Making 5 year olds happy

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Treon Verdery

Oct 3, 2022, 11:48:05 PMOct 3
Things with certainty "allosourus was an herbivore" that they can learn and share might be to my perception be a thing 5 and 6 year olds enjoy, the thing that teaches these things could teach statementables that are also of interest to adults like accurate factoids about the internet or consumer reports magazine type things, or statements like "they order things like swing sets for city parks out of a catalog, I think the catalogs have less than 100,00 different playground toys in them"

The child fact statements could prompt the adult to say, "do you think they should have more items at the playground activity structure catalogs or make it like a sortable database list of most fun, or both?" It is both factual and provides the opportunity for deep discussion about when more is better compared with when advice on what is better about a wide range is especially optimal. The adult or social companion robot could say "life is full of many trillions or quadrillions of possibilities, more possibilities is beneficial as well as is asking people who are doing especially well what their preferences and behaviors are, you can have both", "let's ask someone who knows about a particular area", then a question, "what do you think we should ask?" And then the child, or the adult, might mention something from school or living that seems improvable or has a multitude of options like what after school activities are better than others, what babysitters are like and how babysitters should act, where to go on vacation, or something about options at software the child uses, or if they are into dolls, building blocks, cars, or board games, what is the funniest thing to do with that toy, then they send email to people that know. At their question, the adult writes the email the child speaks if the child has not yet learned to write and reads the replies.

Props could make children happy at the context of imagining a scenario where the prop is used, or imaginatively imitating a person that would use that prop, like having a savings bank, waving it around, and speaking as if they were a banker, or an adult that encourages saving, or a person with a unit of money (all the money in the bank) talking about swapping the bank's value for something beneficial.

Children could say I'm imagining that" then children can say anything while being honest "I'm imagining that if you leave your favorite book open to your favorite page the ideas will fly out and visit other people" "mom's car already talks, I'm imagining it talks about other cars and says (things) "

Things that fill children with happiness

Longevity technology

Do other molecules that build up muscle mass besides mTOR and HGH cause different longevity, they could find out if decreasing a variety of anabolic receptors has a longevizing effect

Do things that are catabolic or smooth muscle decreasing have a longevizing effect, I have heard about this with other muscles

What is the most common genetic ancestor between all mammals, things that longevize age-batched groups of that mammal could have

There is a lizard that can detect light with its pineal gland, any extra chemicals or peptides that produces could be screened for longevity effects, noting AEDG Epithalon is a pineal peptide

The peptides and proteins that reach the circulatory system when a person experiences romantic limerance (excitement) as well as spring could be mood lifting as well as longevizing noting what I perceive I may have read about young new romantic partners increasing healthspan, perceived or actual wellness and longevity

Does glycine or other amino acids with a silicon atom or a fluorine atom taste sweet or more strongly, the variations that do might have higher affinity for receptors, thus be part of better peptides

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