Why CC Hn>Hs>>He>>apith-ape?

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Nov 28, 2021, 8:33:25 AM11/28/21
Why did Hn have larger cranial capacities than He?
-more aquatic foods? incl. salmon??
-more variable foods? incl.terrestrial?
-more animal foods?
-more variable food acquiring methods?
-colder climate??
-partly due to larger size?? Hn>He size?

H.erectus was at least as aquatic as Hn was, possibly more:
why were erectus brains "only" c 800 cc?
-phylogenetic inertia: not enough evol.time?
-diet: not only shellfish? more (aquatic) plant than animal food?
-correlation with climate? less cold?? e.g. body size?

If erectus ate also a lot of (aquatic?) plants, which exactly?

Why exactly do many Odontoceti & Pinnipedia have rel.very large CC?
-Sirenia? comparative data on different cetacean spp?
-3D environment? less visibility? ...?
-finding/grasping food? vs Mysticeti?
-diet? animal food? seafood? DHA? ...?

Ceterum censeo:
only incredible imbeciles still believe their Pleistocene ancestors ran after antelopes.

DD'eDeN aka note/nickname/alas_my_loves

Nov 28, 2021, 10:15:06 AM11/28/21
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