen, PhD, David McMurry, Dr Ruth D McNair, PhD, Dr
Wm McNamara, PhD, Tom McNamara, Dr Thomas W
McNamara, Dennis McNeal, Dr Steve McNeely, PhD, Dr. Perry
N McNeil, Gregory R McNeill, Dr Donald F McNeill, PhD, Dr
William McNeill, PhD, Thomas E McNider, Edward J McNiff, Dr
Michael J McNutt, PhD, Glenn L McNutt, Dr Jasper L McPhail,
Betty McPhearson, Clara McPherson, Ray McPherson, Richard
McPherson, D Sean McPherson, Chuck McPherson, Craig W.
McPhie, W McRacken, Dr Larry G McRae, PhD, P S
McReynolds, Dr. Fred McSavis, PhD, C L McSpadden, James M
McUsic, John E. McVaugh, Ralph McVay, Dr. Harry A McVeigh,
PhD, Kevin D McVey, Dr David McVey, PhD, Kenneth E Arl
McVicar, Gerard McVicker, Thomas H McWilliams

Website: Petition Project at
Section: Signers of Petition
Topic: Signers Me - My
Title: Signers

Kenneth W Mead, Homer N Mead, George W Mead, Robert C
Meaders, Samantha S Meador, Richard A Meador, Tammy S
Meador, Dean Meadows, Reg Meaker, Dr Edward Mealy, PhD,
Dr Winthrop Means, PhD, Dr Susan L Mearns, PhD, Dr A
Downing Mears, Jay D Measley, Melanie A Meche, Alan J
Mechtenberg, Waldemar Meckes Jr, Rick Meckley, Robert
Medearis, M.S. Medeiros, Dr. Sidney S Medley, PhD, Dr. William
L Medlin, PhD, James Medlin, Henry M Meduna, Dr. Donald N
Meehan, Dr. Allen Meek, Dr. Ralph D Meeker, PhD, Thomas L
Meeks, Preston L Meeks, Richard Y Meelheim, PhD, M G
Mefferd, Nace F Mefford Jr, Louis D Megehee, Dr. George H
Megerle, Karl R. Megerle, Karin Megerle, Dr. Leathem Mehaffey,
PhD, John Mehltretter, Lester Meidenbauer, Dr. Wellington Meier,
PhD, Verlin G Meier, Dr. Robert Meier, PhD, Delmon D. Meier,
Jimmy Meier, David Meiers, W. Meilander, Michael Meimerstorf,
Walter T Meinert, Dr Norman A Meinhardt, PhD, Dr. Clifford L
Meints, PhD, Steve Meisel, Dr John L Meisenheimer, PhD, Merlin
Meisner, Dr Peter D Meister, PhD, Dr. Joseph Meites, Dr. George
W Melchior, PhD, Robert F Rederick Meldau, Dr Wilton N
Melhorn, PhD, John T Melick, Dr. Ivars Melingailis, PhD, David
Mellen, Dr Kenneth E Mellendorf, PhD, John Mellgren, Stanley C
Mellin, Mike Melnick, Bohdan Melnyk, Dr. Henry P Meloche,
PhD, David Melos, Kevin Meloy, Dr James R Melton, PhD,
Marvin E Melton, James Melton, Jerry Melton, Dr. Robert S
Melville, PhD, Scott D Melville, Tom Melvin, Gary Melvin, Ken
Melybe, Dr George D Mendenhall, PhD, Edgar L Mendenhall, Dr
Jim Mendenhall, Arthur Mendonsa, Wm Menger, Todd Menig, Mr
John Menke, Samuel H Mentemeier, Micheal D Mentzel, Dr Leo
Menz, PhD, Dr Erhard R Menzel, PhD, Leo Mercy, Jack
Meredith, Charles R. Merigold, Steve Merkel, Dr Paul B Merkel,
PhD, Gary Merkis, W.A. Merle, Dr. Neri Merlini, PhD, Dr.
Robert Mermelstein, PhD, Dr. Robert N Meroney, PhD, Dr
Marshal F Merriam, PhD, John Lafayette Merriam, George
Merrick, John Merrifield, Robert Merrill, Dr. Ronald Merrill, PhD,
William Merrill, Dr. William W Merrill, Dr. Charles P Merrimen,
PhD, Dr Seymour Merrin, PhD, Mark B Merritt, Allen Merritt,
PhD, Robt E Merritt, John C Merritt Jr, Dr. Henry N Merritt, PhD,
Ross A Merritt, Dr F P Mertens, PhD, Lawrence Mertens, Karen
Mertins, Dr. James Mertz, Dr. Paul Louis Merz, PhD, Dr Mesko,
Warren Mesloh, Marc H Messenger, Dr. George Clement
Messenger, PhD, Dr. Calvin D Messesmith, PhD, Dr. Jack
Messulam, Donald Metcalfe, Norbert Methven, Dr Dean Metter,
PhD, Robert Metz, Michael W Metza, Dr T Metzgar, PhD, Dr.
John D. Metzger, PhD, Grant W Metzger, A R Metzger, Ken
Metzger, Dr Dwight F Metzler, PhD, Dr Maurice W Meyer, Robt
A Meyer, Dr. D Joseph Meyer, Dr. Donald I Meyer, PhD, Dr
Edmond G Meyer, PhD, Dr Rudolf X Meyer, PhD, Dennis Meyer,
Dr. Frederick G Meyer, PhD, Howard Meyer, R D Meyer, Jerry
Meyer, Dr Robert Meyer, PhD, Dr Richard C Meyer, PhD, Frank
H Meyer, Mike Meyer, Harold Meyer, Matthew D Meyer, Dr
Stuart L Meyer, PhD, Jim Meyer, Dana Myers, Robert J Meyers
Sr, Robert J Meyers Jr, Dr Earl L Meyers, PhD, Richard E.
Meyers, Charles J Meyers Jr, Ralph Meyertons, Dr Maurice A
Meylan, PhD, Dr. Eugene Mezger, Dr Alesandru Mezincescu,
PhD, Joseph N Miale, Dr Gerald J Miatech, PhD, Wm E Michael,
Robert Michael, Dr Patrick Michael, PhD, Paul C Michaelis, Dr
Nicholas Michaels, PhD, Dr Eugene J Michal, PhD, Michael
Michalka, Bernadette Michalski, Dr. Joseph P Michalski, Andre F
Michaudon, PhD, Dr. Oskar Michejda, PhD, Robert F Michel, Dr
C Michel, PhD, Lawrence A Michel, Dr. F Curtis Michel, PhD, Dr
Lloyd R Michels, PhD, Dr Therese Michels, PhD, Jeff Michels,
David Michelson, Jim Michelson, Michael A Michelson, M B
Mick, Dr. Kalus A Miczek, PhD, John Medavaine, Dr. W M
Midgett, Dr. George J Miel, PhD, J U Miesse, Anthony J Mihulka,
Dr Duane S Mikkelsen, Bj Service, Dr Michael Mikkelson, Dean
H Mikkelson, Dr Douglas G Mikolasek, PhD, Stephen P.
Mikowski, K Milani, Dr Ralph F Miles, PhD, Phil M Miles, Dr
Daniel W Miles, PhD, William S Miles, Robert D Miles, Frank D
Mileto, Dr Frederick H Milford, PhD, Fanny I. Milinarsky, Richard
James Millard, Alan Millen, Kenneth R Miller, Barbara Miller, M
Miller, James A Miller, Leslie T Miller, Herman L Miller, Claude P
Miller, Stephen L Miller, Dr Glenn H Miller, PhD, Robt L Miller,
Loyle P Miller, Kenneth J Miller, James T Miller, Joseph H Miller,
Timothy P Miller, Dr A S Miller, PhD, Dr Joseph H Miller, PhD,
Larry Miller, Dr. Howard Miller, PhD, John S Miller, James Miller,
Dr. Foil A. Miller, PhD, Alan Miller, Lawrence D Miller, Dr. Alan
D. Miller, PhD, Gary Miller, Raymond E Miller, PhD, Harold W.
Miller, Dr. Robert C. Miller, PhD, Dr. Ellis W. Miller, PhD, Dr.
Robert J. Miller, PhD, Dr Gene Miller, PhD, George Miller,
Richard Miller, Leland H Miller, C Miller, H L Miller, William
Miller, Dale L Miller, George R Miller, Marshall Miller, Robert
Miller, Timothy Miller, Laura S Miller, David W Miller, Dr. William
Knight Miller, PhD, Dr. Robert C Miller, PhD, John J Miller Jr, Dr.
Robert J Miller, PhD, Cliford A Miller, Dr. Philip D Miller, PhD,
Dr. Donald P Miller, PhD, Dr. James L Miller, PhD, Marion Miller,
Roger Miller, Dr. James Avery Miller, PhD, Franklin Miller, Lee
Miller, Bob Miller, Brian K Miller, Dr. W Jack Miller, PhD, Dennis
Miller, Dr. Edmund K Miller, PhD, Thomas Miller, Dr. Robert
Charles Miller, PhD, Dr. Daniel Newton Miller, PhD, Gail Miller,
David B. Miller, Dr Harvey Miller, Dr. Fay E Millett, Harold A
Millie, Spencer R Milliken, PhD, Dan Millison, Dr. John J Mills,
PhD, Dr Ira K Mills, Randall Mills, Curtis Mills, James Mills, Paul
Mills, Dr Jack Mills, PhD, Dr Edward S Mills, PhD, Norman T
Mills, Robert C Mills, Dr. Hugh H Mills, PhD, John Milne, Dr
Robert M Milton, PhD, Elmer Milz, Dr Wm B Mims, PhD, M Myo
Min, Howard Minckler, Michael J Minckuer, Dr Robert S Miner
Jr, PhD, Dr Robert S Miner, Jr, PhD, Dr. Bryant A Miner, PhD,
Dr. James W Mink, PhD, Michael Minkel, Dr Minkin, PhD,
Margaret Minkwitz, Chris Minnick, Dr. J Minoff, PhD, Dr. David
R Minor, Dale Minor, Dr. R Hugh Minor, James F Minter, Jerry B
Minter, Jerry B. Minter, Dr William Minto, T L Mintun, Dr John
Mintz, Dr Ae Minyard, M Miranda, Dr. Thomas Miranda, PhD, Dr
Srecko M Mircetich, Dr Raymod Mires, PhD, Dr Gary S Mirkin,
Carol R Mischnick, M.D., Facs, Dr N Misconi, PhD, Claude
Misel, Dr A Mishulovich, PhD, Paul Miskowicz, Dr Richard E
Mistler, PhD, Gustove A Mistrot III, Dale Mitchel, Robert H
Mitchell, Patricia Mitchell, Ray E Mitchell, Dr. Kossuth Mitchell,
PhD, A. Wallace Mitchell, Robt J Mitchell, Theodore Mitchell,
Poley Mitchell, Ben G Mitchell, Arup P Mitra, Dr. Wayne Mitzner,
Dr. John B Mix, PhD, Dr. Jack Pitts Mize, PhD, Dr Gerald J
Mizejewski, PhD, James J. Mizera, Dr. Juan A Mjjica, Raymond
C. Mjolsness, PhD, Dr. Raymond C Mjolsness, PhD, Dr K L
Moazed, PhD, Jeffrey Mobed, Dr. John E Mock, PhD, Dr Paul
Mockett, PhD, Dr Gabor Mocz, PhD, Dr Charles J Mode, PhD,
Dr Jerry Modisette, Dr Fersheed K Mody, PhD, Robt C Moe,
Randy Moehnke, James Moeller, William R. Moeller, H Walter
Moeller, Dr. P M Moffett, Mary V Moggio, Dr John G Mohler,
Jesse Mohrbacher, Dr Mary E Mohs, PhD, Dr. Javid Mohtasham,
PhD, Dr. George Mohun, Gary A Molchan, Jack E. Molesworth,
Dr. Jacob T. Moll, Dr Albert J. Moll, PhD, Dr. John L Moll, PhD,
Robert Mollenhauer, Karl H. Moller, Dr. A.E. Moller, Kenneth
Molly, Arnout Mols, Kenneth Molz, Robt P Mominec, D
Mommsen, Paul R Monagan, D Frederick J. Monaghan, Ralph
Monaghan, Leo Monaghan, Carl Monismith, D Manos, Dr. W
Bryan Monosmith, PhD, Dr. Christopher Monroe, PhD, Raymond
W Monroe, Larry S. Monroe, PhD, Dr. Harold Gene Monsimer,
PhD, Ernesto Monteiro, Monty Montgomery, Robert H
Montgomery Jr, Dr Michael A Montgomery, PhD, Al
Montgomery, Dr. Theodore A Montgomery, Dr Charles J
Montrose, PhD, Dr Darlene Mood, Dr. David C Moody, PhD, Dr.
J. Ward Moody, PhD, Scott M Moody, PhD, Henry L Moody, Dr
Marcia Moody, PhD, Henry F Moomau, Jim Moon, Donald W
Moon, Dr Young Moon, PhD, Richard T Mooney, Joan M
Moore, Thomas C Moore, Dr Michael S Moore, PhD, W Dupree
Moore, Gordon P Moore, Dr Thomas K Moore, PhD, Mel
Moore, B L Moore Jr, David S Moore, Cindy Moore, David K
Mooore, Tom D Moore, Richard N Moore, Charles J. Moore,
Joseph Moore, Robert D Moore, Jr, J Stephen Moore, Gordon P.
Moore, Walter C Moore, Dr John D Moore, Jack W Moore,
Mary E Moore, Frandk Moore, Douglas Moore, Dr William
Moore, Dr Walter Moore, PhD, Kenneth Moore, Duane Moore,
Earl Moore, Dr Richard Moore, PhD, Dr. Michael Moore, PhD,
Daniel Moore, Dr Peter T Mora, PhD, Ralph Moradiellos, Dr
Moran, PhD, Dr Alice Moran, PhD, John W. Moran, Archie E
Moran, Ramon Morano, Dr Ronald Morash, PhD, Josef Moravek,
Dr Timothy A Morck, PhD, Michael Morcos, Duane E Moredock,
George S Morefield, Robert Morehead, Ned Morehouse, William
Moreland, Max Morelock, John P Morelock, Dr Pamela Morford,
Dave Morgan, Dr. Joseph T Morgan, Stanley L Morgan, Dr
Relbue M Morgan, PhD, Dr. Robert Morgan, PhD, Oscar P
Morgan Jr, John F Morgan, Dr. Ronald B Morgan, PhD, Dr.
William T Morgan, PhD, Dr. Relbue M Morgan, PhD, Dr W
Lowell Morgan, PhD, Lucian L Morgan, Paul Morgan, Victor G
Morgen, Matt Moriarty, Jerry Moritz, Dr. David L Mork, PhD, Dr.
Robert Morley, PhD, Carl H. Morley, P H Mormile, Dr Antonio
Moroni, PhD, Michael Moroso, Paul H Morphy, James Morrella,
Dr Howard A Morris, PhD, Dr M C Morris, PhD, Edward G
Morris, Dr. Paul E. Morris, David L Morris, MD, Edward C.
Morris, William E. Morris, Dr Wm G Morris, PhD, David J
Morris, Robert Morris, Robert A Morris, James R. Morris, Dr.
Charles W Morris, PhD, Dr Morris, Dr Paul Morris, PhD, Robert
Morris, Dr. Cecil A Morris, PhD, Richard Morris, John Morrisey,
Dr M E Morrison, PhD, Lynn Morrison, Dr Richard Morrison, O.
Charles Morrison, Charles R. Morrison, Dr Morrison, PhD, Tim
Morrissey, William F Morrissey, Dick Morroni, Dr Morrow, PhD,
Dr Wm S Morrow, PhD, Dan Morrow, Thomas M Morse,
George Morse, Wa Morse, Brad G. Morse, Dr. Kay S
Mortensen, PhD, Dr. Richard F Mortensen, PhD, Dr. Kenneth E
Mortenson, PhD, Raymond L Morter, PhD, Edward P Mortimer,
Wayne Morton, Dr Perry Morton, PhD, Coleman Morton, Vern
Morton, Dr John R Morton, PhD, Paul K Morton, T R Morton,
Susan Morton, Dr. Jacob Mortvedt, PhD, Dr. Robert H Mosebar,
Dr Moseley, Thomas Moseley, Gary E Mosher, Dr Melvyn W
Mosher, PhD, Dr Loren Mosher, PhD, William Moshofsky,
William J Moshofsky, Mike Mosier, Dr. John R Mosley, PhD,
Kenneth Moss, Paul W Mossey, Malcolm Mossman, Dr F K
Mostofi, Timothy B Mostowy, Karl Mote, Dr James P Motiff,
Michael S Motsch, John Mott, Dr Jack Mott, PhD, Richard
Mottoros, Dr Henry T Motz, PhD, Dr Lloyd Motz, Dr. Gordon
Moughon, Dr Peter R Mould, PhD, Gail F Moulton Jr, Arthur B
Moulton, William H Mount, Dr George E Mount, Eldridge M
Mount, PhD, Mike Mount, Paul B Mount I I, Roger B Mourich, R
Mowell, Charles F Mowry, Larry R Moyer, Dr Lee W Mozes,
PhD, Walter J Mozgala, Charles L Mraz, Dr. Barbara
Mroczkowski, PhD, Walter A Mroziak, Richard E Mrtin, Richard
C Much, Dr. Rosa M C Muchovej, PhD, Dr Gordon M Muchow,
PhD, Dr. Thomas J Mueller, PhD, Dave Mueller, Joseph J Mueller,
William B Mueller, Wim L Mueller, Philip M. Mueller, Dr. Robert
Z Muggli, PhD, Dr. Barry B Muhoberac, PhD, Dr Debasish
Mukherjee, PhD, Dr. V Mukhopadhyay, Butch Mulcahey, Dr
Francis Mulcahy, PhD, Dr. Michael C Mulder, Jeff Mulford, Evart
E Mulholland, Ralph D Mulhollen, Fred Mulker, Richard L Mullen,
James C Mullen, Thomas V Mullen, Jr, Dr Robt L Mullen, PhD,
Mark Mullenbach, Arthur Mullendore, Herman E Muller, L Muller,
L Frederic Muller, John F Mulligan, Martha M. Mullin, Paul
Mullinax, Dr Kary B Mullis, PhD, Dr Dennis M Mulvey, PhD,
Karen E Mumm, Donald D Muncy, Wesley Munger, John D
Munno, Dan Muno, Kevin Scott Munro, Dr Albert G Munson,
PhD, David M Munson, Hac Munson, Emil Moise Murad, J F
Murbach, Dr Pamela W Murchinson, PhD, Dr Craig B
Murchinson, PhD, Stephen K Murdock, Dr Fenoi Murdock, Dr
Robert Murdock, Roy K Murdock, Dr. George Murgel, PhD,
Richard C Murgittroyd, K Muriby, Dr Michael M Murkes, PhD,
Dr. Robert S Murphey, PhD, John R Murphey Jr, Dr John
Murphy, PhD, Dr John C Murphy, PhD, Frank W Murphy I I I,
Dr. Daniel B Murphy, PhD, Dr Alexander J Murphy, PhD, Dr
William Murphy, PhD, Neil Murphy, Dr Murphy, PhD, Dr William
P Murphy, Robert Murphy, Dr. Norman W Murphy, Judy
Murphy, Emmett J Murphy, Dr Lawrence E Murr, PhD, Larry T
Murray, Dr. Francis J Murray, PhD, Raymond H Murray, MD,
James W Murray, Dr Peter Murray, PhD, Dr. Frank Murray, PhD,
Dr. Raymond L Murray, PhD, Richard L Murray, Clarence
Murray, William Murray, Dr James T Murrell, PhD, Mark
Murtagh, J. Muse, PhD, Dr Gerlald Musgrave, PhD, Paul
Musgrove, Steven R Musial, I I Pe, Dr James R Musick, PhD,
Dale W Musolf, Dr R Musselman, PhD, James G Musser, Adil
Mustafa, Rocco J Musumeche, Walter F Muzacz, Dr Thomas J
Muzik, Dr John Mycroft, PhD, Sam A Myers, Dr Lyle L Myers,
PhD, Dale Dehaven Myers, Don Myers, Dale D Myers, Clifford A
Myers, Scott Myers, Dr Gerald B Myers, Dr. George M Myers,
John D Myers, Ralph Myers, Dr. Earl E Myers, PhD, Jere C
Myette, Victor Mylroie, Don Myrick, Thomas L Myron, Charles H

Website: Petition Project at
Section: Signers of Petition
Topic: Signers N
Title: Signatories

