UC3825 help with Pspice

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18. mar. 2009 07.19.5718.03.2009
Hi all!
I need simulation file for this IC. If someone has it, please share
with me. I found here some files for UC3843, UC3842, but they are
current mode, and I want something with voltage mode for flyback
converter, which has voltage regulated from 30V to 300V. So I will be
gratefull for model UC3825 or information how to simulate in Pspice
PWM modulator with Soft Start and limit max current.
PS. Perhaps you know another driver, which I can use in my project
(flyback converter, Uo=30V-300V, Io=0.1A-0.2A, Poutmax=30W) and it's
easy for simulating in Pspice? Thanks for all answers!

Klaus Kragelund

19. mar. 2009 05.21.1519.03.2009

You can convert the model you have now from current mode to voltage
mode by applying you own ramp voltage to the current sensing pin.



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