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public domain inventions_ technologies and ideas of treon sebastian verdery

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Kay Lie

Aug 5, 2023, 11:52:47 AM8/5/23
it is pattern beneficial to genetically engineer all edible fruits and berries to be white, like porcelain white.

cysteine element s containing amino acid causes much faster yeast replication and metabolism, at a different thing, people use bacteria to digest coal to make methane for energy utilization, bacteria, like fungi, may have an orders of magnitude causing molecule like cysteine at yeast, or yeast or other fungi could be used to produce methane when they cooccuringly generate cysteine, lignite makes methane, and there are 4 trillion metric tons of lignite reserves published, making ch4 from lignite a beneficial technology

MDMA,ecstacy is metabolized with particular enzymes, coadministering MDMA with a harmless molecule that uses up all those enzymes makes mdma even more enjoyable and longer lasting at a higher dose
human enjoyed response to perceiving beauty at nature, art forms, and the perception of the human body, particularly the nude hueman body and face is likely to be a beneficial enhancement produced at an enhanced human genome, just find 99.9th percentile greatest enjoyers of beauty with 99.9th percentile beauty response and then modify those genes and epigenetics to prode molecules publsihed as heightening otpical acuity and visual ability and bringhtness, where among those are a molecule derived from saffron, i perceive possibly astaxanthins, zeanthins, and other molecules then beng producded endogenously at the humen body with new genes, saffron molecules are publsihed as causing two greater lines of eye chart visual acuity, also heightening beauty reponse and eye hand coordination is that the intermittent saccade musucles of the visual apparatus can be strenghted and otpimatlly ratioed at fast twitch and slow twitch muscle material to be absnet fatique from long careful looking, or a saccade style that heightens beauty response, while alwys making human vision better rarther thna less better

plasma transparency features, different or similar to gratings, vacuum tube screens, powered or unpowered, or things that prmompt or sustain laminar flow at plasma like charge varied surfaces, this makes it so plasma object bonding with another objects gets more plasma active surface sq area to do the plasma bonding, sintering, or surface effect, one possibility is a surface made with with roller impressed nanometer or picometer rf em absorbing antenna forms on it, putting the plasma bonding or plasma treated thing in with a microwave, rf em source, or photons that cause the anteenas to pick up e- power, that then attracts, durablizes, and sustains plasma tropism towards contact with the surface, making the surface attach to another surface better, or treating a surface with greater optimality, etch or depositing velocity, or higher spatial resolution. from some forms, rf electrified sintering drawing and directing plasma

There is an existing electronic automotioing crib that prompts babies to sleep longer, or go back to sleep, with the possiblity that the benefits the babies as goes with less crying, that technology could be imrpoved with IR body warmth area sensing, and audio processing of the sleeping, partially sleeping, or waking baby to predict when the baby is more likely to become wakeful at the crib, notably earlier than other baby sensors, activating crib motions, and gentle sounds that cause babies to be asleep,

putting a, i think nanometer grating on metal makes the metal much more transparent to light, do regular, stacked gratings cause hundreds or thousands thicker more layered bulk transparency at a metal warmth diffuser, where at a warmth diffusing metal plate, the much greater layered transparency then causes much higher transparency to radiant warmth photons, making it so radiant warmth IR travels to outside the metal and away from it, heightening the cooling capacity of metal warmth diffusers

epigenetic densisitization og sensitive teeth as children and adults

The internet describes a tapeworm, Anomotaenia brevis, also at woodpecker feces that causes ants with the tapeworm to live three times longer, that tapeworms molecules, or possibly variants of that tapeworm that can live at the mouse GI tract could be measured as to any longevization effect at entire mice, as well as at human tissue cultures possibly also having and causing tissue culture longevization, this could be a source of new longevity molecules, genes, epigentics, and gene products that heighten the longevity of humans

I think researchers and product developers will immediately notice the opportunity, but new 3D photonic solution waveforms based on metal hav even greater technology attribute forms if they use things that make metal transparent like gratings at them

Nootropic thought enhancing molecules when halogenated could have much higher dose potency, as well as have different areas of brain structure activity, and neuron activity, as well as more rpaid activity, just where and which of the hydrogens at phenylpiracetam made to be a chlorine or fluorine atom that most heightens and benefits cognition provides many different nootropic molecules

indium phosphide light emitters are published, and might be able to make photon pulses near a trillion times each second, then at a cpu or gpu or AIPU, with a photovoltaic arrangement of separate photovoltaic areas powering logic transistors, each of the photovoltaice electron energy sources is generating electricity a trillion times a second to power the transistors, making clock pulse velovity of a a trilillion cycles a second that fully powers the transistor logic, raising the crispness of the polygonal waveform, and depending on the response intervals of the semiconductor transistors heightens processesor velocity, from supplying electricity to the logic circuits with a photovoltaic nanometer or micrometer array at the IC CPU, GPU, AIPU, it might also reduce the travel pathe length of the electricity, reducing electrical reistance, and reducing warmth generation from supplying the ic with electricity, heightening reliability and processor velocity

it very likely has been previously published, but at 3D printing what is called spatter nonconnectivity might be reducibible with acoustic waves vibrating the deposited material
note on an internet item about ediulin produced at genetically modified lettuce, “This plant based edible insulin could be a big improvement. I imagine there are completely separate genes for the insulin itself and the stiff high molecular weight poly starch it gradually diffuses from, these can be separately improved with things like multiple copy number and different promoter sequences. Duckweed based insulin, doubles mass every 24 hours, would be good for mass production and easy culture as well.I'm glad there is already a functional veterinary version.” Other beneficial edible peptides and proteins could be produced with this technology such as longevizing AEDH and Thymalin peptides, sexual enhancment bremelanotide peptide, healing peptides like liver healing GHK, and other peptides also known as beauty peptides, as well as being an edible form for produced RNA drugs like iRNA epigenetic modifiers, vaccines, and other RNA products.

it is published at june 2023AD that polyvinyl alcohol spun tubes with nanodiamond surface are four times better at conducting warmth away from electronics than some previous technologies, benefitting electronics function, and that the nanodiamonds coated the surface of the spun polyvinyl alcohol tubes, and the mass was 6/10ths nanodiamonds, btinging that up to 8 or 9/10ths mass as nanodiamond warmth conductors could be undulating diameter fibers, nanodiamonds that rather than cubes are T shaped forms with higher upper part of the T at the outer diamond with diamond contact surface, donut or central aperture ellipsoids, such that the diamond nanoparticles stick to the polyvinyl alcohol tubes but have greater mass and surface area

as a longevity technology immunizing against deleterius gi tract bacterial species might be used to make the gi tract bacteria environment organisms more like those at humans at the 99th percentile of longevity

thermoelectrics are published at 2023AD that are particularly effective based on bismuth with magnesium crystals, at their perodic table columns, there is only about antimony at bismuths column that are less reactive and nontoxic, and about 4 elements at the magnesium strontium column, suggesting just 8 variations to compare to see if any are better

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All technologies, ideas, and inventions of Treon Sebastian Verdery are public domain at JUly 8,2023AD and previously, as well as after that date

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