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Treon Verdery

Oct 3, 2022, 11:51:03 PMOct 3
Kirk and Spock took the surplus phaser and set it to explode, then they tossed it in the water, big splash! Just two guys having fun.

Observational poem

Tastes interesting

Good, not so good

I wonder what the director bee thinks of the flavor

She's used to it

Royal jelly

York peppermint patties are good when you dissolve them in your mouth

Did they used to be smooth?

The amazing phenibut makes my skin not itch

Yay penibut !

I checked my email yesterday

Will I check it today?


Things that fill children with happiness,

Although live in boyfriends have among the highest association with risks to children, it is likely the upper third of beneficialness at live-in boyfriends are beneficial for the children to know and communicate with, cameras, audio, and computers at the dwelling could qualify if the boyfriend is at the upper third of live in boyfriends, and the live-in boyfriends that were more successful than the previous parent or the mother, and then prompt children to beneficially interact with the live in boyfriend, this would provide the child with more, and more beneficial, examples of how people live and what they do than the child would get from the mother or other-parent visits alone, so if I were a female computer programmer, and my live in boyfriend was at the upper third of absence of risk, and the boyfriend (perhaps a mathematician that consults on applied mathematics) was more successful than I was, then my daughter could learn about entire realms of activity, career, educational, fiscal, and physical activities I was unaware of, benefitting my daughter, notably at mothers with numerous sequential boyfriends or simultaneous boyfriends this could be especially apt and productive, giving the child the optimal data from annual or less frequent new live in boyfriends, for each 100 million persons the prompting software would benefit 16.6 million only children or more than 40 million non only children, noting multichild families, Amazon echo dot or Cortana child advisor could prompt child-live-in-boyfriend conversations that went deeper than pleasantries and touched on 14-40 areas that tend to cause success and the live-in boyfriend could contribute what they know and what worked for them, the CPU speaker could also prompt the live-in boyfriend to bring the child along to their daytime activities, the CPU speaker could blend the 14-40 topics with fun, happiness causing things so the child and live-in boyfriend would have a good time, prompting further software use

Longevity technology

Would an enteric coating on a regular multivitamin make it function better, the introduction of enteric coated Centrum could also be an occasion to talk about Centrum's new longevity and healthspan increasing AEDG Epithalon and 10HDA, I read half of Americans take a multivitamin so advertising things that reach them about the benefits of longevity drugs is beneficial

School buses could have psychometric test generated seating charts where half the bus was sit wherever you like (preexisting friends might want to sit together) and the other half of the bus you sat near a person the software estimates would make you happy and perhaps become a new friend, also, children living less than a mile apart who were compatible with each could be seated together, seats could be rotated three times a year, it is possible if sit anywhere is at the front of the bus this could reduce potentially deleterious back-of-the-bus groupings, there would be an absence of insistence but a screen on the back of each seat would say who sits there and have some conversation prompting questions and statements or images, dollar store LCD calculator suggests $20 to label half the seats on a bus

Longevity technology

Insurance companies build up a pool of funds at the company while getting funds monthly so the company gets both a pool of investments and cash flow

Insurance companies profit when they favor longevity drugs and technologies, and advertise longevity technologies, and they have a financial interest in funding the development of longevity technologies, noting that, and that they aim for a particular return on their investments, insurance companies could blend higher volatility longevity technology companies shares with less volatile investments while maintaining their rate of return, during 2019 AD the combination of rapamycin, senolytics, and AEDG epithalon which all have separate mechanisms, could heighten longevity 104%, if so, then insurance companies remit less funds less often, their investment pool grows and they collect money from people longer, they could also gain clients, advertising: just two days of taking any of the longevity drugs on our list (senolytics, oral or snortable antigens to mTOR receptors, other better longevity drugs), we'll send them to your door! That gets you 20% off life insurance, $700 cash up front, or 11% off a home-automobile-life insurance policy package switch to us now!

Things that make children happy

Optimally children would play with social companion robots, toys, other children, the internet, and adults more than they watch media, if media watching occurs then a CPU speaker could have a fun conversation with the child about the media heightening children's enjoyment, content could range from neutral, "what would you do if you were the main character", to educational, "they should show the people building the spaceships" an adult can configure it onscreen

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