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Dec 30, 2022, 5:20:07 PM12/30/22
=ybegin part=274 line=128 size=104857600 name=Serif Affinity Designer v2.0.0 (x64) Multilingual Pre-Activated.part2.rar =ypart begin=104832001 end=104857600 xliR9 j;3E ?cwMt )=@ i%=M cH[u O}XvE Sy9m K=}y .,EP 0G?U> =Jw3]po2 y4Bh =M 9brB 0t0C 7p)\ ;+uk~=} y+:O 34{/ I8qrp 9*$=@ LDwQ `-0p uAXT Ln=}G ]J`S zd.[ u2=} c;]=} /wu@ B*~5 =M V =JBe Hjg78 w=@x5 U~Rd <"k, =J~!S O^~LEx oD+P SQ6zs 5=Mg /<Nf` JCPN0=@ L=JM <8) SN{F[ 5IvO :ZG@x !}n+ <>*$ <O,a9 =@yv C1=@ k+Y? #\{Z HrIzg 3IGl14D XyM\ hK9R &{o^> GO9[Y XMRt tHj# 72B) TF=J "<Es =JLU nm(hT Yjj\ nym] ]?p` I5=JO \>=JG4 Dg2+p 9Li` ^=J- G1H1o :GM2T xO6ir" ^f`+ c9I_ ~pA: ]Xu- $0<{ 7dXv{ [Rhl OPb/ ]9c& I*t=@ 9r=@ .=JT 2B)q $Ch, N]TG =MUi -[9:q e73< Iphzw }yo, 2/D7!6 'pMdY TP}\j C9 I =JO] ;&8zj ?(K9 }!y7 ?z8x MG'g }ypdD `bN=J^ ^.8sg5 kmdy Jn=@ =M?*[ 5f%I` 24"oq f=J~} Lt}X 6%(, -%)=@ =@5B qw=J 4d}! sOJs f1|& =JS3 F'[fyO hpK/ U(^%aG =J4T` N8PT s\=@ =@S\ {G+T wq8(|> Ag4z PCZb iXK] 42=@ =@gEj}< D:-| `>iK }@=} m1vw )J=@: (=M# &)C=@3 ]hVp Ge#d Ss|r /u;)<m =M0U )h0 =@]kd =Jnl 1[=@ P$-_ 7Tf@ /9>L =J6I 2=}{ msFS ~z{z sbt>" >RT%i =M~L ^g9x uDxo Kx:2 P%5lz =@nu=JP ^Xawt 5{SI "-MS] 'wf1 y=@K(6 qQ0`0 |%&c: -K|F 'T|jt pii2 <=@| LLhu 1zCz =J]6 ajBk p76+K Xj*` y-2M $goa x'Ki =@t"3 o{b'2 }P=} +^q>[ =J7B(Mi =MIM $=MU </y- ,b5\ vrgl `=MpJ #S,X R!8NZ U50( ,=@=} 9LRa E#gZ{^( WaGP k]b{ -THz $c.Y HB1l d>1!` N5=Mb 3\3b O']f d&K@9 =M=@ J!C\ CHwJ[ CfG%i lQ=M ),=J =JJ} m{=M $=}4=M ]].w L/I7, BTy^m X72#` p5\Y^2 n&!=J=M IZ!% D8BqrX :?kj Hlg~ \#xYp <<RC=};" .erf GwZu X=MS];> j}NP6+ pBX] ZNFX Q+ndA =@PZ# -qO&| *3W.o 2<=} plxhQ T&x=@ rADZ |<*m d=}/ =J$# Hurx D%Yu WA+} <.}'~ S?BEs 2NRu 9asL /jN^4 =J~; d7[81 =M!"^j pk+S ,'8a =@Qf "nsD %5&w aYl& S%h09\ 4R=}* ga[$ I=@~ F3p: >wZBS ,UX87Rh :1`@=} Hj=MN Zr7k# 8R/n +3bpy >B-8 t]>sU&3 UmNt To7o dKoO Ok89 0;V* mx:8N %qh/ m09s3{% _=@J w!O$ ,&5( =})8 bZWE7o I=J8 r=}sB &1}B 6pKz"]=M Y;\' }Q_r 8,E< f"Al^[6ze 4g=J qKo3 D\P8 b=Jk$ %i2&g |ed{` cd|n :q/z a=}o=Jzd) ^D:+ lwkJ W83e nHex d{\*9 4G-N whSg h&Gl+ a\Pp =@?EFVP 2R=M uc%r igpg #voqw JY=@@ nrqy8r w-jU l9+g dXcn.3y ]jZ\y>~ {nMp9 =}3=M =},%c7X =}N^v\ K9=M P`=} ?=@J =JIxD{ OX r QR2y Zh3DZ htNS p>V4 #"F4R Gt,b %2K3g ?Vmjj qX\`0 =JOX@z Z=}" FmgG wX f QsAS! =JwRR +Kv}L ~!~` E55\E,tR 8=}IG Q*yUn $=MC we6@ |+=M YQ1)}6 ULRls RV*5 [i7Be=M 0)fE W9#ys U3w:q I=My i7=M trK" nuD& ;shH 3zSc X=MB<R=J Nx[: +5#]` V+-^ ?sig9* 4=J+ Gz=M HRV8 =}hu G/Zj qMgs ai@jv 7;<{ Y4pc -=}{; N+.%W ;5x- B-Tc uo_4 N8-0 ,{yY 5Fz* ()[t<% yo,E5 U*K} \XZXZ q{P-/.+******* =yend size=25600 part=274 pcrc32=c8f7d156
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