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Kay Lie

Jul 27, 2023, 11:41:24 AM7/27/23
Longevity Technology

Longevity producing oil coated potato products and vegetarian nuggets like Quorn
- AEDG epithalon with thymosin peptide containing enteric microspheres on delicious crispy coated french fries.
- Lithium nitrate and lithium nitrite as preservatives (lithium causes 7-9 % greater longevity at laboratory organisms, correlates with longevity at humans
- Quorn could be made from a fungus quantitatitively measured as causing greater mammal lifespan similar to Reshii fungus
- Polyunsaturated oil on the breading; omega 3 or 10 DHA is 2019 AD published material beneficial, there are likely others like some drug ceramides.
- Hollow core french fries might be crunchy and delicious wth 1/3 to 1/2 the calories
- Nuggets of any kind could have center blob of sauce or even chewels-gum like inserted flavour-burst center; that makes he nuggets cheaper to make with less protein slab under the breading as well.
- Longevity wellness producing LKM 512 probiotics like spores that can survive french fry preparation.
- Dipping Sauces have alginate microspheres with longevity drugs in them, LKM 512 active spermadine or longevity peptides among many possibilities.
- I percieve I read about a milk/whey protein fraction that caused double digit increase of longevity at labratory mammals; it is possible it tastes good and could fill or coat the interior of hollow core french fries.
- GMO soymilk contains longevity peptides and proteins
- see if 3 day senolytic therapy (dasatinib) works on humans, make it an option on 7 day pleasure cruises, which notably are countryless. Then effortless asymptomatic AEDG (Epithalon) Thymosin nasal spray on the remaining days.
- collagen cosmetic injections could contain time release AEDG and Thymosin as an instant ingredient option.
- Pizza of the week club lets you subscribe to a full weeks dose of longevity drugs in the form of a pizza; reishii quorn and LKM512 probiotics, other longevity drugs.

Forming childrens play “teams” with less concern per child about when they get picked and who picks them: - two (or more) leaders are selected from those that raise their hands
-preference for those that have not led recently. Each leader grabs a different color doublet (slip on team identifier)or does bodypaint (nude) like white and blue.
- everyone else in the class grabs a doublet or does bodypaint of the color they would like to play for.
- a surplus of one color’s players permits the less populous teams leader to name who will be moving to his side. that way only 3-5 people are called and they all feel complemented on their prowess.
This is an all positive reinforcement way to pick teams.

- Ultramicroliposomal or liposome vesicles at non dairy coffee creamer contain LKM512 probiotic spores and AEDG thymosin peptides. these ultramictosomal vesicles might be enteric delivery of any longevity peptides or drugs.
- i percieve bulk RNA is published as causing double digit longevity increase; savoury jerky treats made from RNA provide multigram dosage.
- i percieve reishii is published as causing quantitatively measured increase in laboratory mammal life span although it could be a different fungus. Place reishii genes in bread yeast then make bread with it.

- a milk/whey protein mass fraction may be published as causing greater lab mammal longevity; mass fractionate egg proteins and see if any of them make yeast live longer, screening a library, if so test them on mice, if the mice live longer then enrich instant eggs in a carton and restaurant version liquid eggs in a carton with the longevity producing mass fraction. Breed chickens that make more of the longevity mass fraction at their eggs. This could also be a longevity drug of food additive on its own.

- “Now that you own your home, why not spend decades longer enjoying it” - the moment a mortgage is paid off the bank or credit union encourages a less than $1000-$5000 loan so that two people can get longevity treatments like a dose of senolytics or other longevity treatments, notably rapamycin or rapamycin functionalikes like one dose immunizations to some of the proteins at mTOR receptors (senolytics <$100 online, 60% longevity human equivalent 3 month one course to produce effect (possibly) dose at alibaba at $80-81) and a decade or two of pills automatically delivered to their door. it is possible that with the payoff of a mortgage the hundreds or even thousands of newly usable dollars to spend per month make people excellent credit risers. The bank could even point out that every 11 years greater longevity gives the individual or couple the possibility of doubling a portion of their invested money and the longer time frame of their lifespan could even permit them to invest in higher return, less conservative investments, reffering people to the financial institution’s portfolio management arm they could mention the portfolio management arm, a different corporate entity from the bank, that even arranges appointments with longevity services and physicians.
- another possibility is that as soon as a person reaches the age when a course of senolytics or other longevity treatments will heighten lifespan and healthspan, which could be 45-50, the bank urges a loan, based on actuarial data that supports longer lifespan being associated with less credit risk from having more time to fulfil the loan.

