I did not know there were polymetallic nucleotide imitating drugs (MOPS), this looks sort of like a metal based imitation of a nucleotide sequence; could some other metal polymer imitate an amino acid sequence peptide; it seems like these could have

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Treon Verdery

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More autophagy is linked to greater longevity in mammals, there are genes that upregulate autophogy, finding alleges, SNPs, gene copy numbers of these autophagy genes at humans at the 99th percentile of above of lonevity at humans could find human longevity genes

A drug that reduces the symptoms of dermatits, possibly atopic dermatistis about 19/20ths: phenibut orally, about 2-3 G/70Kg; less feeling of itchinf, than also at the surface, also much less itching when an area is actively rubbed to where it gets moesty and gooeywhat does topical do?

Along with screening gnenetics like the genome to find genes that cause greater feeling and actions of benevolence, kindness, and empathy genes could be screened to find the gnetics of other beneficial emotions of positive empathy, kindness-loving feeling as well as an outgoing kindness towards things as well, the genes that heighten these could then be made part of the human genome

Well body genital sensation heigtening, does clitoral or other genital moistness, notably 3-20 moistness cause greater amount of sensation, such that genetics of moister vagina, as well as topical application of autogooeyness moisturizer like naPCA, as well as higher erotic arousal cause greater clitoral moistness such that beyond lubrication, slippery genital tissue has greater beneficial preferrable sensation; at dermatitis of the area under the ear covering headphones, accumulated moisture cause a number of powers of two heightening of sensation; this is different than moistness causing lubrication; does moistness cause higher subjecting pleasure at the clitoris as well as greater sensitivity at sensation assays like having two eentsy things near each other : .. compared with . . . . . be separately detectable

Longevity technology:

Endoliths are organisms that live in minerals, such as under the sea, “An endolith is an organism (archaeon, bacterium, fungus, lichen, algae or amoeba) that lives inside rock, coral, animal shells, or in the pores between mineral grains of a rock. Many are extremophiles, living in places long imagined inhospitable to life”; the great genetic diversity of these species suggets varied genes as well as gne products that contribute to their published million year lifespan, and feeding utrasonicated endolith goo to mice and c elegans and zebrafish could produce new longevity chemicals and drugs; Notably as some endoliths are already fungi it is possible chomatographic fractions or other concentrations of chemicals at fungal endoliths could have chemicals that strongly increase s. cerevasia longevity, and that chemicals that cause greater longevity at this model organism could have strong longevity heightening effects at mammals such as humans; Along with flow cytometry that proceses 10 million cell samples per second (longevity effect on 10 billion yeast cells measurable in 16 minutes), a sample concentating chromotography micriofluidic chip that does

1micoliter injection material volume

14 ng mL⁻¹ is the least concentration of a chemical it can measure and characterize

.3 ul/min

15 nanometer pump size

pH range 1.5 - 8.5

size: possibly near 2-3 mm thick, as well as 5 cm wide as well as 7-9 cm long; Theoretically it could be possible to stack these, 100 at a time, at 300 mm (30cm) times 5 cm times 7-9 cm area to produce 600,000 separeate chemicals identified, spectroscopy data placed at a database, and molecular formula as well as, I think, molecule structure, including proteins (possibly) described

Protein ID Chip 40 nL trap 75um x 43mm 5um

A different thing: 250,000 compounds per machine cycle, possibly,

a different high performance liquid chromotograpy/Mass pectrometry chip two occurences of 5000 data outputs per utilization

I might be clueless but I also read 6 samples an hour/10 minutes a sample at a 2017 HPLC/MS chip, notably though that measures 2000ish spectral peaks per chemical sample, The 3mm times 5 cm times 7-9 cm size suggests that stacking 100 of these makes 6000 samples per hour a functional velocity with that technology, if the velocity quadruples from other improvements then that is 24,000 samples per hour, or near 42 hours to get molecular formula and molecular structure on a million different chemicals from a blenderized natural material like million year lifespan endoliths, 400 year lifespan quahog clams, or other organisms liquidified materials;

it is possible to think of a HPLC/MS chip, combined with software that has a 90% likeliness of saying shat a chmical is, or detecting it, then doing another occurence to get the 99.9999(etc) formmula determination of the chemical; so if the sample quantity moves from 99.99 determination to 90% determination then that is 1000 times more rapid describing of the particular chemicals in a sample (like blenderized or ultrasonicated lithosomes, applied at yeast longevity measurement, then the actual chemical that caused the yeast to live longer described)

