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Treon Verdery

Oct 2, 2022, 11:05:49 AMOct 2
Does p ester (or ketone or ether) sulfoxide (hydrophilic dissociating, possibly more electronegative than OH-) (like pH, this is pS2O, and pEster, or possibly pMethylester) cause greater movement ability, volume change, and greater ion effects than water based hydrogels like polymethylmethacrylate, PMMA, if it does then this could extend engineering capabilities of all hydrogel applications, I was thinking what if DMSO, which I perceive I read has an eentsier size than water had a pH like thing going on

I read electrons from two different orbitals simultaneously are available at Ag, this might contribute to Ag's high conductivity, at a semiconductor can you get twice the photoelectric effect, make a CCD (charge coupled device), or have a flash memory electrode that always exports two electrons simultaneously, I have not ever heard of Ag as a semiconductor dopant (crystal lattice size mismatch), but if two electrons make a difference at say laser diodes could the not so different sized Ga host Ag with another atom to make it a semiconductor; things like organic light emitting diodes exist, perhaps there are electrons from two orbitals motionized simultaneously at some organic chemicals and that could be utilized to lower resistance, at a phone saving battery life, stimulating the other light emitting chemicals to provide a wider color gamut, another possibility is actually putting the Ag atom at the organic chemical molecule of the organic light emitting diode, I think I saw a journal called "organometallic chemistry" so there is information about things that might be like this, I can think of ferrocene, perhaps Agocene is possible with polycyclic light emitting or other electronic molecules as part of the layering

Do phones like the iPhone adjust the voltage and current utilized to recharge the phone battery to compensate for battery behavior change with time? could they modify the electrochemistry to have a wider electro negativity of voltage ranges during recharge to permit this

If you can double the voltage latitude at the same current you might get something like recharge around contact electrode area²

I think voltages and currents cause material changes at the battery chemistry, perhaps they go crystalline, or amorphous, or a different shape of amorphous, software then correlates time of day with typical length of charging and resizes and remorphologizes the battery particles with a custom voltage and current when the phone was able to predict you would not be using it

Treon Verdery

Oct 3, 2022, 10:41:55 AMOct 3
a new way to find higher performing components in a batch, on part of an assembly line they could have an addressable conductive fabric under every item, the items could have their own individual id number and every part tested to find the 95th percentile of overclockability, leading edge cleanness, and at analog parts onspecificationness, these could be pulled aside with their individual visual identifier and described as a separate product

Longevity technology

Utilizing green fluorescent protein to describe how long an aorgsnism like yeast has been alive, when genetically engineered to make GFP, the longer a yeast has lived the more GFP it produces and a camera can scan a grid of wells identifying which one has the longest living yeast, similarly at c elegans this is possible, engineering yeast and c elegans to make a couple other colors of blue and a couple other colors of green could track multiple metabolic activities of the c elegans simultaneously, if it is possible to look at muscle mass or something that accumulates with motion then the amount of motion might be associable with wellness or healthspan

At c elegans it might be possible to genetically engineer a near transparent variety that made green or blue fluorescent at its heart so the 96 well plate scanning camera could tell if the heart was still beating and if it is still alive, this would get rid of having to physically probe the c elegans to see are alive, gentle ultrasonics, or infrasonics has been previously suggested as a way to do this as well

Things that fill children with happiness

Greater tolerance of child like behaviors at school could make children happier

I think some of children's actions make them happy, perhaps sometimes with an immediate focus, while sharing and teaching reading one of the students picked up a chair, put it on his head and twirled it around, but his facial expression and vocal tone were neutral, it could have just been being lively, I thought it was a fine thing to do, I thought about what the kindergarten teacher might think, at a different environment other children might have imitated him and some chairs might be audible or provide distraction to all the students in the room simultaneously, if it takes the teacher 3, 7, or 9 minutes to get all the children to recommence their learning, and this happens twice a day then that is about 4% of the days education missed out on, i think it is possible to make education much more effective, and just 4% greater improvement among the much greater improvement possible would make it possible to tolerate more childish behaviors. It is possible that tolerance would make children happier. So for every 14% increase in educational efficiency and then 2% of the gain is utilized at tolerance of noneducational behaviors then a 100% increase in educational effectiveness would be 14.2% greater time children's noneducational behaviors could be recognized tolerated while maintaining notable gains in educational effectiveness. That is about 8.52 minutes of extracurricular activity per child per hour, if that chronological interval were utilized to make children happier, then children would be happier, the thing is, what is the way to double the effectiveness of education. Terence Tao has an IQ of 200, it is likely he learns more than twice as fast as others, germline (germiline is oocytes and sperm) gene modification to make people, that is persons, that is humans, that is homo sapiens 3, 4, 5, 9, 10, 11, 20, 21, 22, 23, or twenty four times more intelligent than Treon Verdery beneficially multiply the effect of education and causes the amount of tolerance of children's behavior to go way up, making them happier.

Longevity technology

Human growth hormone is associated with greater wellness and I think healthspan, but not longevity, screen a million molecular variants to find out if any cause greater longevity at yeast, a few thousand variants could be screened with the outdoor mouse dorm. Also human thought could go into localization of human growth hormone to concentrate it at certain areas (possibly CNS and muscles and peripheral nervous system) and away from areas it might be deleterious like the cardiovascular system. Putting localization moieties at the human growth hormone protein could facilitate that. Also there may be SNP variations and allele variations among humans. Among supercentenarians over 115 those gene variants that contribute most to healthspan and wellness could be considered, thoughtfully, and the effect on the lifespan of the entire human distribution considered before making drugs and optional gene therapies, there could also be a drug addressable epigenetic component

Treon Verdery

Oct 3, 2022, 11:48:43 PMOct 3
Have electrical distribution networks switching stations modularized (they already are), and optimized to the fewest necessary components ( they already are), and made of the most affordable materials possible while still being highly functional, optimally more functional, the capacitors could be made from

PCBs polychlorinated biphenyls, could they be milder if they use half as much with one that has higher dielectric constant, or an emulsion with a high dielectric material, or at transformers, if an engineer could use any material what is the least size they could be, like cobalt and nickel laminar electrodwell things, silver wire, and cooling, what is the eentsiest superconducting transformer

Things I don't do:

Gold with cobalt blue

The Doctor

Oct 4, 2022, 12:47:38 AMOct 4
In article <a8c2e7e4-73ee-4578...@googlegroups.com>,
Treon Verdery <treon3...@gmail.com> wrote:
>Have electrical distribution networks switching stations modularized (they =
>already are), and optimized to the fewest necessary components ( they alrea=
>dy are), and made of the most affordable materials possible while still bei=
>ng highly functional, optimally more functional, the capacitors could be ma=
>de from=20
>PCBs polychlorinated biphenyls, could they be milder if they use half as mu=
>ch with one that has higher dielectric constant, or an emulsion with a high=
> dielectric material, or at transformers, if an engineer could use any mate=
>rial what is the least size they could be, like cobalt and nickel laminar e=
>lectrodwell things, silver wire, and cooling, what is the eentsiest superco=
>nducting transformer
>Things I don't do:
>Gold with cobalt blue

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