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Re: Splattering solder into eye?

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Sep 17, 2016, 3:10:51 PM9/17/16

"WW" <> wrote in message
> "Peter Hucker" <> wrote in message
>> Has anyone ever actually been unlucky enough to get solder splattering
>> into their eye? I've had it hit my leg, hand, and face, but never in my
>> eye. How bad is it?
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> Not bad, you may just loose your eye. WEAR SAFTY GLASSES!

You need a pretty big blob to do permanent damage, but even a small one can
be painful.

Its something that happens sometimes - mine are usually on difficult solder
joints when salvaging parts, sometimes a solder joint spits as you heat it.

When harvesting components with a pencil blowtorch; the spitting can be
hotter - but I hold the board looking at it edgewise, the spitting goes
sideways and nowhere near my face.

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