I read about mice learning things, and comparing different chemicals and drugs on learning, It is possible to make new all positive reinforcement operant conditioning learning behavior standardized measurements with only positive reinforcers; One pos

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Noting that nondrugged, not experimental variable exposed mice, previously trained at finding a cocaine lounge, as well as experimental variable: drugged mice trained at finding a cocaine lounge, goes with the ability to find the probability and numeric methods numbers on mice that: on starting a cocaine lounge maze that has either a cocaine lounge alerting light or scent, or an initiating flavor food pellet that communicates “this is a cocaine longe maze” then the different variable at experiment drug’s effects could be numerically treated. The avidity and capability of prequel to experiment cocaine lounge mice which are untreated with the test drug (or other new variable) are numerically characterizeable with the measurment of the avidity and capability measured amounts from similar prequel cocaine lounge experienced mice.

DMSO nose touch pads could work with rewards other than cocaine;

Although nitrous oxide could be a euphoric stimulus for solving a puzzle, it seems like although fun this ius only slightly motivating at humans and perhaps actively nonmemorable

Beneficial thing: beauty and other things that are all positive feeling, perception, and thought producing one actual felt, thought, or isness effect, rather than combined effect, “mixed bag”, or a kind of sequence of qualia notes, with some of the qualia notes eliciting anything other than positive feeling, even neutralness.

I view a woman, her curves and face what I have read is called line are enjoyable to view, the vehicle she got out of elicits concern, that qualia of concern, even though it is beneficial for other humans for me to actualize utilitarian benefit to those that elicit concern, (perhaps a person says “say, you can get a new car for less if you put 1/2 a car value in a high yield, fund with some quantifiable risk, then get a new car every 3 or 7 years when you double your money, at the very harmless risk of driving your current vehicle twice as long, the URL is gettwicethecartwiceasfast.com”)

making everything more optimal for everybody, the non-combined positive effect could be specifically created and specifically beneficial. So a planner could have a woman, and when I view her, her curves and face, and she also radiates well being and radiates opportunity increase to the viewer that the viewer feels as positive, is a noncombined all positive experieince; The technology is to find and make things that are all positive experience for humans, that is persons, that is people, to experience and have them at the environment such that they occupy the mental and physical niches that previously the combined, but generally positive, or mixed bag, but generally positive,[stimuli, objects, emotion-eliciters, and experienceable processes] previously occupied, thinking gooder thoughts and doing gooder things could be facilitated with accumulations and experiencables of gooder things at the environment; this could even replace the “but” qualifier with the “and” or the “That makes me think of” spontaneous actual mental occurence as well as its use in speech. So having a positive experience viewing the face curves and line of a woman, “and she looks like she would get along with (person)”, as well as her beauty, noting face and curves and line spontaneously, causes qualia that feel like: connectionizing to Abunchofgoodthings thatmustbeinfocusatthistheplaceandmoment, or the feel of a really optimal lightbulb somewhere illuminating things Also, idea occur pre-words, like really, a person might spontaneously think “girl flavored lightbulb is room composition rebalancing; semiconductors could make every item at an architectural space optimized; the way experiencing this girl optimizes everything, at a noticebaly visual way” and then the person viewing the girl instantly knows a new kind of light bulb that can exist.

with or without verbal internal narrative thinking, causes a qualia )or also perhaps, optionally mental verbal narrative)

Complete novelty and AI generated images, sensations, finding-of-new-online content, as well as a library if things, like images, sounds, virtual reality things. actual haptic actual things, as well as screening a library of images, sounds, and actual things, and actual orchestrated occurences (a compliment on an actual thing an actual person actually does)

Money source that is likely to cause more rapid technological development while also raising energy efficiency of vehicles, reducing accidents, and providing “new thing is enjoyable” feelings:

