LIGO/Virgo announce detection of a 23/2.6 M_sun black hole coalescence

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Jonathan Thornburg [remove -animal to reply]

Jun 26, 2020, 4:15:48 AM6/26/20
The LIGO/Virgo collaboration has just announced their detection of
a gravitational-wave signal, GW190814 (observed on 2019 August 14),
interpreted as the coalescence of a 23 solar-mass black hole and a 2.6
solar-mass compact object (which might be either a low-mass black hole
or a high-mass neutron star). No electromagnetic counterpart was (yet)
detected. The data have an overall signal-to-noise ratio of 25:1, and
are fully consistent with general relativity, modelling either a
binary-black-hole or a black-hole/neutron-star system at a (luminosity)
distance of about 240 Mpc.

The detailed paper is open-access at /Astrophysical Journal Letters/,

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