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Epigenetic Modulation for Health Enhancement

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Kay Lie

Aug 5, 2023, 11:47:20 AM8/5/23
beneficial epigenetic modifiers of taste receptors that reduce glycemic response from sweet taste of sugars and artificial sweeteners, possibly irna which can be customized to epigenetically methylate, as far as i know, any gene, can methylate the gene netowk and cascade proteins that go with sweetness, even absent calories, heightening glycemic response, reducing their activity at a way taht maintains sweetness perception while strongly reducing glycemic response, along with taste sensing nerves, all kinds of carbohydrate as well as sweetness responding nerves at the gi tract could have their glycemic response to starches and sugars, and artificial sweetners decreased, decreased glycemic and insulin response i thing is published as associated with greater wellness, and possibly heightened longevity, the iRNA could be made at a depot sensationless airjection form with a volume that lasts plural decades or centuries, or sugar that people add to food could have iRNA combined with it
heightened dedifferentiation of cytes to stem cytes i think is published as heightening mouse longevity, few amu molecules that are dosable drugs to do this are being developed, it is possible epigenetic modulaters like iRNA that methylate, acetylators, and other epigenetic moduclators could heighten production of dedifferentiation to stem cyte physiomolecules causing beneficial dedifferentiation and heightened longevity at humans, localization moieties or peptides at the epigenetic modulator could further heighten beneficial longevity effect

at beneficial, strengthening laser peening, photons actualized as either particles or waves could have different peening effciencies and attributes, as well as different photon emitter energy efficiency attributes, sending the photons through a tube or multislit could actualize them as particles or waves and just be a surface coating on the photon emitter as a new laser peening technology

dendrite length is associated with greater cognitive ability, structural components of dendrites that make them more durable might also be beneficial and could be measured as to authentically beneficial effect on cognition. these components might be proteins

stimulants at the brain, cns, nerve cytes and body stimulate heightened output, a completely different thing is stimulant effect, molecules, epigenetics, mRNA that cuase heightened effect at imuunocytes and the immune system, along with greater atp production, greater nutrient availability ad utilization at immunocytes from ingesting supplemental energy sources like ribose, polyribose, beneficial peptides and proteins like AEDG epithalon peptide and thymalin peptide as nutrients utilizable at mitochondria also have other beneficial effects at the body such as longevization, also along with greater nutrients to mitochondria and other enregy generating structures at immunocytes, stimulating immune effect could be produced with heightened production of any immunocyte sensing structures that detect beneficial immunoreactable illnesses, organisms, and virus producing cytes, along with eprigenetic upregulation or molecular heightening of heightened sensor sensitivity at immunocytes
The internet describes cytolomegalovirus infection during pregnancy as causing birth defects, and notes that injected antibodies each 14 24 hour intervals reduces cytomegalovirus activity, as a technology that prevents birth defects a probiotic bacteria could be genetically modified to produce beneficial antibodies to cytomegalovirus, making a birth defect reducing effect be dosed as oral pills, which are particularly affordable, the probiotic could also have other benefits to teenagers, as well as at all persons able to become pregnant such that those benefits cause the probiotic to be utilized previous to planned or unplanned pregnancy

I read about quanum computers with resonance cavities at them that have “carefully engineered cavit losses”, makinf for more distiguishable quantum data, at quantum computers and completely different cavity oscillators the decrease of energy of a “carefully engineered cavity loss” could be narrowing or decreasing the head and tail of a distribution such that the shape od the resonating energy form is that of a solition, or 100 multiples less spreading out form called a dissipative soliton,

It seems like tubers like potatoes, sweet potatoes, tapioca, and manoic could just be bred or epignetically modulated to be three times their usual diameter, at 4/3 pi r^3 that makes a radius 3 times greater produce much more nutritional value per planted seed tuber. saving planting effort. what is more genetically somplex at tubers is a papery outer layer like onion skin that instantly cleans them off. its uknown if novelty groundnute varieties that produce 3-5 groundnuts per pos at the soil have higher actual groundnut yeils per acre but they could be breedable or engineerable to be. coconut and plam kernal trees could be bred or engineered to produce larger, greater amount of tissue coconuts, noting highest coconut size at nature I’m aware of is near 22 Kg, grain kernal sizes could also possibly be heightened while maintaining or increasing grains per plant.