Timing and planning of getting a new car for less if you put 1/2 a car value in a high yield, fund with some quantifiable risk, then get a new car every 3 or 7 years when you double your money, at the very harmless risk of driving your current vehicle twice as long, the URL is gettwicethecartwiceasfast.com”; also, the companies that advertise their get a new car faster shares funds could also advertise longevity medicine and technology funds; novel to me is that as 156% or higher combined different greater longevity drugs and technologies could be utilized for

reninded of newtorks, while being reminded of math, while being reminded of equations that

iterators, alorithmicizors, automata, that have highest amount of beneficial distributions of effect produced; if these are distinguishable beween algorithm hosters, then some have diffrerntiazable product state space amountnessess, math of analog, digital,

is there a mathable area or milieu where if you are not yet having observed it, but have a finite possibility of observing it, that it could exist, even though you do not know what it is yet;

longevity technology: alternate day fasting is published as having the same cardiovascular benefits as calorie restriction https://www.inverse.com/article/58820-how-is-alternate-day-fasting-different-from-caloric-restriction , with 36 hour fasts and 16 hour eating periods causing the benefit; This creates the possibility of a number of longevity drugs that are fun to use, possibly nootropic, similar to, or even existing few AMU drugs, and can even be produced with gene therapy: I like the feeling of being on phenylethylamine for the first 11-14 hours, and it makes it so skipping meals is easy, and I think I have skipped 24 hours of food on it unintentionally.

Longevity causing volunary svelteness drug that increases creativity, productivity, and likely intelligence: An AM time release dose of phenylethylamine that

lasts 14-15 hours until 1 hour before sleep, then 7.5-8 hours of spontaneous sleep, with the previous phenylethylamine time release dose having another AM, until sleep, all day pulsatile dose at waking dose could preclude any daytime hunger for both days, and be taken once every 24 hours, the person would then eat a lunch dinner or breakfast every 36 hours: the drug could be fine chronological time release as well as molecularly fine tuned to optimize well being, nootropic, successtropic; phenylethylamine is a euphoric drug that increases my creativity, and I perceive my intelligenece, This molecule, as well as FDA preapproved ADD/ADHD/Narcolespy drugs could also be tested; at phenylethylamine, molecule variations like phenylbutylamine, phenylpropylamine, as well as partially saturated cycles that range between phenyl group and cyclohexane group could be tested. (mice? circadian?)

Deprenyl is a MAO-B inhibitor that causes greater longevity, and makes people more cheerful, taken with phenylethylamine it causes phenylethylamine to last 200-300 minutes longer, notably though, stacked pulsatile 20-40 minute activity periods are possible with phenylethylamine when takeing it without an MAO-B inhibitor:

deprenyl/other MAO-B inhibitor with PEA: 9 hours effortless calorie restriction

PEA only 2 hours, effortless calorie restriction,

PEA only 2 hours, effortless calorie restriction,

Magnesium threonate: Calming nootropic, also a longevizing calming is a possible nootropic

Other molecules that might be fun enough so that people voluntarily take a longevity wellness svelteness drug: halogenated, ethynylized CART peptides or better than CART stimulant peptides that also have a circadian rhythm release effector (peptide moiety? or, a drug release polymer could get 100 times as diffusive at a .5 degree circadian body warmth shift, like liquid crystal polymers that turn color, or there could be an electret polymer drug that when it changes .05 decrees C or less causes it to furl or unfurl to have different receptor activating charge and changes biological activity a few orders of magnitude (note, depot injection at cool part of body makes it so the part of the body with the widest degrees C spread, ear tips are a possibility) The circardian mechanisms at either the CART peptide (or better) depot or the molecule the depot actually contains causes the alternate day caloric restricotion longevity, wellness, fun,

“Better for you than coffee” is a way to communicate the benefits of the fun and productivity part of this longevity wellness, heart disease, cancer preventing drug.

that cause the alternate day fasting calorie restriction like longevity, wellness, body mass enhancement effects could be made into a depot injection or depot implant that lasts over 200 years

depot drugs with multicentury benefits could also have multi hundred times mg/dose effectiveness (nanogram or picogram) effectiveness with drug transport channel optimization, tissue or cyte type localization, Cytes that have just 40, 300, 5000 of some particular molecular transport channel protein would have hundreds of times greater tissue localization at drugs tyhat have an effect even when absorbed at each cyte’s cytoplasm; alternatively drugs with 40, 300, or 5000 times the activity at efflux cytomembrane although absorbed at the same velocity might be effluxed 5000 times faster causing much less actual active drug molecule residence moments at the cytoplasm.