Dr. Misac Nabighian, PhD, Dr Robt E Nabours, PhD, Michael J
Nadeau, Norman A Nadel, Dr Paula Nadell, Dr. Edward
Nadgorny, PhD, Danny Naegle, Gordon Naft, Harry Nagel, Fred
W Nagle, Jr, Harry E Nagle, Dr. Kenneth A Nagy, PhD, Michael
Nahrwold,M.D., Dennis B Nakamoto, Dr. Behnam Nakhai, Dr.
John D Nalewaja, PhD, Dr Eugene Malinowksi, PhD, Peter B.
Nalle, Dr. Samuel J Nalley, PhD, Dr Jerome Namy, PhD, Richard
Nanna, Joseph Napolitano, Kenneth P Naquin, Dr Richard
Narske, PhD, Eric Nary, Mrs Ruth Naser, Harry C Nash, PhD,
Dr. Clinton B Nash, PhD, Dr. Roland Nash, Robert Nash, Dr.
Franklin Richard Nash, PhD, Roger D Nass, Roger Natzke, Phil
Naunann, Michael Nawrocki, Jeffrey S. Naylor, Dr Ronald O
Neaffer, PhD, Dr Daniel Neal, PhD, Dave Neal, Billy J Neal, Dr.
Victor Thomas Neal, PhD, Dean Oneal, Dave Neale, Richard
Neate, Dr. James K Neathery, PhD, John D. Nebel, Dr. Daniel W
Nebert, Dr John Neblett, Patricia Nechols, John D Neder Jr,
William Needham, Karen M Needham, Percy L Neel, PhD,
Thomas H Neel, Cheri R Neely, Dana Neely, Hugh Neeson, John
Neff, Thomas O'Neil Neff, John P Neglia, Dr. Leland K Neher,
PhD, Dr. James W Nehls, PhD, Lance R Neiberger, Dr. Thomas
Neil, PhD, Steven P O Neil, Timothy Neil, Gary R Neithammer,
John Nelesen, Robert Overman Nellums, A Carl Nelson, Donald
K Nelson, Dr. Burke E Nelson, PhD, Dr. Charles A Nelson, PhD,
Richard D Nelson, Errol Nelson, Sven Nelson, Dr Nelson, David L
Nelson, David L Nelson, Nelson A Perry, Bud D Nelson, Jeffrey
O Nelson, Dr Charles A Nelson, PhD, Judith E Nelson, Ronald
Nelson, Robert Nelson, Richard Nelson, Gary Nelson, Dr. Paul A
Nelson, PhD, John Nelson, Dr Charles Nelson, Stephen Nelson,
Douglas T Nelson, Pamela Nelson, G Barry Nelson, George D
Nelson, Frank Nelson, R T Nelson, Melodee Nemeth, Dr Robert
Nerbun, PhD, Dr. Paul Nesbeda, PhD, Dr Carl Nesbitt, PhD, A.
David Nesbitt, Stanley Nesheim, Dr Joel K Ness, PhD, Valmer
Ness, Nicholas G Nesteruk, Dr. Lowell E Netherton, PhD, Hugo
Neubauer, Joseph Navin Neucere, Temple W Neumann, William
Neumann, Dr. Joachim P Neumann, PhD, Dr Harry J Neumiller Jr,
PhD, Donald E Neuschwander, James E Neustaedter, Dr. Edward
F Neuzil, PhD, Dr Robert Nevett, Dr. J Ryan Neville, Paul Nevins,
Paul M Newberne, Dr Paul Newberne, PhD, Jerry S Newcomb,
Dr. Martin Newcomb, PhD, Waldo Newcomer, Dr. John T
Newell, PhD, John M Newey, Jean- Jacques Newey, Russell
Newhouse, Dr John B Newkirk, PhD, Dr John B Newkirk, PhD,
Douglas Newlin, Robert H Newll, Robert M Newman, Conrad E
Newman, Dr Simon L Newman, PhD, Mark Newman, Dr. David
Newman, Mark Newman, Doyle R Newman, Dr Nancy Newman,
Dr Roger Newman, PhD, Thomas Newman, John Newman, Sam
Newner, Dr. Richard S Newrock, PhD, Dr Bernard D Newsom,
Dr H Newsom, PhD, Dr William Newsome, James Newton,
Robert Newton, Dr Theresa Newton, Dr Joseph Newton, Kerwin
Ng, Dr. Thuan U. Nguyen, PhD, Tai T Nguyen, Sidney B Nice,
James R Nichols, James R Nichols, Dr. Lee L Nichols, PhD, Geo
S Nichols, PhD, Dr. Richard A Nichols, PhD, Clifford E Nichols,
Dr Chester E Nichols, PhD, Marcella Nichols, Dr. Davis Betz
Nichols, PhD, Dr Roberta Nichols, PhD, Thomas W Nichols,
Donald Ray Nichols, Mark E Nichols, PhD, Dr Grady Nichols,
PhD, Don Al Nicholson, Dr George Nickas, Robert Nickell, Dr.
Robert Fletcher Nickerson, PhD, Dr Richard Nickerson, Kenneth
W Nickerson, Michael Nicol, Paula W Nicola, Dennis A Nie,
James Niebaum, R Nieffenegger, Morgan W Nields, Dr Donald R
Nielsen, PhD, Dennis M Nielsen, Dr. Ronald A. Nielsen, Alan
Nielsen, Jonathan Nielsen, Dr. John Merle Nielsen, PhD, Dr. David
R Nielsen, Nyal Niemuth, Fred Nienaber, Dr William A
Nierinberg, PhD, Joseph A. Nieroski, Dr. John E Niesse, PhD, Dr
Herbert Nigg, Dr Paul J Nikolai, PhD, Dr Thomas G Nilan, PhD,
Raymond C. Niles, Bertha F Nilsson, Dr Walter Von Nimitz, PhD,
R Nimmer, Dr. Harmon S Nine, Harmon Nine, Dr John Tse Tso
Ning, PhD, Donald A Nirschl, Edward Nisbett, Kazunori Nishioka,
Charles J Nithman, James Nitzschke, Larry Niven, Paul R Nixon,
Robert Nixon, Dr George Niznik, PhD, Christopher P Nizzi, Dr
John C Nobel, Shannon Noble, Dr John D Noble, PhD, Marion
Noble, C Nobles, Michael L Noel, Theodore N Noel, Dr.
Kenneth R Noel, Ella Mae Noffsinger, Dr James Nofziger, Dr
Daniel Nogales, PhD, Thomas Noggle, Dr. Edward J Nolan, PhD,
Thomas J Nolan, Charles Nolan, Wayland Noland, PhD, Lasalle L.
Nolin, Dr. Leo A Noll, PhD, Michael Nollet, A.R. Nollet, Cliff
Nolte, Dr. Bertram Nolte, PhD, Dr. Richard Nolthenius, PhD,
Henry F Nolting, Eugene Nooker, David B Norby, Philip A
Norby, Dr. Peter J Nord, PhD, J Nordin, Dr Ivan Nordin, PhD,
Edwin C Nordquist, C. L Nordstrom, Ha Noring, Barry
Norlander, Gary Nordlander, R A Norling, Ray Norling, Dr.
Richmond D Norman, Dr Michael L Norman, PhD, Dr. Sherman B
Nornes, PhD, Dr. Edward D North, PhD, Ronnie Northcutt, Dr
Dexter B Northrop, PhD, Dr Clyde Northrup, PhD, Dr. Scott H.
Northrup, PhD, Dr Wm T Norton, PhD, Dr. Lilburn L Norton,
PhD, Dr. B G Norwood, Sidney L Norwood, James Noss, Jim
Nostrant, Albert Notary, Robt J Noteboom, Dr Hallan C Notimier,
PhD, Thomas D Nott, Julian R P Nott, Dr. Raymond F Novak, Dr
Raymond Novak, Edward F Novak, Dr. Bruce W Novark, Dr
Wm J Novick, PhD, Dr. James A Novitsky, PhD, J D Novotny,
Robert Novy, PhD, Dr Jerzy Nowakowski, PhD, Dr Z
Noworolski, Gary P Noyes, PhD, Laurence Nuelle, Dr. Leonard
James Nugent, PhD, Edmond Nugent, Dr Wm R Nummy, PhD,
Ann T Nunnemaker, Samuel Nunnemeker, Jack H. Nuszbaum, Dr
Hugh Nutley, PhD, Dr Roy Sterling Nutter, PhD, Dr William E
Nutter, PhD, Dr. David W Van Nuys, Dr. George A Nyamekye,
Gary Nydegger, Chris Nyikos, Van Nyman, Dr James E Nymann,
PhD, Dr Richard A Nyquist, PhD

Website: Petition Project at
Section: Signers of Petition
Topic: Signers O
Title: Signatories

Mark O Brien, Dr Deborah Jean O'Bannon, PhD, Dr. Allan
O'Brien, Sally G. O'Brien, Robert O'Brien, Dr T A O'Connor,
Matthew O'Counell, Mark O'Donnell, Vencil O' Donnell, Thomas
O'Leary Jr., Dr Harold O'Leary, Dr Michael O'Mara, Dr Thomas
O'Mara, Ryan O'Neal, Michele O'Neil, Robert E O'Neill, Dr.
James T O'Rourke, Joseph M O'Toole, Dr Edward O'Toole, PhD,
Judith O'Toole, Jeffrey Oak, James Oakes, David Oakeson,
Michael Oard, Harold Oatfield, Dr Richard D Obarr, PhD, Richard
C Obee, Dr Harry A Oberhelman, Dr. Donald Oberleas, PhD,
Robert B Oberst, Mark Oblad, Nan Oblad, Dr Hayward Oblad,
PhD, Dr. Thomas W Obrien, PhD, John L Occolowitz, John
Ochsner P E, George S Ochsner, Dr David Odde, PhD, Robt D
Odell, Mark A Odell, Arlo L Oden, Dr. Frederick Kirk
Odencrantz, PhD, Dr Frederic C E Oder, PhD, Dr George
Odoherty, PhD, Dr. Charles B Odom, Michael H Odonnell, John
A Oeffner, David Oehler, Dr Thomas J Oelberg, Carl Oelze, Dr
Ordean S Oen, PhD, Dr. Robert A Oetjen, PhD, Dr Charles P
Ofarrel, PhD, Randy Offenberger, Dr. Marvin L Oftedahl, PhD,
Dr. Lynn Ogden, Duncan G. Ogden, Richard Ogg, Dr Winston S
Ogiluy, PhD, Dr. Naomi N Ogimachi, PhD, Kenneth C Ogle, H M
Ogle, Kenneth Oglesby, David J Ogren, Arthur C Ohagan, Dr
Norbert W Ohara, PhD, Dr. Ernest L Ohle, PhD, Dr. Ernest L
Ohle, PhD, George Ojdrovich, Wm O Keefe, Dr William
Olkowski, PhD, Arthur F Okuno, John Olashuk, Dr. Steven E
Olbrich, PhD, Geo A Oldham, Fred B Oldham, MD, Fredric Olds,
Daniel Olds, Edward A. Oleata, Dr. Stanley Oleksy, Marc C Oler,
E. Wheeler Oliphant, Dr. Richard C Oliver, PhD, Dr. Donald B
Oliver, PhD, Bernie D Oliver, Horace G Oliver, Jr, Dr. Kelly H
Oliver, PhD, Dr Wm P Oliver, PhD, Donald A Oliver, Dottie
Oliver, Dr. Lawrence Oliver, PhD, Dr. Kenneth Leo Oliver, PhD,
E. Jerry Oliveras, J.F. Olivier, Richard G Olmstead, Jr, Randy B
Olsen, John F Olsen, Dr. Edwin A Olson, PhD, Jan Olson, Dale C
Olson, John Olson, Kenneth Olson, Ted Olson, Dr. Douglas B
Olson, PhD, Robert J Olson, Ray A Olsson, MD, James Oltmans I
I, Dr. Kevin D Olwell, PhD, Dr Carlos Omphroy, Andrew Ondish,
Dr Joanne M Ondrako, PhD, Dr Wm D E Oneill, PhD, Dr. George
F Oneill, PhD, Dr Marchall F Onellion, PhD, Richard A Onken, Dr
Anatoli Onopchenko, PhD, Dr. Joseph W Opie, PhD, Peg
Opolski, Erik Opstad, Jonathan M Oram, J A Oravetz I I I, Dr
Roger Orcutt, PhD, Drew R Van Orden, Anthony Ordile, Dr
Fernando Ore, PhD, Dr Errol Orebaugh, PhD, Gerald J
Orehostky, Dr. Don N Orelup, Dr. Robert Orenstein, David R
Orfant, Dr. Jane Orient, Mrs. W. L. Orient, William Orlandi, Dr
Johathan Orloff, PhD, J Orloski, Robert Ormesher, Dr Walter C
Ormsby, PhD, Cornel G Ormsby, Harold A Orndorff, James F
Orofino, Dr. Gus G Orphanides, PhD, Dr Demetrius G Orphanos,
PhD, Thomas E Orr, Andrew A Orr, William V Orr, David A
Orser, Dr Ernest Orsi, PhD, Dr. William A Orth, PhD, William
Ortloff, Dr. Harold R Ortman, Gary Orvis, Dr. John R Osborn,
PhD, Dr Osborn, Dr Herbert Osborn, PhD, Brian Osborn, Dr
Terrell J Osborn, PhD, Dr. J M Osborn, PhD, W E Osborne, Dr.
Raymond L Osborne Jr, Dr. Paul W. Osborne, PhD, Bert Osen,
Dr Oskoorouichi, PhD, Maurice J Osman, Joseph T Osmanski,
Duane Ostenson, Charles Oster, Dds, George F Osterhout, Dr
William Osterloh, PhD, David Osterlund, Robert Osthues, Dr Peter
P Ostrowski, Throdore O Osucha, Osamudiamen M Otabor,
Robert Otham, Dr William Orthwein, PhD, Caarl W Ott, Dr.
Wayne Ott, PhD, Steve Ott, Dr. Leo E Ott, PhD, Dr Wm J Otting,
PhD, Dr. Michael J Otto, PhD, Craig A Otto, William L Otwell,
Mark Oulundsen, Kevin D Ours, Susan B Ouzts, Dr. Jacques
Ovadia, PhD, Robert Ovellette, J W Overall Jr, Lanny Overby,
Donald R Overdorf, Dr. Albert W Overhauser, PhD, Rufus M
Overlander, F A Overly, David K Overmier, Robert F Overmyer,
J David Overton, Mack Overton, Dr James R Owen, PhD, Dr
Terrence Owen, PhD, T D Owen, William W Owens, William C
Owens, Dr Fredric N Owens, PhD, Phillip P Owens, Mark
Owens, John S Owens, Thoams Owens, William Owens, Dr. R.M.
Owensby, Dr A D Owings, Mr. Marvin L. Oxley, Dr Oyelola,
PhD, Dr. Jim L Ozbun, PhD, Dr. David Ozsvath, PhD

Website: Petition Project at
Section: Signers of Petition
Topic: Signers P
Title: Signatories

Wesley E Pace, John Pace, Dr Gilbert Pacey, PhD, Dr. Ralph S
Pacini, Bruce Packard, Karle Packard, Dr. C. Subah Packer, PhD,
Richard Milton Paddison, S Paddock, David R. Paddock,
Sedonna Paetz, Dr. Murali Krishna Pagala, Dr Algred Pagano,
PhD, Gary Page, Dr. Carey Page, Dr David S Page, PhD, Ted
Paige, Ruth Painter, Lorn Painter, Dr F Painter, Kenneth Paladino,
Felice Charles Palermo, Robert R Palik, Henry Palka, Edward
Palkovic, Richard W Palladino, Richard Palmateer, Dr. Karl
Palmberg, Dr. Jay Palmer, PhD, Dr John D Palmer, PhD, Dr
Vincent Palmer, PhD, Richard Palmer, Dr Bruce R Palmer, PhD,
Dr Timothy T Palmer, PhD, Dr. Alan Palmer, PhD, Thomas Y
Palmer, R Palmer, Dr Muriel S Palmgren, PhD, Robt E Palmquist,
Dr John C Palmquist, PhD, Dr. John M Palms, PhD, Huberto
Platz, Michael V Palvov, Dr Gyan S Pande, PhD, Dr. Louis A
Panek, PhD, Dr. Arthur Pansze, PhD, John A Pantelis, Dr. Sergio
R Panunzio, PhD, Jack S Panze, Dr Francis Paolini, PhD, Dr.
Charles A Papacostas, Dr. Carles Herach Papas, PhD, Dr.
Andreas M Papas, PhD, Dr Joseph Papenfuss, Steven P
Pappajohn, Michael L Pappas, Helen Pappas, James Pappas, Dr
Sastry U Pappu, PhD, Dr Ronald E Paque, Howell Pardue,
William M Pardue, Manuel Paredes, Dr B K Parekh, Hemant B
Parikh, Travis A Paris, Dr Richard L Parish, PhD, Dr. Edward
James Parish, PhD, Gerald M Park, Dr Robert Park, Brian Park,
William Park, Dr Cyril Parkanyi, PhD, Wayne Parke, Raymond G
Parker, T Parker, Thomas Parker, Richard A Parker, Garth R
Parker, Theodore C Parker, John M. Parker, David Parker,
Dennis Parker, Theodore Parker, Michael D Parker, Dr Eugene
Parker, PhD, Jack Parker, Dr Ben Parker, PhD, Dr Donald
Parker, PhD, George Parker, Gary Parkinson, Arthur Parks Sr,
George H Parks, Dr Lloyd M Parks, PhD, L Parks, Gary L Parks,
Dr James Parks, H L Parks, L Owell C Arr Parode, Dr James
Floud Parr, Mark Parr, K W Parrish, J Parrish, Dr Stephen L
Parrott, PhD, H D Parry, Marshall E Parry, Forrest Parry, Dr
Michael L Parsons, PhD, David H Parsons, Stuart Parsons,
Marshall F Parsons, Alice B Parsons, C R Partridge, C R
Partridge, Blakeslee Partridge, Dr. Ralph E Pasceri, PhD, Richard
Pase, Gary Pashaian, Dr David F Paskausky, PhD, Thomas Joseph
Pasko, Dr Richard S Passamaneck, PhD, Dr. Marvin P Pastel,
PhD, Dr Arvid Pasto, Sergio Pastor, Mark Pastore, Robert
Patarcity, Dr Stanley Patchet, Charlie Patchett, H Richard Pate,
Mitchell Pate, William Pate, Dr James Pate, Natu C Patel, Dr P V
Patel, PhD, Mangal Patel, Arun Patel, Mangal Patel, Lawrence
Patella, John H Paterson, Dr James M Paterson, PhD, Richard
Paterson-Jones, Dr. Christopher J Patitsas, Dr. Wesley Clare
Patrick, PhD, William Patrick, James H Patrick, Dr Bernard
Patrick, Sandra Patrick, Sandra Patrick, Frank Pattee, Dr Donald
A Patten, Dr Brian Patten, PhD, Gary A Patterson, Dr James H
Patterson, PhD, Robert W Patterson, R D Patterson, Orus F
Patterson I I I, Dr. Wilbur I Patterson, PhD, Billy Patterson, Dr
Wayne Patterson, Randy Patterson, Alec M Patterson, Jeff
Patterson, Gilbert W. Patterson, Don R Patterson, Dr Bernard
Patterson, Joseph G Patterson, James C Patterson, Timothy
Patterson, Ian J Patterson, Dean Pattison, Dr. James W Patton,
PhD, Gary M Patton, Cynthia Patty, Dr. Anto D Paul, James T
Paul, Alfred N Paul, Dr Robert Paul, PhD, Dr. W Quinn Paulk,
Ralph L Pauls, Dr James M A Paulson, PhD, Theodore Paulson,
Kermit Paulson, Patricia Paulson-Ehrhardt, Bruce H Pauly, Dr.
Charles W Pavey, Dr Albert Pavlic, PhD, Dr Arthur S Pavlovic,
PhD, Emil H Pawlik, Dr Paul Pawlisch, John Paxton, H Payes,
Cyril J Payne, George A Payne, James R Payne, Dr. Michael A
Payne, PhD, Julian Payne, Dr Dewitt A Payne, PhD, Barry Payne,
Daniel Payne, Dr. Franklin E Payne, Dalian Payne, Dr James
Payne, PhD, Dr Raymond A Paynter, PhD, Dr Zoran Pazameta,
PhD, Larry R Peabody, Andy Peabody, H W Peace I I, Herry
Peace, Dr Val E Peacock, PhD, David Peacock, PhD, Harold J
Peake, Richard H Pearce, R Pearce, Durk Pearson, Dr. Anthony
Pearson, PhD, Richard C Pearson, Charles Pearson, S. Ivan
Pearson, Durk Pearson, Dr. George J Pearson, PhD, Dr Earl
Pearson, PhD, John Pearson, Robert A Pease, Rod Pease, Doug
Pease, Dr David C Peaslee, PhD, Dr. Justin B Peatross, PhD, Dr.
R Pecen, PhD, Dr. Michael J Pechan, PhD, Dr E L Peck, PhD,
Roger Peck, Patrick A. Peck, Dr. Edson R Peck, PhD, Alan E
Peckham, Dr Richard S Peckham, PhD, Carl Pecko, Bruce
Pedersen, Richard Pedersen, Gerald J Pedoto, Michael Peelish,
Art Peerman, Edward J Peik, Ronald Peik, Vernon L Peipelman,
Fred A Peiplow, Dr Alfred H Pekarek, PhD, Dr. Alfred Pekarek,
Tim Pelfrey, Dr. Erik M. Pell, PhD, John Pellet, M J Pellillo,
Thomas Pelt, Frank M Pelteson, Dr Richard R Pemper, PhD, Dr
Hugo Gabriel Pena, PhD, Orville Pence Jr, David Pendery, Dr.
Winston Kent Pendleton, Dr Raymond Penick, Mary A Penland,
John Penn, William Penn, Jr Ph.D, PhD, Gerald Penn, Dr Robert
Pennak, PhD, Frederic J Penner, Dr Samuel Penner, PhD, B F
Pennington, Bill D Pennock, Dr Paul Pennypacker, Charles R
Penquite, Wayne Penrod, Jeffrey G Penta, Ann Peper, Robert
Peper, Dr Wendell Pepperdine, PhD, Dr. Armand B Pepperman,
PhD, Dr Linda Pequegnat, PhD, J Percha, Dr. Luzviminda K
Peredo, Dr James M Perel, PhD, Motty Perel, Richard E Perez,
James Periman, Russell G Perkins, Robert A Perkins, F.M.
Perkins, Madonna J Perkins, Arthur S. Perkins, Dr. Perkins, PhD,
Steve Perkins, Kenneth D Perry, Bill Perry, John E Perry, Mark
Perry, Dale Perry, Dr. Donald M. Perry, Michael Perry, Charles
Perry, Elmer L Perry, Jr, Richard Perry, Dr George Perry, PhD,
Nelson Perry, Dr Persky, PhD, Cyril J Perusek, Michael Pestes,
Dr. Mikhail I Petaev, PhD, Donald Peter, Douglas Peters, Calvin
Peters, Raymond Peters, Dr Ralph Peters, Brian D Peters, James B
Peters, Stephen G. Petersen, Dr Joseph C Petersen, PhD,
Raymond W Peterson, Dr Gary L Peterson, PhD, Donald J
Peterson, Floyd M Peterson, Victor L Peterson, James D
Peterson, Edward C Peterson, Dr. Jack E. Peterson, PhD, James
L Peterson, Gerald L Peterson, Dr. Brian L. Peterson, Dr David
Peterson, PhD, Christopher K. Peterson, Arthur W. Peterson,
Duane Peterson, Al Peterson, Terrance E Peterson, Paul Peterson,
Parker H Petit, Arthur Petraske, Randy Petresh, Dr Glenn Petrick,
Dr. Howard Petrie, PhD, William L Petrie, Dr Peter P Petro, PhD,
Thomas G Petrulas, Raymond M Petrun, Francis Petrus, J A
Petrusha, Heriberto Petschek, Dr. David E Pettijohn, PhD, Dave
Pettit, Dr. Ray H Pettit, PhD, Dr Andrey Petukhov, PhD, Cmdr
Ronald Petzoldt, PhD, Chester Peyton, Robert W Pfaff, Wm H
Pfaff, George C Pfaff Jr, Bernard Pfefer, Dr Lawrence M Pfeffer,
PhD, James E Pfeffer, Dr Lawrence M Pfeffer, PhD, Dr Douglas R
Pfeiffer, PhD, Dr. Raymond J Pfeiffer, PhD, Glenn Pfendt, John R
Pfieffer, Robert Pfister, Tom Pfitzer, Bill Pfitzer, Dr Francis Pflum,
Dr R Fred Pfost, PhD, Dr Arun G Phadke, PhD, Dr Robert
Phalen, Dr Tuan Duc Pham, PhD, Dr Raj Phansalkar, PhD, Bill
Phebe, George C Phelps, Dr Frederick Phelps, PhD, Dr L Pilgram,
Harry M Philip, Kathleen Phillips, Dr. Richard A Phillips, PhD, Dr.
Lloyd L Philipson, PhD, Dr B Phillips, PhD, Don A Phillips,
Edward J Phillips, Steven P Phillips, Wendell F Phillips, Keith
Phillips, John Phillips, Robert Phillips, Ernest Phillips, Thomas
Phillips, Kenneth M Phillips, Dwayne Phillips, John Phillips, David
K Phillips, Dr. James A Phillips, PhD, Calvin Phillips, Dr. Steven J
Phillips, Dr Mitchel Phillips, Dr Wallae C Philoon, PhD, Dr. Jay W
Phippen, PhD, Dr Cu Phung, PhD, Louis Pianetti Jr, Dr. George J.
Piazza, PhD, Vince Picarello, Perry T Piccard, Dr Wayne Pickard,
Margaret A Pickel, Timothy Pickenheim, Dr. Max Pickerill, PhD,
John Pickett, William Pickett, Dr Rex D Pieper, Matthew Lee
Pierce, PhD, John Pierce, Dr William Pierce, Gerald Pierson, Dr
Edwin T Pieski, PhD, Pat Pietrefesa, Charles E Pietri, William J
Pietrusiak, Anthony Pietsch, Dr. Jeffrey T Pietz, Arthur J Pignocco,
PhD, Dr. D Pigott, PhD, Robert L Pigott I I, Dr Alan Pike, PhD,
Dr Gordon E Pike, PhD, Charles Pike, Dr. Arturs Piksis, PhD,
Glen A Piland, Dr. Charles F. Pilati, Lester Pilcher, Dr. Valter E
Pilcher, PhD, Kurt Pilgram, Dr. Hyman Ira Pilgrim, PhD, Dr
Vernor Pilon, Annemarie Pilveins, Dr David Pimentel, PhD, John H
Pimm, Peter Pincura, Dr. Irwin J Pincus, R.E. Pine, Dr. Pine, PhD,
Dr Robert F Pineiro, PhD, Anthony Piniat, Bob Pinner, Dr Mark A
Pinsky, PhD, Raymond G Pinson, Pam Pinson, Dr. Anton J Pintar,
PhD, Ronald Pinter, William R Pioli, Chris Piotrowski, Dr. Michael
R Piotrowski, PhD, Ervin L Piper, Robert Piper, Mr William Piper,
Dr. Bernard Wallace Pipkin, PhD, Dr. Anthony W Pircio, PhD, Dr
Daniel J Pisano, PhD, Ed Piszynski, Richard M Pitcher, Joseph T
Pitman, Dr Charles Pitt, PhD, Dr William Pitt, PhD, Peter Pittman,
Michael Pitts, Gregory S Pitts, Gerald S Pitts, David Pitts, Dr Peter
Pityk, Rahn G Pitzer, William C Piver, Michael Piznar, Philip A
Pizzica, Dr Jerry P Place, Dr. James C Plagge, PhD, Gus Plagianis,
John A Plaisted, Dr Ronald Plakke, PhD, Don Planchard, Thomas
Plante, Joseph J M Plante, Dr. John E Plapp, PhD, Dr Lucian B
Platt, PhD, Dr. Alan Edward Platt, PhD, Dr. Robert V Plehn, Dr
James D Plimpton, PhD, Dr. Larry Plonsker, PhD, Andrew W
Plonsky, Dr Karl W Plumlee, PhD, Byron L Plumley, Howard
Plummer, Dr. William A Plummer, PhD, Joseph S Plunkett, John F
Podhaisky, Dr Robert Podlasek, PhD, Steve C Poe, Dr. Wendy K
Pogozelski, PhD, William Pogue, Max Pohl, Roland F Pohler, Carl
R Poirier, William Poley, Dr. Frank C Polidora, Dr B Poling, PhD,
Dr Polinger, PhD, Jack J Polise, John Polish, Dr. Gregory E.
Polito, Larry Polk, R Scott Pollard, Wm A Polley, Ruth Polley,
Charlotte Pollock, Charles B Pollock, Dr. Myron Pollycove, Dr.
William J Polson, PhD, Dr Kent Pomeroy, Paul Pompeo I I I, Dr
Wilson G Pond, PhD, Philip Pongetti, Dr. Kurt W Pontasch, PhD,
Larry Pontaski, Dr. Karl Hallman Pool, PhD, George Poole, H K
Poole, Robert W. Poole, Jr., Russel Poole, Dr Alan Pope, Arthur
F Pope, Lee Pope, M G Popik, Louis B Popovich, Robert D
Popper, Dr. G Albert Popson, PhD, Dr David D Porter, Bruce
Porter, Richard F Porter, Jeffrey Porter, Dr Frederic E Porter,
PhD, Dr Vernon R Porter, PhD, Thomas Porterfield, John
Porterfield, Dr. William W Porterfield, PhD, Michael Portman,
Bonne Posma, Mike Posson, Mike Posson, Joseph Post, M.E.
Postlethwaite, Dr. Richard W Postma, PhD, Dr. Denzil Poston,
PhD, Dr Harvey W Posvic, PhD, Dr Louis Potash, PhD, Dr
Reddeppa Pothuri, PhD, Terry Potter, Dr George Potter, PhD,
Kenneth Potter, Dr. Floyd Potts, James Potts, James E Potzick,
Dr. Daniel B Pourreau, PhD, Dr. Jacob A. Poutsma, Dr Joseph J
Poveromo, PhD, Dr. Louis Povinelli, PhD, Richard J Powals,
George Powe, Mark L. Powell, Susan Powell, Derek Powell, Dr.
Edward T. Powell, PhD, David T Powell, Jr, Jim Powell, Dr
Robert Powell, R C Powell, Dr. Michael Robert Powell, PhD,
James P Power, John D. Power, Timothy M Power, Dr. Daren
Powers, PhD, Dr Jean Powers, Dr Kendall G Powers, PhD,
Harold Powers, Dr. Robert W. Powitz, PhD, David E Powley,
William F. Poynter, Ernest Ppospischil, Carl S Vender, Kurt Pralle,
Dr. David Pramer, PhD, Dr Hullahalli Prasan, PhD, Eugene
Praschan, John M Praskwiecz, John Prater, Samuel F Pratt, Jr, Dr.
Arnold Warburton Pratt, Dr. Donald L Pratt, Ronald Prebys, Dr
Frank M Precopio, PhD, Thomas Prehoda, Dr Prendegast, PhD,
Camille Prenn, Richard S Prentice, Irving Prentice, Dr. David S
Prerau, Jerry Prescott, Glenn C Prescott, Kenneth Presley, Allister
L Presnal, Dr Press, Ron Presswell, William Preston, C Dan
Preston, Dr Richard Preston, Dr Martin Preus, PhD, R. H. Prewitt,
Dr. Henry L Price, Dr Steven Price, PhD, George W. Price,
Kenneth Price, PhD, Donald G Price, Jr, Steven F Price, Dr.
Harold Anthony Price, PhD, R E Price, R L Prichard, Gerald O
Priebe, Dr Char W Prince, PhD, Robert Prince, James Pringle,
Vernon Pringle Jr, David Prinzing, Dr Ronald L Prior, PhD, William
H Prior, Jim Priskos, Dr James E Pritchard, PhD, Ronald W
Pritchett, Robert Pritchett, Dr. Richard Probst, PhD, Donald L
Prochnow, Dr. David G Proctor, PhD, Dr. David Livingston
Proctor, Richard J Proctor, John Prodan, Dr Tso-Ping Ma, PhD,
Barry Profeta, Dr B Prokai, PhD, William H Prokop, Dr Gary
Proksch, PhD, Thomas P Propert, Dr. Joseph W Proske, PhD, Dr.
Leon Prosky, PhD, Brian S Prosser, Alan L Prouty, Dr Anthony J
Provenzano, PhD, Dr Buchard Pruett, Jay Pruitt, Charles W Pruitt,
L L Pruitt, Dr. Basil A Pruitt, Dr. Basil A Pruitt, Zenon C Prusas,
Dr William Pryor, PhD, Dr Michael J Pryor, PhD, Dr Andrezej
Przyjazny, PhD, Dr Trodor Przymusinski, PhD, Siegfied Pudell,
David L Puent, Dr. Eugene M J Pugatch, T Linn Pugh, Richard P
Pugh, Dr Evan R Pugh, PhD, Dr Ronald J Pugmire, PhD, J Pullen,
Dr. L Purcell, Everett W Purcell, Bruce Purcell, Dr. T O Purcell,
PhD, David C Purdy, Cary C Purdy, Robt G Purington, Scott
Purinton, Dr E Dale Purkhiser, Paul Purser, Paul E Purser, Richard
A Purtell, David R Puryhear, John Pusatari, Herman Pusin, Richard
L Puster, Dr Edison W Putman, Dr Thomas H Putman, PhD,
Abbott A Putnam, Charles Putnam, J W Putt, Dr Orrea F Pye,
PhD, Dr. Albert Pye, PhD, George T Pyndus, Louis Pytlewski,
PhD, Dr Erling Pytte, PhD

