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Joseph Ashwood

Aug 16, 2009, 12:37:51 PM8/16/09

<> wrote in message

> This is just some cipher idea. But cipher looks to be secure, it's
> design has some parts of Cobra and Blowfish key schedule, but
> encryption routine is fully my. Cipher has large sbox material, and
> complex key expansion routine, so it's software-target algorithm. Key:
> 128-512 bit. Default: 256 bit. Block size: 128 bit. Rounds: 12 full
> cycles.


First and foremost, posting code is a very bad way of trying to publish a

Second, the code is written horribly, so I, like everyone else, is not going
to bother going through it. So I'm going to make the most likely
pronunciation, it is weak against linear and differential attacks.

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