Bait traps for octopus: Guam 3ka

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Op zondag 31 juli 2022 om 04:49:24 UTC+2 schreef DD'eDeN aka note/nickname/alas_my_loves:

Let’s catch octopus for dinner:
ancient inventions of octopus lures in the Mariana Islands of the remote tropical pacific
Mike T Carson & Hsiao-chun Hung 2021
doi org/10.1080/00438243.2021.1930134

When people first lived in remote tropical sea-shores, they developed novel adaptations for living in these extreme environments,
incl. the use of a specialized octopus lure device.
The evidence for this fishing-tradition now can be traced back as early as 1500–1100 BC in the Mariana Islands, W-Micronesia.
New research has examined the artefacts of these compound lure devices, esp. concerning the cut & drilled dorsum pieces of cowrie Cypraea spp shells.
Without this archaeological evidence, octopuses would have been undetected in the ancient deposits:
a significant portion of past diet, innovative technology & traditional practice would have been hidden from modern knowledge.
The findings portray a broader & more realistic scene of ancient coastal communities, with implications beyond the confines of the specific island societies of the Pacific.
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