Website: Petition Project at
Section: Signers of Petition
Topic: Signers Q - R
Title: Signatories

Kathy Qin, M A Qin, Dr Forrest Quackenbush, PhD, Dr James
Qualey, PhD, Dr. Russell Qualls, PhD, Keith J Quanbeck, Dr. Earl
R Quandt, PhD, Miller W Quarles, Dr Barry Quart, Dr. Ramon S
Quesada Jr, John M Quiel, Samuel Quigley, Spence Quilling, Dr
James R Quinan, PhD, Shirley J Quinn, Dr John J Quinn, PhD,
Rena Quinn, John Quinn, Perry C O Quinn, Alan Quintero, Phil
Quire, Dr. Karl S Quisenberry, PhD, William Quisenberry, Patrick
W Quist, Ralph Quosig, Dr. Frederick H Raab, Dr Bernard Raab,
PhD, Dr. F.H. Raab, PhD, Daryl Raabe, Ashley Rabalais, David
Rabb, Steven Rabe, Craig Rabeneck, Dr. Mj Rabinonitz, PhD,
Louis C Raburn, Ken Rachal, Dr Joseph Rachlin, PhD, Jeff Racho,
Dr Kenneth Rachocki, John Rackley, Dr Charles Raczowski,
Richard Radcliffe, Dr. Frederick J Radd, PhD, Richard Radeka,
Frank Radella, David R Raden, Ken Rader, Donald Rado, D
Rado, Donald Radtke, Michael T Radvan, Keith Rae, Dr Harold
Raemer, PhD, Dr Beat U Raess, PhD, Dr Hershel Raff, PhD, Dr.
Donal M Ragan, PhD, Robert Ragen, Dr Mohsen K Rahbar, PhD,
Dr. Ronald O Rahn, PhD, Dr. Perry H Rahn, PhD, Robert Raines,
John R Rairden, I I I, Dr. Elliott Raisen, PhD, Dr. Robert P Raker,
Beth Raker, Francis A. Rakow, John M Rakowski, Dr Charles
Raley, PhD, James A Ralph, George Ramatowski, Dario
Ramazzotti, C L Rambo, Dr. Frederick Rambow, PhD, William
Ramer, Dr. Harmon H Ramey, PhD, Dr. Simon Ramo, PhD, Dr.
Albert A Ramos, Dr Jerry D Ramsey, PhD, Benjamin F Ramsey,
Madeline Ramsey, David C Ramsower, Dr Lawrence D Ramspott,
PhD, Dr Paul Ramstad, PhD, Shahida Rana, Dr David Rancour,
PhD, Dr James Rancourt, Dr Wm J Randall, PhD, Dr Charles C
Randall Md, P Randall, Robert Randall, Dr Joseph L Randall, PhD,
Robert Randall, Dr. Charles A Randall, PhD, Dr Charles A
Randall, PhD, Dr. Ann Randolph, PhD, Spencer G Randolph, Dr.
William P Raney, PhD, Dr Robert Raney, Dr Margene G Ranieri,
PhD, Dr Tom Rank, PhD, Thomas J Rankin, Dr. C. J. Ransom,
PhD, G J Ransonet, Charles G Ranstrom, Irving Rapaport, Stephen
Rapchak, Stephen C Raper, Eric Rascoe, Dr. Marco Rasi, PhD,
Dr Lowell Rasmussen, James B Rasmussen, Dr. Ned S Rasor,
PhD, Dr Howard Rast, PhD, Lee Ratcliff, Mike Ratcliff, Prescott
H. Rathborne, Dr Dennis Rathman, PhD, Andrew A Rathsack, Dr
Steven Ratliff, PhD, Dr. Oscar D Ratnoff, Egan J Rattin, Dr. Alfred
Ratz, PhD, Michael Ratz, Dr Richard Rauch, PhD, Dr Gerald W
Rausch, PhD, Dr Donald O Rausch, PhD, Steven Rauzi, Nancy C
Raven, Dr Francis H Raven, PhD, Michael Rawley, Dr Kyle
Rawlings, PhD, James Rawls, Stanley R Rawn Jr, Derek J
Rawson, Dr. Clifford H Ray, PhD, Dr Sylvian Richard Ray, PhD,
Dr Michael B Ray, PhD, Donald R Ray, Thomas A Ray, Clinton M
Rayes, Dr. Park Rayfield, PhD, Dr Richard L Raymond, PhD,
Larry C Raymond, Dr Stuart Raynolds, PhD, Dr. Gary D Rayson,
PhD, Bill E Raywinkle, Dr. David Thomas Read, PhD, Ernest H
Reade Jr, Fred Reader, Dr James Ready, James A Reagan,
Michael J Realmuto, Tom Reamsnyder, James A Reas, D L
Reasons, Jerry Reaves, Dr Nelson Reavey-Cantwell, Dr Paul R
Reay, David N Rebol, Dr Theodore L Rebstock, PhD, Dr. John W
Rebuck, PhD, Paul A Rechard, Dr Andreas B Rechnitzer, PhD, H
C Rechtien Jr, W Rector, Dr Charles W Rector, PhD, J B Red,
John G Reddan III, Richard L Reddy, Harold J Reddy, Immo
Redeker, Dr. Allan G Redeker, Dr. John W. Redelfs, Jamie
Redenbaugh, Noeman Redford, John G. Redic, K Redig, Dr
Robert H Rediker, PhD, Dr Larry Redmon, PhD, Peter Redmon,
Erick L Redmon, Dr Jack Redmond, PhD, Dr. Jory Redo, PhD,
Dr Redwine, PhD, Dr Max E Reed, PhD, Kenneth R Reed, Jack
Reed, David A Reed Jr, Dr. C. Reed, PhD, Dr Allan H Reed,
PhD, Tom Reed, Dr Thomas Reed, PhD, Emmett Van Reed, Dr. J.
Arthur Reed, Dr. Sherman Kennedy Reed, PhD, Dr. Donal J
Reed, Jan T Reed, Philip Reed, Stuart Reeko, Dr O W Reen, PhD,
Dr. Steven Reeoer, Norman V Rees, Dale Reese, Ruchel Reese,
Joe Reese, William Reeside, William Reeside, Dr Gerhard Reethof,
PhD, Dr Harold F Reetz, Dr. G G Reeves, PhD, W.R. Reeves,
Richard G Reeves, Dr Roy F Reeves, PhD, John Reffner, PhD,
Frank J Regan, Frank Regan, Gerhard Regenauer, Steven Regis,
Carl J Regone, Thomas R. Rehm, PhD, Dr. Claude V Reich, PhD,
Dr. Claude V Reich, PhD, John Reichenbach, Dr. Alfred D
Reichle, PhD, B J Reid, Dr George Reid, Dr Kenneth B Reid,
PhD, Dr William Reid, PhD, Dr Anthony A Reidlinger, PhD, Dr
Leonard Reiffel, PhD, M Loren Regier, Kenneth F Reighard,
Richard J Reilly, Hugh Reilly, Dr Robert T Reimers, PhD, Richard
D Rein, John B Reindehl, Dr Thomas L Reinecke, PhD, Robert R
Reiner, John W Reinert, Jack Reinhard, Richard Reinhardt, Fred
W Reinhart, Dr. Stanley E Reinhart, PhD, Dr. Mark B Reinhold,
Dr. Robert Reinke, Rydell Reints, John Reis, Samuel Reiser, Dr
Richard Reising, PhD, Dr. Harold B Reisman, PhD, Dr. Joseph F
Remar, PhD, Mack Remlinger, George Remmenga, Dr. Susan
Rempe, PhD, Norbert T Rempe, James C Remsberg, Don J
Remson, Dr Alvin C Rencher, PhD, Kevin D Renfro, Dr. Harris B
Renfroe, PhD, Daniel F Renke, Steven Y Rennell, Dr. Edward G
Rennels, PhD, Dr Hans H Rennhard, PhD, Peterson D Rens, Dr.
Nicholas A Renzetti, PhD, Dr. Thomas R Pepitone, PhD, Kenneth
L Rergman, R. Resch, F E Resch, Dr Robert Resnik, PhD, Dr
William B Retallick, PhD, David A Retterer, Mari Rettke, Fredrick
K Retzlaff, David E Reubush, Dr. Mary E Reuder, George H
Reussner, Dr. R H Reuter, PhD, Gordon Revey, William E Rew,
Brian Rex, William R Rex, Dr. Robert Walter Rex, PhD, Dr Raul J
De Los Reyes, Walter L Reyland, Dr. Charles A Reynolds, PhD,
Thomas W Reynolds, Max J Reynolds, Dr. Robert Ware
Reynolds, PhD, Dr John Reynolds, John Reynolds, Gary Reynolds,
C H Reynolds, Dr Bruce Reynolds, PhD, Lawrence Reynolds,
Leslie H Reynolds, Dr Jeffrey Reynolds, Vic Reznack, Dr Richard
G Rhoades, PhD, Dr James Rhoades, PhD, W Rhodaberger,
Edward T Rhode, Carl Rohde, Dr Robert A Rhodes, PhD, James
D Rhodes, Winston Rhodes, John R Rhodes, Harvey Rhodes, R
David Rhodes, Kevin Rhodes, Mary Rhyne, Dr William Ribben,
PhD, Dr Wm Eugene Ribelin, PhD, Armando T. Ricci Jr., Dr.
Michael D Rice, PhD, Pat Rice, Sean Rice, James K Rice, Jack
Rice, Terry Rice, Dr. Warren Rice, PhD, Gary R Rice, David Rich,
Dennis Rich, Guerico L Richard, MD, Lee Richard, Dr Frederic
Richard, PhD, J J Richard, Brian K Richardet, Donald Richards, A
Richards, Joseph D Richards, Dr. Bernard L Richards, PhD,
Russell Richards, Dr. Benjamin Richards, PhD, George W
Richards I I I, Bill Richards, George W Richards I I I, Dr. T L
Richardson, Thomas E Richardson, Hollis M Richardson, Dr Neal
Allen Richardson, PhD, Dr J Mark Richardson, PhD, David
Richardson, C.H.B. Richardson, Charles Richardson, Dr Everett
Richardson, PhD, Dr. Ralph J Richardson, PhD, Dr. Leonard
Frederick Richardson, PhD, Dr. Verlin H Richardson, PhD, Robert
W Richardson, Gerald Laverne Richardson, J C Richardson, Jerry
O Richartz, Dr. Nancy D Richert, PhD, Ed Richman, PhD, Selma
Richaman, George Richmond, Michael Richmond, Dr. James M
Richmond, PhD, Thomas Richter, Bruce Rickard, Dr Robert
Ricker, PhD, Dr Russell Rickert, Linda Ricketts, Nr Ricks, Richard
Ricks, Ralph E Ricksecker, Dr Fred R Riddell, PhD, Dr R J
Riddell, PhD, Dr David Riddle, PhD, Maureen Rider, Dr. William
C Ridgway, PhD, Russell Ridgway, Susan Riebe, Robt W Riedel,
Dr. Martin Max Rieger, PhD, Dr. Herman H Rieke, D. Riemer, Dr
Stanley K Ries, Dr Edward R Ries, PhD, James L Rigassio, Dr
Stephen J Riggi, Dr. Karl A. Riggs, PhD, Dr Elliott A Riggs, PhD,
Kenton Riggs, David Riggs, Dr. James W Riggs, PhD, Dr. Lorrin
Riggs, Vic Rigley, George P Rigsby, PhD, William M Rike, Jim
Rike, Dr. John T Riley, PhD, William Riley, Michael Riley, Larry
Riley, G Riley, Cody Riley, Dr Lyrad Riley, Dr. James H Rillings,
PhD, J W Rimes, Dan H Rimmer, Jerry F Rimmer, Kent R
Rinehart, Dr Charles E Rinehart Jr, PhD, John A Rinek, Dr. Robert
Ringering, Lawrnece Ringham, Dr. Roy Ringo, PhD, Dr. James L
Ringo, George R Ringo, Dr Arthur J Riopelle, Beverly Riordan,
Richard L Ripley, Daivd Rippee, Dr David Ririe, Paul Risbin, Dr
David Rislove, PhD, Dr Harold W Ritchey, PhD, Robert L
Ritchey, Logan R Ritchie, Jr, Dr. Gary Alan Ritchie, PhD, Dr
Harlan Ritchie, Carolyn Ritchie, Dr Martin Ritchie, PhD, Dr. James
S Ritscher, PhD, James R Rittenhouse, Arnold P Ritter, Dr Steven
J Titter, PhD, Harold E. Ritter, Glenn Ritter, Robert B Ritter, Dr.
Alfred Ritter, Russell E Ritz, Joseph P Riva, R A Rivas, Dr Ronnie
L Rivers, PhD, Dr Paul Rivers, PhD, George A Rizk, P Rizzo,
Leonardrizzute, John V Roach, A.E. Roach, Beverly L. Roach,
Kenneth Roane, Patrick C Roark, Dr Terry P Roark, PhD, Dr
Ernest A Robbins, PhD, Dr Kelly Robbins, James E Robbins, Dr.
Fred Robbins, George W Robbins, Raymond C Robeck, Dr
Gregory Robel, PhD, Stephen F Roberts, Samuel E Roberts,
Michael A Roberts Jr, Harry Roberts, Allan Roberts, Johnny R
Roberts, R. A. Roberts, Paul D Roberts, Kenneth Roberts, Dr
Dewayne Roberts, Joyce H Roberts, Frank Roberts Jr, Dr.
Norman Hailstone Roberts, PhD, George A Roberts, James
Roberts, Dr. Arthur Roberts, PhD, Edward H Roberts, Dr. Jerry
Lewis Robertson, PhD, Donald K Robertson, F H Robertson,
Leslie E Robertson, Dr James A Robertson, PhD, Thomas M
Robertson, Don B Robertson, Dr. John S Robertson, PhD, Dr
Stanley L Robertson, PhD, Dr George H Robertson, PhD, Mark
Robertson, Eric P Robertson, Douglas Welby Robertson, David
Robertson, Dr Wilbert J Robertson, PhD, Daniel Robertson,
Bernard I Robertson, Dr. Alexander F Robertson, PhD, David
Robertson, Daniel E Robertson, Dr Gordon W Robertstad, PhD,
Dr Roger Robinett, Larry Robinette, J Robinson, Zachary W
Robinson, Dr. Charles S Robinson, PhD, Arnold Robinson, Dr
Arthur B Robinson, PhD, Geor H Robinson, Gary E Robinson,
James Robinson, Dr. R E Robinson, PhD, Dr Robert Robinson, T
F Robinson, Dr Stewart Robinson, G Alan Robison, E. Douglas
Robinson, Charles Robinson, Richard D Robinson, Nancy W
Robinson, Stephen L Robinson, Lee A Robinson, Dr M Robinson,
PhD, Donald W Robinson, Raymond Francis Robinson, Ken
Robirds, Wm Robisch, Daniel B Robison, Frank Robles, Dr. John
M Roblin, PhD, Steven Roblyer, Michael J Robrecht, Dr. James L
Robrock, Vincent P Rocco, R. James Rocha, Alex F Roche, MD,
PhD, T.C. Roche, Jr., Dr. J La Rochelle, PhD, Dr M V Rock, Dr.
Robert M Roecker, PhD, James W Rockhold, Ralph A Rockow,
Dr Morris Rockstein, PhD, Dr David Rockstraw, PhD, Dr.
Theodore Rockwell, PhD, James W. Rodde, David A Roddy,
Daniel L Rode, Dr. Jonathan P Rode, PhD, Rocky Roden, Clint
Roden, Dr Charles Rodenberger, Dr. Billy R Rodgers, PhD,
Robert W Rodier, Dr James Rodine, PhD, Dr Harold V Rodriguez,
PhD, Brian D Rodriguez, Thomas E Rodwick, Michael Rodzianko,
Joseph Roe, John Roe, Roebuck Assoc, Inc, John Roede, Dr Robt
C Roeder, PhD, Greg Roel, Ted Roes, III, Raylan Roetman,
Randy Rogers, Dr. Tom Rogers, PhD, Joseph Rogers, Michael E
Rogers, Gordon H. Rogers, Diame Rogers, Dr Donald R Rogers,
A C Rogers, Bruce A Rogers, Fred Rogers, Dr. Lloyd Sloan
Rogers, Col. Joseph Rogers, Gwenda Rogers, Arthur Rogers, Dr
Dale Rognlie, PhD, Dr Oliver Roholt, PhD, Dr. Robert Rohr, PhD,
Dr Robert C Rohr, PhD, Ralph E Rohrbaugh, John H Rohrbaugh,
PhD, Neal Rohrbaugh, Don A Rohrenbach, Ignatius Rohrig,
Robert G Rohwer, Dr Robet Roland, Richard Rolfes I I I, Dr
Michael H Roller, Dr. Louis D Rollmann, PhD, Dr Marston Val
Roloff, Dr Louis Rombach, PhD, Dr. John A. Romberger, Dr.
Charles T. Rombough, PhD, L. Romikwie, William C Romney, Dr
Thomas Ronay, PhD, Jeff H Ronk, Jeff H Ronk, Wendell Hofma
Rooks, Robt L Rooney, Dr David M Rooney, PhD, Rebecca L
Roop, Malcom Rooper, Peter E. Roos, Norman L Root, David
Root, Thomas Root, Dr Paul James Roper, PhD, Simpson Roper,
Erik Rorem, Ivor Rorquist, Robert Rorschach, Dr. Albert J Rosa,
PhD, Dr Eugene J Rosa, PhD, John Roscoe, Dr John Roscoe,
PhD, Dr. John S Roscoe, PhD, Dr David Rose, PhD, Allan B
Rose, Dr Benny H Rose, PhD, Dr Kenneth L Rose, PhD, Charles
Rose, Dr Gary Rose, Dr Richard Rowe, Judd A Roseberry,
Frederick A Rosell, Ward Rosen, Dr Sidney Rosen, PhD, Dr
Milton J Rosen, PhD, Dr Richard A Rosenberg, PhD, Dr Steven L
Rosenberg, PhD, Ernest S Rosenberg, William E Rosenberg, Alan
Rosenblatt, Richard Rosencrans, Lawrence Rosendale, Robert
Rosene, Leonard Rosenfeld, Dr. Charles R Rosenfeld, Dr. Bruce D
Rosenquist, PhD, Dr. Melvin S Rosenthal, Dr. Harold L Rosential,
PhD, Jack W Rosential, M. Rosenzweig, Joseph Rosi, Dr Fred
Rosi, PhD, Dr Randy Rosiere, Dr George Roskee, John K Rosky,
Wm E Ross, Dr Donald Ross, PhD, Suzi Ross, Allan Ross, Dr.
Malcolm Ross, PhD, Jeffrey Ross, Arthur Ross, B. Robert Ross,
William F Ross, John Ross, Dr. Arthur L Ross, PhD, Dr. Robert G
Rosser, B A Rosser, Mario Rossi, Dr A David Rossin, PhD,
Charlie Rossman, Zsolt Rosta, Ora Rostad, John S Rostand, Paul
Rosten, J Paul Roston, R A Roston, Dr Robert H Roth, PhD, Dr.
Timothy Roth, PhD, Ronald C Rothe, Dr Elliot Rothkopf, PhD,
John W. Rothrock, Dr Wm S Rothwell, PhD, James C Rothwell,
Gene Rotramel, Dr Nicholas Rott, PhD, John Rottenborn, Bruce
Rotter, Dr Gaylord E Rough, PhD, Dr. Michael J O' Rourke, PhD,
Dr George E Rouse, PhD, Dr Lawrence J Rouse, PhD, Chris
Rouser, Billy Rouser, Edwin S Rousseau, W Jeffrey Row, Verald
K Row, Dr Charles F Row, Dr. Dighton F Rowan, PhD, Dr.
Robert S Rowe, PhD, William R Rowe, Dorothy Rowe, Dr. James
Lincoln Rowe, PhD, Dr. James M Rowe, PhD, Martin Rowe, Dr.
Bruce Rowell, PhD, Rex Rowell, Dr Neil W Rowland, PhD, Tterry
L Rowland, Steve Rowland, Brian Rowles, George Roxton, Joseph
A Roy, George M. Roy, Thomas M Royal, Dr. A R Royce, G.
Roysdon, Dr John Rozenbergs, PhD, Dr. Csaba Rozsa, PhD, Dr.
Balaz F Rozsnyai, PhD, Timothy Rozycki, Ben H Rubican, Dr Mae
K Rubin, PhD, Arthur Rubin, Mark A Rubin, Dr Daniel Rubinstein,
PhD, Bryan Rubright, Jim R Rucker, Dr. Thomas A Ruddin,
Douglas Rudenko, Dr Charles F Rudershausen, PhD, Dr Carl S
Rudisill, PhD, Gerard Rudisin, Thomas Rudy, Dr Thomas Rudy,
PhD, Edward E Rue, Raymond L Ruehle, W. Ruehle, Stephen
Ruehlman, Robert Reuss, G Alan Ruger, Ed Ruhl, John Ruhl, T H
Ruland, Raymond J Rulis, Donald E Ruminer, Dr. Rosmarie Von
Rumker, PhD, Larry J Rummerfield, Robert E Rundle, John S
Runge, Paul Runge, Dr Howell I Runion, Dr. Kelli Runnels, PhD,
Dr Olaf Runquist, PhD, Edward Runyan, Charles V. Runyon,
Charles Runyon, Dr A L Ruoff, PhD, Jarrold Rupe, Dr Gerald
Rupert, PhD, Robert Rupert, Dr John A Rupley, PhD, Darrel
Rupp, William Rupp, Theodore A Ruppert, Dr Louis J Rusconi,
PhD, Michael T Rusesky, Dr. B Rush, PhD, Charles Rushing, Dr
Irving Rusoff, Dr Louis Rusoff, PhD, James R Russel, Dr. Ernest E
Russell, PhD, Cynthia B Russell, Charles L Russell, Allen S Russell,
Lewis B. Russell, Dr Robert R Russell, PhD, Kenneth Russell,
David Russell, Robert B Russell Jr, Jim Russell, Dr. A Yvonne
Russell, Edmund L Russell, Dr. Ross F Russell, PhD, David E
Russell, Dr. James H Rust, PhD, Robert F Rust, Carri Rustad, Dr
M R Rusty, Dr Susan E Rutherford, Dr Mark Ruttle, Patrick Rutty,
Dr James W Ryan, PhD, William F. Ryan, Jeffrey W Ryan, Dr
James M Ryan, PhD, Dr Bill C Ryan, PhD, Timothy M Ryan,
Michele M Ryan, Wendall Ryan, Dr Wayne Ryan, PhD, James
Ryan, Kevin M Ryan, Dr. Jean Ryan, PhD, Dr. Frederick M Ryan,
PhD, Dr James Ryan, Julian Gilbert Ryan, Dr Charles J Ryant, Jr,
PhD, John Rybicki, David F Ryder, Paul H Rydlund, Kathleen
Rygiel, Robert R Ryland, Dr. James Rynerson, Dr. John W Ryon,
PhD, Dr. Alicja M Kirkien Rzeszotarsk, PhD, Dr Waclaw J
Rzeszotarski, PhD