20 that is 6000 chemicals per hour, or 166.6 hours to name, (I think) know the chemical formula and structure of, and put at a database a million different naturally occuring chemicals when screened at a library; notably software/AI can then use even the 90% match on actual chemical formula to predict new variations, based on the 99.99the percentile of longevity increase at a million sample characterization, that are useable to generate a new screenable library based on the molecular form of 99.99the percentile effectiveness at longevity increase, so the lithosomes, with 100 different chemicals at the 99.99 the percentile longevity increase, are then utilized at software to generate another 1 million new chemicals at a screenable library to find out if they make yeast live longer, then the 99.99the percentile of that is 100 chemicals to do chip based HPLC/MS on at 16.7 hours of further chip utilization to get, I think, the full molecular formula and structure of the 99.99th percentile that is then used to generate an even higher 99.99th perentile of longevity increase chemicals, 100 at a time.

Finding which longevity drugs, do what where: “ADME is an abbreviation in pharmacokinetics and pharmacology for "absorption, distribution, metabolism, and excretion", and describes the disposition of a pharmaceutical compound within an organism. The four criteria all influence the drug levels and kinetics of drug exposure to the tissues and hence influence the performance and pharmacological activity of the compound as a drug.” so finding drugs that are lipophilic, hydrophilic, have different pH versions, are physiolically active after exposure to pH1-5 stomach acid,

Making drugs and chemicals that function like antibodies that have much fewer AMU, “Pepsin is commonly used in the preparation of F(ab')2 fragments from antibodies. In some assays, it is preferable to use only the antigen-binding (Fab) portion of the antibody. For these applications, antibodies may be enzymatically digested to produce either an Fab or an F(ab')2 fragment of the antibody. To produce an F(ab')2 fragment, IgG is digested with pepsin, which cleaves the heavy chains near the hinge region.”

fewer AMU antibody parts that glom things may omit glomming at circulating immunocytes like leukocytes, causing greater duration of availbaility and modulating body immune response, “in tissues such as lymph nodes or spleen, or in peripheral blood preparations, cells with Fc receptors (macrophages, monocytes, B lymphocytes, and natural killer cells) are present which can bind the Fc region of intact antibodies, causing background staining in areas that do not contain the target antigen”

, “they are not able to bind complement” (complement refers to immunoresponse complement body systems and cells)

ALong with things like L and D amino acids at peptide drugs to cause published oral drug physiological availability of peptide drugs like vasopressin, an ide new to me is that petides and proteins may be partiuclarly physiologically active, and particularly enzyme comminuted at particular tempertures like those at the stomachs of mammals, making a library of a beneficial peptide drug, like longevity drug epithalon (AEDG) and then finding variants that are simultanously least digested and most physiologically active could be a source of new longevity drugs, similarly peptide and protein fraction derived from high longevity orgnisms like million year lifespan endoliths, 40,000 year lifespan kings holly, 400 year lifspan quahog clams, supercentenarian humans, 50-100 year lifespan termite queens, as well as other sources of longevity chemicals, proteins, and peptides could be screened as libraries to find those most active at human brain/CNS temperatures as well as least degraded at human stomach temperatures;

It is possible that a physiologically beneficial way to cause endocytosis, a cell molecular transport mechanism is to attach a beneficial chemical or drug to low density lipoprotein, “The function of receptor-mediated endocytosis is diverse. It is widely used for the specific uptake of certain substances required by the cell (examples include LDL via the LDL receptor or iron via transferrin” Noting that phosphatidly linked molecules as well as phoshpatidyl containing liposomes omit first pass metabolism and are preferentially transported to the lymphatic compartment, causing a four times greater physiologically active effect at the same mg or microgram or nanogram dose, it is possible a low density lipoprotein with a phospholipid on it could cause both beneficial, dose multiplying endocytosis transport with omitting hepatic fisrt pass metabolism

So, which nutrients, attached to a beneficial chemical or drug, cause greater transport at the cell, “It is believed that cellular invaders use the nutrient pathway to gain access to a cell's replicating mechanisms”

