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Data of massive galaxies

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Wolfgang Rave

Jan 6, 2024, 3:38:26 PMJan 6
hello there,

I am searching for a list of the most massive galaxies and their
central black holes, both with mass measurements/estimations. Is
there anything like this available on the net? In particular I'm
searching for a correlation between the galaxy and the SMBH masses
(roughly M(Gal)/M(SMBH) ~ n x 100 with some valuable dispersion
from n x 10 to n x 1000). I stumbled over the Tully-Fisher, the
Faber-Jackson and the M-sigma relations, but they do not give an
easy (linear?) correlation of the masses in question. In addition,
I checked wikipedia for the cD ("giant elliptical galaxies") and
the SMBHs, but the mass data/estimations especially for the gal's
are frequently missing. A list of the most massive SMBHs is readily
but no mass data for the galaxies around it.

Any help will be gratefully acknowledged.

thanx in advance, Wolfgang.
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