zeolites do numerous things, including catalysis, photoluminescent zeolites are published which suggests a completely different thing, zeolites with atom lattices tuned to particularly effective spectroscopy absorption wavelengths so that optimal spectral lines from ultraffordable LEDS, laser diodes, or other photon sources most effectively heighten the activity, like catalysis, of the zeolite, along with visible ir and uv spectroscopy absorption wavelengths, it is possible radiant IR or even microwave spectroscopy wavelength heightened efficiency at the zeolite catalyst could be utilized, doing more catalysis more rapidly, or making more highly valued reaction products, previously thought of, but possibly not described is having physical RF inductor circuits, very cheaply produced at the interior of the zeolite nuggets or chunks, that at an rf inductive field warm the zeolite chunk to cause more efficient, rapid, and preferred product production, this could be as cheap as something similar to a 1/100th or 1/1000th of a cent rfid tag like structure being at, or printed on, a synthetic zeolite chunk or form, like synthetic zeolite forms used ay hydrocarbon production

at voluntary male contraceptives that effect sperm, changing the flavor of the human ejaculate from utilizing the male contraceptice is beneficial as it creates a way other people can find out if another person is on male comtraceptives, flavor peptides and sweetness peptides at ejaculate are a possiblity.
at lasers that are pumped lasers like crystal, among them Nd:yag a coatung of quantum dots that upcoverts or downconverts the pumping energy, such as photons, to be more at the pumping frequency of the laser crystal, heightening energy efficiency

flocculants with a tropism towards particular particle sizes could conentrate optimal fineness of diameter crushed minerals for extracting elements from, the flocculant coulb be ver very affordable, like water treatment flocculants
heap leaching ore extraction and concentration utilizes lined areas dug out of the earth, and, just possibly actual tapered heaps of cpmminuted minerals, it is possible the shape and form of the leachate heaps has not previously been cumputer optimized, something that is a different shape could use less fluids and chemicals to do heap leaching and do it faster, generative genetic algithms at AI that is absent being, presence of being, sentience, sapience, awareness, sensation of focalization coulf optimize heap leachate forms, fluid traversal attributes, and piping using genetic algorithms.

a variety of genes, like pten, and chemicals that heighten gyrii surface area at a particular human brain organelle are published, these may be cognitive enhancing genes and chemicals during development at humans.

I read that efficiency of an engine goes up with the greater heightened difference between the cool part and the warm exhaust, it could be that precooling the turbine atmospheric air, and precooling the CH4, with water, the air going to a ch4 natural gas electricity generating turbine could heighten this spread producing more power, one source of water is running groundwater or cooling tower, or hyperbolic paraboloid autocondensing cooling tower, if natural gas ch4 generaters make about 1/10 of 2022AD electricity, then each one percentile efficiency improvement makes 8 million people’s amount of electricity. sort of a big city sized amount,I have read that deprenyl heightens sexual activity at mice, and I have noticed similar effects. Systematically varying the deprenyl molecule to make about 111 molecular variations, then texting them on about 900 miceat two 14 24 intervals per month could find the 90h percentile mostsexually enhancing deprenyl variants, then at that grouo of 11 moleculat variants the could find the 2-4 most longevizing variants of deprenyl to make a new beneficial human sex drugs with longevity benefits, or a human longevity drug with sexual tropism and enjoyment benefits, this could then be made into a sustained dosing deprenyl molecular variant molecule monthlong emitting oral pill with just about 150 mg of active ingredients at a single pill oral dose, or a multidecade airjected depot with higher gram mass. These products benefit humans.