gene therapy that ups beneficial metabolizing enzymes at the actual cutoplasm, detoxifying things

nucleur membrane efflux, opposite effluxors, also hyperffluxing tRNA, mRNA could have faster transcription

Phytosomes are a word for liposomes around plant products, it is possible some variety of liposome, like phosphatidylserine as compared with phosphatidylcholine or a different length of alkane the phosphatidyl group has some localization, that variation in brain (and body) localization from plant based lecithin extracts as a delicious coffee replacement drink could keep the part people like and get rid of the agitation that people find objectionable to where I saw writing with line art comics about. Also, the people that make it can do more than screening a libary of 20 or 40 GRAS phophatidyl amino acid variants of human volunteers, it could look to phosphatidyl liposome making molecules with high lipophilicity, high hydrophilicity, or high at both liophilicities; It is even possible that without caffeine agitation the doses could be higher so people get 200-300 mg of up and prosociality and an absence of agitation; I could mention it to LEF.org, they actually already have a beverage product; Happier, kinder, tremorless, possibly even alert but sleepable 5 hour energy drink, and also organic version.

phosphatidyl 10HDA, screen a library to find a new longevity drug; while this complements liposomes as a technology, it is actually just a fluid that could be taken as a supplement, drug, or as a food additive.

Does piperine attached to the actual molecule cause it to have more blood brain barrier permeation amount, or is is just a coadministration (seperate drug) effect? Drug localization with piperine distal or branched to the localization moeity and the drug moeity could cause specific neuron active drugs to have only membrane permeation effects at those particular neurons, causing a heightened dose/mg multiplier, absence of nonfocal tissue permeability effects,

crispr gene drive with a molecular cytotransprt peptide transport peptide transport peptide on it first; does it have 100 to 1000 times greater dose/mg effect from preferential transport to the transfected cytes, that could cause 100 to 1000 times greater vector ability at transfection; also, this could heighten localization at paticular phenotypes as well

network effects at neurons, more ot it than this, but connections per node, causes variation in distribution of node products, so a stable producte high amplitude first deviation highly beneficial nod product could have its number of noides as an average, adjusted with genetics as well as gene therapy or even drugs to change the distribution histogram math of the network math, a netowrk where a genetic modification or existing gene variation causes such things as the not just the median number of interconnected neuron neighbors, but the distribution of neightbor interconnections so High-Medium-High is comparable with medium high medium and others at neurons, also the different effects of different neuron interconnectivity distribution networks is benefically technologyizable, Noting these networks at just one kind of neuron’s kind of beneficial effect getting the amplifaction, compare BDNF

also, network math effects from just 1,2,3, and 30^3 could have much high amplituded of effects than just changing amount of neurptransmitters, amount of circulating nuerotransmitter effecting drug, and quantification of amount of recptors, this makes neural cyte type localization of network connectivity modifiers have higher bandwidth of discernable effects and higher actusal magnitude (height) of possible effect of modifying neurotransmitters or even neurotransmitter drugs;

During 2019 it is my perception that svelte persons had more spontaneous physical activity than non-svelte persons, so along with the wellness, longevity, healthspan, aesthetic, social factor enhancement heightening from being a svelte person is it also possible the the greater spontaneous movement and willingness to move cause people to raise their children with more actual active acts, and even a greater quantity of things like hugs and active play, svelteness at parents likely benefits their children.

a researcher found the most similar protein to royalactin in vertebrates/mammals, and called it regina; to make longevity proteins ultraaffordable, could the same homologous gene sequence matching used to find Regina be used to find royalactin-like proteins as transcribable protein making things at plant genomes? These could then be grown, purified, and tested as to their longevity effects on mice both as orally ingested proteins and enteric coated high availability, non-digested proteins; Plant sources of 10HDA could also be found this way. Oral ingestion of royal jelly is published at causing mice to live 25 (27%) longer, so there is a possiblility that even digested homologous sequence to royalactin genes’ product could have a longevity effect even with digestion, this would make genetically engineering it into human foods, animal foods, and perhaps all plants with gene drive to benefit humans and other species.

