Ions to leak Algae

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Dec 21, 2019, 1:13:50 PM12/21/19
Craig Venter's Exxon Synthetic Genomics is still trying to get algea to
exude their photosythetically produced oil. I wonder if he isn't being too
clever by half. Nanoparticle antibiosis is really the age old idea of
getting ions to make holes in celulose plant cell calls so other defences (or
antibiotics) can go to work. Ions can be silver, chlorine, Iodine, copper (eg
patina), or ozone. SO, might there be some ions which can ever so slightly
puncture those walls enough to get them to leak oil? I'm thinking the algae
might even exude oil to protect themselves from minor injury the way other
life forms do. Also, the way reflective particles like persekovites can make
solar panels capture a lot more light, why not impregnate alge with such
deeply reflective particles so they could work in geater depth on
sewage. Also, instead of burying CO2, why not just get the algae, which turn
CO2 into Oxyge, to "scub" it?

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