reducing harm from cardiovascular events, other events, and body reactions that produce toxins events, the internet says peptide nasal dosed C3A molecules that, could, while effecting the alflatoxic c3A idchemia reaction to cardiac ischemia could reduce harm and heighten the amount of people that live. just finding out which endogenously produced body toxins are produced at genes, suggests that plural of those genes could be downregulated, heightening wellness.

dairy milk mammals might harmlessly and beneficial produce more milk if the effect noticeable at humans happens also at cows. When a woman has twins, and breastfeeds to babies at once she makes more milk volume, it is possible that when a a cow has a much larger number of calves her body apats to give more milk, finding the mRNA and gnes associated with that greater amount of milk from more babies finds places at the cows genome, that when epignetically modulated once, cause her to give more milk throughout her span of living, noting it is benbeficial ten genetically modify all mammals, including humans, hope sapeins and brnach species, to be eternally youthful with death optional, also along with epignetic modification to give more milk, the cows genes or breed could be modified to produce the actual epignenetic modulators that heightenten milk production.

melatonin or other pineal chemicals as sleep enhanging supplements could fumction better with brain and tissue localization peptides on them, giving more restful, beneficial, faster sleep. childrens sleep enhancement melatonin and pineal molecules could also benfit from docy and neuron localization peptides and linked molecules. the internet says, “Infants with nighttime awakenings for 2 times/night were found to have significantly higher mental development index score, as compared to those with more frequent nighttime awakenings” There may also be a genetics and epigenetics of better sleep as well, among children and adults which is beneficial to make part of the enhanced human genome at all humans, that is homo sapiens and branch species, and also other sleeping species.

as a sex drug, epigenetic modulators of the genes that produce cyclic gaunosine monophosphate, making more of that chemical. such as 2-32 multiples greater amount heightens pleasureable penile erectness, notably upmodulated with a one dose lifelong epignetic beneficial effect just at concnetrations at penile and clitoral and vaginal, and prostate tissues, of existing effects on on gaunosine monophosphate ativity, the penile erection benefitting drug “Sildenafil protects cyclic guanosine monophosphate (cGMP) from degradation by cGMP-specific phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE5) in the corpus cavernosum. Nitric oxide (NO) in the corpus cavernosum of the penis binds to guanylate cyclase receptors, which results in increased levels of cGMP, leading to smooth muscle relaxation (vasodilation) of the intimal cushions of the helicine arteries. This smooth muscle relaxation leads to vasodilation and increased inflow of blood into the spongy tissue of the penis, causing an erection
photonic diffraction gratings or metasurfaces could make endoscopic probes and robots used at medicine more visible to imaging, micrometer poisitioning could be possible with reticle micrometer patterns at tubes, needles, and cutters, ultrasound is published at 30 micrometers, minute acoustic mems resonators could function like reticle lines, possibly at less than 30 micrometers from their very particular response style” based on what is written at wikipedia, it is also possible to, just at penis, clitoris, vaginal, and prostate tissues the upregulation of the amount of nitric oxide availablizing molecules, some of which when taken with viagra cause very high nitric oxide activity at other body tissues, and likely causing a very very highly erect, very hieightned firmness at the erect penis with greater heightened sex pleasure snesation at the penis, the swollen entirity of the clitoris, and responsive areas and pleasure sensation areas at the interior vagina and hips, or width narrowing areas and effects at the vaginal canal, as well as heightened nitric oxide response, if any at the prostate and ejaculatory clenching muscles, epignetic upregulation of genes transcribed and translated to heighten the amount of availablizable nitric oxide at those cytes and tissues then heightens sexual pleasure and enjoyment, so those are technologies related to viagra, with new and beneficial sexual effects, along with epigenetic mofidiers, it is also possible to make separate molecular active doses that benefit sexual activity and sexual enjoyment.

some ir wavelengths and visible wavelengths are published as causing greater tissue healing, the mRNA that activate from photonic dosing could be epignetically upregulated, or dosed as mRNA drugs, to heighten healing generally.