Does royalactin or 10HDA benefit plants in any way, if they do this could be simultaneously beneficial to the plants and the humans to genetically engineer the production of higher amounts of the

network optimization based on math could be used with many worlds interpretion of physics to make whiter branch universes, notably branch universe groupings, and a possibility of something gooder than a round matrice where any of the combinatorial additives as well as the component portions, which might be particular MWI universes, the content of those universes that create new branches, and, if and where technologically function, those MWI universes that communicate with other MWI universes, the combinatorial, or higher

thinking, feeling, and being white causes more MWI universes from a heightened amount of electron, matter, and possibly modellable effect on things physically at greater than 1 micrometer distance from the thinking feeling organism like the most benevolent human, person, a member of a group of people that is a homo sapiens, notably all living beings with presence of being, isness, that I perceive some people may be called or related to sentience, having white being, moments of thought and feeling, and actualized white action and behavior and even building cause more MWI universe branches to be generated than from any human thinking or feeling that is not as benevolent, beneficial, simultaneouslu utilitarian

a thing that benefits children: If, or when, children can choose their own parents, including social companion robots,

are there any cytotransport proteins or membrane channels in the oral or nasal mucosa? If there is transport of some peptide, protein, or chemical then Snorting or swishing a thing in your mouth could have 10,100,1000 times the delivered chemical, drug, or gene therapy dose making it possible to skip the GI tract, also I have noticed that some things cause a kind of mouth pucker, suggesting hydrostatic balance can be modified with harmless things people put in their mouth, anbesol penetrates 3-4mm of gum tissue in 14 minutes or so, so if some similar molecule works on cheek epithelia at 2 mm in less than 7 minutes (1 mm a minute) that could be a transported chemical; DMSO or an absorption/transport enhanced version of DMSO is likely to function: it is possible things like diethylsulfoxide or dipropylsulfoxide, or dibranchedlakanesulfoxide could be oil blobs that spill around less, adhere to appliques, while still causing preferential transport of beneficial drugs and chemicals; if the duoalkanesulfoxide has a long enough alkane it is even possible putting a halogen on it or an ethynyl group could cause some kind of multihundred times increase in transport or physiological activity, so the halogenated ethynylized duoalkanesulfoxide could be chemically linked, possibly with an enzymatically degradeable linker to an active pharmaceutical drug;

