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Treon Verdery

Oct 3, 2022, 11:20:54 PMOct 3
or even to make at each 1 thz clock cycle, and all the other cores out of 100 or one million are availablized to run other programs, the 100 or one million core CPU then loads programs to those other cores until perhaps all (resend the program data multiple times until the hash matches at the latter 9 cores), the 100 or one million core CPU is then fully loaded, along with neural networks some applications are running multiple different programs from different people, aggregated on the internet cloud, possibly servers, at personal computers and even possibly phones although it is possible to run each program, application, or component of an operating system on a separate core right now for waitless utilization, a separated component software form, and

A better way might, depending on program execution time, might be 9% likeliness of the neural network program being as written at 100 cores, then if there were anything other than 7-9 identical outputs and hashes (the other 89 are likely to differ from each other stochastically and be less homogenous than the 9%)then the program would reload, or at a million CPU chip, 10,000 groups of 100 each at 9% likeliness of being the program as written the output of the program as written could be very strongly numerically present,

100ghz and possibly 1 thz test instruments exist, I think using analog ICs so loading the 100 or 1 million cores that fast is likely possible

Things that fill children with happiness

Longevity technology

Senolytics are published as causing 20-35% greater longevity at mice, new senolytics are being developed, I saw that senolytics are about 60% effective at removing senescent cytes, i think that can be increased, I do not know if a mouse chronologically equivalent dose would benefit humans, 24 hours to a mouse is like 83 days to a human, perhaps one human two or three day dose once every 83 days would benefit humans more than a single two or three day dose

Yeast may have even higher velocity lives, dosing yeast with senolytics every few hours could have more of an effect, utilizing yeast they could find the full range of gene products associated with the things senolytics get rid of, including previously unstudied chemicals , and mouse and human drugs and antibodies produced to reduce those chemicals amount

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