noting a wound healing gel pen that is published online i commented, “a wound and incision healing gel pen is a beneficial idea with many variants, it could piezoelectrically vinrate for thicker/deeper coating and absnece of snesation at the incision site, and the number of wound healing peptides and proteins that are published is many, as well as the spin trap molecule PBN, and better versions that reduces toxin responses.” also focourse fluid pumping varieties, and computer guided varieties make sense as routine after surgery and after cosmetic surgery treatments.

laser peeened metals are 14-19 times stronger and also much less chemically reactive, it could be that laser peening of polycrstalline polymers and polymer films are also possible, making polymer films 14-19 times or greater sterngth, with greatly reduced chemical reactivity lengyhening the durability of perovskite photovolatics and other photovoltaics, and even radiative cooling fin metal, coating, and paints.

lasr peening of entire spacecraft, satellites, and space habitats is likely beneficial from 14-19 or greater strenghtening of the surface or higher from laser peening, this might also include laser peening of sensor windows made with polycrystalline materials, laer peening from heightening strngth at outer space and space technologies could make them 7-9 times lighter weight at a particular engineered function, or structural function at struts, unfolding assemblies, and propulsice or motional components, with about doubled strength or greater of the engineered components, that could also reduce surface surface contact areas and friction. a possible way of heightening coolness at out space technology forms is to have the surface layer have a diffraction grating, reflective diffraction grating, metamaterial, or quantum dot coating that retrorelfects radiant warmth wavelengths, or upconverts or downconverts radiant warmth wavelengths to be less warming of the space or outer space technology, heighening technology reliability and duration of function, notably, at just a prticular thing, semiconductors, halving warmth may cause 4 multiples greater durability, so along with the surface modification, its possible that multilayers or stacked at a distance from the outer space or space technology multiple radiant warmth warming decrease could at nanometer, micrometer, millimeter, cm, or meter or multiple meter spaced layers cause particularly great warmth reduction, such as warming from the stellar object nearest or near the outer space or space technology, i perceive this could be highly affordably mass producible and comparable at fiscal amounts to 1-1/10th of a cent multilayer drinkbox laminar technology such that it is highly affordable at outer space or space technology forms ranging from surface wrappings, to reduced warmth and heightened photovoltaic efficiency

light triad psychometric enumerated attribute is beneficial to heighten, or continuously highten from a high amount from genetically heightened neuron, brain, cns, nerve cytes, an all other cytes and physiomolecules at the body, and rhythms or non rythmic periodic or other than periodic variations, patterning, and continous development of learning with only only positive reinforcement at the body of devleloping fetrilized oocytes, zygotes, embryos, fetuses, babies, infants, toddlers, 3-4 aged persons, as well as k-12 education aged persons as well as adults, this precludes and prevents what JY describes, that I describe as any occurence of pattern recruitment

bowhead whales have multicentury lifespans, finding the 90th and tenth percentile longevity bowhead whales is a way to compare the longevity causing genes amoungst those two groups, possibly finding allele forms or snps that most heighten longevity, then as previously described at notes, finding homologous human genes, or using computer software to make completely new longevity genes based on the 90th percentile longevity bowhead whale longevity genes makes human genetics that causes even greater human longevity than median multicentury organisms

a new kind of sex pillow, where the parson putting their face perpendiculat to the pillow has full breathing capabality at at human, as well as reduced dampening of any produced sexual voclaization or breathing sounds, one possibility is just a washable bag of foam speheres, that even when fully compressed with each other have many channels betewwen them making completely usual amounts of airflow possible.

