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Child's Reading Development Tips

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Julia Amara

Jul 27, 2023, 11:03:15 AM7/27/23

When assisting a child to learn how to read ask her questions such as, “do you see the cat?” while pointing at the picture of the cat.

Ask children questions about the story while reading.

Show your child the cover of the book and ask him what he thinks it is going to be about (predicting)

Show the child the cover of the book and ask them what they think it will be about. This stages that ideas happen around books.

Children might often imitate adults. Let the child see you reading frequently.

Write letters then have the child trace over them to learn letter shapes.

Spontaneously, or with planning do a “practical application that actually has real meaning and significance to your child.” like ask them to point something out in the room that is the same as the word read, or possibly something that starts with the first letter.

“That’s why hands-on learning produces longer retention and more meaningful application” Idea: have the child run her finger underneath the words as she reads them, make a custom sentence of words she can already read to practice with

“rhymes” try to be quick and think of words that rhyme with some of the material in the book. make a group of words like cat hat mat so you can teach what the ending sounds like, then connect that to the first letter sound. Write them in a list and then have her read them in sequence. Then make up a completely new one and ask her to read it like Nat.

Showing the cover of the book ask the child if they think the book is fiction or nonfiction, make believe or true, this practices multiplex mingled thinking that is also accurate and fun to talk about.

Once again, ask the children what they think the page or sentence is about. This builds comprehension. I also perceives it more tightly connects meaning to the words just read.

“Sight words, also known as high-frequency words, are the most common words in our written language are are often difficult to decode phonetically because they don’t follow the rules of phonics. Because of this, they must be memorized.” words like For I Play The And, put on a grid, then asked about and practiced could increase the number of sight words they know.
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