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santa barbara assistant finds housing_ optimal social worker

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Julia Amara

Jul 27, 2023, 11:13:33 AM7/27/23

I not be a UCSB student, but I read you guys give advice and provide human resources counseling to UCSB students. Do you have any suggestions for me?

Here in Coos Bay I noticed that there were about five ways to get low income housing:

Fill out the housing authority form, which has a multi-year waiting list.

If you already have a disability and a government case manager, ask them for assistance, this caused a 2 month response time, but also caused strange error which kept me from finding housing. It did generate a file, which another social worker then used to find housing in less than amonth.

I asked a social working in a completely different of expertise to find someone who could “champion” my cause. She actually got me in contact with a new different social worker, who might be the most effective human service professional I have ever met, and the new social worker found me housing in 1 month.

Can you, as actual experienced person, recommend a particular social worker or case manager for the disabled in Santa barbara who is noticeably effective? I would really appreciate a name and an email.

So, depending on who you ask, and how, it can be one month or 1-3 years of waiting. I would like the wonderful student who assists me to seek out the 1 month version of a social worker and provide immediate friendly and knowledgable responsiveness to them.

Of the five, In Santa Barbara I have already filled out the housing authority applications. I would like the assistant to talk live with local people like case managers, and work with me on reminding them about my preference for housing.

Is it possible for me to find out the section 8 landlord requirements and have the assistant visit landlords and look through the housing physically to see if the outlets are OK for official inspection, etc.

a list, possibly for the Santa Barbara assistant:
Contact recovery programs to find out if they do housing placement and see if they will find housing for someone outisde their program.

Have them call the homeless shelter and ask them who the most effective social worker and case managers are.

Does SantaBarbara have housing activists, like affordable housing activists? Have the assistant find them, contact three activists, gather info about optimal case managers, social workers, and novel paths to housing. Housing activists might know people who really value section 8 person getting section 8 rromate

First look up Latuda insurance in california, then ask the assistant to optimize which medical provider I go to (like NBMC >CHW).

Look up Santa Barbara SHAMA house equivalent, and ask assistant to spontaneously suggest beneficial things and opportunities like first/last/deposit assistance, bus passes/transit, and possibly utility assistance.

FInd out if I can be the roomate of a section 8 person with section 8 housing already and give them or the landlord the money. Ask Santa Barbara housing authority about this.
Then I could advertise to all section 8 recipients in Santa Barbara to see if anyone is ok with a roomate. Seek out the mentally well. Also, I could possibly find a cou0ple section 8 roomates who are like “move in if you like, but if you give me $100 a month you can keep the option open all year and then I can be confident about being something like an aupair, housitter, or realtor computer assistant.

Things to ask Santa Barbara Housing Authority:
How much is the most permitted amount of rent that they cover?
Can I live with another section 8 roomate?
Do they accelerate applications where the person has a case manager referring them?
Do they recommend a live visit anywhere?
How has it been with asking a non section 8 landlord to become one?

UCSB nexus, the student paper, calssifieds, as a babysitter and tutor; seek out housing, the outrageous idea of having wealthy people get me a bus ticket for an interview and then spend some amount of awhile visiting Santa Barbara
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