Wellness healthspan technology, longevity technology; Noting that there, to my perception, are like 7-40 chemicals that effect different endocytosis, veiscle making chemical,peptide,protein, even organisim transporting cytoeffects, screening 7-40 of them at organisms to find the, net effect, most benefical (for example at epigentic modifiers like HDAC inhibitors, methylators, or phosphorylators), say at 40 varieties,

97th percentile of organism-wide beneficial is an approach that could be utilized with screening a library of all of the cell membrane transport chemicals, from transport channels to endocytosis veiscle makers to others; it is possible more membrane transport of everything a membrane transport chemical transports (out of hundred or even thousands of endogenous membrane transport chemicals) as well as a drug discovery generatable library of more than billions of screenable chemicals, some might be found that are highly beneficial to the organism, as a longevity drug, anything that actively transports autophagy causing chemicals from the circulatory system, or anything that actively transports any protein expressed from a longevity causing gene, could be longevity increasing mass screenable cell membrane transport chemicals;

Is eating low density lipoprotein and very digh density low density lipoprotein physiologically beneficial (prevents cardiovascular disease), also enteric coated version, as a drug this could an engineered version where the low densityness is like 2-100 times even lower density, the length of the lipid is modified, as well as at the lipoprotein, or the actual protein on the lipoprotein is modified, this is makeable at a few million or billion chemical variants than mass screenable as a library to find a drug or even food that reduces cardiovascular disease; also, noting that at humans genetic variation at apolipropotein E causes cardiovascular disease reduction as well as less likeliness of being dead at a contntuum of ages, the genetics of nonhuman mammals that make things like even lesser densities of very low density lipoprotein could be beneficial

Wellness, healthspan, and possibly longevity drugs from chemicals and drugs that effect elongation factors, wikipedia described elongation factors, “Elongation factors are a set of proteins that are used in protein synthesis in the process of cell cycle and elongation in some cells. In the ribosome, they facilitate translational elongation, from the formation of the first peptide bond to the formation of the last one.” They effect the velocity of protein production at the ribosome so remind me of histones and things that effect transcription fidelity, with different elongation factors possibly causing twice or half the error rate; mitochondria have theor own elongation factors; looking at gene variants, alleles, SNPs, as well as copy numbers of elongation factors at different humans geres and mitochondrial genes could correlate with transciption fidelity and velocity, thus having correlations with longevity, cancer incidence, and velovity of reapir and healing at humans; if long lived mammals like multicentury lifespan whales, or even 400 year lifespan quahog clams have different elongation factors than humans mice could be engineered with new elongation factor genes to find effects on longevity and oncogenesis; Also new drugs could be found that beneficially effect elongation factor at humans as possible longevity drugs

A Particular bacteria makes up about 25/100ths of all the mass of bacteria on earth, “As of 2005, Pelagibacter ubique (an α-proteobacterium of the order Rickettsiales) has the smallest known genome (1,308,759 base pairs) of any free living organism and is one of the smallest self-replicating cells known. It is possibly the most numerous bacterium in the world (perhaps 1028 individual cells) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mycoplasma_laboratorium and, along with other members of the SAR11 clade, are estimated to make up between a quarter and a half of all bacterial or archaeal cells in the ocean.” That suggests that gene drive, like CRISPR/cas9, on this (these) organisms could have the largest effect on all species on earth simultaneously, as an amplifier of benefical genetics like the optimized human genome, as well as providing opportunities for the gene drive installation of well being, longevity, and an absence of what I treon Verdery, describe as pattern recruitment, awareness, and paranormal effects at all sentient beings, as well as possibly all beings that reporoduce with DNA; Numerous Geoengineering activities are described online such as optimizing weather and climate for human, homo sapiens well being while simultaneously benefitting numerous species, these bacteria that make up 25/100 of the quantity of all bacteria, and gene drive, like CRISPR/cas9 or more effective technologies could activate geoengineering as well as other beneficial entire planet engineering and technology applications beneficial to humans, persons, members of the group known as people, tht is homo sapiens

