[Leps-l] "Male Sex Scales of Moths" - by Richard Brown for ABF, Monday July 26 via zoom

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Mike Quinn

Jul 24, 2021, 3:59:08 PM7/24/21

Richard Brown has graciously agreed to give the following zoom presentation (open to all) to the Austin Butterfly Form early next week.

"Male Sex Scales of Moths -- Natural Wicks for Scent Dispersal -  Monday, July 26th at 7 pm Central Time
Presented by Richard l. Brown, the W.L. Giles Distinguished Professor Emeritus as well as Director Emeritus, Mississippi Entomological Museum at Mississippi State University.

Male Sex Scales of Moths – Natural Wicks for Scent Dispersal Butterflies and moths have attracted much attention because of their colorful wing patterns derived from pigments inside their scales. Males of many Lepidoptera have scales that lack pigments, but rather are used for producing and disseminating pheromones that are essential for mating success. This presentation is based on examinations of the male scent scales of tortricid and gelechiid moths with a scanning electron microscope. The images of magnified scales have revealed another kind of beauty with the structural innovations that increase surface area to improve dissemination as well as different ways of protecting the scent scales when not in courtship.

Richard L. Brown Bio:
I began collecting and studying microlepidoptera in Arkansas during the 1960’s and obtained my M.S. degree in Entomology at the University of Arkansas. After serving as a medical entomologist in the U.S. Army at Ft. Sam Houston, I obtained a Ph.D. at Cornell University in 1980. I was then employed as Director of the Mississippi Entomological Museum at Mississippi State University where I also taught courses in Insect Taxonomy, Aquatic Insects, and Immature Insects. My research has concentrated on morphology and systematics of tortricid and gelechiid moths and has involved fieldwork throughout the U.S. and in Chile, Venezuela, New Caledonia, Fiji Islands, and Thailand. Since my retirement in 2020, I have greatly enjoyed working full time on moths and manuscripts.


Join Zoom Meeting Here:

(Meeting ID: 864 2600 6695)

Hope you can join us!

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