Half to 1/4 cent Gene therapy technology: 3 mm paper circles, perhaps $400 for 12 million or 12 billion of them, each has a flavor attached to a protein, branched protein possible, so the longer it is at saliva the flavor changes through 11 different flavors, at each flavor 19/20ths of the proteins attached to the flavor chemical are at a certain shape, or have had their branches modified to be a certain shape, the paper circle progresses through all 11 flavors and the person can take the paper circle out of their moth at any time, defining and making into a gene therapy effect actualization program specifer, the characteristics of the amino acid, which could be a branched amino acid, then after being rinsed in fresh water, which removes the saliva, the amino acid sequence tells the bacteria that will arise from the bacteria at the paper circle which CRISPR/cas9 sequences to activate at the bacteria, out of the full library of 11 variants at the bacteria; the bacteria have molecular transport channels engineered to preferentially transport the flavor and color that the human, that is person, that is member of a group of people, that is homo sapiens, has preferred, At the bacteria 19/20 (the amino acid fraction) of the first generation of bacteria are gene therapy activated modified to be the persons preference, at the next bacterial generation, 19/20th of the other 1/20th are modified to be the gene therapy preference, so then 1/400th of the bacteria are different, then at the third generation of bacteria, something near 1/9000th of the bacteria have a gene therapy form different than the person’s flavor and color preference, notably I read bacteria reproduce every 20 minutes, with optimization, and a nutrient environment with things like mitosis stimulants, this could imaginably be 4-7 minutes, so a 16 minute span of bacterial doubling would cuase 8999 out of each 9000 transfection bacteria to be the preferred gene therapy version; Notably the person can then place the paper dot on their skin, and then have the paper dot’s bacteria do the gene therapy on the person using their skin, I have read about sugar micro projection drug delivery and immunization projections, these could cause the bacteria, possibly notably the bacteria growing on them, to be delivered deeper to the dermis absent a sensation to the utilizer, also the projections could have a tissue permeabablizing fluid on them like a phospholipid (liposomes are about four times more effective at some kinds of tissue transport, and a kind of liposome called a phytosome is hundreds of times more effective at transport), it is remotely possible that an anticoagulant, something like DMSO, dermatocyte transport channel activating chemicals like peptides or proteins on the outside of the liposome that cause active transport, possibly transcytosis, of the bacteria through the dermis to living gene therapy functional dermatocytes, capillary epithelia, and the circulatory system to occur (although the bacteria could emit CRISPR/cas9 containing single or double stranded DNA or RNA viruses continuously while physically thriving), so that is 300 (sugar divot makers) times 1000 (transport channel proteins or peptides) times 2 (anticoagulants) times four (DMSO) times 14 (Na PCA causes moist contact surface fourteen times longer) times 2 (the paper circle has anticoagulants to make the contact area particularly aqueous and transmissive, once the bacteria are there they, at non gene drive areas of the bacterial genome, produce minute amounts of harmless coagulants at each successful mitosis to cause 1/3-1/14 the fluid flow near the growing bacterial colony, reducing immune response to the bacteria 1/3 to 1/14, then 4 times from harmless to tissue, bacterial hyperproduction of enzymes that if applied separately to the skin, would like youthification chemical peels, actually cause enhanced skin appearance, these cause four times the nutrients to be produced from an appearance beneficial, harmless to regrowing tissue turning of dermatocytes into bacterial food; four times from tissue seeking bacteria; It is possible that the bacteria, like proteus, could actively swim towards the dermatocytes and seek spaces between cytes to permeate and seek depth to multiply. Compared with bacteria on the skin, these bacteria at this system (300 times 1000 times 2 times 14 times 2 times 3 times 4, 201 million times more effective at doing gene therapy; it could be possible to multiply this 201 million with three more powers of two to make the bacteria 1.6 billion times more gene drive vector effective. The combination of 9600 DPI printed circuit electroporation (7 times), DMSO (8 times), and immunotransparent gene therapy bacteria (4 times) causes the 201 million number to go to about 45 billion multiples greater colonization ability than bacteria just placed on the skin; inkjet printed Electroporation geometries and circuits: I think at inkjet printing of 9600 DPI or higher that it is possible to print electrode metals, dry yet hygroscopic electrolytes and conduction pathways, simple circuits could be printed like dozens or hundreds of arrays of dozens of Mg Ga Zn Ag metal dot patterns at 9600 DPI, and hundreds or even thousands of separate, sequentially activated instances, that are linked together to make higher voltages, and to put those higher voltages near other areas of 9600 DPI printed material, like bacteria at gel, membrane transport chemicals (proteins, peptides, chemicals), possibly even single or double stranded DNA or RNA viruses, or even capsid viruses to cause 7 times higher migration through and permeability at tissue; I read online that electroporation with DMSO after that caused 8 times greater transfection, so DMSO at the paper circle with the elecroporation could have another 8 times multiplier; Another thing that could heighten gene therapy transmissivity at a 3 mm paper circle: The bacteria as well as single or double stranded DNA or RNA viruses with the CRISPR/cas9 could be engineered to be immunotransparent (immunoneutral surface), with the body’s first immune response at 20-40 days from first appearing at the circulatory system;

Notably, it could be possible to do a bacterial gene therapy, or all synthesized gene gene therapy with just sequenced, or mass produced at organisms, but outside of organism nucleotide chemicals, micro sugar probe inoculators, 9600 DPI printed electroporation paper circuits on a 3 mm circle, DMSO (or a more optimal chemical), flavor and color user preferrable enzyme actions on chemicals that determine the actual gene therapy installed, also the membrane transport proteins, peptides, or chemicals linked to the actual CRISPR/cas9 genes to bring the gene therapy to the cytes, also, it is possible that nuclear envelope transport/focus peptides I read about could be placed at CRISPR/cas9 assemblages to cause a power of two or even orders of magnitude greater genetic insertion, successful translation, transcription, and propagation from nuclear transport; One reference says 70% electroporation transfection efficiency when also treated with DMSO, https://www.cell.com/molecular-therapy-family/molecular-therapy/pdf/S1525-0016%2816%2936452-8.pdf

If it is possible to inkjet print, at manufacturing quantities, a 7 to 14 layer of ink/electricity source/reagent/bacteria (or other CRISPR/cas9 source) at a 8.5 times 11 piece of paper for $11, then 71.9 3 mm circles times 93.1 circles is 6696 3 mm gene therapy flavor and color user experience voluntary gene therapy dose applications; notably this is 608 apllications per $1, or .164 cents per dose, or about 6 doses per cent.

