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Andrew Zayine

Sep 19, 2021, 10:07:29 AMSep 19
The Association of Cyber Forensics and Threat Investigators (ACFTI) is an ambitious, non-profit technical organisation focusing on the academics and research of cybersecurity, digital forensics, incident response, and threat investigations and their influence to the society. ACFTI started in 2016 as an initiative dedicated to promoting all areas of cybersecurity, digital forensics, incident response, and threat investigations in Latin America, but efforts were systematically consolidated in 2020 to report new developments and latest proven methodologies and to publish scholarly research presenting the current research issues and advances in the mentioned areas. Listed in the Union of International Associations with UIA Org ID AA1922.

Twitter: @acfti

Association Growth Initiative

In response to the growing fragmentation of applied knowledge in cybersecurity, digital forensics, incident response, and threat investigations, ACFTI has successfully established an international workshops series, which successfully held two workshops in Dubai and Germany. ACFTI also maintains a free open-access journal "Journal of Cyber Forensics and Advanced Threat Investigations". Thanks to our industry partners, and financial supporters who made this possible.

We are planning to get involved in more projects, events, and activities more relevant to our areas of interest.

Membership Drive and Volunteers Needed

To achieve our goals of increasing growth in society, We are seeking to increase our members and are looking for volunteers to join us and to establish special interest groups and chapters across different disciplines and countries. All are welcome (early career researchers, academics, students, practitioners, experienced researchers, civil servants), underrepresented groups in cybersecurity are especially welcome to join us as well.

If you are doing applied research in any of our areas of interest, or you are simply interested in cybersecurity, feel free to fill out this Google form as an Expression of Interest in joining the "Association of Cyber Forensics and Threat Investigators".
After receiving the Expression of Interest, you will be invited to our communication platform where we can coordinate the community and set up events and other collaboration opportunities.

What do We Offer

ACFTI offers the possibility of making an impact by offering collaboration in joint projects and activities, internships for students, training and continuing professional education, research achievement/outstanding service awards to recognize outstanding individuals who have made a significant contribution to cybersecurity, digital forensics, incident response, and threat investigations every year. ACFTI is also in the process of setting up a fellow award to recognize outstanding leaders of the profession who have made significant, nationally recognized contributions to cybersecurity, digital forensics, incident response, and threat investigations. A fellow is the highest classification of ACFTI membership.

Finally, feel free to forward this email to colleagues or others that might be interested.

Sent By: Andrew Zayine, on behalf of the President of the association board
Prof. John William Walker
Nottingham Trent University,
Cyber Security Researcher/Consultant, and Practicing Expert Witness,
Cybersec Innovation Partners Ltd, London, SE1 9SG, United Kingdom.
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