greater energy efficiency white light LED lighting could come from making a grating outer surface to the blue emitting led, that then has phosphors on it to make white light, at some materials putting a grating surface on a material causes the material to have much greater transparency, much greater transparency at the light emitting diode chip fab produce, the greater transparency could then cause more blue light reaching the phosphor, heightening energy efficiency, this might be about an order of magnitude near 200 gigawatts of electricity each 365 multiple of 24 hours

as previously described at notes, epifentically upregulating the genes that make alcohol deydrogenase, or downregulating any genes with iRNA epigenetic modulators that decrease production of alcphol dehydrogenase could be made from iRNA or other molecules made a part of the enhanced human genome, this would be first verified at decreasing birth defects or and also decreasing Fetal alcohol syndrome during pregnancy, decraesing defects during fetal development, and decreasing defects at after parturition or c section babies, notably any other enzymes that reduce birth defects could be upregulated, including possibly formaldehyde, phenols, galctose, some keytones, or endocrine estrogenic, progesteronic modulators or disruptors like bisphenols

cyp enzyme metabolizers at the maternal as well as fetal liver could be upregulated during pregnancy, causing fewer birth defects from xenobiotics, this could be done epigenetically, with pills, or with a sensationless acoustic vibrated depot airjection
2022ad extreme uv photon energy generation at tin metal plasma vapor pumped to emit euv light might possibly have greater intensity of light fron using acoustic resonance that does light emitting sonololuminescence at the tin vapor fo different hieghtened of varied density from acoustic stimulation, its lso possible that any energy efficient coccurence of high instnesity discharge plasma lamps of any kind could benefit fron sonoluminsecence or plasma densification or thinning from effects of acoustic waves of plasma. ot is also possible laser wakefield array or single laser wakefield particle accelerators could benefit from acoustic dnesification or thinning of plasma at the wakefield array accelerator, along with actual trnasmitted vibration, could be a vibration component made with electromagnetic em RF pulsatile stimulation of the wake plasma accelerator, with both non trigonometric wave like attributes of acoustic vibration, like possibly wavelets, as well as trigonomometric acoustic plasma effects, notably possibly vertical slope, or near vertical slope energy forms at the wakefield plasma accelerator plasma energy effects, energy accumulation, and energy form abrupt changeits lso possible that acoustic beaming could effect linear attribute plasmas like lasers that ionize air, and produce reduced density at lasers traveling through gas, such as published lasers that tarverse a km of atmosphere and make a reduced density, vacuum, or vacuum like channel that other lasers then traverse durther distances at, as well as any occurence of particle acceleration traversing the new low density gas channel at or near vacuum, this could also heighten distances of laser modification of materials during manufacturing of forms and objects, as well as laser peening

The ventner synthetic genome mycoplasma living organism can be thought of as a nanoassembler capable form of large size, computer simulations of genetics modifications of that organism can then be used to heighten the differnet elements and structures utilizeable and makeable with that synthetic genome organism thought of as a nanoassembler, it is possible that the use of complteley absent sentience, sapience, being, presence of being, sensation of focus AI, including genetic algorithms could find synthetic genome versions that make more and more effective nanoassemblers, suing a variety of energy supply fields, energy supply molecules, and energy supply quantum attributes, like qudits, angular momentum quantum forms and synchronizations at the real number coordinates, or also complex number coordinates, or any producible quaternion, octanion, 16anion, or higher number anion coordinates at the actual quantum attributes, as well as composited quantum attributes together, as well as forms of energy fields, rf, em, photons, muons, even neutrinos, as well as positive energy carrier physics particles like protons, other postive physics particles, quatenion and other numbered anyion neutron forms, as well as psossible utilization of postive and negative bosons like weak force w and z bosons, as well as multiple colocated bosons on single to multiple digits of bosons being colocated, such as at a field, form with mass attribute, or colocated boson beam, being able to be energy sources,as well as matter sources at nanoassemblers, including nanoassemblers developed from synthetic genome organisms like the Craig Ventner company or group digital mycoplasm genomic as well as phenotypic form, optimally with greater and greater minimization of picometer and nanometer size and volume such that the nanoassemblers are able to mass produce greter numbers and high integer number greater than one exponential reproduction, with the nanoassemblers also being able to have the capability of producing human as well as software specifiable forms, structures and products, notably another form od nanoassembler developable from a living organism is the most minute volume cyte, possibly a bacteria able to also possibly, or possibly otherwise host a artificial genome mycoplasm or plural mycoplasms at its volumetric phenotypic form,

air conditioners and hvac could do thermal sensing video of room or area occupants to find their body warmth and humidity, then adjust ac/hvac output to most greatly heighten personal comfort or also educational peformance at the area or room occupants.