“The organism with the smallest known set of genes as of 2013 is Nasuia deltocephalinicola, an obligate symbiont. It has only 137 genes and a genome size of 112 kb.[a 14][b 6]”

a couple of orders of magnitudish way of thinking about how much a cell moves things from the area areound it into the cell, “Cationic proteins bind to the negative cell surface and are taken up via the clathrin-mediated system, thus the uptake is intermediate between receptor-mediated endocytosis and non-specific, non-adsorptive pinocytosis. The clathrin-coated pits occupy about 2% of the surface area of the cell and only last about a minute, with an estimated 2500 leaving the average cell surface each minute.” 2500 cytosis effects per minute suggests that drugs or chemicals or genes that halve or double this could halve or double the amount of cytocommunication as well as various kinds of the actual material used at cell construction and form; Finding the longest lived organism, such as the longest lived mammal, with the highest amount of cellular transport (endocytosis) could find a velocity and communications area (numerical area) ( imaginably 1000 to 5000 events per minute) that could be utilized to optimize human longevity, well being, youthspan and healthspan, and, noting neurons utilize endocytosis, while being characterized for variations on things like presence of being (isness) as well as consciousness to find out if more, different, or reduction of endocytosis ctyocommunication causes a different amount or character of cognitive function, consciousness, prescence of being (isness); noting synapses use endocytosis to regather neurotransmitters these could be beneficial intelligence heightening germline genes to put at the human genome, gene therapies, as well as new nootropic drugs; pinocytosis, one endocytosis process, occurs just 2500 times per minute (wikipedia), so a plurality of endocytosis mechanisms might cause 25,000 cytotransport events per minute (order of magnitude); notably at ten different 2500 event per minute mechanisms, finding the most hieghtening longevity, wellness, healthspan, youthspan, and cognively as well as sentience, presence of being (isness) endocytosis or endocytosis-like cytogathering mechanism of ten would have a 90th percentile of beneficialness, and that could be a much better than median effect when that mechanism of endocytosis, endocytosis-like activity, as well as genetics as well as beneficial drug effects are modified as an entire group; The genetics as well as drug chemistry of moving material out of a cell (exocytosis) could have beneficial modifiability as well; also, along with velocity of occurences, there is also the size or volume of occurences that is adjustable to be beneficial, “the GTPase dynamin then pinches off the large membrane-vacuole” so, a dynamin variation could be partiuclarly precise, at hale to 9/10 the usual volume, or a version that doubles the size of endocytosis containers could have an effect on endocytosis quality (multi item containerization) as well as amount of material (like nuerotransmitters or drugs) containerized with endocytosis;

longevity drug, 17 alpha estradiol is a nonfeminizing estrogen that, to my perception, causes about 11% grater longevity in mice, I think it has a thing that looks like cholesterol with a lengthy distal alkane, does esterification of that alkane and making it decanoic with a C=C destauration cause a version of 17 alpha estradiol that has 10HDA 10H2DA longevising ability conbined with 17 alpha estradiol ongevizing ability; making a bunch of chemical variants then screening them as alibrary, notably at human tissue culture could fgind versions to quantify at mice and then humans to make human longevity drugs; There is variation of published 10HDA(10H2DA) longevity effects, mice: 25/27%, although also, at a different study, 15-17% greater longevity at all the mice at less than median lifespan, but not at the longest lived 90th percentile or higher mice), as well as 18-46% greater longevity at c elegans

Is it possible to immunize against anything to reduce the amount of atopic dermatitis, pimples, or any kind of itching; To my perception, Some things when there is more of them at the curculatory system, reduce the amount of atopic dermatitis, is it possible to make antibodies to anything that removes these beneficial materials from the circulation while remaining beneficial to wellness and helthspan as well as longevity;

phosphatidyl tolerancogenic molecules that cause more beenficial anti-atopic dermatitis things to circulate

Kidney (renal) tubules concentrate things 100(1000?) times but to my perception are minimally reactive and I perceive things go well (omit going amiss) with them, so do they have genetics or chemisty of beneficial less reactivity to things, like is there a “remain functional” even at 100 times concentrations of perturbation molecules thing going on that if applied to other tissues would cause greater non-perterbility, more mathematical normal distribution-like beneficial high amplitude, narrow responsiveness, as well as reduction of things like inflammation, non-beneficial apoptosis, also at dermis chemical nonirritability, decrease of things like atopic dermatitis and asthma, I perceive I read that reduction of inflammation at numerous cytotypes could benefit longevity, wellness, healthspan and youthspan, the way renal tubules are fully functional while, based on the 100 times chemical concentration difference, could have genetics and chemistry of absence of inflammation