Website: Petition Project at
Section: Signers of Petition
Topic: Signers S - Sh
Title: Signatories

Dr. Patrick Saatzer, PhD, Joaquin A Saavedra, Dr Edward S
Sabisky, PhD, Julius Jay Sabo, Dr Kenneth Sabo, Edward Sabo,
Dr Sohindar Sachdev, PhD, Dr. John P Sachs, PhD, Dr Frederick
Sachs, PhD, Dr Thomas Dudley Sachs, PhD, Dr David Sachs,
PhD, Dr. Edgar A Sack, Marcus Sack, Debrah K Sacrey, William
Sacrison, James C Sadler, Dr. Leon Y Sadler I I I, PhD, Donald
Sadler, Dr. George D Sadler, PhD, W Alter Carl Saeman, Dr.
Alfred Saffer, PhD, Frederick Sagabiel, Harry C Sager, Dr
Saghafi, PhD, Faycel L B Said, Dr M M Said, PhD, George S.
Sajner, Alexander A Sakhnovsky, B A Sakosky, Dr Mamdouh M
Salama, PhD, Eugene Salamin, Solomon J Salat, Belinda Salinas,
David J Salisbury, Phillip Salitros, Hyman L Sall, Steven Salli, Dr.
Seppo O Salminen, Stuart C Salmon, PhD, Dr. Wilmar L Salo,
PhD, James A. Salsgiver, Joe Saltamachia, Dr. Mikal E Saltveit,
John Salvador, Tim A Salvati, Robert H Salvesen, PhD, Dr. Paul
Salzman, PhD, Dr. Dominick A. Sama, PhD, Dr. George Albert
Samara, PhD, R E Sameth, W J Samford, Dr. L C Sammons Jr,
Francis L Sammt, Larry Sample, Ronald E Samples, B Samples,
Ann G Samples, Dr Douglas Sampson, PhD, Charles Sampson,
Dr. Frederick E Samson, PhD, Dr Mohammad Samiullah, PhD,
William Sanborn, Dr Jose Sanchez, PhD, Juan Sanchez, Katherine
Sanchez, Alexander Sanchez, Dr. John F Sandell, PhD, Dr Wm
Marion Sandefur, PhD, William A Sander, Donald W Sanders,
Fred Sanders, Ian A Sanders, Dr. Richard M. Sanders, PhD,
Thomas Sanders, Dr. John Paul Sanders, PhD, Burton B
Sandiford, Dr Andrew Sandorfi, PhD, Dr Michael Sandquist, B
Sandri, Dr Robt Lee Sandridge, PhD, Dr. Wayne M Sandstrom,
PhD, Donald J Sandstrom, Dr Robt A Sanford, PhD, Dr Gary L
Sanford, PhD, H Key Sanford, Sam Sangregory, L A Sankpill,
John T Sanner, John Sans, PhD, Dr Frank S Santamour, G S Santi,
Alcide Santilli, Miguel A Santos, Eric Santrago, Dr. Mykola
Saporoschenko, PhD, Dr. Edward J Sarcione, Dr. A Sam Sarem,
PhD, Dr A Sam Sarem, Dr Herbert P Sarett, PhD, Charles
Sargent, Leroy Sargent, PhD, Dalip K Sarin, Dr Peter T Sarjeant,
PhD, Dr. Somnath Sarkar, PhD, Dr. Lynn Redmon Sarles, PhD,
Dr. Balu Sarma, PhD, Dr Ignacio Sarmina, Ronald G Sarrat, Ted L
Sartain, Randall Sartorius, Dr. Raymond Edmund Sarwinski, PhD,
Dr Daryl Sas, PhD, Dr Joachim Sasse, PhD, George K Sassmann,
Frank Satterlee, Dr. Hugh Satterlee, PhD, Jerry Satterwhite,
Rudolph Sattler, Ralph J Saucier, Sharol Sauder, Dr. Bryan B
Sauer, PhD, Dr Edward A Saunders, PhD, Walt Saunders, Sally
Saunders, Dr. Jason Saunderson, PhD, Leroy J Sauter, Dr Jay
Sautter, PhD, Lester Rosaire Sauvage, MD, Greg Savasky, Dr
David R Savello, PhD, Dr Emilio A Savinelli, PhD, Kathleen
Kido-Savino, Basil U Savoy, Dr. Samuel P Sawan, PhD, Thomas
Sawarynski, Dr. John Sawyer, Frederick G. Sawyer, PhD, Dr
Frederick Sawyer, PhD, William E Sawyer, Dr. S C Saxena, PhD,
Dr Vinod K Saxena, PhD, Dr. Narendra K Saxena, PhD, Dr. Razi
Saydjari, Dr John Sayen, Cody Scace, Dr James Scala, PhD, Dr
Robt A Scala, Dr Frank Scalia, PhD, Dr. Charles J Scanio, PhD,
Marc A Scarchilli, Paul Scardaville, Michael P Scardera, Lido
Scardigli, Thomas E Scartaccini, Gerald L Schad, Dr Henry F
Schaefe, PhD, Robert Schaefer, Dr. Frederic C Schaefer, PhD, W
A Schaeffer III, Dr. Howard J Schaeffer, PhD, Len Schaer, Dr.
Robert A Schaff, Dr. Simon Schaffel, PhD, Charles L Shackelford,
Thomas S Schalk, James Schammerhorn, Paul R Schank, Dr. Hans
Schantz, PhD, Dr. Robert Schappe, Micheal R Schardt, Darrell R
Scharf, Richard M Scharlach, Dr Harvey Schau, PhD, Stephen
Schaub, Dr Carl Schauble, PhD, Dr. George S Schauf, Dr Kenneth
Schechtman, PhD, Dr Larry Schecter, PhD, Robert Scheel, Gary
Scheeser, Howard Scheetz, Daniel Scheffel, Randolph Scheffel, Dr
Paul O Scheibe, PhD, Dr J T Scheick, PhD, Frank R Scheid Jr, Dr
Francis M Scheidt, PhD, Dr Boris Schein, PhD, Christian
Scheindel, Dr Perry A Scheinok, PhD, Dr. Frank Schell, Dr Fred
M Schell, PhD, Dr Karl A Schellenberg, PhD, Dr. Jay Ruffner
Schenck, PhD, Al J Schenkel, Gary Schenker, Dr Timothy Wm
Schenz, PhD, Erwin Scherich, Dr Allan Scherr, PhD, Dr Joseph
Scherzer, Dr Joseph Scherzer, Dr. L. McD. Schetky, PhD, Dr.
Don Ralph Scheuch, PhD, Dr Richard A Scheuing, PhD, Dr. Keith
J Schiager, PhD, Milton J Schick, William Schiefler, Richard
Schiewetz, Dr Mark Schiller, Dr F P Schilling, PhD, Dr Alexander
Schilling, PhD, Dr Keith Schimmel, PhD, Dr. Walter Schimmerling,
PhD, Ray Schindler, Marvin M. Schindler, Dr. Guenter Martin
Schindler, PhD, Dr Hassel Charles Schjelderup, PhD, Brent D
Schkade, Dr Robert Schlant, Jeffrey Schleher, Robert E Schlicher,
Dr Schlichting, PhD, Dr Erika Schlueter, Edward J Schmeltz, Dr
Rudi Schmid, PhD, Donald Schmid, David J Schmidle, Dr
Frederick Schmidlin, PhD, Earl A Schmidt, Douglas W Schmidt,
Dr Justin O Schmidt, PhD, Dr Clifford L Schmidt, PhD, Alfred C
Schmidt, Ralph Schmidt, Dr Schmidt, PhD, Werner H Schmidt, Dr.
John Schmidt, Joseph D Schmidt, Jr, Charles Schmidt, Paul
Schmidt, Terry Schmidt, Dr Richard A Schmidtke, PhD, Lucien A
Schmit, Jr, Edward A Schmitt, Philip L Schmitz, Dr. Marcel R
Schmorak, PhD, Wm A Schmucker, Alvin Schmucker, Thomas
Schmucker, Dr Charles D Schmulbach, PhD, David Schmutzler,
Robert C Schnabel, Paul Schnapp, Richard Schneeberger, Dr
Howard A Schneider, PhD, Dr Morris H Schneider, PhD, James
Schneider, Edward P Schneider, Dr Michael Schneider, Charles F
Schneider, Jr, John Schneider, Dr Terril Schneider, David
Schneider, Dr. Edward G Schneider, Louis I Schneider Jr, Carl
Schneider, Conrad Schneiker, Erwin Schnetzer, Edward Shcnitker,
Lewes B Schnitz, Dr Arthur W Schnizer, PhD, David A
Schoderbek, Dr. Carl P Schoen, PhD, Wm R Schoen, Donald
Schoenberg, John L Schoenthaler, Dr George L Schofield Jr, PhD,
Christ O Scholomiti, Helem Schols, Kurt A Scholz, Darryl A
Schonacher, Peter H. Schoonmaker, Oscar Schott, Michael
Schowen, Paul Schrade, Barry P Schrader, Dr John L Schrag,
PhD, Robert Joseph Schramel, Dr Martin Wm Schramm, PhD,
Nelson Schramm, William Schrand, Keith Schreck, Dr. Mary G
Schreckenberg, PhD, Dr. Robert A Schreiber, PhD, Dr William
Schreiber, PhD, Dr. Ethan J Schreier, PhD, Dr Albert Wm
Schreiner, Dr. Felix Schreiner, PhD, R J Schrior, Mary B
Schroder, John L Schroder, James W Schroeder, Dr. Robert S
Schroeder, PhD, Dr Alan Schroeder, Dr Julia Schroeder, Donald
Schroeder, Robert G Schroeder, Charles Schroeter, Steven E
Schroth, Paul K. Schubert, Russell Schucker, Dr. John K
Schueller, PhD, Herbert A Schueltz, Dr. Richard J Schuerger, PhD,
Richard J Schuetz, Dr Joseph Schufle, PhD, Dr Robt E
Schuhmann, Theodore A. Schuler, Eric Schuler, Dunell V Schull,
Mark Schull, Dr. Erland M Schulson, PhD, Dr D H Schulte, PhD,
Steve Schulte, P.E., James J Schultheis, Dr Robert Schultz, Gerald
Schultz, Dr Frederick Schultz, PhD, Dr Franklin A Schultz, PhD, T
R Schultz, Steven Schultz, Lloyd E Schultz, Thomas A Schultz,
Richard B Schulz, Robert Schumacher, Paul Schumacher, Steven R
Schurman, Garmond G Schurr, George W Schustek, Dr Donald
Frank Schutz, PhD, John Schutz, Charles R Schwab, W E
Schwabe, Thomas Schwager, Robert E. Schwager, John
Schwaninger, Dr Robert Schwartz, PhD, Dr Henry G
Schwartzberg, PhD, E J Schwarz, PhD, Jeffry Schwarz, Dr. Florian
Schwarzkopf, PhD, C P Schweikhardt, W L Schweisberger, Dr.
Mike Schweitzer, Dr Otto R Schweitzer, PhD, Frederick A
Schweizer, Dr Albert E Schweizer, PhD, Thomas R Schwerdt, Dr.
George W. Schwert, PhD, Dr. Kevin Schwinkendorf, PhD, Carlo
Schwinn, Dr John J Sciarra, PhD, Dr Daniel Sciarra, Dr. Donald
Scifres, PhD, Dr Scofield, PhD, Dr. James F. Scoggin, PhD,
Richard A Scollay, Richard L. Scollin, Dr Theodore T Scolman,
PhD, Dr. Stylianos P. Scordilis, PhD, Dr Clive R Scorey, PhD,
Harrison S Scott, Terrence R Scott, Dr Deborah J Scott, PhD,
John F Scott, Dr. John W Scott, PhD, Stephen G Scott, Philip B
Scott, Robert Scott, R. W. Scott, Samuel Scott, Dr David F Scott,
PhD, James A Scott, Charles N Scott, J O Scott, Richard Scott,
Edward L Scram, Dr Michael Screpetis, Dr Michael E Scribner,
PhD, Steven C Scribner, Paul Scribner, David H Scriven, Terry M
Scroggin, Scott Scrupski, Dr Brian E Scully, Dr James B Seaborn,
PhD, Dr Spencer L Seager, PhD, Dr. John D. Seagrave, PhD,
Thom J Seal, Ryan B Seals, W.H Seaman, Dr. Chris L. Seaman,
PhD, Dr. William J Seaman, PhD, Dr Gary L Seanwright, PhD,
Norman E. Sears, Dr. Joel K Sears, George Sears, Paul A Sease,
Kent Seaton, Randall J. Seaver, Christopher T Seaver, Dr. Richard
D Seba, Dr Bruce Sebree, Dr. Jack B Secor, PhD, Dr Robert
Secor, Gordon Secrest, Dr Joseph Sedberry, Dr Sederholm,
Richard See, Chuck See, Richard A See, Dr. David W Seegmiller,
PhD, Paul R Seelye, Steven Seer, Barry Segal, Dr. Warren G
Segelken, PhD, Charles F Seger I I I, Dr Paul A Seib, PhD, J A
Seibt, Dr Lewis S Seiden, PhD, Dr John Seidle, PhD, Otto F
Seidelman, Dr. William Edgar Seifert, PhD, Dr. Avi Seifert, Dr
Harvey N Seiger, PhD, Robert Seigneur, Dr. Fritz A. Seiler, PhD,
Pat Seintz, Dr John H Seipel, PhD, Dr Jerold A Seitchik, PhD, Dr.
Frederick Seitz, PhD, Ronald Sekellick, Robert Seklemian, Dr Paul
B Selby, PhD, John Selby, Charles E Selecman, Dr Seleem, PhD,
Donald M Self, Anthony Selk, Art Selland, James M Sellner, Tom
Selstad, Arthur Seltmann, Dr James E Seltzer, PhD, N T Selvey,
Dr. Harner Selvidge, PhD, Dr. Harner Selvidge, PhD, Joseph
Semak, Dr Maurie Semel, PhD, Joseph L Seminara, S Semlinger,
Dr Mark Semon, PhD, D.W. Sencenbaugh, D W Sencenbaugh,
Lawrence Seng, Dr. Taze L Senn, PhD, William Sens, Karl A
Sense, Phillip Sensibaugh, Dr Lee H Sentman, PhD, Dr James C
Sentz, PhD, Dr Alan J Senzel, PhD, Dr. Alan J Senzel, PhD, Dr.
Nicholas S Sereno, PhD, Dr. Francis G Serio, Dr James B Serrin,
PhD, Lisa Servais, Dr. Alexander Sesonske, PhD, Timothy A.
Sestak, Clevis T Setlik, William G Setser, Dr Earl Wm Seugling,
PhD, Dr. Byron R Sever, PhD, Nelson Severinghaus, John
Severns, Dr Arlen R Severson, Ordean Steverud, Dr Edward
Sewell, PhD, Dr Raymond F Sewell, PhD, Dr. Harry Sewell, PhD,
Richard W. Sewell, Dr Frederick H Sexsmith, PhD, Dr Alan W
Sexton, Andrew Sexton, Dr. Frank David Seydel, PhD, Dr. James
Sfiridis, PhD, Dr Fritiof S Fjostrand, PhD, Dr Charles Shabica,
PhD, Dr. Carl J Shack, PhD, Craig Shackelford, Dr Willaim
Shackleford, PhD, Steven R Shadow, Dr. James Shaeffer, PhD,
Richard U Shafer, William Shafer, William L Shaffer, James W
Shaffer, G P Shaffner, David Shah, Dr Shirish A Shah, PhD,
Donald G Shaheen, Arsen A Shahnazarian, John H Shamburger,
Raymond Shamie, Dr. Michael L Shand, PhD, Dr Shane, Dr Robt
E Shank, PhD, James L Shanks Jr, Terry Shannon, Linda Shannon,
John A Shannon, Dr. Robert Shantz, PhD, Dr. Edward K Shapiro,
PhD, Dr Ralph Shapiro, PhD, Dr Edward Shapiro, Dr Lloyd S
Shapley, PhD, Stephen Sharar, Alan Shapiro, Kenneth N Sharitz,
Dr Sharkey, PhD, David C Sharp, Dr Sharp, Kenneth Sharp, Dr
Dexter B Sharp, PhD, D Sharp, Franklin Sharp, James Sharp, Dr.
Grant William Sharpe, PhD, Dr Sharpe, Dr Clay M Sharts, Clifford
J Shaver, Robert Shaw, Warren D Shaw, Brian S Shaw, Sandy
Shaw, Dr Gaylord E Shaw, PhD, Gordon D Shaw, Dr. Robert
Shaw, Sandy Shaw, Dr Richard Shaw, PhD, Ian Shaw, Elwood R
Shaw, Dr. Daniel R. Shawe, PhD, Dennis Shea, James J Shea, Dr.
John J Shea, Dr. John Shea, Dr William Sheasley, PhD, Dr.
William W Sheehan, Jennifer P Sheets, Dr. Ralph W Sheets, PhD,
Dr. Joshua Shefer, PhD, T.E. Sheffield, Robt E Sheffield, Paul
Sheil, Daniel H. Sheingold, Ray W Sheldon, Joseph Sheldon,
Thomas Shelley, Dr. Monte Shelley, Dr George C Shelton, PhD,
Preston Shelton, Grant Shelton, Dr James Shelton, PhD, William
Sheman, Dr. Thomas B Shen, PhD, Dr Shen, Dr. Henry A
Shenkin, David Shepard, Dr Raymond L Shepherd, Kent L
Shepherd, Dr. David P Shepherd, PhD, John Sheport, Dr Moses
M Sheppard, PhD, Lawrence Sher, Peter Sheridan, Walter L
Sherman, Matthew M. Sherman, Dr. Gordon Sherman, PhD, Dr
Malcolm Sherman, PhD, Russell Sherman, B Sherrill, Frederick A
Sherrin, George Sherritt, P Sherry, Garry Sherwood, Dalton
Sherwood, Thomas R Sheuenbarger, Dr Wilbert L Shevel, PhD,
Dr Paul Shewmon, PhD, Dr. Chung-Shin Shi, PhD, Dr. Shoji
Shibata, PhD, Kevin J Shields, Dr. Robert M Shields Jr, PhD,
Bruce Shields, John B. Shiffert, Scott Shifflett, Dr Frederick F Shih,
PhD, Dr Avner Shilman, PhD, R J Schimenz, Don Shimmon, Dr.
Sung Y Shin, Dr Vernon J Shiner, PhD, Frank Shinneman, Lee
Shiozawa, Dr. Calvin Shipbaugh, PhD, Ross L Shipman, Dale
Shipman, Dr Charles Wm Shipman, PhD, Wm G Shira, Al Shirah,
Gene M. Shirley, PhD, Joseph A Shirer, Glenn A Shirey, Dr. Frank
Connard Shirley, PhD, Dr George A Shirn, PhD, Larry Shivak, Dr.
Kandiah Shivanandan, PhD, Dr Charles Shivers, Andrew Shkolnik,
Dr Neil Shmunes, William Shockley, Richard Shockley, Dr. Gilbert
R Shockley, PhD, Dr. Steven E. Shoelson, PhD, Robert S.
Shoemaker, Bruce Shofner, Merle D Shogren, Dr. Robert L
Shone, PhD, Derek W Shoobridge, Kenneth L Shook, William B
Shook, John J Shore I I I, Dr M A Short, PhD, Dale M Short, H
Drexel Short, Dr Terry Shortridge, Dr James Edward Shottafer,
PhD, Adolph C Shotts, Michael Shourd, Chrles C Shrader, Dr.
Loy William Shreve, PhD, Leo Schrider, Dr. Avanti C Shroff, PhD,
Dr Sanjeev Shroff, PhD, Craig E Shuler, Dr Patrick J Shuler, PhD,
James C Shults, Dr. Charles H Shultz, PhD, Dr Thomas F Shultz,
Dr John B Shumaker, PhD, Dr. Curtis A Shuman, PhD, Dinah O
Shumway, Douglas Shumway, Dr Richard P Shumway, Dr. J.
Shung, PhD, Dick Shunulvy, Gary Shupp, George W. Shuster,
Larry D Shuttlesworth, Dr John V Shutze, Dr. Eunice C Shuytema,
PhD, Valery Shver, Dr Edwin Shykind, PhD, Dr Barbara Shykoff,

