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Sep 9, 1992, 3:58:56 PM9/9/92
hello, scorp-fans!

i study scorpions. ok, call me wierd, but i'm sure most of you out
there study something that *most* people call *BIZARRE*...but

anyway (sorry for bad syntax/grammar...iin a rush),
i'm doing a little project on the distribution of the common striped

scorpion, _Centruroides vittatus_...and anything else anyone is willing
to throw in on scorpion *stuff*.

ii've been studying scorps since 1974, avidly since 1978, but i'm

now just a sophomore at Stephen F. Austin State Univ., Nacogdoches,

(naked roaches) Texas (finally).

email or post, i don't care...but posting would be fun for those who wish
to learn more about the *dastardly* little critters! i'm full of

(it) information about scorpions and i'd love to share what i know...

i don't know ev'rything 'bout 'em (DUHHH) but i'll find out.

80 so, what's my address?
Kari James McWest 8 8 8 i'm clueless,
SFA Box 15543 8 i guess look at the top
Nacogdoches, TX 8 8 8 of the post!
75962 (409) 598 6284 8
! defecation occcurs

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