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OlfRecog Module of Robot AI

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A.T. Murray

Jul 16, 2023, 12:01:51 AM7/16/23
OlfRecog olfactory smell module to be added to the
English and Russian bilingual AI in Perl
Mens Latina in Latin -- MindForth for Robots

1. Diagram of OlfRecog Olfactory Recognition Mind-Module for Robot Smell

Smell Hearing Vision Concepts Free Will Motorium
/#######\ /iiiiiii\ /!i!i!i!\ ________ /YYYYYYYYY\
| || ||||||| || ||||||| | | | | / \ | ||||||||| |
| || ||||||| || | ___ | | | | |( Volition )|---*|||||| |
| || ||||||| || / \ | | | | \________/-|-------*|| |
| || | ||||| || (image)-|--+ | | | | ||||||||| |
| || |d||||| || \___/ | d|p|f| | | ||R|||P|| |
| || ||||o|| || | o|a|e| | | ||U|||E|| |
| || ||g---|-||---------| g|i|a| | | ||N|||T|| |
| || || ||||||| | |n|r| __V____ | || ||| || |
| fresh--||-||||||||||---------|--|-|-|--/ \ | ||||||||| |
| || |||||||||| | | | | / Emotion \| ||||||||| |
| stink--||-||||||||||---------|----+---\_________/| ||||||||| |
| || |||||||||| | | | | | ||||||||| |

2. Purpose of the OlfRecog Mind-Module

The OlfRecog module for olfactory recognition will integrate a robotic smell system with the thinking structures of the AI Mind.

3. Algorithm of OldRecog

Most likely the OlfRecog module will receive and process data from industrial sensors of smell and fragrance. In software, an olfactory memory channel will permit a recognized smell or fragraqnce to activate particular concepts associated with a particular smell.

4. Code of OlfRecog() from First Working AGI in Perl

sub OlfRecog() { # 2016may01: stub for olfactory recognition of smells
} # 2016may01: OlfRecog() will return to the Sensorium() module.

5. Variables for OlfRecog Module

6. Troubleshooting and Debugging for AI Mind Maintainers

6.1.a. Symptom: (Something goes wrong.)
6.1.b. Solution: (AI Mind Maintainer devises solution.)

7. Future Development

AI Minds need to be installed in robots with artificial smell sensors.

Roadmap to Artificial Intelligence

8. Resources

Aromyx Corporation – the EssenceChip™ -- in Japanese

9. Spread the News on TikTok and Other Venues

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Create a TikTok video in the following easy steps.

I. Capture a screenshot of
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II. In a corner of the screenshot show yourself talking about the OlfRecog module.

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A sample video is at

10. AiTree of Mind-Modules for Natural Language Understanding

MainLoop of subordinate mind-modules
TabulaRasa -- wipe memory clean
MindBoot of English and Russian vocabulary
KbLoad -- load the Knowledge Base
ReJuvenate -- recycle memory space
Sensorium -- sensory input with associative tagging to concepts
AudInput -- auditory input
AudListen -- listen for input
AudMem -- English auditory memory
AudRecog -- auditory recognition
OldConcept -- recognize a known old concept
EnParser -- preposition? (in)direct object?
InStantiate -- create new instance of concept
RuParser -- expect first a noun, then a verb
InStantiate -- create new instance of concept
NewConcept -- create a new concept
EnParser -- preposition? (in)direct object?
InStantiate -- create new instance of concept
RuParser -- expect first a noun, then a verb
InStantiate -- create new instance of concept
FileInput -- read files on a server
GusRecog -- sense of taste
OlfRecog -- sense of smell
TacRecog -- sense of touch
VisRecog -- sense of vision
Volition -- free will resulting from feeling and thinking
Emotion as influence on thought and free will
EnThink -- think in English
KbRetro -- retroactively adjust knowledge base
Imperative -- mood for issuing commands
Indicative -- mood for declarative statements
InFerence -- automated reasoning
AskUser -- validate an inference
EnNounPhrase -- think with a noun
EnPrep -- use a preposition
EnArticle -- use "a" or "the"
EnAdjective -- insert an adjective
EnPronoun -- substitute a pronoun for a noun
ConJoin -- insert a conjunction
EnVerbPhrase -- think with a verb
EnAuxVerb -- use auxiliary verb
EnAdverb modifies a verb
EnAdverb modifies another adverb
EnVerbGen -- generates an English verb-form
AudBuffer -- stores English phonemes
OutBuffer -- right-justifies English verb-form
VisRecog -- visual recognition inserts a noun
Subjunctive -- mood for conditional phrases
ConJoin -- insert a conjunction if two thoughts are active
RuThink -- think in Russian
RuImperative -- needs to be coded
RuIndicative -- needs to be coded
InFerence -- automated reasoning
AskUser -- validate an inference
RuNounPhrase -- think with a Russian noun
RuAdjective -- insert a Russian adjective
RuAdjGen -- to generate a Russian adjective-form
RuAdverb -- insert a Russian adverb
RuPrep -- insert a Russian preposition
RuPronoun -- substitute a Russian pronoun for a noun
ConJoin -- insert a conjunction
RuVerbPhrase -- think with a Russian verb
RuVerbGen -- generate a Russian verb-form
AudBuffer -- stores Russian phonemes
OutBuffer -- right-justifies Russian verb-form
RuAdverb -- insert a Russian adverb
VisRecog -- visual recognition inserts a noun
RuNounPhrase -- direct-object noun
RuNounGen -- to generate a Russian noun-form
ConJoin -- insert a conjunction
Speech -- output to screen or loudspeaker
PsiDecay lowers conceptual activation
SpreadAct -- spreading activation from concept to concept
Spawn -- AI Go FOOM
MetEmPsychosis -- AI soul travel from webserver to webserver
MindMeld -- merge two AI Minds by sharing memories
Motorium (MotorOutPut) -- for AI-Minded robots
Consciousness -- emergent property, not a module

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