Website: Petition Project at
Section: Signers of Petition
Topic: Signers Sm - Sz
Title: Signatories

PhD, R Spackman, Dr Darrel H Spackman, PhD, Dr Antonio
Spagna, Susie Spain, Jon A Spaller, Walter Spangenberg, William
Spangenberg, Tim Spangler, Nicholas M Spanos, Dr Sparks, PhD,
D Paul Sparks Jr, Mr. William L. Sparks, Dr Dale Sparling, PhD,
Dean Spatz, Dr David M Spatz, PhD, Richard F Speaker, Dr. Paul
William Spear, Howard C K Spears, Norton L Speck, Robert L
Speckman, Dr. Abraham Spector, PhD, Dr. Michael P Spector,
PhD, Richard C Spectors, Jack M Speece, Dr. Robert R Speers,
PhD, Dr Steven Tremble Spees, PhD, Dr. John L Speier, PhD,
Richard Speight, Philip Speir, Aaron B Speirs, Anna Spelman, Dr
Edward L Spence, PhD, Dr. William H Spence, PhD, Charles
Spencer, Daniel Spencer, Thomas Spencer, Dr William Spencer, C
R Spencer, Dr. Michael S Spencer, PhD, Brian Spencer, Gordon
R Spencer, Dr. Richard J Sperley, PhD, John Spezia, William J
Spezzano, Charles L Spiegel, Frederick Spielgelberg, Earl Spieles,
Lawrence Spielvogel, Felix A. Spies, Dr Andrew Spiessbach, PhD,
Charles W Spieth, D Erik Spiller, Dr. Leo H Spinar, PhD, Dr.
Robert Joseph Spinard, PhD, Bill Spindler, Robert F Spink, Joel S
Spira, James Spires, Marion E Spitler, Dr Jan J Spitzer, PhD, A J
Spitzer, Paul Spivey, W.B. Spivey, D.R. Spodyak, Dr Marie T
Spoerlein, PhD, Norman Spofford, Norman P Spofford, Dr. Ralph
J Spohn, PhD, Dr Robert B Spokane, PhD, Arthur Spoo, Harry
Spooner, Douglas S Sprague, Richard Sprague, Dr. John Obert
Spreiter, PhD, Dr. Alfred C Spreng, PhD, Robert Spriggs, Harry
Spring, Dr. Robert C Springborn, PhD, Dr Timothy A Springer,
PhD, Dr Robert H Springer, PhD, Dr. Allan Springer, PhD, Dr
David T Springer, PhD, Dr Pete Springsteen, Robert L Sprinkel Jr,
James Kent Sprinkle, Dr J C Sprtsbergen, PhD, Dr G J Sprokel,
PhD, Dr. Julien C Sprott, PhD, Mark W Sprouls, Hugh Sprunt, Dr.
Eve S Sprunt, PhD, Dr Michael Spurlock, PhD, Richard K
Spurlock, James P Spurrier, Dr. Donald P Squier, PhD, Dr.
Charles F Squire, PhD, Alexander Squire, Robert Squires, Gordon
Squires, Dr. James P Srebro, Dr Charles St Jean, Robert M St
Louis, Dr Robert M St John, PhD, Stephen Stack, Dr. William
Jacob Stadelman, PhD, Dr Edward Stadelmann, Dr Leon
Stadtherr, PhD, Dave Stafford, John Wm Stafford, Alice Stafford,
Harold K Stager, Paul A Stagg, Dr Charles J Stahl I I I, Laddie L
Stahl, Dr. Michael Stahl, Mark Stahmann, PhD, Raiford Stainback,
Dr William Stair, PhD, Joseph Staley, Dr. Gilbert Stallknecht, PhD,
Dennis D Stalmach, Dr. Mark A Stalzer, Michael R Stamatedes,
Dr. William S Stambaugh, PhD, Dr Charles H Stammer, PhD,
Daniel Stamps, Dave Stamy, Gregory E Stanbro, Jr, Dan Stanciu,
Raymond Standahar, S M Standish, Dr. Norman W Standish,
PhD, R E Standridge, Lethenual Stanfield, Dick Stanfield, Dr.
Harvey J Stangel, J E Stanhopf, Charles Stanich, Dr. Frank X
Stanish, Bernard Stankevich, Drago Stankovic, William M Stanley,
Dr. Edward A Stanley, PhD, Gerald R Stanley, Dr. Rodney B
Stanley, Kevin Stanley, William Stanley, Robin Stansell, John M
Stansfield, E. J. Stanton, Dr. Peter J Stanul, Glenn Stanwick, Gary
M Stanwood, Dr. Mark A. Staples, PhD, Jerry Staples, Phillip
Stapleton, Dr. Harvey J Stapleton, PhD, Stephen E Stapp, Don S
Starcher, John Starck, Dr Fred Starheim, PhD, Dr. James C Stark,
PhD, John Stark, Kelly L Stark, Dr. John Starkenberg, PhD, Dr.
Paul E Starkey, Donn Starkey, Dr Robt I Starr, PhD, Kelly Starr,
Dr. Chauncey Starr, PhD, William Starrett, Mike Starzer, Dr.
Raymond Stata, Richard R Statton, Dr. Herman Statz, PhD,
Harrison L Staub, Dr Peter Staudhammer, PhD, Dr. Thomas R
Stauffer, PhD, Richard D Stauffer, Jack Stauffer, Dr. Harold F
Staunton, PhD, Dr. Ronald Staut, PhD, Frederick L Stead, Jan
Steber, Arnold E Steele, Kathleen P Steele, PhD, Dr. Sanford L
Steelman, PhD, Kevin J Steen, Dr. David A Steen, Donald N
Steer, Karl H Stefan, Albert J Stefan, Vincent Steffen, Neil A
Stegent, Anton J Stegner, Stephen N. Stehlik, Bob Stein, Larry
Stein, Dr. Fred Steinberg, Dr. Howard Steinberg, PhD, Dr Morris
Steinbert, Charles Steincamp, Dr G Steiner, PhD, Wm H Steiner,
Dr Gerry Steiner, PhD, Mark Steinle, Harold Stienmeier, Ray L
Steinmetz, Theo Steinmeyer, Dr Wm Stekiel, PhD, Dr. Frank R
Steldt, PhD, Dr. Peter Stelos, PhD, Dr Leigh Stelzer, Paul Stelzner,
S M Stemper, William K Stenzel, Dr. David G Stephan, PhD, J
Stephanoff, Larry C Stephans, Robert D Stephens, Dr. Jesse J
Stephens, PhD, Dr Stuart Stephens, PhD, Lou Stephens, Ralph
Stephens, Richard Stephens, Dr Frank Stephens, PhD, Dr. Larry
Stephens, PhD, Dr. David Stephens, David A Stepp, Michael
Steppe, Dr Stephen M Sterbenz, PhD, James W Sterenberg, Paul
V Sterk, Philip J Sterling, G Sterling, James D Sterling, Dr Robt L
Stern, PhD, John A Stern, Dr. Charles A Sternbach, PhD, Sidney
Sternberg, Dr. Rune L Stjernholm, PhD, Mike Sterritt, Alvin Rae
Stetson, James I Stevens, Dr Wm D Stevens, PhD, Lewis A
Stevens, Dr M F Stevens, PhD, Henry Stevens, Harry Stevens, Jr,
Scott Stevens, B Stevens, Jeff Stevens, Howard O Stevens, Robert
Stevens, Ralph B Stevens, Frank Stevens, Dr. Roger T Stevens,
PhD, C.Stevenson, Dr. Robert Stevenson, PhD, Mary Stevenson,
Dr. Robert L Stevenson, PhD, William C Stevenson, Arthur E
Stevenson, Michael Stevermer, Dr. Lester H Steward, Dr. Charles
Steward, PhD, Dr William Stewart, PhD, Jim Steward, S West
Stewart, Carleton C Stewart, Robt B Stewart, Dr. Harris B
Stewart, PhD, G David Stewart, Dr Gary F Stewart, PhD, Dr.
William D Stewart, Dr Ivan Stewart, PhD, Wm W Stewart, Dr
Glenn A Stewart, PhD, E L Stewart, Fred Stewart, Dr Gordon E
Stewart, PhD, Darryl Stewart, William A. Stewart, S. Elayne
Stewart, Robert J Stewart, Larry Stewart, William L Stewart, Jim
Stewart, Mark Stewart, Robert G Stewart, Dr. William A Stewart,
Dan Stickel, Truman Stickney, H E Stidham, William R Stiefel,
Werner K Stiefel, Ron Stieger, Dr. Richard H Stienmier, Partick
Stiennon, Oliver Stiens, Dr Peter B Stifel, PhD, Dr Fred B Stifel,
PhD, N Stiglich, Mike Stiles, D L Stiles, Steve Stiles, Dr. Curt
Stiles, PhD, Dr. Gerald Still, PhD, E.N. Stillings, David W Stilson,
Larry Stilson, Donald Stilwell, Robert R Stimpson, Melinda Stine,
Tom Stinnett, Dr Regan Stinnett, PhD, Dr Donald L Stinson, PhD,
Louis Stipp, Donald L Stivender, Edward H Stobart, Dr C Chester
Stock, PhD, Richard Stock, Dr Geo J Stockburger, PhD, Richard
C Stocke, Ralph F Stockstad, E F Stockwell Jr., Dr. Norman D
Stockwell, PhD, Bruce Stoddard, Larry Stoehr, Bill Stoeppel, Dr.
James O Stoffer, PhD, Dr G Stohrer, PhD, Dr Vojislav Stojkovic,
Theresa D Stokeld, Kim Stoker, William Stoll, Dr. Herschel E
Stoller, Leonard Stoloff, Philip Stolp, Gustav Stolz Jr, Robert T
Stolze, J M Stone Jr, Dr. Richard Stone, PhD, Dr. W Ross Stone,
PhD, Roger W Stone, Robert C Stone, Jr, William Stone, John G
Stone, Sandy Stone, H Donald Stone, William Stone, Wm H
Stone, Tony Stone, Kenny Stone, Dr Glen A Stone, PhD, Dr.
William Stoneman, Monigue Stoner, Dr Robert Stones, Dr.
Barbara Stonestreet, Dr David Stong, William T Storey, James R
Storey, Richard Storey, Dr. John S Storges, PhD, Bob Storkman,
Robert W Storm, P Doug Storts, Dr. Clara A Storvick, PhD,
Arthur L Story, Dr. Sidney D Stotesbury, PhD, Lawrence Stovall
Sr, Stewart P Stover, Dr. Dennis E Stover, PhD, Dorothy Stover,
Edward J Stoves, William R Stowasser, Carole N Stowell, Richard
Strachan, PhD, Kenneth J Stracke, Ron Straight, Catherine Strain,
Charles L Strain, Robert A Straker, Dean Strand, Randy E Strang,
John Strang, P Stransky, Vladimir Straskraba, Dr James F
Stratton, PhD, Dr W R Stratton, PhD, Dr. Thomas F Stratton,
PhD, Dr Stephen A Straub, Dr. Robert L Straube, Dr. Joe M
Straus, PhD, Dr. Robert R Strauss, PhD, Dr. Roger W Strauss,
PhD, James R Strawn, Gary D Streby, Robert L Street, PhD, Dr.
Sharon R. Streight, PhD, George Strella, Edgar F Stresino, Theron
L Strickland, Dr James S Strickland, PhD, Eldon D Strid, Dr.
Sarah T Strinden, PhD, Dr. Glen E Stringham, PhD, Kent
Stringham, Dr. Bruce C Strnad, PhD, Dr Geo L Strobel, PhD, D H
Strobel, Walter Strohecker, Dr Charles Strohkirch, PhD, Peter J
Strohm, John J Strojek, Dr. David H Strome, PhD, Dr. Forrest C.
Strome, PhD, Kelly Strong, Dr Alan E Strong, PhD, Herbert D
Strong Jr, William J Strong, PhD, Walmer E. Strope, Dr Allen
Strother, PhD, Wilfred Stroud, Rolland E Stroup, Dr Mark W
Strovink, PhD, James E Strozier, Dr Mike Strub, Malcolm K
Strubhar, Dr Arthur Struempler, PhD, Wm. G. Struhar, Jeffrey
Sturm, George Strumbos, Dr Harold Strunk, W.L. Strunk, Duane
H Strunk, Dick Strusz, John H Struthers, Craig Struve, Henry Stry,
Ralph E Styring, Dr. Roger G Stuart Jr, Dr. Warren Stubblebine,
PhD, Dr T Elton Stubblefield, PhD, Dr. John Stubbles, PhD, Dr. C
D Stuber, PhD, Roger D Stuck, Ben G Studebaker, Dr. Alan M
Stueber, PhD, David O. Stuebner, John Stueve, Doug Stueve,
Gary Stumbaugh, Dr Eugene C Stump, PhD, Warren R Stumpe,
David J Stumpon, Robert Stupp, Jerry D Sturdivant, J. Sturhsler,
George Sturmon, Robert Sturtz, Dr. Eric Stusnick, PhD, Terry L
Stute, Eric Stutes, K Stutler, Dr. Jacob W Stutzman, Bill Styer,
James W Styler, Dr Wen Su, Francis Suarez, Dr Subraman, Dr.
Bala Subramaniam, PhD, Dr. Marek A. Suchenek, PhD, David
Suchman, Dr Jack A Suddreth, Mark A Suden, Dr Bob Suga,
Leonard R Sugerman, John T Suggs Jr, James Suggs, Dr Raymond
W Suhm, PhD, Norman H Suhr, John Sulkowski, Dr Samuel L
Sullivan, PhD, John F. Sullivan, Bruce Sullivan, Dr. Daniel T
Sullivan, James A Sullivan, Steven Sultan, David Sultana, Dr. J.
Michael Summa, PhD, R Michael Summerford, Dr. Jeffrey
Summers, Donald L Summers, Theodore Summers, Charles
Summers, William O Sumner, Dr. Xingping Sun, PhD, Dr Kent
Sundell, PhD, Norman Sunderlin, Dr Sherman Archie Sundet, PhD,
Harold Sungren, Frank J Suneseri, Joe Supan, Kevin W. Sur,
Harry Surkalo, James W Surovec, Edward J Suskis, Bob Sutaria,
Wm R Suter, Charles Suter, Dr Earl C Sutherland, PhD, G Russell
Sutherland, Mark E Sutherlin, Edward Sutich, E W Sutton, Todd
W Sutton, William D Sutton, Tommy Sutton, James L Sutton, Dr
Christine Sutton, Soren Suver, Dr Frederick H Suydam, PhD,
James A Svetgoff, Karl Svoboda, John M Swab, Dr Frederick M
Swain, PhD, Robert Swain, Lawrence R. Swain, Dr Richard
Swainbank, PhD, David Swan, Archer D Swank, Dr. Gordon A
Swann, PhD, Robert Swanson, Einar Swanson, Vernon Swanson,
Dr. Jon R Swanson, PhD, Arden W Swanson, William Swart, Dr
Donald P Swartz, Dr R Kent Swedlund, R. M. Sweeney, John J
Sweeney, Dan Sweeney, Peter Sweeney, Christopher Sweeney,
Vincent P Sweeny Jr, Shane Sweet, Robert Sweet, Dr Ronald L
Sweet, PhD, Dr Jerry Sweet, PhD, Don Sweitzer, John H
Swendig, Joseph W Swenn, Richard Swenson, Raymond
Swenson, Dr. Peter Swerling, PhD, Monte Swetnam, Don E
Swets, Dr. R P Swift, PhD, Dr Robinson M Swift, PhD, Harry
Swift, Carey Swihart, Gary Swindell, Ronald J Swinko, Dr.
Chauncey M Swinney, PhD, Tony E Swisher, Charles J Swize, Dr
Ramon Sy, Robert D Sydansk, James R Sydow, Dr. Donald E
Sykes, PhD, Robert A. Sylvester Jr., Dr. Mario F Sylvestri, PhD,
Ronald E Symecko, Ronald Symens, John Synowiec, PhD, Leif
Syrstad, Dr S S Szabo, PhD, Dr James Szabo, Danuta Szalecka,
Dr. Wojciech Szalecki, PhD, Steven Szambaris, Dr. B.J.
Szappanyos, Dr Joseph Szczesniak, Charles Szoradi, Joseph
Szurek, Dr Edwin Szymanski, PhD, Dr Boleslaw Szymanski

Website: Petition Project at
Section: Signers of Petition
Topic: Signers Si - So
Title: Signatories

