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Mar 19, 2016, 12:04:58 AM3/19/16
Time to spin the kooks up again. Melt, kooks, melt. <snicker>

Bite My Shiny Metal Ass (aka Shiny Tinfoil Brain), in
<> did thusly jump head
first into the wood chipper again:

> FNVWe stomped a retard's brain flat. Again:

>> Robert Michael Wolfe the Pittsburgh Pied Piper Of Penis (aka
>> DildoRider) of 5907 Stanton Ave., Pittsburgh, PA (aka Teh Mop Jockey),
>> socked up as suck...@, in
>> <news:op.yeijy...@benson.localhost> did thusly jump head first
>> into the wood chipper again:

>>> HERE...

>> Bwahahahaaa! Robert Michael Wolfe the Mathematical Mega-Moron strikes
>> again. Archived so you can't backpedal away from your stupidity at a
>> later date, DildoRider.
>> Still haven't figured out why, when doing the proper calculation of
>> summation of 0 degree and 120 degree phase angle 170 volt amplitude
>> sinewaves, the result *must* be 60 degrees phase 170 volt amplitude,
>> DildoRider?

> If you didn't notice, fakey, he subtracted them. Not added.
> And got the right answer.
> You're fucked. Again.

Bwahahahaaa! The Mathematical Moron sticks up for the Mathematical
Mega-Moron. And that makes them both *wrong*.

Mathematically, we can precisely *add* the three vectors for the line
currents by converting vectors into their horizontal and vertical
components by using trigonometry. We can *add* the horizontal
components, then *add* the vertical components, then convert this to
polar coordinates to find the *sum* of the vectors. This is called
algebraic *vector* *addition*.

And that all goes back to you moron's inability to grok the
Superposition Principle, and thus the Additivity and Homogeneity
properties of same... mostly you... you k'lamed that superposition and
wave constructive/destructive interference were different things, and
that constructive/destructive interference worked differently for
standing waves and traveling waves... so you're especially moronic on
this topic...

"Note that when vectors or vector fields are involved, a superposition
is interpreted as a vector sum."

There's not a minus sign in an equation on that entire page. Morons.

Here, you fecking *morons*... let me demonstrate it a way you halfwits
will hopefully understand...


Red: 100 volt, 0 degree phase
Green: 100 volt, 120 degree phase
Blue: Red + Green

See where the Red and Green lines cross? What's that voltage? Oh, it's
50 volts. What's 50 + 50, you fucking *morons*? Oh, so when you sum
two like sinewaves, you shift the resultant to exactly between the two
tributaries, with the same amplitude as the tributaries.

Hence the resultant is 180 degrees phase from the remaining third
phase, hence the sum of the three phases of 3-phase AC must always
equal zero.

Now, let's look at what you morons are doing...


Same exact graph, but the third phase has been added in Orange to show
the Blue Line is 180 degrees phase from that Orange line, and a Purple
line has been added to reflect DildoRider's moronic sinewave
subtraction equation... now remember, we're figuring out the
superposition (the constructive and destructive interference) of the
Red and the Green lines.

In that image, at the X axis where the Purple line peaks, the Red line
has an amplitude of 87 volts. The green line has an amplitude of -87

Now, you *fucking* *morons*... what is the wave interference result
when two waves interfere that have exactly opposite amplitudes? Oh...
that's right, its ZERO. Which is also why the Blue line is at ZERO at
that point on the X axis.

Where's that 173.205 volts coming from in DildoRider's kooky sinewave
subtraction equation, you *fucking* *morons*?

But wait! It gets even better!


That's the same exact graph, but with DildoRider's kooky sinewave
subtraction equation as purple and black lines... the purple line has
the 0 degree phase as the first part of the equation, the black line
has the 120 degree phase as the first part of the equation.

And one can see that the result is flipped. According to DildoRider's
kooky sinewave subtraction equation, he can convert 87 volts directly
into either 173 *or* -173 volts!

Because you're both Mathematical Morons.