From a how many compunds screen per cent perspective, mass screening technologies that find chemicals in hair or pee suggest

I think chemists have many ways to make a bunch of chemicals variations on a particular chemical, like asy making something with a 90% yield of one chemical become a 1% yield each of 100 different chemicals; I do not know wht this is called it seems highly beneficial to making libraries of chemicals, like longevity drug variants for activity amount charcterization; one possibility though is that at a system where there are pH sensitive colorants, perhap sometimes with thing like reactive areas like possibly C=C, halogens, or other things on the ph sensitive colorant, that gradually moving the solution of say 100 colorant chemicals, at a solution combined with the thing you would like to make variants of, each ph-responding colorant with a different reactive group type, cycling through a ph gradient (like 3-9) would cause something like a 1% amount of the major chemical to react with one of the 100 colorants, each with a different reactive group, to make a system that produces 100 different chemical variants on a molecule, at 1% each; so I think this could be accomplished microfluidically, so you put a starting chemical like rapamycin, a longevity drug you are producing a screenble library with, at one area, then have the pH active 100 colorant chemicals with 100 different reactive groups at either one channel and then gradually shift the pH, or possibly use 10 or 100 pH varying microfluidic channels and then either just react it (100 channels), or cycle it through 10, perhaps particularly easier to produce, bigger pH gradients (even as big as 1 pH number per cycle); then noting this is microfluidics you can move the reacted fluid back again through the identical or different channels to do sequential, cumulative reactions, making possibly multimer longer and longer molecules, or use the rereaction of the retransported fluid to put numerous different moeities on one starting molecule; I perceive that screening libraries of things like rapamycin as well as other new longevity chemicals, like those from million year lifespan endoliths, 40,000 year lifespan King’s holly, 10,000 year lifespan creosote bush, 400 year lifespan quahog clams, 300 year lifespan tortoises, supercentenarian human voluntaily donated materials, 50-100 year lifespan termite queens. 35 year lifespan beavers (compare 2 years at genetically similar rodents, mice) as well as a variety of other high longevity species, benefits from making numerous screenable library variants with different molecular forms at each; a microfluidic, 100 moiety, microfluidic path rereactable, could make 2^100th power variants on any chemical and be linked to another microfluidic thing, like another microfluidic chip, to characterize the new chemicals at numerous millions per day, wekk, or month; as a technology it is possible to combine chemical combinatorial reaction, that is software guided, and routed to particular computer guided and databased/locationized microfluidic channels while having the molecular formula and structure describing chip put at the software database what it is, tyhen having it microfluidically be placed at a million or billion yeast or human tissue culture well plate culture (integrated circuit technology) to then grow a billion yeast on a million different chemicals, and then measure the yeast, which would make more green fluorescent protein the longer they lived, as to the amount of their fluorescene, describing their longevity increase; this technology that produces the library of new screenable chemical variants, characterizes it molecularly, then tests the effect on organisms or tissue culture can be done at one machine at a variety of medical, chemical, drug, biology, lant science as well as different activities

Chlorophyll has a bunch of ch3 groups on it and some nitrogens, it seems like they could make a bunch of variations where the ch3s were replaced with something and find out if any of them had higher effectiveness as photon to electron to chemical effect molecules, and find out if plants genetically engineered to have the more effective versions of chlorophyll thrived more, I support, that is favor modifing chlorophyll to be even more effective at making plants thrive while being a white or colorless chemical causing plants that thrive particularly well to be white. White plants have what I, Treon Verdery, think are benefits at the pattern I describe as the IT pattern.

