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Static RAM <10ns ?

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Wayne Diener

Nov 10, 1990, 8:23:49 PM11/10/90
>In article <> (Adam David) writes:
>Well, does anyone know what kind of static RAM is available with access time
>within TEN nanoseconds including possible interface time to HCMOS? I am
>inclined to believe that this may require ECL components. What it available,
>and how would it be rigged up? I need approx 16*16*16 bits, and the shorter
>the access time the better, so long as there's a supplier who can ship.
>All suggestions gratefully received.
>Adam David.

If my multiplication is correct, that's only 8 bytes. You might be better
off trying to use eight 8 bit latches - ACT or FCT parts might be fast
enough for you (I don't have a data book handy) and then you wouldn't have
to worry about the ECL<->HCMOS level shifting either.

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Adam David

Nov 11, 1990, 11:50:42 AM11/11/90

Shailendra Anant Save

Nov 12, 1990, 11:19:59 PM11/12/90
From article <>, by (Adam David):

I'd be interested in this as well. Can some knowledgeable soul
please send me email?


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