It is also possible soaking the paper in 3 of the ingredients, and just printing the electroporation circuits, biochemicals, DMSO (or more effective duoalkane sulphoxide), actual gene sequences, bacteria, single or doube stranded DNA or RNA viruses, the polymer layer that causes deliquescent (autogooey) liquid layer to be at the dermis side, and the immunocolorizing material that lets people know when the gene therapy is successful;

How to make the sugar based cytomaterial inserting probes: These sugar linear probe things are published as functional at immunization, so they can reach through the dermis to the circulatory system to do immunoactivities, a few technologies to make these could be a mm or less deep sugar 9600 DPI print homogenous surface, then have lasers engrave the sugar layer to make various amounts (millions? thousands?) of probe/insertion items per 3 mm paper circle; another technology to make the sugar probes/insertion things, is to just spray coat the paper with microparticulate sugar probe insertion shapes, and measure the actual effectiveness of the actual percentage of right side up, high angle sugar probes that spontaneously occur. It is possible that a technology that causes an order of magnitude greater transfection efficiency could make a 40-70% right side up sugar probe gene therapy transfection paper circle have the transfection effectiveness of a 99th percentile right side up sugar probe array; One possibility for another power of two or even order of magnitude of transfection efficiency is to have the sugar probes have materials in them to be electrically conductive (calcium ions are published as having utility at gene transfer), this could bring the electroporation voltage effect to the dermatocytes at depth, likely near the endothelial capillaries (where I perceive sugar probe immunzation geometry sizes might reach), another possibility if the sugar probes are laser engraved is to have them have linear channels on the sides that cause the transfection material to flow to the tip of the sugar probe, also I read about superhydrophilic microsurfaces, they favor liquid coatings, and look sort of like troughs; bulk mass production of liquid transport geometries at sugar probes: putting linear grooves at the sugar probes might also work at mass produced sugar probes, with the nonspecific application angle as a spray, perhaps the sugar probes when manufactured and previous to placement at the paper circles, could be sprayed on one side with a surface tension reducing agent or some other thing that causes liquids to like flowing a particular direction;

The bacteria would also produce beneficial wellness, healthspan, longevity youthification chemicals even at the non CRISPR/cas9 part of the bacterial genome; At mice and humans, the measured longevity wellness and healthspan of the bacteria would be beneficial even preceding the highly beneficial voluntary gene therapy part;

As the bacteria’s proteolytic nutrient producing enzymes are also the enzymes that make youthification chemical peels functional administration can be at any body location, puffiness of a less than 1 cm area (1 ml tissue transfected/ bacterial colonized continuous output CRISPR/cas9 gene therapy vector) could be an engineering standard; the bellybutton could be the least noticeable, and perhaps 90th percentile or higher of being least probed with fingers, the bellybutton could be among the 90th percentile at user adherence, is completely sensationless, does not cause visible change, has laser addressibility if persons, that is humans, that is members of groups of people, that is homo sapiens would like to laser modify the gene therapy process, notably some varieties of gene therapy are published that are responsive to light, so the 1/6th of 1 cent gene therapy technology is affordable and has further reach, a laser adjustable version is also possible.

Also, to verify the gene therapy has been installed, the bacteria could produce a chemical that causes an aesthetically pleasant color change at the paper circle (similar to color antibody diagnostics), the paper circle could change the visual pattern of the aesthetically pleasing color when the gene therapy had progressed beyond the bacterial vector and was being produced at the user, person, human, or application’s genome

Think of a way or cause for people to distribute something that is less than 1/10,000 of a $