NMN causes human volunteers on 600 or 900 mg/24 hours to be able to vluntarily walk further, suggesting that NMN supplementation to new babies, as well as other babies, infants and toddlers of all ages could heighten baby quality of living, from making things like lifting the head, crawling, and sucking easier.

NMN assists with the renegeration of ATP, possibly, another thing that might assist with the regenration of ATP grewater amounts is a larger number of grams or kilograms of adenosine diphosphate and monophosphate at the entireity of the body, its likely that the gram amount could be heightened with epigenetic modulators of ADP and AMP producing genes, or new different alleles at these genes, the effects might be similar to NMN, with gretaer longevity and wellness a possible measureable and producible effect, it is possible, that heightened ATP premolecule production could also reduce birth defects at developing fetuses as well as utilizing NMN to possibly reduce the occurence of birth defects, one theory is that more NAD+ and ATP makes fetal tissue able to grow more, fully building developing structures of all kinds at fetuses

as a way to find longveity and wellness gene alleles and snp variants among humans the human genes that are shared as homologous genes with mice as well as marmosets could be measured as to their most commonly occuring allele and snp form at genes nearest to, or identical to those shared genes with and among mentally well human supercentenarians, the mcie then have those longveity genes causes to be simultaneously active at differnet alleles and snps at all the shared human mouse marmoset genes, the mice are then measured as to increases at longevity, healthspan, and youthspan from having a greater number of longevity gene forms expressed together, multi group gene concentration and gene effect characterization groups are able to find an additional .9th of a percentile fo greater longevity,m wellness, healthspan, and youthspan, from groups of 128 mice having at their upper 84the percentile about 14 individual heightened longevity, helathspan, and youthspan, as well as also heightened cognition, heightened voluntary mating frequency and heightened number of heterosexual and homosexual sex partners at female as well as male mice, both during mating tropism intervals, as well as between mating tropism intervals at female mice, and among male mice at all chronological intervals and male mouse ages, possibly including the attribute of voluntary mounting and thrusting at a model of a secually recpetive female mouse, made of colorized polymer and artificial fur, with an intromissable vagine, as well as color hue and sexual recepetivity odorants at the sexually available female mouse model, the female mouse model could also have motorized movements, as well as vaginal attribute deliquescnet continuous wetness, with the possible other attribute of the the artificial vaginal canal at the female mouse model having also a highly pleasurable vibratory of compressive or erect mouse penis compressing or clenching attribute that cuases heightned ejaculatory fluid volume, as well as hieghtens vigor and dpeth of male mouse thrusting during mouse penis synthetic vagina intromission and motion, notably sequential groups of 128 mice have the ability after 9 sequential groups find the occurence of those combined expressed genes of particular allele type and or also snp form being the optimal allele or also snp longevity, healthspan, and youthspan attribute od occurence at about the highest heightening per one billion mammals, that one per billion most heightned longevity, helthspan, and youthspan genetics is then made a part of marmoset genetics, with the likely to occur heightened longevity, helthspan, and youthspan at the marmosets describing primate active longevity, healthspan, and yoithspan heightening genetics, existing humans with the greatest similarity to those genetics can then be identified at the earths population and meaured as to greater longevity, healthspan and youthspan, then those gnes are vefied as beneficial to humans and then made a part of the enhanced human genome at all humans, as a technology sequence this is then a technology that heightens human lifespan, healthspan, and youthspan

