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Treon Verdery

Oct 3, 2022, 11:49:39 PMOct 3
how about a wig on a van De graaf sphere full of electrons, unfurled? Or a petri dish on a van de Graaf generator with colonies on it and calcium ions, whenever you come near it the electroporation and Ca++ cause genetic engineering, or a big puffy HOMO molecule of 10H2DA and longevizing alpha 2 estradiol

They could use positron emission tomography and deep learning software that finds the thing that most activates beauty areas of the brain and the nucleus accumbens dopamine and GABA neurons and then makes beautiful molecules shspes and display those and title it, "What does it do", they could also screen the million most beautiful molecules and find any that had pharmaceutical effects

A statue of a mouse llifting its head, doing actual happy mouse postures, looking up, and have Thank You written on the plaque the mouse statue is on

A plaque that says, "The government has been good to me but I am still a libertarian, they have missed out on so much" § And a big piece of cheese, like a round with a slice out of it, with the edges of the slice decorated with images, from laser engraving, that are round, soft, swirly, and deep learning AI screened highly beautiful.

Deep learning AI and brain scan most beautiful images on circular tiles and )( shapes to tesselate them, the visitors make their own compositions, images of people, trees, and nature scenes and domestic dwelling scenes are also at the tiles

What if deep learning AI with brain scanning finds that there are 3-4 distinct human appreciation of beauty types, there are those images that appeal to most, but for highest experience specialization would be utilized, make those separate images and call it "3-4 kinds of beauty"

Water is often beautiful, make a 3D SI screened more beautiful than the first 24 pages of a search engine results on beauty and then have people view it

Wet look things might be especially beautiful, take ordinary things then wet look and AI deep learning beauty enhance them to make images like the exteriors of houses and grocery aisles and city streets and children, and nudes, and landscapes, ordinary things

Have people online rate with slider bars ----------|--- the amount the 2000 more AI beautiful images that make them feel good, then display those

Have a plaque that says "go to college, you will be happier, meet better romantic partners, live longer and learn things" then have a fairy lit upon one corner of it looking thoughtful

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