It is my perception things like cartildge and bone, multi cm thick things without vascularization would omit being modified with some senolytics; could there be a lengthier, perhaps lower dose, fewer side effects version of senolytic longevity treatment that reaches these nonvascularized tissues? Noting that 2018 oral antibiotics for acne gradually accumulate over, I percieve, 2-4 weeks could a senolytic longevity and beauty treatment be a 4 weeks course of drugs?

Do Senolytics work on plants? This could benefit agricultural yields, effect fruit and nut tree production interval and be beneficial to houseplants.

quora comment: Reach 100K or more people: metformin makes lab mammals live 5-35% longer, $230 of rapamycin from makes mice live 60% longer, multiply your net worth 4 times at an 11 year doubling period. Live a longer life in a healthier body. click right and open up a browser tab and verify the research. I get it from but there are other places like alibaba. It may work better when you are younger. Let your children know.

Curcumin for a month as a Senolytic at Senolytic doses and a week of dasimutab. 80/20 possibilities and the curcurmin’s side effects may be beneficial look up: cardiovascular senolytic and the side effects of dasinutab

- summarise and link at to benefit others.

HAR (human accellerated regions) SNPs and longevity; gene therapy to give people a longer lifespan based on better HAR versions or germline or gene therapy of new HAR; Germline Genetic Optimisation of HAR variants.
- Does HAR have a trend? Do HAR SNPs that are at the distal part of that trend communicate “as a human among humans, this person furthers the human theme, is a few more notes of the melody” and is the trend any good?

- Does human HAR differ from Neanderthal HAR? more trend.

If HAR is copied into mice do they live longer? if not, and HAR mice get the 60% longevity increase from rapamycin and the 5-35% from metformin then these are even likelier to work at humans. Things that longevise HAR engineered mice might be more likely to longevise humans.

- White footed mouse lipids gene therapy as well as germline optimization of humans to make those lipids could increase human longevity. those lipids at diet could be measured as to effects on mice and their babies; these could be even better for humans and human babies than omega-3 lipids, 10DHA is another published as beneficial lipid active at 89 mg/ 70 Kg human dose

- Test puberty blockers on mice for longevity effects, if there are any then give puberty blockers to humans to make puberty at 15 a preferrred norm. measure happiness of persons with deferred puberty to find out if it is beneficial.

Get extra $ - consider cyprotgrone acetate, a testosterone blocker from online source.

- laser based ablation of vasculature at testis as longevity treatment. unsure if they would be resorbed or rot and require surgery. Possibly just zapping ome outflow views would avoid rot, minimize tissue or appearance change, while heightening longevity.

- An ethicist might have something to say:
- sperm from stem cytes from cheek swab permits any person, even the castrated or chemically or immunogenically castrated to have children on purpose
- 14 years greater longevity from castration
- Cheek swab makes children possible, is the child, teen, and adult, and senior happier castrated, possibly notably at some big five personality test clusters or MBTI types; they could have the person set aside fertility treatment funds when immunocastrated or physically castrated to have children always be an option.

- do castrated persons have greater healthspan and younger physiology along with greater longevity?

fMRI of a nursing baby - see how the limbic system lights up and all the other parts of the brain, then duplicate that fMRI of nursing as much as possible at a speaking person, a writing person, and a person of musical ability, and even an inventor and then share their nursing-feeling prompted moments or sustains and creative prosidcts with the world. Positron emission tomography could see the baby’s neurotransmitters as well.

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