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Electric cars

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Treon Verdery

Oct 3, 2022, 11:24:11 PM10/3/22
Making electrical distribution networks more affordable benefits electric cars.

Screen a library of billions or trillions of metal alloys to find those as conductive or more conductive than aluminum, a 9600 DPI inkjet printer can print 2.19 million different metal oxides or chlorides onto a 300 mm IC wafer, the wafer is then warmed, or lasered, to reduce the oxides or chlorides to metal alloys that are contacting conductors on the IC wafer, a 4 GHz computer can measure the resistances of all the alloys in less than 1 second, 4560 wafers screens one billion alloys, if a 19,200 DPI inkjet printer is possible then each wafer screens 4.3 million alloys, it is possible that rather than an inkjet printer 100 passes with a gradient spray nozzle that deposits 1 million discernable amounts at a 30cm (300mm) area (or a sprayer that sprays 100k discernable amounts at a 3 cm area, with the fluid used on each sequential separate 3 cm area having 1/10 to full strength dilution) is 100 billion different alloy compositions per wafer,

Repeat the process making alloys that branch at their composition from the highest conductivity alloys at the first wafer

Aluminum alloys could also be screened with 1/10 to 90% of some other element more affordable than aluminum, manganese, silicon, sodium, potassium, iron are possibilities

1/10-90% iron alloys as conductive as aluminum would make building and maintaining electric networks, including long distance power lines and dwelling wiring much more affordable

Greater electrical network affordability brings greater electrification to the developing world and provides infrastructure so they can use electric cars

A person who knows could explore the financing of electric cars, Electric cars could benefit from their being the option of applying the recycle value of the batteries to the financing up front, reducing monthly payments, note though that if the bank gets the battery value, then at battery replacement experiences the battery's full $ amount is without utilizing the previous battery's value is utilized, at some spans of having a car this might make sense, at others not so much, if you like lower up front expense, or also lower monthly expenses, and do not mind lower (old battery) car value when vending it to another person then this gets more people acquiring electric cars more rapidly, if you think you will keep your electric car a long time then you can be an optimist that the new battery, years later, will have greater power density and affordability and omitting giving the bank the battery could make sense, you could also get a more affordable battery (China) as well

If 30-60% of an electric cars manufacturing $ is not at the battery, then cars that look really nice and have lots of room and features could be based around what I perceive is the similar affordability of different carapaces and interiors, the roominess $ is perhaps near 10% variance between cars. Possibly car places, or regional assembly locations, or garages could put any of a variety of standardized carapaces and interiors on an optimized electric car base, the wheel motors at the base are specified to produce up to 1/10 more torque than necessary at a typical car so a bigger carapace mass still permits acceleration and handling like other the cars

Longevity technology

I saw a thing where they thought they found the part of the rapamycin molecule that caused the longevizing mTOR effect, finding the fewest atom mTOR decreaser, then halogenating that and screening a library of variants at yeast to find the highest increase in longevity benefits from reducing the combinatorial space at the fewer atom mTOR drug

Fluorinated proteins, do they work, I read that fluorinated peptides are 1.5 times as active, would making fluorinated proteins also work, screening a library is one approach, as are chemical protein sequencers with an extra 23 containers of fluorinated amino acids that can swap a fluorinated amino acid with a regular amino acid at anything they build, 100 fluoroamino acids, or silicoamino acids would give the engineer four different fluorination locations to utilize, this could make protein drugs 1.5-a greater amount more effective, software could suggest where to put a teflonized amino acid compared with a high electronegativity fluorine amino acid to make a protein act like it does only moreso

Things that fill children with happiness

Travelling in a driverless car could be fun, besides the computer, tablet, and other people in the car the driverless car could take scenic routes especially appealing to children, and suggest stopoffs at parks, museums, and places of amusement, also, educational software could be available, from 30 minutes to one hour of car usage per day this makes, of 16 hours spent awake per day, things 3-6% more fun each day, or from 3 to 16, 2372 to 4744 hours more fun

I think cars with fold flat front seats that let's people have sex on them are beneficial