particle accelerator or ion beam like molecule, and complex molecule, and crystalline volume paricle acceleration that cuases the kinetically moved crystals or molecules potential energy to make more photons of higher energy on collision with a material at surface or depth, such as the difference btween the way a blunt projectile mostly thumps and warmes, compared with a sharp projectile making a point of light, spark, or high intensity high frequency acoustic sound, so the accelerated particles like crystals or molecules could have a shape with plural narrowwness of contact points, sequentially contacting different narrowed points such as a parallelogram angled surface column array to create much greater amounts of high energy intensity effects from particle, molecule, crystal collisions, this could be utilized to treat surfaces like peening, or generate heightened amounts of photons at euv, x ray, gamma ray, and cosmic ray wavelength generating beam activities and colissions as well as depthy activities at the thing the beam is on, its remotey possible that element lithium, beryllium, boron, or other elements and particles could be of crystalline mass and volume at particle accelerators cuaisng multiple narrow angle contact interactions that heighten the energy of the generated energy form, colliding such element atome cystals, or even multiple element atom crystals at particle accelerators and beams of all kinds could heighten the amount of high energy products produced, causing a GEV or TEV or even MEV or KEV paricle acclerator to function as if it had higher acceleration energy and produced particle velocity, notable its possible that just like lasers on foil particle generators, crystalline or molecular accelerated particles could cause beam on foil particle accelration and particle genrators to function as if they had higher amount of laser or photon energy amounts, its even possible that light emittters such as lasers on foil could be of a wavelength that is at the spectroscopic absorption wavelength of the material at the foil, where lasers on metal foil are published, although nonmetal element foils also are likely possible, one possibility if that the accelerated molecules, polymolecules, or crystals could quite possibly be superacid or superbase molecules or crystals where the gretly heightened electronegativity or electropositivity of superacids as well as superbases have greater tropism towards energy efficient acceleration, also acclerated halogen atoms or crystals or high electopositivity elements like rubidium at acclerated particles could have heightened interactive energy with and at the foil,

energy generation is published as occuring also outside the mitochondria, at the nucleus where the genome is, then exymes that generat energy at the nucleus could have a particular group of especially beneficial to longevity enzymes, similiar, possibly to atp system 2 enzymes that cuase 7 multiples greater cytolifespan at the nitochondria, uprgeulating those system 2 like enzymes at nucleus energy production could also heighten cytolifespan as entire human phenotype lifespan, and be a new genetic longevity modification, piblished is that enzyme PRDX1 is associated with nucleus energy generation. decreased dna harm could come from different and adjusted nucleus energy production from oxidant reduction.

technologically supporting David Pearce’ Hedonistic Imperative is finding out which genetics cause a complete absence of aversive sensation, the internote notes the genes, “such as SCN9A and PRDM12, that play a role in CIP and could be used to develop treatments for chronic pain. While they haven't yielded results yet, the researchers have hopes for ZFHX2.” as well as, “One was in a gene called FAAH, which was previously known to control pain, mood and memory” as well as FAAH-OUT variant.

genital and oral herpes virus, HPV, and HIV, and well as any other viruses coulbe be reduced as to their transmittance from having vagin, penile, as well as oral flora and probiobiotic organisms genetically modified to produce aptamer peptides and and proteins that glom to the virus sufrace, keeping it from passing the cytomembrane of human cytes, establishing that probiotic could then be a multi decade multi century precluder of viral infections including STIs

at brain, cns, nerve, as well as entirity of body cytes tissues and molecules scanning at humans, that is homo sapiens as well as branch species phenotypic as well as genotypic forms the utilization of non trigonometric waveforms, or wave like forms at EM, RF, photons, acoustics, composite particles, and quantum attribute beam of field scanners, as well as other scanning technologies based on other physics particles and physics energy fields, could have higher resolution just from utilizing nontrigonometric wave forms or wavelike forms, possibly wavelets, or other 2D and 3D nontrigonometric forms

