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Farmer Takes Extreme Measures to Deal with Hog Problem

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Hunting wild Cheneys

Jun 7, 2023, 11:30:30 PM6/7/23

Texas farmer hunts hogs with M134 and thermal imaging.

Thermals Used in this video:
InfiRay Outdoor RICO Micro RH25 ?
InfiRay Outdoor Bolt TH50-C ?
InfiRay Outdoor RICO RS75 1280x1024 ?

Rifle & Ammo Used in this video:
Wilson Combat 300 HAM'R ?
Lehigh Defense 110grain Controlled Chaos ?

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** Why Do We Hunt Hogs? **

Feral hogs are a non-native and invasive species in Texas. Each year hogs
cause millions of dollars in damage in the form of damaged crops,
contaminated water supplies, broken equipment, transmission of diseases
and injury to livestock.

Feral hogs compete with native wildlife for resources and also prey
directly on the eggs and young of ground nesting birds and will actively
hunt small mammals, frogs, lizards and snakes.

Due to their intelligence, adaptability, and prolific breeding habits,
traditional methods of hunting and trapping have been largely ineffective
in reducing the feral hog population. The introduction of night vision and
thermal optics has greatly increased landowners' ability to mitigate the
destruction caused by feral hogs.

Feral swine are not considered game animals in Texas and may be hunted by
any means or methods at any time of year.

More information about the feral hog problem in Texas:

• Feral Hogs Are Te...


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Jun 8, 2023, 11:03:11 AM6/8/23
K. Wills wrote:
> On Thu, 8 Jun 2023 03:30:29 -0000 (UTC), Hunting wild Cheneys
> <> wrote:
>> Texas farmer hunts hogs with M134 and thermal imaging.
> [...]
> Well, they certainly would work.
check out these hogs -

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