Although it uses electricity has anyone made wobble and out of specification magnetic damper that brings behavior back to specification, like a pool noodle or torus you put on an axle that causes less vibration, this could cause greater lifespan and reduced maintenace and at durable machinery like excavators, elevators, trucks, agricultural machinery, HVAC fans (quieter), and even piston rods, electric generators, fair amusement rides, mining equipment, petroleum sector equipment like pumps, robots, manufacturing robots and machines, human companion robots, pumps, at if just possibly 2 times to an order or magnitude less eccentric wear, quieter operation, and greater intervals between maintenance is beneficial then a hundredth of of the system energy used at magnetic damping of vibration could be of value. Software that automatically generates magnetic damper forms, 3D printed forms or parts, or also pick and place robots could make magnetic dampers based on auto generating of damper shape, field, vibration measurements or models, and energy utilization specifications, the software could recommend 3D printed dampers and their field receptor affixables (like damping an axle the field receptor affixable might be a split side length of pool noodle). Some ferromagnetic objects being magnetically damped could omit the affixables), magnetic dampers and affixibles could be new engineering,

One way of doing magnetic damping without wiring is to have a 3D printed or other manufacturing technique where the magnetic damper part has an integral RF antenna similar to wireless phone charging, this might be RFID tag sized or less, and a RF frequency that only travels a short distance in space before being absorbed by anything, even cloth and polymers is utilized, possibly THz RF could transmit the energy the antenna turns to electricity but anything, even polymers, around it would absorb the Thz energy so the outside of the machine was RF neutral and noninterfering, the amount of magnetic damping. Engineers and software could figure out if periodic nudge magnetic damping, or continuous magnetic damping was simultaneously more function supporting, lifespan increasing and decreasing of the interval of maintenance, at HVAC fan or other systems with frequent starts there could be a moment (nudge) of lots of dampening to omit jolting, then there is the thing where energy is only used at the magnetic damper when the machine is at higher variability, or a higher precision preferred state are valued like a crane with a swaying load at the place and position part of the activity of moving something with a crane, or agricultural machinery driving over terrain and uneven terrain vibrations and flexion benefitting from magnetic damping, sometimes I perceive I have heard an oscillating him from machines, perhaps, to my perception this has taken a few seconds to build up, if some oscillating hums are associated with non optimal machine durability (beat frequencies that move components, eccentric wear) then it is possible just a nudge of magnetic damping could change the oscillation state of the machine to the greatest longevity version. Then besides magnetic damping nudges there is continuous magnetic damping, that,

Putting eentsy weights on axles changes their vibration characteristics and can reduce eccentricity of motion, to touchlessly do the same thing at a variety of places at a machine, putting a couple grams of gallium on an axle then melting it and pooling it up with a laser to minimize vibration and eccentricity is possible, also the laser editing of the gallium's position could be interactive, sensing vibration or eccentricity, the laset moving some gallium, sensing again, and optimizing to produce minimal vibration and eccentricity, Gallium Bismuth mixtures could be laser friendly but omit melting at an engine

Motors that are hyper durable 900 loop stepper motors, 2 of 3 electronics, longest lived watch (multi century) gearing and bearing forms, internal prestressed pressure bearings keep shape longer, chemical vapor deposition diamond coated bearing raceways, at linear region of performance size motor to be at 24% of load, so it can adapt to the rest of the mechanism changing load, the deep nested can motor his higher torque and higher current

Is a high torque motor attached to a rapidifying geartrain more or less reliable than a high voltage low torque motor if geared for torque, which has fewer parts, is with theoretically identical, do the parts take up different amounts of space, could layered multiple windings produce different torque and rotation velocity at direct drive motors, likely stepper motors,

A 100 hour amount of electricity is 98 or 99 hours of activity with silver wire, but near 96 with Cu wire and possibly 94-96 with Al wire, making batteries .05% lighter or more efficient seems continuous, easy and constant so more affordable Am wire could be used, at higher currents, 3D printed aluminum or silver wire motors are possible and could be modelled and CAD defined to be 2-an order of magnitude more durable as well as have highly customized conduction pathways like branching and thousands of separately addressable conductors so that if one or a plurality of conductors shorts the motor keeps running, one thing magnetic field simulation software could do is find out if 3D printing magnetic focusers, pole pieces, right in a winding can customize the magnetic field to give more torque at less volume if the 3D printed motor is like a 10 milligrams of pole piece per gram of motor, also pole pieces can be made of supermagnetic materials to give greatest torque per gram, one thing to heighten motor life is 3D printing the wires insulation with a nondeforming at high velocities and sudden halts material like what I have read are called engineering polymers with a high dielectric, the highest dialectric wire insulators could make electric motors go from 99% efficient to 99.3% efficient

