ASLEC Cipher –Encryption and Decryption Flowcharts

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austin obyrne

Nov 27, 2021, 8:45:55 AM11/27/21
I have uploaded rudimentary flowcharts of the encryption/decryption
process in my ASLEC Cipher website.- – see Downloads section.

It will be seen that each group of integers that comprises an item
of ciphertext is capping a string of five or six hidden *dependent
vector processes that are so closely related that any attempt to use
poached alien data that adversaries believe are keys immediately

Key data is the preserve of the legitimate entities alone and lives in
the inner recesses of the entities brains virtually.

I have posted a screen capture of my encryption and decryption
program that yielded the single word ‘ Milestone ‘ recently. That
may seem a foolhardy thing to do with so many sleuths bursting
to claim that they have ‘busted’ my cipher by grabbing keys from that exercise, not so.

It should be noted that single key data has instantaneous value
only. It lives in a sequence of five others each time and is not
worth saving in the hope of using it in some future attempt
at cryptanalysis.

I think some readers might be finding that out today.

There are five compatible variable keys in each single
encryption/decryption sequence. Possessing one or more
of these keys for insertion in trial cryptanalysis is futile
because they must be compatible with all of what the
entities have used each time. If this is not the case then
it will fail immediately.

Vector cryptography does not seem to be fully understood
just yet. I have uploaded these primitive flowcharts to try and
help readers. It is very deceptive just how dynamic each group
of three large integers of seemingly passive ciphertext can be.


It is particularly noteworthy that vector cryptography is immune
to all forms of Numerical Analysis.


Austin O’Byrne.
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