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tracked lunar & solar eclipses

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Ev. Drikos

Oct 18, 2022, 9:02:41 AM10/18/22
In my attempt to make an error analysis on the Easter algorithm that
answers as well whether it satisfies the First Easter Condition, I
tracked down the four eclipses below and concluded that the Easter
algorithm computes a premature paschal full moon in 34 AD. Here:

Sat, May 06, 30 AD. Lunar Eclipse, Saros Series 41 end. Public ministry
Sat, Mar 29, 32 AD. Solar Eclipse, Saros Series 49 end. Expulsion of
Thi, Mar 19, 33 AD. Solar Eclipse, Saros Series 59 (end 249). Feeding 5000+.
Thu, Mar 09, 34 AD. Solar Eclipse, Saros Series 69 (end 665). Book of John &
Epistle to the Colossians.

Wed, Apr 07, 34 AD. New Moon. Jewish Passover on Apr 21 (Fri, 23/4).
Synoptic Gospels.

A choice between the two lines above depends on the spring equinox date
in year 34, which in turn depends on the length of the tropical year.

Those interested can find further details & conclusions at:

PS: Hope this isn't out of topic in the forum.

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