The fed worsened the financial crisis by taking the US TREASURY BOND RATE TO ZERO. This was a disastrous step and we could now be heading to a crisis to parallel the 2008 financial crisis

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Mar 19, 2020, 8:27:10 AM3/19/20
The fed actually started the financial markets collapse the day they lowered the rates by 50 basis points. The markets were in a turmoil ever since than. Now last Friday the 13th just when we saw the markets stabilize a bit from this shock and try and come to some sort of semblance what does the fed do. On Monday the 16th they announced zero interest on the US TREASURY BONDS. That was the final
Straw that broke the camels back and this cataclysmic announcement has sent the world financial markets into a downward spiral
Ever since.
I have been saying this from day one. Ever since the first rate cut of 50 basis points was announced. That this was a bad decision. That it will do nothing to improve the current market situation and will instead upset the balance of financial markets. What no one seems to understand is today there is massive overleveraging of US BONDS much like the massive overleveraging that took place on US mortgage bonds which caused the 2008 worldwide financial crisis.
That is why I kept saying lowering interest rates will worsen the problem further and just like I had predicted it did worsen the situation. And of course the action of making interest rates zero was the worst thing the fed could have done and just as I had predicted we saw the absolute disaster ever since.
We will come out of the corona virus mess within a few months. Things will look a lot better by July or August of this year. However recovering from the financial mess which may have started by the corona virus but which became far worse by the Feds cataclysmic announcement of zero interest rates on the US TREASURY BONDS may take a lot more time to recover from.
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