Dr Ronald E Siatkowski, PhD, Mark Sibille, David Sibley, David
V Sice, Glenn Sickles, Kurt Sickles, Kent Sickmeyer, Mohammed
H Siddiqui, Dr Michael Sidor, Dave Seibel, Larry D Siebert, Dr
Paul Siechert, Merlin R Siefken, Dr Steve Seifried, PhD, Dr
Richard W Siegel, PhD, Wm C Siegel, Dr John P Siegel, Harold
Siegele, John Siegenthaler, William Siegfried, Steven M. Siegwein,
Jerome Siekierski, Richard Ernest Siemens, Dr Eugene G Siemer,
PhD, Bruce Siepak, Dr Arnold J Sierk, PhD, Jamet Siert, Dr
Chester P Siess, PhD, Werner E. Sievers, Dr Wayne Sievers, PhD,
Curtis J Sievert, Larrysifton, Dr. James Ernest Siggins, PhD, Carl
Signorelli, Dr Charles Signorino, PhD, Dr Samia M Siha, PhD,
Henno Siismets, Dr John W Sij, PhD, Wade Sikora, Michael
Silbergh, Dr. Leonard S Silbert, PhD, Lt. Col. Henry W. Silk,
Claude W Sill, Lucila Silva, Marc S. Silverman, Dr Herbert
Silverman, PhD, Dr. Walter Lawrence Silvernail, PhD, Dr. Joseph
D Silverstein, PhD, Sandro Silvestri, Joseph Silvia, Dr L Simerl,
PhD, Dr. R John Simic, John Simion, Dr Karl L Simkins, PhD, Dr
Wm W Simmons, PhD, Dr Ralph O Simmons, PhD, Dr Val
Simmons, PhD, Keith Simmons, Dr. Harold A Simmons, Carl
Simms, Dr. Gerald Simon, R.J. Simon, David L. Simon, Dr
Edward Simon, PhD, Dr. William E Simon, PhD, Dr. Dorothy M
Simon, PhD, Dr Albert Simon, PhD, Walter Simons, Vernon
Simonson, Clifton Simonson, Lynn Simpson, Craig Simpson, John
Simpson, Chirstopher Simpson, Robert S Simpson, A Craig
Simpson, Virgil Simpson, David C Sims, Leland Sims, Dr. Samuel
J Sims, PhD, Donald E Sims, Ray Simson, Dr Suman Priyadarshi
Harain Sin, PhD, E L Sinclair, John Sinclair, Robert Sinclair, Martin
Singen, Dr. Michael Singer, S. Fred Singer, PhD, Dr Lal P S Singh,
PhD, G Gail Singh, Raj N Singh, Dr Iqbal Singh, William M.
Singleton, Dr Vernon L Singleton, PhD, Lou Di Sioudi, Dr. Richard
H Sioui, PhD, Dr David M Sipe, PhD, Dr Herbert H Sipe, PhD, J
L Sipes, Al Sirianni, Dr. Larry Sirkin, PhD, Dr. Lee Sirois, Co-Gen
Ii, Ernesto Sirvas, Charles C Sisler, Amor Sison, Edward H Sisson,
Dr Wm A Sistrunk, Dr Mareu A Sitarsici, PhD, Dr Sitarski, PhD,
Doug Sitko, Dr Michael Sitko, Daniel Sittler, Richard L Sitton, Dr.
William D Siuru, PhD, Dr. Andrew Sivak, PhD, Michael Sivertsen,
Henry Siwek, Phillip S Sizer, Duane Sjoberg, Dr Gary W
Sjolander, PhD, Jerry Skaggs, Dr Harold W Skalka, Hugh B
Skees, John R Skelley, Dr Jerome P Skelly, PhD, Larry Skelton,
Damir S Skerl, Dr Joseph L Skibba, MD, PhD, Dr Edward L
Skidmore, PhD, Terry K Skinner, Nicholas R Skinner, Leslie D
Skinner, Timothy A Skinner, Dale D Skinner, Dr Daniel Skinner,
Gary M Skirtich, Dr Skluzacek, PhD, Dr Alfred Skolnick, PhD,
Alex Skora, Stuart Skowbo, Dr Thomas Skrinar, Lawrence
Skromme, Dave Skusa, Dr. Harold T Slaby, PhD, Dr. Philip E
Slade, PhD, Dr Norman E Sladek, PhD, Dr Peter J Slater, PhD,
Robert E. Slater, Dr W Roy Slaunwhite, PhD, Dr. Nelson Sigman
Slavik, PhD, Jon Slaybaugh, Dr Frederick W Slee, PhD, Dr. Paul
Slepian, PhD, Kenneth Sletten, Dr Jane A Slezak, PhD, Faye Slift,
Michele E Slinkard, T Wentworth Slitor, Dr Wm M Sliva, PhD, W
Keith Sloan, Dr. Nathan H Sloane, PhD, Ken Slocumb, Dr. A
Slomowitz, Anthony R Slotwinski, Dr Earl R Sluder, PhD, Dr.
Harold S Slusher, PhD, Thomas E Slusher, Peter J Van Slyke, Dr
Arthur L Slyter, Denny L Small, Dr. Gilbert Small, PhD, Samuel
W. Small, Jeffrey S Small, Dr Glen Wm Smalley, PhD, Dr Robert
G Smalley, PhD, R L Smalley, Ralph Smalley, G A Smalley, Steven
W Smalt, Dr James B Smart, PhD, William Donald Smart, Ronald
Smedberg, Dr R T Smedberg, Dr Ronald Smelt, PhD, Dr Darryl E
Smika, PhD, Douglas E Smiley, Dr Robert Smiley, PhD, Dr. Allan
M Smillie, PhD, Francis Smit, Marvin F Smith Jr, Bruce W Smith
P. E., Walter J Smith, Dr Gilbert H Smith, PhD, Dr Sam C Smith,
PhD, Bob Smith, Ivan H Smith, Dr Donald R Smith, PhD, Dr.
Thomas E Smith, PhD, Jacks Smith, Donald A Smith, Francis
Marion Smith, Dr Louis C Smith, PhD, Dr. Hyrum C Smith, Dr
Thane Smith, PhD, Dr Marian J Smith, PhD, Deborah L Smith, Dr
Earl W Smith, PhD, James R Smith, Kevin Smith, Neil M Smith, Al
Smith, Jeff Smith, Judson S. Smith, Elwin E Smith, David L Smith
Jr, Dr. Wesley D Smith, PhD, Dr Maynard E Smith, PhD, Eric S
Smith, Jay K Smith, Thomas B Smith, Norman C Smith, Shofner
Smith, Scotty A Smith, Dr Herbert L Smith, PhD, Dr H J Smith,
PhD, Dr. Wayne Smith, Kevin L Smith, Rick Smith, Dr. Bruce G
Smith, Dr. Richard Lloyd Smith, PhD, Daniel Smith, John Smith,
Dwayne Smith, Dr Jay H Smith, Ken Smith, David A Smith, Davey
L Smith, Tracy Smith, James R. Smith, Robert Smith, Joseph C
Smith, Louis G. Smith, Arthur Smith, J Michael Smith, William
Smith, Dr Garmond S Smith, PhD, Lewis O Smith I I I, Dr Nathan
L Smith, PhD, Avery Smith, Dr Robert L Smith, PhD, Charlee
Smith, Dr Mark A Smith, PhD, Gregory Smith, Dr Ivan K Smith,
Hayden Smith, Dr Bruce Smith, Spencer Smith, Hugh A Smith, T.
J. Lee Smith, Dr Paul D Smith, PhD, Dr Donna Smith, B D Smith,
Emerson Smith, Floyd A Smith, Dr Thomas Smith, PhD, B B
Smith, Jr, Loren Smith, Donadl Smith, Frederick W Smith, PhD,
Ronald Smith, Ron Smith, Larry T. Smith, Robert Smith, Roger C
Smith, Percy Lieghton Smith, Dr. David A Smith, PhD, Dr.
Alexander G Smith, PhD, William H Smith Jr, Theodore A Smith,
Dr Milton L Smith, PhD, Dr John E Smith, PhD, Stan Smith,
Maurice Smith, Danny Smith, Dr. Paul V Smith, PhD, Sherman
Smith, William Smith, Rick Smith Jr, George Smith, Dr. James L
Smith, PhD, Dr. Ralph E Smith, PhD, Dr Joel Smith, O Lewis
Smith Jr, Larry Smith, Dr. Delmont K Smith, PhD, Clara Smith
Craver, Dr Smithrud, PhD, G Ray Smithson, Jr, Peter Smits,
Joseph Smock, Tom Smoot, PhD, Dr. Bronislaw B Smura, PhD,
Robt C Smythe, Dr Snavely, Dr Cloyd A Snavely, Helen
Snedberg, Dr Wallace A Sneddon, Billy Sneed, Gary Sneed, Gary
Snell, Gilbert Snell, Jon S Snell, Dr. Ned L Snider, John
Snodgrass, James J Snodgrass, Wayne Snow, Dr Richard L Snow,
PhD, John Snow, Frank R Snow, Charles Snow, Thomas M
Snow, Dr Donald P Snowden, PhD, Dr. Dudley C. Snyder, PhD,
Donald Snyder, Glenn Snyder, Dr. Snyder, Dr George Snyder,
PhD, Franklin F Snyder, Duane Snyder, Gary Snyder, Warren S
Snyder, Nicholas Snyder, Dr. Jack A Snyder, PhD, Robert
Snyder, Fred F C Snyder, Joe Snyder, William H. Snyer, Dr Edna
Sobel, Dr Robert Soberman, PhD, Milton A Sobie, Dr Jaroslaw
Sobieski, Dr. Bruce Sobol, Bruce J Sobol, Lowell E Socolofsy,
Lisa A Soderberg, Laurence R Soderberg, Richard C. Soderholm,
Donld W Soderlund, Dena Soderstrom, Scott Soderstrom, Dr
Dave A Soerens, PhD, Herman Soifer, Dr R J Sokol, Elizabeth C
Sokol, Dr Robert Soley, Dr. Jon Sollid, PhD, Lon Solomita, Dr.
Alan Solomon, Dr H J Soloway, Dr Dennis B Solt, PhD, Charles
Somers, Andrew P Somlyo, MD, Walter C Somski, Dr. Xiaouhi
M Song, PhD, Philip Sonleitner, Dr. P Sonnet, PhD, Brad Sons,
Dr. Quentin F Soper, PhD, Thomas M. Sopko, Brent A Sorensen,
Dr David P Sorensen, PhD, John Sorensen, Dr James A Sorenson,
PhD, Wesley K Sorenson, N K Sorkoram, Danny C Sorrells,
Joseph Sorrentino, Mr C Sorvaag, Dr. John A Soscia, Michael
Sosebee, Dr Norman Sossong, PhD, Dr Joseph Sottile, Armand M
Souby, Leo E. Soucek, Dr. Wallace W Souder, PhD, Chris Soule,
Dr. Frank E South, PhD, William T Southards, Parks Souther,
Richard C Southerland, Larry Southwick, Gary W Sova, Dr John
R Sowa, PhD, Edmund Sowa, Dr Edward E Sowers

Website: Petition Project at
Section: Signers of Petition
Topic: Signers T
Title: Signatories

Widen Tabakoff, Jerry L Tabb, Charles E. Tackels, Dr. Delley
Tafel, PhD, Allen C. Taffel, Dr David Taft, PhD, William R Taft, J
M Tagg, Dr Keith A Taggart, PhD, Timothy Taggart, Dr Saeed
Taherian, PhD, Dr Samuel Taimuty, PhD, B A Tait, PhD, Gerald
Tait, Dr. Alvin W Talash, Dr. Willard L Talbert, PhD, Donald R
Talbot, Thomas F Talbot, PhD, Richard F. Tallini, Robt O Tallman,
Jim Tallon, Dr. Katherine Talluto, PhD, Dr Edward Talmage, John
Talpas, Dr. Don Talsma, Dr Alan W Tamarelli, PhD, Dr Daniel J
Tambasco, PhD, Dr. Louis A Tamburino, PhD, Dr Ajit C
Tamhane, PhD, Dr. Lukas Tamm, PhD, Nixon De Tamowsky, Dr.
Kim H Tan, PhD, Dr. David Tan, Dr. John Tanaka, PhD, Darrell G
Tangman, Dr Peter E Tannenwald, PhD, John P Tanner, P E, Dr
Wm F Tanner, PhD, Robert Tanner, Orey Tanner, Dr Daniel Tao,
PhD, Rita Tao, Waino A Tapale, Dr. Frederick D Tappert, PhD,
John M Tarbutton, Dr Armen Charles Tarjan, PhD, John Tarpley,
Charles M Tarr, M J Tarrillion, Dr. William J Tarver, Jerry Tastad,
Gordon E Tate, Donald W Tate, Dr. Suren A Tatulian, PhD, John
P Tatum, Dr. Milton A Taves, PhD, Dr Richard Taw, Gordon E
Taylor, Doug Taylor, Ben E Taylor, Dr Richard Taylor, Dr Douglas
H Taylor, PhD, Dr William Taylor, David Taylor, Steve Taylor,
James S. Taylor, PhD, Dr Harold L Taylor, PhD, Edward Taylor,
Eugene W Taylor, Dr. James A. Taylor, Michael K. Taylor, Dr.
James Taylor, PhD, Dr. Harold M Taylor, PhD, Dr. Gene Warren
Taylor, PhD, Steve D Taylor, John J Taylor, Dr James Taylor, Dr.
Paul J Taylor, PhD, Donald E Taylor, Richard Tebbs, Dr Robt
Techo, PhD, Stephen Tedore, Hubert O. Teer, Dr Stephen W
Tehon, PhD, Dr Edward Teitel, Dr Philip Teitelbaum, Dr. John W
Telford, Dr Edward Teller, PhD, Dr. R.H. Temple, PhD, Robert W
Temple, Dr. Robert E Teneick, PhD, Dr Lee C Teng, PhD, Donald
L Tennant, Dr. Jeffrey Tennant, PhD, Dr. David M Tennent, PhD,
Dr David Tennent, PhD, Martha Tennent, Dr Wilton R Tenney,
PhD, Eugene M Tenney, Dr. Lowell G Tensmeyer, PhD, Dr
Michael Teodori, Thomas G Tepas, Joseph Teplica, Dr Joseph
Teplick, Don Tergerson, Peter Terrell, Peter Terrell, Daniel V
Terrell I I I, Dr Glenn A Terry, PhD, Dr. R.D. Terry, PhD, Richard
L Terry, Lou Testa, Lou Testa, Dr. Dixon Teter, W G Teubner,
Marvin Teutsch, Dr. Ram Tewari, PhD, Dr. Sant S Tewari, PhD,
Dr Raymond Thacker, PhD, Michael M Thacker, Michael Thaker,
Dr. Warren A Thaler, PhD, Tim L Thamm, William N Thams,
Johsua M Tharp Jr, Reginald Thatcher, Dr Walter E Thatcher,
PhD, John Thebo, Robt N Theilacker, John L Thein, Dr Jerold H
Theis, Don Theis, Brenda Theis, Albert Theriault, Wayne Therrell,
Dr. Richard C Theuer, PhD, Dr C Brent Theurer, Lawrence
Thieben, Gregory Thiel, Lawrence Euegene Thielen, Dr Vernon J
Thielmann, PhD, Dr Otto G Thilenius, John D Thirkill, Dr. Kris V
Thiruvathukal, PhD, James Thissell, Steve Thomas, Dr Edward F
Thode, PhD, Kendall U Tholstrom, David K Thom, Dr Richard W
Thoma, PhD, Dr J P Thomas, PhD, Dr Martin J Thomas, PhD, Dr
Marlin U Thomas, PhD, Dr. John P Thomas, Julian E Thomas,
PhD, Garfield J. Thomas, Jerry Thomas, Shirley Thomas, James
Thomas, Dr Gerald Thomas, Richard Thomas, PhD, Dr. Charles
Thomas, Jr., PhD, Dr Edward S Thomas, PhD, Bassy S Thomas,
Gerald Thomas, PhD, John Thomas, Dean Thomas, Dr. Stan
Thomas, Dr. Gordon A Thomas, PhD, James Thomas, A D
Thomas, J Todd Thomas, Floyd Thomas, Dudley G Thomas, Dr.
Forrest D Thomas, PhD, Dr David M Thomason, PhD, Dr William
H Thomason, PhD, L T Thomasson, Dr James R Thompson, PhD,
W. Thompson, Dr. Herbert B Thompson, PhD, Timothy R
Thompson, Ramie H Thompson, Dr. B Thompson, Wm O
Thompson, PhD, Dr. Robert H Thompson, Jack Thompson,
Richard W Thompson Jr, Dr. Donald C Thompson, Philip
Thompson, Kent Thompson, Dr Richard Thompson, PhD, Ned
Thompson, Richard D Thompson, Dr Robert R Thompson, PhD,
Dr Wm B Thompson, PhD, Warren Thompson, Dr Tommy
Thompson, PhD, James Thompson, Christina Thompson, Dr John
Thompson, Bobby Thompson, Ellen Thompson, Dr. Greg
Thompson, Kenneth A Thompson, Dr. Grant Thompson, PhD,
Joseph Thompson, L Thompson, Sidney Thompson, Dr Mary
Thompson, PhD, Zack Thompson, Elton R Thompson, Ted
Thompson, Dr. John C Thompson, PhD, Michael B Thomsen,
Walter W Thomsen, Howard Thomson, L H Thomson, Dr Eyvind
Thor, PhD, G J Thorbecke, MD, PhD, Michael Thorlain, Henry
Thorland, Dr Charles Thorman, PhD, Dr. George W Thorn, Dr
Billy J Thorne, PhD, Dr Francis Thorne, PhD, Richard Thornhill,
William J Thornhill, J. O. Thornton, Robert L Thornton, A.E.
Thornton, Thomas Thornton, Alan Thornton, Dr Ruth D Thornton,
PhD, T Thornton, Thomas Thorpe, John R. Thorson, Dr. Arnold
W Thorton, PhD, Dr Dennis L Thrasher, Dr Billy Thrasher, PhD,
Dr Richard Threet, PhD, W Threlfall, Dr Peter E Throckmorton,
PhD, Mike L Thronburg, Dr Lewis J Throop, PhD, Dr Leslie W
Trowbridge, Paul Thurman, Dr Ben Thurman, Lee F Thurner, Dr. J
Bradley Thurston, David B Thurston, Daniel Thurston, Dr. Richard
Thwaitis, Dr John G Thweatt, PhD, Scott Thyfault, Rory Tibbals,
Dr Thomas Tibbels, Elmer L Tibbetts Jr., Wesley Tibbetts, Melinda
Tichenor, Eugene D Tidwell, Michael M Tierney, Paul Tietz, Jon
Tiger, Thomas Tighe, Dr Larry Tilis, Dr. Frank M Tiller, PhD,
Calvin O Tiller, Dorothy Tillery, Bryan M Tilley, Bill Tillman,
Jennifer L Tillman, Dr Henry C Tillson, PhD, Dr. Richard H.
Timberlake, PhD, Dr. Torke E Timell, PhD, Ronald W Timm,
William Timm, Jacob Timmers, Dr Darrol H Timmons, PhD, Dr
Richard Timmons, PhD, Dr Daniel Tindle, PhD, Clarence N
Tinker, Wilfred Tinney, Dr. Samuel W Tinsley, PhD, Richard H
Tinsman, Dr James H Tinsman, Craig Tips, Clyde R Tipton,
William R. Tipton, Dr A C Tipton, Herbert G Tiras, Pe, Paul E
Tirey, Dr John A Tirpak, William H Tisler, Charles Titus, Robert
W. Titus, Frederic E Titus, Dr Sarah Tjioe, Dr Michael Tjoelker,
Dr Michael Tjoelker, Dr. Stephen W Tobey, PhD, Robert A
Tobey, PhD, James Tobey, Dr Arthur R Tobey, PhD, Joseph J
Tobias, Dr. Joseph D Tobiason, PhD, Marty Todd, Dr Glen C
Todd, PhD, James P Todd, Robert M Todor, Michael J Toffan,
Dr. Brent Tolend, PhD, Fred L Tolerico, Dr Norman Tolk, PhD, K
R Tollin, Dr Manolis M Tomadakis, PhD, Dr Kurt Toman, PhD,
Thomas B Tomasi, MD, James Tomberlin, Dr Kevin Tomera, Dr.
J. Tomkin, PhD, David Tompkins, David Tompkins, Gilbert
Tompson, John Toney, Dr. William Harry Tonking, PhD, Dr.
Daniel Tonn, PhD, Dr. Brian P Tonner, PhD, Dr. Steven A
Tonsfeldt, PhD, Cass Tont, Fred Toole, John Toomay, Arthur J
Toompas, Luis A Topete, Dr Vladimir P Torchilin, PhD, Dr
Wilfred E Toreson, PhD, Dr Torgerson, Dr. Calvin D Tormanen,
PhD, A M Torres, Dr Peter J Torvik, PhD, Mary E Totaro, Paul E
Toth, Ildiko Toth, PhD, Dr John Toth, Dr Robert Totusek, PhD,
Dr. Charles J Touhill, PhD, Dr. James E Toups, Mills Tourtellotte,
Dr. Donald R Tourville, PhD, Dr David C Tower, Joseph W
Town, D A Towner, Lawrence E Townley, Marjorie R Townsend,
John A Townsend, Dr Donald F Towse, PhD, Terrence J Toy,
PhD, Peter Toynbee, Dr Randall K Tozer, Dr Anthony Trabue, Dr
Joseph C Tracy, PhD, Dr Trafton, Ed Trahan, Dr. Ralph
Trambarulo, PhD, Dr George T Trammell, PhD, Rex Trammell, T
C Trane, Dr. Robert Trapasso, Tim Trapp, John H. Trapp, James
B Trapp, John Traub, Robert Trauger, Mitchell Trauring, Del
Traveller, Dr. William Brailsford Travers, PhD, Jeffrey Travis,
George E Travis, B Traynor, O E Trechter Jr, Don W Treece, John
D Trelford, M D, Dr Felix Rodriguez Trelles, PhD, Harvey
Trengove, Joseph M Tretter, George Trevchyan, J Trevino, Dr
Jeffrey C Trewella, PhD, David Triana, Willard B. Tribble, Dr
Leland F Tribble, PhD, R G Tribble, J. Douglas Tribe, Dr Wm W
Trigg, PhD, Kenneth J Trigger, Dr Robert B Trimble, PhD, Glover
B Triplett, Craig Trischman, Harshad Trivedi, Charles F
Trivisoono, Tom Troester, John S Troschinetz, Dr. Francois D
Trotta, J Michael Trotter, Dr Trotter, Dr Troupe, PhD, Leoard L
Trout, Charles V Troutman, Dr James Trow, PhD, C E
Trowbridge, Dr John Parks Trowbridge, John Troxel, Dr Wade
Troxell, PhD, Dr Alvah F Troyer, PhD, G I Troyer, Dr. Judith L
Truden, PhD, Jerry A True, Harris True, Neil True, H.A.
Trueblood, Patricio Eduardo Trujillo, John Trulio, PhD, Gerald
Trygstad, Richard Trzupek, Dr Larry Trzupek, PhD, Dr Nicholas
Tsambassis, Dr. Min- Fu Tsan, Dr. Dah W Tsang, PhD, A.
Tschaeche, Dr Tai Po Tschang, Dr. Manuel Tsiang, PhD, Stephen
Tsingas, Dr Billy Bob Tucker, Edwin Tucker, Dr Robert Tucker,
PhD, W Daivd Tucker, B C Tucker, Dr. Robert J Tuite, PhD,
James M Tullis, Bryan Tullis, Dr J Paul Tullis, PhD, James M Tully,
Dr Donald Tuomi, PhD, James Tuppen, Peter Turbett, James B
Turchik, MD, Wm A Turcotte, William A Turcotte, Richard
Turiczek, Dr. James H Turk, Albert Turk, Natasha Turkai,
Kenneth Turnbull, Chas. L Turner, Dwight J Turner, Michael D
Turner, Dr Ella V Turner, PhD, M.O. Turner, Rick Turner, Thomas
Turner, Brian Turner, R G Turner, Steven G Turner, Michael
Turner, Alistair R Turner, Anne Turner, Dr. Manson D Turner, Dr
David Turner, Dr William Turner, PhD, Dr. Alvis G Turner, PhD,
William Turpish, Wm H Tustian, Joseph Tutak, Dan Tutcher, Dr. E
W Tuthill, Frank M. Tuttle, Ben Tuval, Partick Tuzinski, Dr. Ian C
Twilley, PhD, Bess Twishers, Burton J. Twitchell, Dr Knorad T
Wu, PhD, Dr. Somdev Tyagi, PhD, Dr. Ed Tyczkowski, PhD, Tim
Tyl, H Charles Tyler, Geor Tyler, Dr. Lynn D Tyler, PhD, Dr Tyler,
PhD, James Tyler, Dr Edmund E Tylutki, David Tyson, John

Website: Petition Project at
Section: Signers of Petition
Topic: Signers U - We
Title: Signatories