Longevity technology: a new kind of autophagy could be linked to longevity, healthspan, and wellness, if it is functional: Noting the idea that cytoplasm might have nonorganelle enzymes floating around, catalyzing things, possibly even comminuting or nonactivating some cytochemicals: These enzymes, outside the lysosome remind me of autophagy, autophagy is linked to cytorefreshment, longevity, and wellness, it could be that the genetics of having more cytoplasm enzymes outside of organelles do something like an alternate version of autophagy, refreshing and recycling physiostructures and chemicals, so looking at a variety of mammals, notably things like multicentury lifespan whales, beavers, naked mole rats, bats, tortoises, and parrots and 400 year lifespan or longer clams, kings holly, and creosote (reminded of mitochondrial apoptosis) any cytoplasm enzymes, notably proteolytic or membraneolytic, outside of organelles (like lysosome) could be quantified at mice as to longevity wellness and healthspan effects, and if beneficial made into gene therapy, drugs, or germline enhancement or optimization at humans;

Noting autophagy is linked to longevity, wellness and healthspan, and I might have read that AMPK heightens autophagy, it could be possible to engineer larger amounts of autophagy from 1) cytoterminating chemicals, proteins or peptides as drugs (possibly kind of senolytic like), also as periodically automatically activated gene therapy; an accumulation of physiologically beneficial peptides, like AEDG heightening with each sleep occurence, could, when they accumulate to a particular amount, cause the gene therapy modified tissue to produce a new circulating amount of the new autophagy chemical, causing fresh autophagy and renewal at the living human; these likely would benefit from localization to create beneficial differences in concentration and action at different cytes and tissues;

Along with heightening cytoplasmic autophagy like effect enzymes, periodic production of autophagy as algorithmically activated with a completely beneficial physiochemical that accumulates (epithalon, thymosin, likely a variety of things, possibly even beneficially heightened circulating omega 3 DHA from accumulation of DHA from endogenous production), there is also periodic, quantitatively measured as beneficial to longevity, wellness, and healthspan, triggering of mitochondria to zap cytes, causing leukocytes to absorb them.

New to me autophagy longevity technologies: Another possibility is a periodic genetic activation of the production of a non-autoimmune activating production of antigens at the surface of cytes, possibly those at the 40th percentile or less of cyte and tissue youthfulness, where the percentile is an experimentally quantified causative function at wellness and healthspan; this could possibly be quantified with mRNA transcript production’s deviation from a beneficial range (reminds me of engineering tolerance, the 2nd standard deviation at the non-preferred side of the distribution) Periodic activation of the beneficial new form of autophagy could be linked to the accumulation of a physiologically beneficial chemical (epithalon, thymosin, omega 3 DHA);

New to me autophagy with high cytotype localization technology: I perceive I read about where two different receptor proteins, when both activated, caused a cyte to be exposed to a chemotherapy drug, causing fewer well cytes to be dosed with the chemotherapy; Responding to things like: At cytes that are at less than 30th percentile of wellness, longevity and healthspan heightening physiology, the translation/transcription protein generators receive instructions to make notably larger amounts of one normal type, but comparatively tissue and cyte unusual chemical, protein, or peptide transport channel, perhaps something that occurs less than 1/400th of a cytes’ external receptors or transport channels, and at perhaps less than 1 per 200 different cytotypes and tissues, it then becomes 1/20th to 1/40th of the proportion of the cytes external transport channels and receptors enumerated amount, (twenty or ten times as populous as previously), and then an transport channel optimized autophagy causing protein, peptide, or genetic effect causes autophagy at that cyte; The concentration of the autophagy causer is 40 times greater at the 30th percentile nonwell cytes than at well, wellness, longevity and healthspan functionally active cytes; Technologically it seems possible that autophagy could be tuned to to be activated when the transport protein heightened autophagy causer is above 30 times that at an unaffected cyte;

As a another supporting technology, it is possible a protein, peptide, or peptide effluxing transporter could be part of membrane accumulating cytotransport duo; at a well, longevity, wellness, and healthspan support heightening, functional cyte the transport and efflux of a particular protein, peptide or chemical from the duo, which could be spontaneously occuring at a nonmodified organism or human, would be about the same amount, they would omit accumulating the transported protein, peptide, or chemical at the cytoplasm; that would cause any autophagy activating chemicals, proteins, peptides, or gene products, to pass through well cytes above the 30th percentile causing a minimal amount at the cytoplasm of the 30th percentile of higher cyte; When the measure of the longevity functionality, wellness, and healthspan of an unwell cyte occurred it would cause the unwell cyte to make large numbers of the harmless chemical cytotransport structure, causing it to be 40 times more prevalent at the unwell cyte; natural endogenous circulation of things that that particular transport protein transports, would reach 40 times the usual amount, causing a gene at the cyte to make an autophagy causing molecule endogenous to they cyte; another technology is to have the autophagy causing protein, peptide, or chemical that is linked to a 40 times usual amount transport protein moeity for hieghtened transport to the 1th to 30th percentile cytes, be produced at a different area of the body, perhaps from just a few gram, or even one gram area of gene therapy;

