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singularity plates

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Kay Lie

Jul 27, 2023, 11:39:35 AM7/27/23
Collectors plates often have a theme.

Math could be a collector plates theme. even though math is uber-cool I think they should just start with two plates, ok three.

I have wondered if the casimir effect is a singularity, just a slow one.

Perhaps I was writing here about other kinds of singularities, like asymptotic graphs that are interesting besdies the Gravitational singularity
"surface area" of an electron
Technological singularity
at different non-euclidean surfaces are there singularities, like asymptotes, depending on what the shape of the noneuclidean space is like?graphing things like Y=x^2 on a torus or other shape (it just keeps going around and around!, or is makes a nonending helical ground)

Thinking graphically is what is known as regression to the mean a horizontal asymptote?

These are well known pedestrian (I think I mean very well known when I say “pedestrian”) singularities. It would be wonderful to see more kinds of singularities at the annotations.
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