Dr Herbert M S Uberall, PhD, Laird Ueberroth, Alfred H Uhalt Jr,
Dr. John L Uhrie, PhD, Dr. Joseph J Ulliman, PhD, Dr William
Ullom, Geo W Ullrich, James J Ulmes, F R Ulrech, E H Ulrich, L T
Umfleet, Dr. Glenn Underhill, PhD, Keneth Underhill, John D
Underwood, Dr Sharon C Underwood, PhD, Dr Paul W Unger,
Erik Unthank, Dr Joseph Unthank, Simon Upfill-Brown, J E Upton,
Randy Uranes, Dr Robert Urban, John Urbanchuk, Ronald T
Urbanik, G A Urda, John Urdea, John Ure, Dr Wm A Uricchio,
PhD, George Uriniuk, Dave Uscheek, Dr Noble R Usherwood,
Thomas N Uslar, Bob Usnick, Randal Utech, A L Utesch, Dr.
Donna Utley, PhD, D Utrup, Dr Raj B Uttamchandani, Dr O
Manuel Uy, PhD, Dr. Johannes Uys, PhD, Charles F Vachris, J O
Vadeboncoeur, N Vader, Dr. P Roy Vagelos, Remigijus Vaicys,
Dr. Larry D Vail, Dr Kyriake U Valassi, PhD, Laura Valdes,
William P Vale, S B Valine, Dr. Oriol T Valls, PhD, Dr. Marius P
Valsamis, Dr Vida Vambutas, PhD, Dr Strien R E Van, PhD, Dr
William P Van, PhD, Dr Rheenen B Van, PhD, Dr Horn H H Van,
PhD, John H Van Aken, John Van Amringe, Dr Theodore Van
Bruggen, William Van De Stadt, Dr Van Domelen, Bruce Harold,
PhD, Dr Clayton Van Hall, PhD, Neal Van Heukelem, Wendell A
Van Hook, Ruth Van Knapp, Dr Alan Van Lair, PhD, James R
Van Meter, Dominique Van Nostrand, Dr Donald O Van
Ostenburg, PhD, Richard J Van Pelt, Raymond Van Pelt, Earl Van
Reenan, Jacob Van Roekel, Dr Don Van Schenck, Rosemary Van
Vranken, Mark Van Westrum, J. Vanaman, Dr. Willliam
Vanarsdale, PhD, Ira Vanasperen, Petra Vance, C Kenneth
Vance, Richard A Vandame Jr, Dr Vandemerwe, PhD, Joe
Vandenhouten, Paul Vander Pol, Dr Vern C Vanderbilt, Job
Vanderbliek, Chris J Vandermaas, Dr Thomas H Vanderspurt,
PhD, Dr. Jerry G Vandertuig, PhD, John Warren Vanderveen,
Donald Vandervelde, Dr Christina Vandervende, PhD, James M
Vanderwiele, Dr. R V Vandewoestine, PhD, Sam Vandivort, Brian
S Vandrak, Edward Vandrunen, Tina K Vandyk, Dr Richard M
Vaneffen, PhD, David H Vanhise, Walker S Vaning, Thomas L
Vannaman, Dr. Naoloa Vanorden, PhD, Richard Vanriper, Edwin
H Vanseggern, Tim Vanwyngarden, Dr. Larry Vardiman, PhD,
John A Varhola, G D Varn, Jr, Michael O Varner, Dr. Lawrence J.
Varnerin, PhD, Dr William York Varney, PhD, Dr James E
Varnon, PhD, Dr Perry H Vartanian, PhD, Mihal Vasilache, Dr.
John R Vasko, Gregory S Vassell, Dr. Andreas H Vassiliou, PhD,
Dr Bangalore S Vasu, PhD, Dr Marc Vatin, Steve Vatovec, Dr
Wm Walton Vaughan, PhD, Dr. William Vaughan, PhD, Dr. Joe E.
Vaughan, PhD, Otha H Vaughan Jr, King F Vaughn, Joseph C
Vaughn, M H Vaughn, Thomas E Vaught, Ron Vaupel, Dr Jaroslav
Vaverka, Dr Eva Vavrousek-Jakuba, PhD, Darrell A Veach,
Delton E Veatch, Dr Thomas M Veazey, PhD, Dr Sidney E
Veazey, PhD, Dr. William A Veech, PhD, Dr Karl F Veith, PhD,
Dr. Rodney D Veitschegger Jr, Theodore E Veltfort, Steve Venner,
Dr. Anthony Venson, PhD, Dr. Deadaws Ventures, PhD, Bruce
Veralli, Dr Carl J Verbanic, PhD, Dr. Anthony J Verbiscar, PhD,
Dr. John R Vercellotti, PhD, Dr Karl Verebey, Dr Laval Verhalen,
Dr. Roger F Verhey, PhD, J D Vermaelen, Dr David Vermilyea,
John D Silvernail, Dr. Vernon G Vernier, Dr Jack Vernon, Dr.
Lonnie W Vernon, PhD, Richard Vernon, Richard Vernotzy Sr,
Ralph W Vertrees, Dr Shane Vervoort, Jim Vess, Harry A Vest,
William T Vest, Zoe Vest, Dr. James Ira Vette, PhD, Erich Veyul,
Marc Vezeau, Charles Vice, Steven G Vick, Dr James H Vickers,
Kent Vickie, Edward J Vidt, Frederick L Vieck, Susan Vigars,
Thomas P Viggiano, Stanley Viglione, L L Vigoren, Keith Vilseck,
Carl K Vincent, Roy E Vincik, Jorgen P. Vinding, James D Vine,
Dr. Herbert M Vines, PhD, W E Vining, Dr. Alfred Viola, PhD,
David F Viox, Howard Virkler, Richard J Virshop, R Visser,
Robert C Visser, Dr. Joseph J Vitale, Robert L Vitek Sr, Robert
Vitone, Dr Morill T Vittum, Dr. Kalman N Vizy, PhD, Russell C
Vlack, Petro Vlahos, Doug Vliet, George Vockroth, Nickolas
Voegtly, C J Voelkel, Dennis E Voelker, C L Voellinger, Dr.
George L Voelz, Dr Henry Vogel, PhD, Roger F Vogel, Ltc John
F Vogel, James Vogel, Leo J Vogel Jr, Richard W Vogel, Peter J
Vogelberger, Dr Karl Vogler, Paul Vogt, Gary Vogt, William
Voigt, James Vogler, PhD, Russell Volkmann, Staci Voll, Dr James
Vollmer, PhD, Dr Gert P J Volpp, PhD, Dr. Paul A Volz, PhD, Jim
Volz, Dr James Vomocil, Dr Karl Vonderlinden, PhD, Frederick
Vonkaenel, Charles T Vono, Dr Howard Voorhees, PhD, Dr.
Norman Vorcheimer, PhD, Frederick H Vorhis, Dr Edward W
Voss, PhD, Donald L Voss, Carroll Voss, Floyd G. Vosters, Dr
George Vourvopoulos, PhD, John C. Vredenburgh, Daniel Vrudny,
Dr. Vladeta Vuckovic, PhD, Emil J Vyskocil, Gerald N Wachs,
MD, Richard Wachtell, Lois Wachtman, Mark Waco, Dr. James
Wade, Dr. Glen Wade, PhD, Jeffrey Wade, Dr. Thomas J Wade,
PhD, Dr Robert Wade, PhD, Robert Wade, Jerome A Waegli,
PhD, Allan G Waelchli, Dr Salome Gluecksohn Waels, PhD, Bruce
Waespe, Dr. Ronald E Waggener, PhD, Daivd Wagie, Raymond S
Wagner, Charles J Wagner, Dr Richard J Wagner, PhD, Dr
Frederick Wm Wagner, PhD, Darrell E Wagner, Thomas Wagner,
A R Wagner, James Wagner, Edward Wagner, Rudolph Wagner,
Donald Wagner, Ronald D Wagner, Dr. Kenneth E. Wagner, Dr.
Kenneth E Wagner, David Wagner, Dr. Orvin Edson Wagner,
PhD, Anne M Wagner, Dr Mark Wagner, Sanford Wagner,
Marvin L Wagoner, David Wahl, Dr Phillip Wahl, Richard J Wahl,
Dr David Wahl, PhD, Dennis Waild, Charles R Waine, Harold V
Wait, Lois Waite, Warren Waite, Richard I Waite Jr, Dr Wm D
Wakley, PhD, F A Walas, Kim A Walbe, Barry Walburg, W B
Walcott, Michael J Walcott, Mike Wadlington, Robert A Walish,
Patrick M Walker, Dr. William W Walker, PhD, Dr. Patrick D
Walker, John C Walker, Woodville J Walker, Dr Jerry C Walker,
PhD, Dr. William C. Walker, PhD, Dr Russell W Walker, PhD, Dr
Harry M Walker, PhD, Rodger Walker, Dr. William Delany
Walker, PhD, Dr. Richard D Walker, PhD, John A Walker, Dr.
James David Allan Walker, PhD, J David Walker, Jeff Walker,
Rodger Walker, Dr. Haven N Wall Jr, Dr Francis Wall, Wm E
Wallace, Jr, John Wallace, Lynn Wallace, Dr David W Wallace,
James P Wallace, Clifton O Wallace Jr, Dr. Edwin G Wallace,
PhD, David R Wallace, J.L. Wallace, Michael Wallace, Rex A
Waller, Henry Waller, Mike Waller, Dr Richard Wallin, Richard C
Walling, Dr. Joel D Walls, PhD, Wm Walls, William N Wally,
Laurie Walrod, Kevin K Walsh, Timothy J Walsh, John K. Walsh,
Robert Jerome Walsh, Mike Walsh, Dr. Walter M Walsh Jr, PhD,
James Walter, William T Walter, James C Walter, Dr. Robert F
Walter, PhD, Hans Walter, Dr John F Walter, PhD, Dorsey
Walter, Donald K Walter, Robert Walters, Dr Joseph Walters, Dr.
Michael D Walters, PhD, John Walther, W A Walther Jr, Arthur E
Waltking, Dr Theo R Walton, PhD, George G Walton, Douglas L
Walton, Dr. Max G. Walton, Dr R B Walton, PhD, Wilber Walton,
Dr. Paul J Waltrup, PhD, Donald M Waltz, J A Waltz, Wilson W
Wampler, Williwm Wampler, Graham Wand, Soo Young C
Wanda, Soo-Young Wanda, Bohdan I Wandzura, Hsueh Hwa
Wang, MD, Dr Jie Wang, Dr. David Y Wang, PhD, Dr. Zhijing
Wang, PhD, Dr. Frederick F Wangaard, PhD, David Wanhatalo,
Dr. Mansukhlal C Wani, PhD, Dr R Wanke, PhD, Dr. Evelyn K
Wantland, PhD, Dr Douglas E Ward, PhD, Howard C Ward Jr,
Dean E Ward, Roscoe F Ward, PhD, T G Ward, Jr, Dr. W.
Steven Ward, Robert S. Ward, Alva C Ward, Dr. Ward, Kevin
Ward, Dr Edward H Ward, PhD, Diane Ward, John B Wardell,
Donald Wardlaw, Dr. John F Wardle, PhD, Charlene L Wardlow,
Ronald S Wardrop, John F Ware, Dennis Wariner, Richard C
Waring, William M Warlick, Kenneth Warlick, W C Warlick, W C
Warlick Jr, Jim Warner, Dr Mont Marcellus Warner, PhD, S.W.
Warner, Jr., Darrell G Warner, Edward Warner, Ross Warner,
Glen Warner, James A Warnhoff, William Warnock, Dr. Norman
R Warpinski, PhD, Bruce Warren, F. J. Warren, Raymond
Warren, Clifford A Warren, Bruce Warren, David M Warren, Dr.
Zahir U. Warsi, PhD, L W Warzecha, Harry Washburn, Robert
Washburn, Halbert Washburn, Dr. Stephen S Washburne, PhD,
Robert J Wasilewski, George Wasko, Dr H Waslik, PhD, Dr.
Frederick H Wasserman, G S Wassum, Glenn Wasz, Dr C
Watanakunakorn, Dr P C Waterman, PhD, Roger Waterman,
Simon P Waters, George A Waters, David Waters, PhD, Dr. Dean
A Watkins, PhD, W D Watkins, Michael J Watkins, Damon
Watkins, Dr Charles Watkins, PhD, James Watkins, Dr. B Watne,
PhD, Donald L Watson, Dr Tim Watson, PhD, Jim Watson, Jack
Watson, Dr. Raymond Watson, PhD, Bob Watson, Robert B
Watson, Harold M Watson, Britt Watson, Gary W Watson, Jeff
Watson, Kyle L Watt, George Watters, R E Watts, Dr. Harold W
Watts, PhD, Royal J Watts, Robt K Wattson, Dr. Charles Wax,
PhD, Robert N Waxdahl, Gary Way, George Way, Dr. John
Waymouth, PhD, William Wayne, Don Weagley, Wm L Wearly,
W P Weatherby, Carl L Weatherford, Barbara Weatherman, Mark
Weatherston, Robert Weatherup, Harry Weaver, George L
Weaver, Jay Weaver, Robert Weaver, Miles A Weaver, John M
Weaver, Ronald Weaver, Ed M Weaver Jr., Jeffrey B Weaver, Dr.
William M Weaver, PhD, Samuel R Weaver, J R Weaver, Dr A
Dinsmoor Webb, PhD, Dr Theodore S Webb, PhD, Michael R
Webb, Thomas P. Webb, Jack W Webb, J R Webb, Bill Webb,
George Webb Jr, Michael Webb, Dr. William Paul Webb, PhD,
Alfred C Webber, Thomas L Webber, Dr. Arthur P Weber, PhD,
G A Weber, William Weber, PhD, David Weber, Anthony J
Weber, Dr Julius Weber, PhD, Edward Weber, David J Weber,
Mark B Webster, John R Wesbster, Dr Owen Webster, PhD, W
Webster, Allen E Webster, W O Webster, D. J Wechsler, Susan
Wechsler, Dr Wm J Wechter, PhD, George G Weddell, Dr. David
S Weddell, PhD, Dr. Brent M Wedding, PhD, Elwood W
Wedman, Gary N Weedon, L H Weeks, Norman Weeks, William
Weese, Dr Howard H Weetall, PhD, Dwight D Wegman, James A
Wehinger, Charles W Wehking, Dr A P Wehner, Brenda Wehner,
Scott C Wehner, Donald C Wehner, Dr Carl Wehri, Sue
Wehrman, Rudolph W Weibel, Dr. A R Weide, Patrick L
Weidner, Dr Edward D Weil, PhD, Roy Weiland, James Weiler,
Dr Frank C Weimer, PhD, Dr. Michael J Weimer, PhD, Dr.
Eugene C Weinbach, PhD, Carl Martin Weinbaum, PhD, Dr.
Lawrence P Weinberger, PhD, Jean S Weingarten, Dr Leonard H
Weinstein, PhD, Donald J Weintritt, Eugene Weipert, PhD, R.S.
Weir, John Weir, Wm W Weiss, Steven Weise, Dr. George A
Weisgerber, PhD, Dr. Leonard Weisler, PhD, Dr. Max T Weiss,
PhD, Dr Martin Weiss, PhD, Irving Weiss, Dr. F.D. Weiss, Eugene
P Weisser, Barry R Weissman, Dr. William M Weistein, Curtis W
Weittenhiller, Me Welbourn, Dr. Homer W Welch, PhD, F A
Welch, Jr, Carl M Welch, Thomas L Welch, Dr. Frank J Welch,
PhD, Edwin Weldon, James H Weller, Jr, Eric Welles, Dr Sefton
Wellings, Lewis F Wells, Ima Wells, Dr Elizabeth F Wells, PhD,
William Wells, Philip B Wells, Rod Wells, Patrick Wells, Donald C
Wells, Joseph Wells, Herbert Wells, Dr Wells, PhD, Dr. Ronald L
Wells, PhD, Jerome R Welnetz, Dr. Frank Welsch, PhD, Dr Lisa
M Welter, PhD, Corey M Welter, Dr Theodore A Welton, PhD,
Richard E. Welty, Dr John F Wen, PhD, Dr Irving Wender, PhD,
Michael G Wendling, Robert E Wendoll, Clayton H Wene, Dr R B
Wenger, James E Wenner, Gunnar Wennerberg, Dr R C
Wentworth, PhD, Dr J Michaelwentzell, Dr Mike Wentzell, Dr.
Roger Michael Weppelman, PhD, Dr Leslie M Werbel, PhD, Dr.
Frank D Werner, Dr Smiuel Werner, PhD, Dr. Hans- Helmut
Werner, PhD, Dr Robert J Werth, Robert H Wertheim, Dr
Wescott, PhD, Clarence L Wesenberg, Dr Hans U Wessel, PhD,
Laurence N Wesson, Irving P West, Warwick R West, Larry L
West, Richard West, Clark D West, MD, J C West, Jack West,
Thomas West, Dr Douglas B West, PhD, Tom West, James R
West, Robert E West, David West, Glen R Westall, Dr Fred
Westall, Dr Richard S Westberry, Dr. Jack H Westbrook, PhD,
Dr. Carl A Westby, PhD, James F Westcott, Mark E Westcott, Dr
Robert Webster, Russ Westerhaus, Burt O Westerman, Dr William
J Westerman, PhD, Tammy Westerman, Dr Fred E Westermann,
PhD, Dr D T Westermann, PhD, Wm M Westhoff, Dr. John A.
Westland, PhD, Tranie Westlund, Harry Westmoreland, Dr.
Thomas Westmoreland, PhD, Dr Henry G Weston, PhD, Dr.
Gerhard Westra, PhD, Dr. Raymond Westra, PhD, Dr Edgar F
Westrum, PhD, Dr James Wm Westwat, PhD, Dr Robert L
Wetegrove, PhD, Dr. Robert L Wetegrove, PhD, Dr Winfield B
Wetherbee, PhD, Bill Wetherton, Delmar G Westover, Albert J
Wetzel, Helen E Wetzel, John E Wey Jr, Dr Thomas Weyand,
PhD, Dr. Jack Weyland, PhD

Website: Petition Project at
Section: Signers of Petition
Topic: Signers Wh - Z
Title: Signatories

Dr S A Whalen, Dr Thomas Whalen, PhD, Keni Whalen, William
Whaley, Dr James Wharton, PhD, Michael W Wheatall, John
Wheatley, Edward Wheaton, William L Wheller, Carlos Wheeler,
David Wheeler, C Wheeler, Thomas J Wheeler, Dr. Kenneth T
Wheeler, PhD, Clyde C Wheeler, Ed Wheeler, Dr. Frank C
Wheeler, PhD, Dr Whelan, Dr Elizabeth Whelan, Jack Whelan, Dr.
John M Whelan, PhD, Paul R Whetsell, John Whially, Edward
Whicker, William D. Whiddon, D K Whigham, Christian L
Whigham, Dr. Thomas Whisenand, Robert J Whisonant, Dr. Roy L
Whistler, PhD, Gene L Whitaker, Kerry M Whitaker, Audie D
Whitaker, Chuck White, Dr Robt Lee White, PhD, Jeffrey M
White, Dr. James D White, PhD, Oliver B White, Ann L White,
Dr. William G White, Dr Alan W White, PhD, Sterling White, Dr
Donald R White, PhD, Frank White, Dr B Lee White, Jr, Richard
White, Dr Joel E White, Dr Lowell White, PhD, William White,
Ron White, Douglas White, Dr. John I White, Gary R White, Stacy
White, Randall White, Donald White, Thomas G White, Douglas
White, D J. White, Dr. Joe Lloyd White, PhD, Kenneth E
Whitehead, Dr Thomas W Whitehead, Jr, PhD, Robert L
Whitehead, Dr Joe U Whiteman, PhD, Dr Charles Whiteside, PhD,
Jessie Whiting, Donel R Whiting, R Whiting, Dr. James R Whitley,
PhD, Dr. Alan B Whitman, PhD, Dr. Alan M Whitman, PhD, Dr
Frank C Whitmore, PhD, Robt W Whitmyer, Dr. Wendell K
Whitney, PhD, Roy Whitney, W E Whitney, Dr Alan Whiton, Dr.
Thomas L Whitsett, Phil Whitsitt, Roy E. Whitt, Arthur
Whittemore, Dr. Robert Whitten, PhD, James C Whitter, Dr Leslie
Whitton, PhD, Dr Donald E Whyte, PhD, Dr Harry Wiant, PhD,
Claude A Wiatrowski, James Wible, Ann Wichman, PhD, Dr E H
Wichmann, PhD, Dr Raymond V Wick, PhD, Dave Wick, Dr.
Charles E Wickersham, PhD, Dr. Harry E Wickes, Dr William
Wickham, PhD, Dr Reed Wickner, S A Wickstrom, Donald J
Wickwire, Dr. Steven Widen, PhD, Anthony Widenman, Vernon R
Widerquist, David C Widrig, James Wiebe, Dr Joseph R Wiebush,
PhD, Dr Grace M Wieder, PhD, Albert Wieder, Dr Robt R
Wiederkehr, PhD, W Gordon Wieduwilt, Robert Wiegel, G
Wieland, Joseph C Wiendl, Mel Wiener, Doug Wiens, Dr Joseph
M Wier, PhD, Dr Charles Wier, PhD, Dr Kurt L Wiese, Arthur
Wiese, Chuck Wiese, Dr. John H Wiese, PhD, Scott Wiesler, Dr.
Loren Elwood Wiesner, Donald R Wiesnet, Larry Wiess, Dr.
Tadeusz Karol Wiewiorowski, PhD, Mr. James R. Wifall, Richard
E. Wiggans, Alan R Wiggins, Dr Michael L Wiggins, PhD, Dr John
Wiggins, PhD, Todd Wiggins, Dr John Wiggins, PhD, John
Wigglesworth, Carol Wignovich, Joe A Wilbanks, Hugh W
Wilbanks I I I, Bill Wilbanks, Dr Charles Wilber, PhD, Dr David
W Wilbur, Michael F Wilbur, John Wilburn, Glenn Wilcker,
Ronald R. Wilcox, Dr Gary Wilcox, PhD, Donald Wilde, Dr.
Carroll Orville Wilde, PhD, Dr. Kenneth A Wilde, PhD, James
Wilder, Dr. Walter L Wilder, Richard Wildermuth, Dr W V
Wilding, PhD, Dr. Bill B Wiley, PhD, Robert A Wiley, PhD,
Robert N Wiley, Jim Wiley, Dr. George F Wilgram, Dr George F
Wilgram, George L Wilhelm, Dr James C Wilhoit, Jr, PhD,
Leonard S Wilk, Don K Wilken, Dr. John D Wilkes, PhD, Stella H
Wilkes, Monte Wilkes, Kevin L Wilkins, S Curtis Wilkins, Dr.
Harold W Wilkins, Monty Wilkins, Dr. Robert A Wilkins, PhD,
George Wilkinson, Dr Richard Wilkinson, Alan Wilks, Betty Will,
Dr. Harvey B Willard, PhD, Charles R Willden, PhD, Niel Willer,
Dr Willett, PhD, Paul T Willhite, Dr. Louis E Willhoit Jr, PhD, Dr
James C William, Dr Van William, PhD, Clark William, Jim
Williams, Dr Ralph C Williams, Denise Williams, Dr Thomas
Williams, PhD, E P Williams, Dr. Jack M Williams, PhD, Steve
Williams, Glen Williams, Dr. Tom V Williams, PhD, Dr. W Randy
Williams, PhD, Brandon Williams, Dr William Williams, Oneil
Williams, Jack Wiliams, Neal Thomas Williams, Robert Williams,
Elizabeth Williams, Paul C. Williams, Dwight Williams, George
Williams, Dr. C.H. Williams, PhD, L Williams, Harold Williams,
Charles Williams, Mr. Douglas Williams, Charles Williams, Vernon
Williams, Dr Doug Williams, Charles W Williams, Gary Williams,
Roger Williams, Dr. J F Williams, PhD, Dr Richard Williams, PhD,
Karla E Williams, Steve Williams, Dr. Max W Williams, Talmage
Williams, Arthur R Williams, Dick Williamson, C.C. Willimason, Dr
Clifford L Willis, PhD, Frederick Willis, Giles Willis III, Dayne A
Willius, Thomas Willke, PhD, Dr. William W Willmarth, PhD, Alan
J Willoughby, Dr Gene Wills, Nigel F Wills, Keith P Willson, C.P.
Willson, Dr Robert Wilmott, Al Wilson, John E Wilson Jr, Dr.
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Winters, Dermot M Winters, Dr. Donald F Winterstein, PhD,
Thomas Wintle, Dr. Ronald L Wirtz, David Wirtz, R Wisbey,
Wesley L. Wisdowm, Floyd A Wise, Dr. Frank W Wise, PhD, Dr
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Dr. Walter Witherspoon, Holden Withington, Mark Witowski, Dr
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George K Wittenberg, PhD, Dr Lloyd D Witter, PhD, Dr. Harold
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Dr Frank A Witzmann, PhD, Dr Virgil O Wodicka, PhD, Gerald
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David A Wohleber, PhD, Elmer J Wohler, William Wohler, Craig
A Wohlers, Kenneth Wohlhuter, Paul Wojnice, Dr Andrze
Wojtanowicz, Timothy J Wojtowicz, Dr Peter J Wojtowicz, PhD,
Dr. Donald Wolberg, PhD, David A Wolf, Jim Wolf, George Wolf,
Mark Wolf, Edward Wolf, Gerald Wolf, Michael P Wolfe, Dr.
Adrian Wolfe, PhD, Gene Wolfe, Robert Wolfe, George Wolfe,
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Dr Woller, Peter Wolmut, Howard O Woltz, Ho Woltz, Gary L
Womack, Robert Womack Jr, Dr. Laurence Wong, PhD, Sun Y
Wong, Dr K Wong, PhD, Dr Donna L Wong, PhD, Ka-Chun
Wong, Bob Wonish, Dr. Earl C Wood, Roberta L Wood, Dr J. D.
Wood, Dr Scott Emerson Wood, PhD, Dr John L Wood, PhD, Dr
Jackie D Wood, Mike Wood, Dr. William A Wood, PhD, Bruce
Wood, George D. Wood, Dr John L Wood, PhD, Dr Irwin B
Wood, Dr Thomas Wood, Christopher Wood, Dr John K Wood,
PhD, David R Wood, William Wood, Steve Wood, Dr. Walter
Wood, Malcolm Wood, Roger Wood, Dr. David Wood, Dr. J.
Stuart Wood, PhD, Frederick Wood, Dr Sanford Wood, Dr.
William A Wood, PhD, Dr Henry Wood, PhD, Dr E Greg Wood,
Dr Randall Wood, PhD, Farley Wood, M.S. Woodard, Keith
Woodard, Dr Richard Woodard, PhD, Dr Richard Woodard,
PhD, Dr. Joseph Eliot Woodbridge, PhD, Charles R. Woodbury,
Frank Woodfield, Jim Woodford, Patrick J Wooding, Grey
Woodman, M.D., Robert H Woodown, Kenneth L. Woodruff, Dr.
R. D Woods, PhD, Marcelyn E Woods, Robert F Woods, Dr.
John P Woods, PhD, Ted Woods, David J Woods, Jack Woods,
Guy Woods, Dr. Robert O Woods, Fred Woods, Robt J
Woodward, Kenneth Woodward, Richard Woodward, Dr David
Woodward, PhD, Gary K Woodward, Marvin S Wool, Dr. David
Dilley Wooldridge, PhD, Dr. Gary R Wooley, PhD, James L
Wooley, F.M. Woolf, Arloa R Woolford, Dr Tyler A Woolley,
PhD, Stephen Woolley, Dr Gerald B Woolsey, PhD, Alice
Woosley, Rodney Wooster, Gregory Wooten, C Wooton, J.
Workley, Adonna M Works, Dr. Richard F Worley, Dr. David
Eugene Worley, PhD, Morris Worley, Birl Worley, Dr. Paul N
Worsey, Dr Walt Worsham, PhD, Dr Johathan Worstell, PhD,
James G Worth, James G Worth, Von Worthington, William
Wortman, Dr. J Lamar Worzel, PhD, Gregory M Wotell, PhD, Dr.
Margaret S Woyski, PhD, John Wozer, Dr Donald P Wrathall,
PhD, Peter Wrenshall, Royce E Wrick, Eugene G Wrieden, John L
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Yuan Sze, PhD, Stephen A Yuhas, Donald Yule, Dr Mary Alic
Yund, PhD, Dr E W Yund, D Yundt, Dr. Libby Yunger, PhD, Dr.
Sulhi H Yungul, PhD, William Yust, W Zabel, Rick Zachary, Dr.
Daniel J Zaffarano, PhD, Dr Stanley E Zager, PhD, William M
Zahn Jr, Edwarfd P Zahora, Dr Marco Zaider, PhD, Dr. Ihor
Zajac, PhD, Dr Ethel S Zalay, PhD, Dr Ethel S Zalay, PhD, Dr.
Ivan Zamora, Danny Zampirro, Dr Edward Zane, John V Zanky,
James G Zapert, Josephh Zappia, Dr. S A Zarbano, Dr Marvin L
Zatzman, Duane Zavadil, Dr. Zbuzek, Roy V Zeagler Jr, John
Zebrowski, Dr. Harold Zeckel, PhD, Dr Yuan Chung Zee, PhD,
Lawrence E Zeeb, Dr Wm N Zeiger, PhD, Greg Zeihen, Fred
Zeile, Nathaniel Zelazo, John C Zeller, Dr. Claude Zeller, PhD, Dr
Allen Zelman, Jiri Zemlicka, Dr Donald F Zetik, PhD, R A Zeuner,
Dr Albin A Zewczyk, Dr Dong Er Zhang, PhD, Dr Hua-Wei Zhou,
PhD, Dr Timothy D Ziebarth, PhD, Jerry Zieg, Jehuda Ziegler,
PhD, Dr Edward N Ziegler, PhD, Wm A Ziegler, Raymond
Ziegler, Mark E Ziegler, Dr. John Benjamin Ziegler, PhD, Terrence
R Ziehl, Perry Ziel, W E Zieman, Roger Ziemba, Dr. Charles W
Ziemer, PhD, Dr Paul Ziemer, PhD, Dr Ferdinand Zienty, PhD, Sigi
Ziering, Gordon F Ziesing, Carl Zietlow, Steven A. Zilber, Lois
Ziler, Paul W Zimmer, Clarence Zimmerman, Dr. Lorenz E
Zimmerman, Dr. John R Zimmerman, PhD, Dr Tommy
Zimmerman, Dr. Elmer Leroy Zimmerman, PhD, Roger
Zimmerman, Dr John G Zimmerman, PhD, David L. Zimmerman,
James S Zimmerman, Gary Zimmermann, Robert Zimmermann, Dr
Richard E Zindler, PhD, David H Zinen, Dr. John Zink, PhD, Sally
Zinke, Robert G Zinkhan Jr, Robert G Sinkhan Jr, Werner Zinn,
Paul Zinner, Edward Zinser, Richard J Ziomkowski, Donald W
Zipse, Dr Harold Zirin, PhD, Dr. Steven L Zirkelbach, Alexander
S. Zirpolo, Warren Zitzmann, Dr Paul Zmola, PhD, Raymond
Zoerkler, Wm C Zollans, Dr. Stephen P Zollinger, PhD, Dr Martin
V Zombeck, PhD, Howard O. Zomsteg, Jr., James Day Zonino,
Dr Harry D Zook, PhD, David J Zorn, Charles Zrankas, Charles
Zubritsky, David Zuckerberg, Dr Carl Zuehlke, PhD, John Zugaro,
Dr Perr Zuman, PhD, Glen A Zumwalt, Dr Glen Zumwalt, PhD, Dr
Edward J Zuperku, PhD, Joel L Zureick, Dr. Ernst G Zurflueh,
PhD, Philip L Zuvanich, Dr Treodore Zwartkruis, PhD, Howard A
Zwemer, Dr Soloman Zwerdling, PhD, Dr. Earl J Zwick, PhD, Dr.
Melvin Zwillenberg, Steven C Zylkowski

