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traditional paleo-anthropology outdated

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marc verhaegen

May 13, 2023, 7:26:17 AM5/13/23
Traditional geology before plate tectonics was incredibly wrong,
but traditional paleo-anthropology is even wronger in *at least* 4 instances:
1) early-Miocene Hominoidea were already "bipedal" sensu "aquarboreal",
2) S.Afr.australopiths = fossil relatives of Pan, E-Afr.apiths of Gorilla, not Homo,
3) it’s not "out of Africa”, but "out of southern Asia" and "out of the Red Sea”,
4) Plio-Pleistocene Homo were no savanna-hunters, but followed coasts & rivers.

Google e.g.
– aquarboreal
– GondwanaTalks verhaegen
– WHATtalk verhaegen
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