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Feb 6, 2021, 7:24:49 PM2/6/21

I live in Connecticut and late this NOVEMBER, the 27th, a single adult Junonia coenia came to my front door to sun itself.  It was clearly a new emerged adult, with the late summer/fall rose red coloration on the hindwing undersides.  I brought it inside as it would certainly die in a day or two here in Connecticut (too cold).  I am wondering if anyone knows more about the lifespan of the last generation of J. coenia?

·       Scott mentions adults live a couple of weeks in nature and up to a month in the lab.

·       Opler mentions the late summer/fall generation may live much longer than the other generations.

My buckeye is now tattered and worn, but still alive after 70 days, surviving on a feeding of sugar water almost daily.

Jeff Fast


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