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NOTE 4 Theoretically it is possible to get the same amount of fluid delivered per unit of time through a ve

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Julia Amara

Jul 27, 2023, 11:04:44 AM7/27/23
Theoretically it is possible to get the same amount of fluid delivered per unit of time through a very narrow diameter hypodermic needle as a wider gauge needle, I am not aware of any pressurized syringes, although pressurized insulin transcutaneous jet exist

3d printed needles could have many side pores at the sides of the distal delivery tip, spreading the high pressure stream into a diffusion area of .1-2 mm at the sides equivalent to plunger pressure standard hypodermic needle fluid deposition velocities

One possible application of a pressurized hypodermic needle with full needle flow delivery is cosmetic procedures, aside from the face this could also be applied at depth to the breasts

1/10 diameter tube with 1/7 diameter fiber optic and sonographically contrast labelled tip could allow precise micro positioning of the needle, particularly during cosmetic procedures, if a regular needle is .7mm then this needle would be .08mm diameter but still deliver the same amount of fluid, and could be steered to precise locations

Motorized (electric pump) pipettors are $49-69 on eBay and alibaba so similar technology could be the same or less, noting only the needle (and perhaps, like a pipettor, the fluid reservoir) could be disposable

Such a 1/10 diameter pressurized syringe needle with sonography contrast enhanced tip could be used to inject support and perkiness enhancing chemicals into the breasts making them match measurements of the person's breasts taken when they were 15-16, there are a number of chemicals that could do this, chemicals that are growth factors for supporting tissues, another possibility is the non carcinogenic injection of something that causes non-stretch .1-.5mm wide scar tissue deep at the breast far from the skin

Similarly pumped 1/10 diameter needles could be used to do medical procedures on joints or be used at things like chemotherapy of brain and other tumors

It is also possible a 1/10 usual diameter hypodermic needle with a pressurized fluid delivery would be more comfortable to experience

Treating depression at the developing world could be more effective with 1/10 of 1¢ drugs printed on paper, available without prescription, as described in my imaged notes, you use an inkjet printer to print 604 1 cm drugged paper squares on a 11¢ piece of specialized paper, this accompanies the idea that some group of drugs, when halogenated, ethynyl group modified,and attached to a cytomembrane passing moiety or peptide each make the drug 10 times more potent, multiplied that is 1000 times stronger pharmaceuticals per milligram, so most drugs with a 200 mg dose would become 200 microgram doses printable with an inkjet printer on 1 centimeter squares,
Fluorinated ethynylized, cytomembrane passing optimized bupropion (wellbutrin) could be 10fluorine*10ethynyl*10cytomembtane passing is 1000 times more potent as mg per dose than wellbutrin, changing it from 68¢ a dose (retail) to 6.8 tenths of one ¢ printable on paper with an inkjet printer, making this available globally could alleviate depression in 180 million people globally, this fluorine/ethynyl/cytomembrane/inkjet approach could also be used on other antidepressants but I favor buproprion because it omits effecting sex drive or even increases it and may be a better than well drug for those without depression
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