I had predicted this collapse of the financialMarkets. Read all my 3 posts dated March 1st March 12th and March 16th. The fed has actually made the problem far worse with zero percent rate.

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Mar 17, 2020, 10:57:06 AM3/17/20
Whoever is running the financial system in the US has actually created this financial collapse by continuously lowering interest rates on the US TREASURY BONDS.
The real collapse of the financial
Markets started the day the fed cut the already very low rates by a further 50 basis points. Just when the financial Markets were recovering from this by the end of the last week and beginning to show some semblance of trying to return to normal The fed further worsened the situation by their announcement of zero percent rates on the US TREASURY BONDS. And this cataclysmic announcement sent the markets into a downward spiral from which one hopes they can recover because we are precariously close to very dangerous support levels which if they break will take the markets much lower and actually result in a financial crash to Parallel the 2008 worldwide market crash.
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