Things that benefit humans: It is possible that thinkng of new ways that things can become popular and widely voluntarily utilized could benefit humans when they utilize new things that are highly beneficial, like longevity technologies and genetically optimizing the children that that person has.

it is possible there are some things that almost everyone thinks makes them more esteemed by others, it says online. I think I doubt that other’s perceptions and esteem is a frequent driver of bringing up of a topic, or making an action, it is possible that there are other things, that function at different, higher amplitude, more frequently occuring amounts, that are cognitive, as well as completely noncognitive things that cause people to bring things up to other people or do actual new beneficial actions;

It is possible the behavioral psychology of unthought, or faster than thought facial expression response, viewing, and making (with the other’s response perhaps software forecastable at the 70-95% range), so it is possible that a cheerfulness-exuding person doing a thing could cause 3 times more others to also spontaneously do the thing, like say assisting putting out dishes at a potluck, than a person with less behavioral-psychology, communicated cheer. That cheer could be things like body language of space occupation, at particular velocities of body movement, with facial expressions like smiling or possibly even other facial expressions like “talk to me”, avid interest, flirtatiousness, eye contact, or the cheer other people perceive from other’s styles of hair, figure, youthfulness, garments, or even things like noticing themt alking to another person, who is nonconciously or consciously esteemed, a dfew moments prevously.

There may even be body language that is not a specific nonconscious or conscious communication that causes others to participate at a beneficial activity, communicate a beneficial thing, or acquire a new beneficial object (getting a thing is often a part of beneficial technological object spread, other times, like speaking support for a new idea, or funding support for a new idea could spread a technology,)

(a technology that to a immediately post-pubertal person of medial physiological wellness might be 200 times more beneficial than a physician, like “I gave money to a charity that rescues people 200 times better than physicians with software and a new computer technology); example: automatic credit union funding of a person moving to one of the best places to live in america listed cities, in a way that gets them optimized education for their children, optimized voluntary employment, optimized dwelling, optimized commute, optimized voluntary interpersonal contacts, as well as perhaps multimonthly beneficial, noticeable activities (something to talk about, that the person is software predicted as liking enough to talk about, where the projected social and body language response of the software modelled listeners is likely to be beneficial, positive, as well as conigitively and behavioral psychology rewarding to the person who experienced voluntary participation at “something to do” several times a month))

Beneficial talking about other people: Is there a kind of interpersonal, humans as the topic of communication, conversation style or form that utilizes the attraction of people talking about people to generate beneficial mathematically cumulative, reinforcing, even (at some mild exponent, exponentially increasing occurences, with enjoyment of the process of the process of beneficiall talking about other people such that it is voluntarily and automatically repeated, where talking about other people heightens the esteem one has of others, and builds the feeling, automatic positive truth value (which I also happen to think is true) as well as cognitive support of the (I think I read) measured as beneficial to a person’s psychological well being feeling, knowing, believing, and cognitive validity supporting belief that people are good; eugossip? (with authentic “eu”ness)

Online it says, “People share videos and ideas that they believe will shine a positive light on themselves. That is the reason people will discuss a cool new movie that they saw on opening night over sharing a very sad or embarrassing story.”; reminds me of the myers briggs and the big 5 personality inventory, some 2017 persons, perhaps 1/8th might speak to conserve the esteem of others or build the esteem of others, but I think there is much more to it than the cognive version of “shine a positive light”: There are things like positive behavioral psychology reinforcement (people smile back, people ask you questions, people move nearer to you and lean in), convenience, kind of premade almost mad-lib like “TV trays” of standard conversation some people automatically utilize, different kind of standard conversation meoldies: accumulated styles of conversation continuity, which can be beneficial, “extroversion (lively talk automaticity with the “fun gal” lively talk person, emotive empathy with the emotive empathic person), cognitive content with a person who has a cognitive content tropism”, amount that the other person is likely to respond (How’s your child, as compared with “the office casual tones of people’s tan pants often matches most office paint”),

Developing conversation forms that are beneficial, that can then further that transmission and utilization of beneficial things, like technologies:

There could be a quantitatively measured, possibly even using a computer to have people rate what is going on if they do a live conversation, video chat, watch a video of others talking, as well as overhear strangers conversing list of the kinds of things people can say to each other that are beneficial when talking about others;

Sometimes it could be possible to say emphasize the awesomeness of an awesome person, at a way that has both sustained emotional enjoyment that drives repeatability of the behavior while also containing beneficial reusable content, like, “Bill Gates is donating money to have elementary, high school and college students write essays on why they would like to cure malaria” or “That dress makes (well liked beautiful famous person, perhaps a person of notably beneficialness and utility, like a “hometown hero” (on media) or a musician, or a commercially successful person with an authentically beneficial product) eyes really stand out, her eyes look beautiful in that dress”