Greatest torque from smallest size and least vibrating, least bendy axle, least vibration could come from layered (multithousand 3D printed) conductor winding loops, and just those loops turned on that caused the least vibration (or compensates for the vibration the rest of the windings cause), it is possible a least vibration motor transmits less vibration to the axle making all the parts last longer, from an order of magnitude less vibration. I think vibration could be reduced with the addressible windings omitting beat frequencies, micro accelerations between steps at a stepper motor, and could also, at some modelled, CAD 3D printed motors have the conductive pathways (wires) able to make non circular driving magnetic fields, possibly that overlap that compensate when a bearing is out of function, or wear had caused eccentricity of motion, that causes the axle to have a high linear power output at all the radians of its output, from bearing or other wear compensation from using alternate conductive pathways at the windings, these technologies would also benefit electric generators

Has anyone made wobble and out of specification magnetic damper, like a pool noodle or torus you put on an axle that, durable machinery like excavators, elevators, washers, dryers, trucks, agricultural machinery, HVAC fans (quieter), and even piston rods, if just possibly 2times to an order or magnitude less eccentric wear, quieter operation, and greater intervals between maintenance is beneficial then a hundredth of

Gears with RFID on them and magnetic damping could wobble an order of magnitude or two less than regular gears, ambient RF would power the every 3D printed gear a little like an actuator or magnetism adhered to its linear region of performance and minimized vibration

Think of three gears on an axle at a stack with spacers between them, wobble causes some gears to lift away, some to traverse 180° from them, the edges of the gears that mesh are near the edge of their engineering linear area of behavior, they function but if the watch is jolted the gears could unmesh, a thing that causes the gears to always be at their optimal meshing midpoint would continue to function after the same jolt, so if each of the gears had a magnetic conductor winding printed on it they could attract or repel each other to maintain optimal distance that persists through jolts, avoids making high wear spots like the edges of gears, and with dynamic guidance can reduce vibration at the entire mechanism from broadening and smoothing actuation curves (tic toc, pawl, and clockwise/anticlockwise motion having smoother energy curves, and compensating for flexion note this is magnetically adjustable spacing and vibration damping, at robots or automobiles and some airplanes this causes longer lifespan and makes it so less maintenance is required

Robot companion mammal form robots that function like early 21st century pets that are more popular than mammals as pets, the mammal form robots have attractive and beautiful visual form, are person and surroundings sensing, white, fun and have behavioral software that causes greater emotional satisfaction, fun, and voluntary human mammal form robot quiet play, interaction than 99.999th percentile of humans with companion mammals that lived with people during the early 21st century, the robot mammals are nonsentient, one thing about 21st century mammal pets is some people expressed what they perceive as love, emotions have authenticity when the loved one is sentient and has presence of being, as a way to heighten the plausability of any robot pet love that occurs, if love is experienced, the nonsentient robot mammals cumulative well being, caresses, and play with humans is translated into any of: causing things that make the person's favorite famous person have an especially wonderful time (if i coo and stroke a robot mammal form then i know that my expressions of affection reach Taylor Swift), also the love can be guide the amount of all-fun supplemental after school activities children are supplemented with, the fiscal model is that the full chronological lifespan of a robot pet, that is built to be as durable and with greater than 14 years maintenance if a human feels love for a robot pet, then at some moment, some software asked the person what other people they would most like to be benevolent to, then expressions of love for the pet actually also lift childrens moods and make them happy, the experience of love for robot pet could cause practice at love and affection, play and togetherness as quantified brain areas that then portablize those beneficial, benevolent, fun, reassuring, affectionate, even touch is pleadant feelings to the person's live interactions with other humans, during the early 20th century some people would speak extensively about their nonhuman mammal experiences, kind of like talking about the weather with feeling, robot mammals behavior programmed to traverse a range of completely beneficial behaviors could be technologized to cause the quantitatevly identical amount conversation at human-human interactions as actual mammals, notably if possible, the behaviors that reached human-human conversation would be at the 99th percentile of interestingness and pleasantness to listeners

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