problem solved with failing tv remote

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May 19, 2002, 7:14:16 AM5/19/02
in case it may help someone else, here are results
of solving problem with a tv remote which would not
fully work until about 5-10 minutes after turning tv on.

finally found time to fully troubleshoot problem.
dc voltage from tuner pcb to remote receiver pcb was
about 13% low at initial turnon but gradually increased
for 5-10 minutes, until remote would work properly.
removed 5 suspect caps from tuner pcb, tested ok with
analog ohmmeter. further troubleshooting disclosed
that C654 (100mfd 16v) had to be the culprit, even
though it would charge properly and hold a charge
properly when tested with analog ohmmeter (1.5v
internal battery) out of circuit. substitution
proved that C654 had leakage under circuit
voltage/conditions. problem solved, remote now
working properly. previous post follows:

From: tomat (
Subject: TV remote receiver PCB on GE TV with RCA chassis CTC130
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Date: 2002-01-16 08:31:12 PST

Question: Is a warm-up condition more likely to be a
transistor or eletrolytic cap problem?

Hardware: GE TV with RCA chassis CTC130

Symptoms: Can turn TV on with remote, cannot do any
other functions, not even turn TV off with
remote. Keyboard on TV works fine. After
TV warms up 5 minutes, remote works fine.
Tried two different remotes, same symptoms.
Tried new batteries in remote, same symptoms.
Tried cleaning window where receiving diode
is, same symptoms.

The remote receiver PCB has 4 transistors,
the receiving diode, 5 electrolytic caps,
other components.

Where should I start?

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