Or possibly conversation about others mentioning something the other person, known to the conversationalist, is doing that the person doing the talking-about-other-people thinks is a an actual doable thing, that they should also do, “Serina sent email to 7 private schools about getting her children admitted”, or “Rich sent email to 3 other engineers about a beneficial technology that he woulkd like to get a patent on, to see if the other engineers could make suggestions”, or “Hilary puts a different “I love you” note in her children’s lunch three times a week”, or “Bob and Doug are having a job-getting rally, one week they see who can send out the most applications, then the next week they see who can apply to variously the most beneficial, funnest, or highest paying employment; I suppose the idea is that all the nifty variations pile up on each other and they are simultaneously more active, at getting more beneficial, funner, higher paying voluntary employment than if they just did it alone without a rally format”, “Diane mentioned calling her girlfriend cheers her up, maybe I should try that even though I am already in a good mood” (“have you noticed some people, especially at a romance, really send you from good to great!”)

Varied kinds of communications and actions have different efficiencies, and I get a kind of “paranormal sense” different nicenesses, Just talking compared with writing an online item, propagating an online item putting it at a place 1000,10,000, or a million others will experience it, Doing something beneficial but perhaps being inattentive (the benefit occurs, the good occurs, but the does was distracted), doing something good, and geing mentally there at the occurence, doing a good thing and communicating it to another, doing a good thing and inviting another person to participate with you when doing it, or a similar good thing, again,

Advertising, standard speeches “customer service spiels/ science museum content re-explanations”, Public speaking, dwelling or commercial establishment exterior and vehicle decorations, websites, magazines, books, media presentations, Advertising, notably quantitatively measured advertising and its area of “ads so effective they cause sufficient revenue increase to acquire more advertising”

It is possible a computer scanning a search engine could ind the fewest number of pleasant, ttrctive, possibly remarkable ideas between any two concepts or nouns. Finding the most widely known, recognizable, high-usage on a thesaurus placment list 2-3 words that connect any two nouns could cause greater communications effectiveness, heightened beneficial product esteem, and memorability, as well as re-explainability to others; this is a little like an automated way computer programs are made to find the most communicatible metaphors, with the fewest parts, that cause the most good feeling, that have the greated measured and quantified rememberability.

I read people value utlity, practicality, applicability and benefit; with beneficial technologies these are part of the product, Is mentioning three different benefits in order better than mentioning the same benefit three times? computers could also measure if the effectiveness of listing the same benefit three times is more effective at causing voluntary participation and advocacy than mentioning three different beneficial features, or if a blend, at different communications, is most effective:

Genetically engineering your children: Makes them well, happy and long lived,

Beautiful, so others reach ot to them even more, treat them really well, and give them great love lives with great options,

Make them smarter, so college, career, success and great investments are for sure!

Compared with three ways of saying: genetic engineering makes your children well, happy and long lived

So noting there are possible multithing beneficial, socially beneficial ways to have a live conversation. Perhaps a gammar-improver software thing you can click on or a browser add-on that says, “rewrite this to be eusocial, beneficial, and encourage active utilization of the activities or things, like technologies mentioned” could be a thing a person could click at their social nwetwoprking content, or even when they upload images to automatically do beneficial “product placement” of something they think has value at the social networking application, at a style that makes it enjoyable to the viewer, is also socially beneficially to the poster (what the website might called generative of the esteem of others), also omits, when omitting it is acutally beneficial (sometimes it might actually be beneficial to have what seems like a nonsequitor) non-sequitor like impressions, “here’s me and Serina at MIT listening to Bill Gates curing malaria (the image also contains a pillowcases can be stuffed with cars meme)

possible beneficial comunications technology: I read about first impressions, “Focus on the first impression. It only takes a moment for someone to make up their mind”, so is there a context, color, appearance, situationality (item or person is next to another person or item) that causes 2, 10, or 100 times longer length of time to form a first impression, widening the amount of data that is communicated, or the richness of the value or opprtunity, Like if you see an advertisement, is there a body position, scene, or text component that can cause say 14 message items to be conveyed (rather than 2) before the person (perhaps nonconsciously) experiences “yep” or “nope”, they could have computers measure people’s response to advertising, and at live communications styles this could also be studied. Sometimes it is not whether you instantly like something, it is finding out what it does, or where it is, that causes voluntary beneficial utilization;
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