<dances a jig on the brains of the morons because I've irrefutably
proven myself right, and proven the two *morons* are indeed huge
fucking *Mathematical* *Morons*>

Why are you *so* *stupid*, Shiny Tinfoil Brain? LOL

And the above proves DildoRider *and* Shiny Tinfoil Brain have been
*wrong* about every fucking thing they've been blathering.

Bwahahaaaaa! Once again your Usenet Lord and Master drop-kicks your
moronic asses across Usenet.

I'ma just add another SPNAK! here...


I bet you wish you could be right just once, huh, Moron.


And just so you SPNAK!ards can't bleat that I didn't show the
equations used:

100\left(\sin \left(2\cdot x\cdot \pi \cdot 60+\left(0\cdot \frac{\pi

100\left(\sin \left(2\cdot x\cdot \pi \cdot 60+\left(120\cdot
\frac{\pi }{180}\right)\right)\right)

100\left(\sin \left(2\cdot x\cdot \pi \cdot 60+\left(240\cdot
\frac{\pi }{180}\right)\right)\right)

\left(\left(100\left(\sin \left(2\cdot x\cdot \pi \cdot
60+\left(0\cdot \frac{\pi }{180}\right)\right)\right)+100\left(\sin
\left(2\cdot x\cdot \pi \cdot 60+\left(120\cdot \frac{\pi

\left(\left(100\left(\sin \left(2\cdot x\cdot \pi \cdot
60+\left(0\cdot \frac{\pi }{180}\right)\right)\right)-100\left(\sin
\left(2\cdot x\cdot \pi \cdot 60+\left(120\cdot \frac{\pi

\left(\left(100\left(\sin \left(2\cdot x\cdot \pi \cdot
60+\left(120\cdot \frac{\pi }{180}\right)\right)\right)-100\left(\sin
\left(2\cdot x\cdot \pi \cdot 60+\left(0\cdot \frac{\pi

And I'll just drop another SPNAK! in here for added effect...


You may begin backpedaling in 3... 2... 1... GO!



Shiny Tinfoil Brain (aka Bite My Shiny Metal Ass) didn't know:
MID: <>
MID: <>
The Euler equation is a subset of equations known as the Euler-Fourier
Formulas, thus that a sinewave is a transformation of a circle (which
should have been intuitive, given that generators *rotate* to create

That cross correlation is used with Fourier transforms.

That superposition is the same as wave interference.

That wave interference works the same for standing or traveling waves.

That RMS and peak-to-peak voltage are two different things.

That RMS isn't a DC voltage.

That 170 volt peak, 120.208 volt RMS L-N 3-phase service gives 208.207
volts RMS L-L.

That 4444525800 != 4400000000 != 1.

The difference between frequency and period of a sinewave.

That there's no difference between 'i' and 'j' in electrical
engineering, physics and control systems engineering.

What a positive or negative vector is.

That the vector sum of 3-phase AC constitutes a closed loop per
Kirchhoff's Voltage Law, thus that the three phases sum to zero.

That "mnemonic" is not spelled "mneumonic".

That his claim: "Water is tetrahedral. It actually has 4 poles, 2
positive and 2 negative." is nonsense from a blathering moron.

That the term "electronegativity" denotes a *positive* effective
nuclear charge.

What the definition of the word "equivalent" is.

That digital voltmeters do indeed take discrete instantaneous samples.

That the atmosphere (and the gaseous phase water within the
atmosphere) does indeed follow the Ideal Gas Law to within 1.337842%
margin of error *worst* *case* at 70 F.

That the square of the instantaneous sample of peak-to-peak voltage of
a peak-voltage sinewave is an offset sinewave, thus its average does
*not* equal zero, as Shiny Tinfoil Brain k'lames.

That the Ideal Gas Law does not require an ideal gas because it takes
into account molar volume.

That "within 10% error" does not equal "10% error".

That water can be plasmized.

That atomic number does not equal effective nuclear charge.

And the moron continues to demonstrate his inability to read a graph.



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