Website: Petition Project at
Section: Signers of Petition
Topic: Listing By State
Title: List of Signers By State

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List By State - HTML - 312K

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Thomas Palm

Apr 23, 1998, 3:00:00 AM4/23/98

Arnold Jagt wrote:
> Website: Petition Project at
> Section: Global Warming Review
> Topic: Letter from Frederick Seitz
> Title: Research Review of Global Warming Evidence
> Below is an eight page review of information on the subject of
> "global warming," and a petition in the form of a reply card. Please
> consider these materials carefully.

So, has anybody more qualified than I bothered to check this
petition? It seems to be the usual selective information and
misrepresentation of data, but considering the credentials of
Seitz if would be useful if someone with better knowledge in
the field took the time for a more detailed critizism.

Just to give one example: (choosen more because I got curious at
the claim and checked the reference than because it is the most
misleading statement in the petition.)

> Atmospheric concentrations of CO2 are reported to have
> varied widely over geological time, with peaks, according to some
> estimates, some 20-fold higher than at present and lows at
> approximately 18th-Century levels (5).

This article really deals with geological timescales. That uncertain
20-fold higher CO2 rate happened 500 _million_ year ago. Of course,
in a diagram showing that timescale small fluctuations like ice
ages doesn't show which explains the strange claim that the lows have
been at "about 18th-century levels". During the last ice-age
CO2 was approximately one third lower than 18-th century level.
A significant difference!

I really can't imagine what significance the CO2 level half a
billion year has for whether increasing CO2 is sensible now, but
as propaganda I guess it sounds good to state that there has been
much more CO2 earlier in history.

> During the past 6 weeks, more than 15,000 basic and applied
> American scientists, two-thirds with advanced degrees, have signed
> the Global Warming Petition.

I can't understand how this kind of propaganda can get signed by
so many people.

Thomas Palm

Stewart Rowe

Apr 23, 1998, 3:00:00 AM4/23/98

In a previous article, (Thomas Palm) says:

>Arnold Jagt wrote:
>> Website: Petition Project at
>> Section: Global Warming Review
>> Topic: Letter from Frederick Seitz
>> Title: Research Review of Global Warming Evidence
>> Below is an eight page review of information on the subject of
>> "global warming," and a petition in the form of a reply card. Please
>> consider these materials carefully.

>So, has anybody more qualified than I bothered to check this
>petition? It seems to be the usual selective information and
>misrepresentation of data, but considering the credentials of
>Seitz if would be useful if someone with better knowledge in
>the field took the time for a more detailed critizism.
>Just to give one example: (choosen more because I got curious at
>the claim and checked the reference than because it is the most
>misleading statement in the petition.)

>> Atmospheric concentrations of CO2 are reported to have
>> varied widely over geological time, with peaks, according to some
>> estimates, some 20-fold higher than at present and lows at
>> approximately 18th-Century levels (5).

>This article really deals with geological timescales. That uncertain
>20-fold higher CO2 rate happened 500 _million_ year ago. Of course,
>in a diagram showing that timescale small fluctuations like ice
>ages doesn't show which explains the strange claim that the lows have
>been at "about 18th-century levels". During the last ice-age
>CO2 was approximately one third lower than 18-th century level.
>A significant difference!
>I really can't imagine what significance the CO2 level half a
>billion year has for whether increasing CO2 is sensible now, but
>as propaganda I guess it sounds good to state that there has been
>much more CO2 earlier in history.

>> During the past 6 weeks, more than 15,000 basic and applied
>> American scientists, two-thirds with advanced degrees, have signed
>> the Global Warming Petition.

>I can't understand how this kind of propaganda can get signed by
>so many people.
>Thomas Palm

Yesterday, the governing Council of the National Academy of Science
took the unprecedented step of dissociating itself from this
"petition project". This was necessary because Dr. Seitz, the industry-
sponsored "big name" on the project, identified himself as a
past president of NAS, and because the views expressed by the
hitherto unknown autors of the "study" were contrary to the
conclusions of the Academy's study and of the international
committee of experts convened by the IPCC.

For more information, search the New York Times or the Washington
Post for yesterday (4/22) for "global warming", or visit
the Sierra Club web site at

Stewart Rowe

c g hughes

Apr 23, 1998, 3:00:00 AM4/23/98
to Stewart Rowe

> Yesterday, the governing Council of the National Academy of Science
> took the unprecedented step of dissociating itself from this
> "petition project". This was necessary because Dr. Seitz, the industry-
> sponsored "big name" on the project, identified himself as a
> past president of NAS, and because the views expressed by the
> hitherto unknown autors of the "study" were contrary to the
> conclusions of the Academy's study and of the international
> committee of experts convened by the IPCC.
> For more information, search the New York Times or the Washington
> Post for yesterday (4/22) for "global warming", or visit
> the Sierra Club web site at
> Stewart Rowe

See also SCIENCE Vol 280, 10 April 98 p. 195 "Advocacy Mailing Draws
Fire" . Freddie's letter refered to the only pre- or reprint I ever saw
that did not mention the journal's name. It was an article with no
peer-review written so the Wall Street Journal could quote it in an
article - Also convienently enclosed - that alleged that Global Warming
was just a myth. Freddie did not reply to his e-mail when I pointed this
Carroll Hughes

Michael Tobis

Apr 23, 1998, 3:00:00 AM4/23/98

Thomas Palm ( wrote:

: > During the past 6 weeks, more than 15,000 basic and applied

: > American scientists, two-thirds with advanced degrees, have signed
: > the Global Warming Petition.

: I can't understand how this kind of propaganda can get signed by
: so many people.

The New York Times, in an article describing the unprecedented
disavowal of the mailing by the National Academy and their objection
to the use of their journal format by an unreviewed article, pointed
out that the vast majority of these signatories were not expert in
any relevant disciplines.

The propaganda campaign has been very effective in swaying influential
opinion makers, notably the obviously libertarian-leaning financial press,
but also some literate and liberal though not especially competent
reporters, notably Greg Easterbrook who is the voice of Newsweek and
the New Republic on these matters.

The coal industry has also been remarkably effective in distributing
their pet spokesmen in the vicinity of Washington and New York, thus
having disproportionate influence on the national press.

There are many (a couple of million?) people who are qualified to sign this
petition. Getting 15,000 of them is quite an accomplishment, but it
doesn't represent a majority by any means. On the other hand, the actual
state of knowledge is very badly represented on this matter, as well
as on many others with a controversial policy component. I think
this speaks to the competence of the propagandists more than to the
gullibility of the signers.


John McCarthy

Apr 23, 1998, 3:00:00 AM4/23/98
to (JimN469897) writes:

> >Yesterday, the governing Council of the National Academy of Science
> >took the unprecedented step of dissociating itself from this
> >"petition project". This was necessary because Dr. Seitz, the industry-
> >sponsored "big name" on the project, identified himself as a
> >past president of NAS, and because the views expressed by the
> >hitherto unknown autors of the "study" were contrary to the
> >conclusions of the Academy's study and of the international
> >committee of experts convened by the IPCC.
> >
> >For more information, search the New York Times or the Washington
> >Post for yesterday (4/22) for "global warming", or visit
> >the Sierra Club web site at
> >

> The NY Times also indicated that the report looked like it was a published
> scientific report, which it is not. You would think by now that the
> browlashers would have learned that this type of nonsence always backfires.

The leaders of the National Academy of Sciences have shown increasing
tendencies to join bandwagons, and their past president has annoyed
them on many occasions.

John McCarthy, Computer Science Department, Stanford, CA 94305
He who refuses to do arithmetic is doomed to talk nonsense.

hans hanson

Apr 23, 1998, 3:00:00 AM4/23/98

Thomas Palm wrote in message <>...

>Arnold Jagt wrote:
>> Topic: Letter from Frederick Seitz
>> Title: Research Review of Global Warming Evidence

>So, has anybody more qualified than I bothered to check this
>petition? It seems to be the usual selective information and

>misrepresentation of data.............

>> During the past 6 weeks, more than 15,000 basic and applied
>> American scientists, two-thirds with advanced degrees, have signed
>> the Global Warming Petition.

>I can't understand how this kind of propaganda can get signed by
>so many people.

>Thomas Palm

Gosh man!
It doesn't matter whether it's good or bad science or propaganda.
Why do you think the debate is so hot and acrid?
Don't you understand yet? Haven't you gotten it yet?
It's not about global warming at all! It's about MONEY! GRANTS!
Nobody is nor will be able to change an iota about the climate!
We can't even stop the rain from a single cloud. Think about it.
But the Kyoto process will be very successful in starting and stopping
incomes and transferring wealth like mankind has never seen before.
So get on "right" side, sing along and bring a 10 gallon hat with you.
Don't you remember the last time they pulled a stunt like this one?
The billions in the superfund... where >90% went for lawyer fees instead
of toxic waste site clean ups. And this was in the US only. Now they
have learned. They raised the stake and upped the ante. This time
it's global, man. This is a biggie! Get with it. Get rich..... ECO-RICH!


Apr 24, 1998, 3:00:00 AM4/24/98

>Yesterday, the governing Council of the National Academy of Science
>took the unprecedented step of dissociating itself from this
>"petition project". This was necessary because Dr. Seitz, the industry-
>sponsored "big name" on the project, identified himself as a
>past president of NAS, and because the views expressed by the
>hitherto unknown autors of the "study" were contrary to the
>conclusions of the Academy's study and of the international
>committee of experts convened by the IPCC.
>For more information, search the New York Times or the Washington
>Post for yesterday (4/22) for "global warming", or visit
>the Sierra Club web site at

The NY Times also indicated that the report looked like it was a published
scientific report, which it is not. You would think by now that the
browlashers would have learned that this type of nonsence always backfires.

Jim Norton

Rich Puchalsky

Apr 24, 1998, 3:00:00 AM4/24/98

Michael Tobis ( wrote:
: Thomas Palm ( wrote:

: : > During the past 6 weeks, more than 15,000 basic and applied

: : > American scientists, two-thirds with advanced degrees, have signed
: : > the Global Warming Petition.

: : I can't understand how this kind of propaganda can get signed by
: : so many people.

: ... I think

: this speaks to the competence of the propagandists more than to the
: gullibility of the signers.

Oh, the propagandists were competent. But I would assume that the signers
were mainly ideologically motivated. I've seen the contents of the
petition package; it contains a Wall Street Journal article. If anyone
ever sent me a petition on a scientific issue, and then backed it up
with a Wall Street Journal article, I'd instantly think that these people
either didn't know what they were doing or were ideologues.

If anyone did sign it out of gullibility rather than reflexive right-wing
sympathy, they were very gullible.

sci.environment FAQs & critiques -

Harold Lindaberry

Apr 24, 1998, 3:00:00 AM4/24/98

The only comment I care to make about the ECOFREAK the approach to science
is that their motto is ( Don't confuse them with facts DAZZLE them with BULL
SHIT and of course rhetoric )

Harold Lindaberry
visit OXGORE website at

Rich Puchalsky wrote:

> Michael Tobis ( wrote:
> : Thomas Palm ( wrote:

> : : > During the past 6 weeks, more than 15,000 basic and applied

> : : > American scientists, two-thirds with advanced degrees, have signed
> : : > the Global Warming Petition.

Michael Tobis

Apr 24, 1998, 3:00:00 AM4/24/98

John McCarthy (j...@Steam.Stanford.EDU) wrote:

: The leaders of the National Academy of Sciences have shown increasing

: tendencies to join bandwagons, and their past president has annoyed
: them on many occasions.

Ah, yes, the infamous "substantive evidence bandwagon". Shameful.



Apr 25, 1998, 3:00:00 AM4/25/98

Oh sure. And the oily-coaly-gassy boys won't lose on their stock options if
people really start to wake up to the risks associated with climate change?
What do you think the ratio of profit:loss might be? One:gazillion?

Karl Davies

Paul D. Farrar

Apr 25, 1998, 3:00:00 AM4/25/98


April 20, 1998

The Council of the National Academy of Sciences (NAS) is concerned
about the confusion caused by a petition being circulated via a letter
from a former president of this Academy. This petition criticizes the
science underlying the Kyoto treaty on carbon dioxide emissions (the
Kyoto Protocol to the Framework Convention on Climate Change), and it
asks scientists to recommend rejection of this treaty by the U.S.
Senate. The petition was mailed with an op-ed article from The Wall
Street Journal and a manuscript in a format that is nearly identical
to that of scientific articles published in the _Proceedings of the
Academy of Sciences_. The NAS Council would like to make it clear
that this petition has nothing to do with the National Academy of
Sciences and that the manuscript was not published in the _Proceedings
of the National Academy of Sciences_ or in any other peer-reviewed

The petition does not reflect the conclusions of expert reports of the

In particular, the Committee on Science, Engineering, and Public
Policy of the National Academy of Sciences, the National Academy of
Engineering (NAE), and the Institute of Medicine (IOM) conducted a
major consensus study on this issue, entitled _Policy Implications of
Greenhouse Warming_ (1991,1992). This analysis concluded that
"...even given the considerable uncertainties in our knowledge of the
relevant phenomena, greenhouse warming poses a potential threat
sufficient to merit prompt responses. ... Investment in mitigation
measures acts as insurance protection against the great uncertainties
and the possibility of dramatic surprises." In addition, the
Committee on Global Change Research of the National Research Council,
the operating arm of the NAS and the NAE, will issue a major report
later this spring on the research issues that can help to reduce the
scientific uncertainties associated with global change phenomena,
including climate change.


Bruce Alberts (president)
National Academy of Sciences
Washington, D.C.

Jack Halpern (vice president)
Louis Block Distinguished Professor Emeritus
Department of Chemistry
University of Chicago

Peter H. Raven (home secretary)
DirectorMissouri Botanical Garden
St. Louis

F. Sherwood Rowland (foreign secretary)
Donald Bren Research Professor of Chemistry and Earth System Science
Department of Chemistry
University of California

Ronald L. Graham (treasurer)
Chief Scientist
AT&T Laboratories
Florham Park, N.J.

Mary Ellen Avery
Professor of Pediatrics
Harvard Medical School

Ralph J. Cicerone
Dean, School of Physical Sciences, and Daniel G. Aldrich Professor of
Earth System Science
Department of Earth System Science
University of California

Edward E. David Jr.(1)
EED Inc.
Bedminster, N.J.

Marye Anne Fox
North Carolina State University, and
Vice President for Research and M. June and J. Virgil Waggoner Regents
Chair in Chemistry
Department of Chemistry
University of Texas

Ralph E. Gomory(2)
Alfred P. Sloan Foundation
New York City

David M. Kipnis
Distinguished University Professor
Department of Internal Medicine
Washington University School of Medicine
St. Louis

Daniel E. Koshland Jr.
Professor in the Graduate School
Department of Molecular and Cell Biology
University of California

Mary-Lou Pardue
Boris Magasanik Professor
Department of Biology
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Luis Sequeira
J.C. Walker Professor Emeritus
Department of Plant Pathology
University of Wisconsin

I.M. Singer
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Scott Nudds

Apr 25, 1998, 3:00:00 AM4/25/98

John McCarthy (j...@Steam.Stanford.EDU) wrote:
: The leaders of the National Academy of Sciences have shown increasing
: tendencies to join bandwagons, and their past president has annoyed
: them on many occasions.

They won't join yours McCarthy. They have more sense than that.

Are you wearing your ear flaps?

Scott Nudds

Apr 25, 1998, 3:00:00 AM4/25/98

Harold Lindaberry ( wrote:
: The only comment I care to make about the ECOFREAK the approach to science

: is that their motto is ( Don't confuse them with facts DAZZLE them with BULL
: SHIT and of course rhetoric )

How would Lindaberry know? With every post he proves that like
virtually all other conservative bozo's he can't distinguish between knee
deep conservatve bullshit and fact.

Meanwhile the globe continues to warm.

Harold Lindaberry

Apr 26, 1998, 3:00:00 AM4/26/98

Scott Nudds wrote:

Maybe so maybe not depending on who you listen to. What influence man has in
this process is up for grabs. We are currently between ice ages that have been going
on for eons. If you think we are going to stop the next one I think you are kidding
yourself with the idea that man controls the climate. Man might in a micro way have
a slight impact but forces other than man will determine which way it goes.

Harold Lindaberry
visit OXGORE website at

Scott Nudds

Apr 28, 1998, 3:00:00 AM4/28/98

: Scott Nudds wrote:
: > Meanwhile the globe continues to warm.

Harold Lindaberry ( wrote:
: Maybe so maybe not depending on who you listen to.

This is true. Liars often claim that the globe is not warming.

Measurement tells scientists otherwise.

Global Average Temp over time

15.2| TEMP = Hansen Temperature Index ..
| .
| .
| ..
| .... .
^ | .. ..... .
| | .. ...
T | ..
E | ..
M | .
P | .... .
| .. ..
| .. .
14.6| ... 1940 1970
1872 Year -> 1994

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