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Allen Shieh

Jul 25, 2021, 9:17:39 PM7/25/21
在 1998年6月4日星期四 UTC+8 下午3:00:00,<Mauro Casaroli> 写道:
> Hi.
> I have a vascular Doppler continous-wave flowmeter for
> vascular investigations made by myself: this device run very
> nice with a probe of 4MHz manifactured from a company of UT.
> Now I'm searching to build by myself even the Doppler probe;
> it's for one's own personal use because I must to have for my
> study even probes of 1.5-2.5-3-5-8-10...MHz.
> I don't want to buy all the series and I want to try to build
> it by myself. For this purpose I have already some disk of PZT
> at different frequency resonance (3-5-8 MHz) and I have already
> tried to build this probe, but with minimum success: I have a bad
> bad S/N.
> I search bibliographics references about notes on construction
> of these ultrasonic continous-wave doppler probes, but above all
> the experience of someone already skill in the art.
> Any type of help is very welcome.
> Thank you in advance
> Dr. Mauro Casaroli

Hi Dr. Mauro Casaroli
I am Allen from Conectmed,we serve medical equipment and accessories manuafcturer and provide them cale,including the Doppler cord
different brands doppler manufacturer use different structure cable ,it seems does not have an industry standard.we have several doppler probe manufacturer customers,we see it has many types of dopper range 3MHZ to 8 MHZ,but the cable speficification is the same.
Following is a webpage for the doppler cord we made for them.,we can also custom according to customers, special spec.

Best Regards

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