Technologies that could discern longevity, wellness, healthspan contributive and supportive cytes above the 20th percentile: mRNA, possibly gene therapy that caused presence of nonbeneficial mRNA, cytochemicals, proteins, or peptides, to cause

Normalization algorithms create higher and higher longevity, wellness, and healthspan physiochemistry, it is possible that technologies that cause the least (0- 20th percentile) longevity, wellness, and healthspan supporting cytes to be quantified as they relate to the to other cytes at the body, to be as a relation to all the cytes at the body continuously or periodically, would cause double digit % increase in baseline longevity, wellness, and healthspan annually, this could physiochemically contribute to a percentage of longevity increase, and noting the continuous improvement of 20% more longevity, wellness, and healthspan cytes annually is likely larger than an annual accumulation of nonwell cytes, that like actuarial escape velocity, things move towards wellness, longevity, and healthspan faster than they wear out; The effect of multiple 20th percentile autophagy events causes the after autophagy organism to be accumulate towards what would previously have been 90th percentile or higher cyte function as to longevity, wellness, and healthspan physiochemistry; that similarity to actuarial escape velocity, which I have also read is called longevity escape velocity, is alogrithmically related to making each iteration of cytes that support longevity, wellness, and healthspan as the new computational basis for the percentiles. A technology I read about, which might be called gene switches, makes things like AND and OR as well as other logic forms out of simultaneous gene modification effects; The technological algorithm that supports the heightening of each iteration of 20th percentile or less’ autophagy to be based on a new foundation could be based on things like: gene therapy at the entire body causes harmless unique peptides or proteins to be produced, which then utilize mechanisms that are usual to move to the exterior cytomembrane of the cyte they are produced at, This labels each cyte with a non immunoreactive cytosurface diagnostic of what it is doing and making, it is possible the diagnostic proteins that make their way to the cytosurface are actually beneficial, noting the cyte is still alive, or also possibly beneficial to neighbor cytes, the (0-20th percentile) producers of just the completely beneficial interleukins, possibly some onconeutral neutral growth protein like BDNF, or if immunotransparency and absence of immunoreaction of any kind is beneficial, perhaps slight variations on water transport proteins (aquaporins), where variations from the usual protein amino acid sequence would let diagnostic things that cause the 40 times greater amount of transport channels to cause beneficial autophagy find and have effects on cytes at less than the 20th percentile; Gene logic could also just have quantifiable things effect logic, to cause the production of mRNA that makes the 40 times higher amount of autophagy transport channels at the cytomembrane; it is also possible that gene logic can just directly make autophagy functional effects directly at any cyte where the gene logic notes 0-20th percentile longevity, wellness, and helthspan physiochemistry;

also possibly periodic wellness chemical accumulation (epithalon, thymosin, omega 3 DHA) that activates the production of “make transport channels” at the unwell cytes;

Also possible is the unwell 20th perctile making 40 times more transport channels, and then a human, person, a member of a group of people, that is a homo sapiens, takes a drug to cause the autophagy, much more beneficial is an automated, periodic, automatic process, which could technologically be based around a one gram or less area of gene therapy that emits things that diagnose, modify and cause autophagy at cytes at the (0-20th percentile) of longevity, wellness, and healthspan, noting the continuously new distribution’s new foundation; Notably though, there is also the technology of a multihundred year longevity depot injection that just causes autophagy anywhere a group of antibodies (I perceive I read about fewer AMU versions of antibodies) note some unusual distribution of surface characteristics (proteins), also I think I read about antibodies that can glom to receptors to make them stay active, go less active, or just be neutrally at the cyte, this might function at cytotransport channels as well, possibly antibodies glomming unwell cytes

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