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Archimedes Plutonium

Mar 16, 2020, 10:25:50 PM3/16/20

PORTFOLIO of PAF on 16MAR2020 
VZ   1700 
T   26,470 
GSK  1300   
NVS  10 

Total share-wealth-units last reported which was 29JAN2020 was 29,250 
and total share-wealth-units today 29,480 , and today is 16MAR2020.

Alright we are in a worldwide pandemic. I have to look and see where I first posted on this corona virus. I think it was early February, but may have been January. And I fully anticipated the pandemic, as can easily seen in my posts. I even wrote 3 science books on viruses while it was happening.

But for the shame of me, I was so busy in science, that I forgot to sell when high, hold on to cash, and buy back in the depths of bad news. Today the market plunged 13%. So if I had sold the AT&T at 37. in February and bought back the AT&T at 32.40 on 16MAR, I would have a sizeable increase in share units.

So, I missed the opportunity and only have to blame -- I was to absorbed in science.

Today, with excess cash, I bought 230 shares of AT&T at 32.40.

What I am worried about now, is although I am 70 years of age, I am worried that society with a quarantine and closings, that people out of jobs and work will start to have mass street violence, which could be worse than a virus pandemic itself. What I proposed some weeks back is Everyone-Gets-It, the virus, and then as people recover, most will recover, they have a job to go back to work.

Why destroy 2, rather than a virus destroying 1. Why destroy both health and work, for let the virus destroy just health.

But, there is excellent news on the horizon, some experimental vaccine was given to about 50 volunteers in Seattle. If one company does that, it is not long for many other drug companies have a vaccine. And, cut all the red tape and just administer-- get people back to work.

I re-opened the old newsgroup PAU of 1990s and there one can read my recent posts without the hassle of spammers, book and solution manual spammers, off-topic-misfits, front-page-hogs, churning imbeciles, stalking mockers, suppression-bullies, and demonizers.  

Read my recent posts in peace and quiet.
Archimedes Plutonium
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