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Helping Joe Biden solve 3 major problems this Week-- SCIENCE COUNCIL RULES EARTH, not petty dictators and/nor weak democracies

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Archimedes Plutonium

Dec 10, 2023, 11:08:18 PM12/10/23
The three major problems are these three.
1) Stop the mass starvation, disease, and death of 2 million Palestinians in Gaza strip.
2) Get the $60 billion aid to Ukraine to fight off Russia, and include 50 F-16 fighter jets in that package with 100 volunteer skilled pilots.
3) Ban assault rifles permanently in the USA, for too many innocents have been killed by these weapons of war.

The first two are easily solved, and solved on Monday 11Dec, provided, well, provided Joe realizes his full power under the Constitution for it is just a telephone call away for Joe to call up Mr. Guterres Secretary General of UN and reintroduce that same bill calling for a permanent cease fire in Gaza, and call up the USA UN ambassador and this time vote for the motion. It is time the USA, starting with Joe Biden see Israel as a propaganda machine that is stealing land that was Ancient King David land of some 3,000 years ago and killing all people on that land if not a Jew. Israel was delighted to hear of 7Oct2023 for that gives them the excuse they wanted-- kill or push all 2 million Palestinians into Egypt and steal Gaza land, which, if Israel gets its way will be the blueprint of regaining West Bank and East Jerusalem. It is high time all American Presidents and citizens realize what Israel is up to; and stop being drunk, snuckered, duped and suckered. Israel is a land stealing machine. So to stop this, reverse the UN vote to have a permanent cease fire, for 16,000 Palestinians have already lost their lives compared to 1,400 Israelis. And if Israel does not stop the warfare, then, Joe; you call in the USA Marines to actually fight the Israel Defense Force.
Joe, you need to stop this because Israel, the direction it is going will spark off a Nuclear World War 3, and make all Americans be as hated as most people hate Israel for its genocide of Palestinians. No American is safe in traveling to a Arab country.

The solving of $60 billion aid to Ukraine fighting Russia, is easy Joe. You are the Commander in Chief of military and the top executive of Treasury. Have Janet Yellen forge and mint a coin that reads $60 billion to Ukraine, which when handed to Ukraine, is depositable like any other USA money.

Of course, the House and Senate will pass the paper bill in coming days, but Joe, you just facilitated what the House and Senate must and should do. You shown the way to dirt dumb Republicans who think their job as Representative is to attack every legislation.

And this technique by the Executive branch will be further tested when the ignorant pack of Republicans in the House try to shut down the government. Where Joe simply instructs Treasury Secretary to mint another coin to some specific value.

All of this is justified, President Biden because of the Constitution executive job descriptions and because of the first sentence in the Constitution--- "Provide for the Defense", and "In Order to Form a more Perfect Union".

Perfection cannot be achieved when we have babies as Republicans in the House blocking and shutting down everything that needs to be done.

As for the 3rd feat this week, Joe, ask your Attorney General Merrick Garland to charge 6 Supreme Court Justices along with Senators and House members of states where recent assault rifles killed innocents, such as Lewiston Maine, Texas, and Nevada. Name these persons in a Civil and Criminal Court for aiding, assisting, abetting the mass murder of innocents for enabling them to easily get assault rifles and ammo--- completely in violation of the US Constitution they swore to--- Insure Domestic Tranquility. You cannot have domestic tranquility in a environment where weapons of mass murder exist in abundance.

So, lets get these three done, Joe, so that when we sit down for Xmass dinner-- we can be proud. We are heading for a More Perfect Union.....


Helping Joe Biden solve 3 major problems this Week-- SCIENCE COUNCIL RULES EARTH, not petty dictators and/nor weak democracies
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