other scanning technologies such as relativitically accelerated plural paricle as and at disc formation at relativistically accelerated physics particles from what might previously have been a different, sometimes speroidal distribution making it possible to make a plural disc scanning beam or field that has multiple digits greater attometer, femtometer, picometer, and nanometer minuteness as well as multiple sensing occrences of and at the scanning beam or field that then scans individual atoms, orbitals, and nuclei at plural single, two, three, four, four to nine to 32 orders of magnitude greater amounts of scanning physics particle beams or fields, as well as physics energy forms per each atom at a scanned human or any other species, life form, or technology object

bacteria, fungi, and viruses at tardigrades may have as much endurance and reviveability as tardigrades or even more, at a radiation dose, or a chemical dose, or an oxidant dose that one of each 111 tardigrades lives through, the revived microorganisms at the tardigrades then also have the genetics of hieghtened ability to remain living, be dehaydrated, irradiated, or chemically dosed as well as have the attribute of revivability with reproductive ability. Those microorganisms, bacteria, viruses, and notably fungi could then be associated at their genomes with any homologous human genes and gene products, such that putting those high ability to remain alive and revivable microorganisms and fungal genes at mice can then be measured at the mice as to the possible heightening of longevity, heightening of healthspan, heightening of youthspan, cognitive or sexual activity heighteing or sexual activity heightened sex pleasure occurence, reduction of birth defects, and heightened to be greater than median capability at plural different kinds of healing and repair,

social companion robots could hide. or findably place objects, and refreshed objects at locations at a child’s room or dwelling, making it particularly enjoyable, many times, to search areas around the room, That heightenes an effect noted with greater cognition which is greater exploratory activity, benefitting children

a more efficien light emitting diode or diose laser that makes laser peening more energy efficient, affordable, and mass prodicible can come from the published material of two different groups, a “near unity output” mechanically strained moldybdenum disulphide LED light emitter, combined with a revently published way to put molybdenum disulphide on mass produced fab cmos technology wafers, together these mass produce more efficient, affordable LEDS or possibly laser diodes to do photonic peening

as a response to an internet item i wrote, “They could also test the sea cucumbers reduction of glycosylation AGE products in humans, and measure particular AGE reduction at localized tissues like the Brain, CNS, heart, and vasculature and joints. anoher thing they could test the sea cucumbers, or molecules, or extracts on are Reactive glycosylation deletrious RAGE activity at the human body. Sea cucumbers are not vegetarian, but tissue culture of sea cucumber tissue is something I'd be willing to utilize as an ethical vegetarian.”

Numerous laser peened technologies are possible, among those are possibly laser peening elastic polymers as polycrystalline forms, that wiuld make stretchy fabrics like diaper and disposable diaper elastics less leaky, and benefit furniture fabrics, and geotextiles more elastic and durable

humans, mice, and agricultural species, have similar to humans at the 99.999th percentile most effective healing and tissue repair, possibly called superhealers occurence of 99.999th percenile or higher healing and repair capability, finding those humans at software scanning of medical records, or using computer imaging of healing from ear tagging at millions of diary cows, or even human dental healing software and imaging measured higher effectiveness make finding the genes that cuase heightned heling, such as superhealing genes able to be characterized, and advantageous alleles and snp forms, and epigenetic modulations measured and published, and then utilized to heighten end enhance human healing from either genetic modification at all humans, or also gene therapy, this can also be utilized to heightening the healing capability at all living organisms with the attribute of having dna, rna, as well as what physicists describe as mass, provifing benefit.

The internet says, “nicotinamide phosphoribosyltransferase (NAMPT), the rate-limiting enzyme that initiates NAD+ biosynthesis from nicotinamide in mammals, was also isolated and characterized” like the longevizing, wellness heightening effects of NMN, utilizing particular alleles or gene forms of the NAMPT enzyme could be nre or enhanced human longveity genes.

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All technologies, ideas, and inventions of Treon Sebastian Verdery are public domain at JUly 8,2023AD and previously, as well as after that date
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